Barbarians at the Boards

By Erica Dias <>

Rated: G

Submitted: May, 2005.

Summary: A protest against authors who write about Lois & Clark.

Warning: The protest is the original and unique version the author has made. The opinion given here is not shared by the messenger, but she does take the credit for having the courage to post it and archive it. If you want to send the author some FDK, the messenger can gladly take it and forward it.

[This story was first posted on the Fanfic Message Boards {, where, it seems, our author lurks frequently. ;)]

Thanks to LabRat who also had the courage to allow this to be archived.


Dear Readers,

You may be wondering why I have chosen this title for my protest. I will tell you. I chose it because I think this was the only time I really enjoyed life.

Lois dumping the 'good friend', Clark, the Planet being destroyed, Superman in a cage…


Lois coming down the aisle was the best thing ever! I can't believe she said no at the altar. How could she do that? And to make matters worse, everybody on these boards seems to support Lois and Clark being together.

I have been reading the things you write here and this has been aggravating me tremendously. The WAFFy scenes are unbelievably disgusting. Authors who can only see and write about Lois and Clark's romance should be sued.

This situation makes me sick.

You people make me sick.

Villains don't have a chance with you and I say this has to stop!

Here, I leave my protest, wishing that this doesn't repeat itself from now on.

This is my first and last warning.

Best Regards,

Lex Luthor.