Hawaiian Honeymoon

By C.M. Dansler (ILUVCLARKK@aol.com)

Summary: A vignette from Lois and Clark's tropical island honeymoon.


Lois dipped her toes in the warm tropical water and giggled. "I can't believe it, we're married!!"

Clark smiled, "MMmmmmm. Yep, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Kent. Together at last, in Hawaii."

"What should we do first?" Lois let the waves crash against her feet and laid back in the sand. Gently, she nuzzled into Clark's shoulder. His skin was soft and warm, Lois sighed.

"Well, I have an idea." Clark rolled over and kissed his wife playfully.

Lois laughed. "Clark!!"

"What??" Clark grinned with mock innocence.

"Oooo, nothing." Lois grabbed a handful of wet sand and smashed against Clark's chest. "Ha Ha!" Lois jumped up and smiled.

"Oh! You're dead now, Lois Lane!" Clark grabbed a handful of sand and ran after Lois all the way down the beach.

Lois could feel Clark hot on her heels, but she was out of breath. "I…can't…run any further!" Lois laughed and gulped in the warm air.

"Die!" Clark lunged for Lois and gently wrestled her to ground, "I've got you now! You'll never escape the wrath of Kent! Ha!" Clark began to tickle Lois and laughed.

"Clark!! Stoppp…" Lois laughed, " Cllaarrrkkk!" Lois laughed and tried to shove Clark off.

Clark grabbed Lois's wrists and pinned them down, "You think it was hard to survive the tickling, wait till you try this!" Clark grinned and leaned in to kiss Lois. Lois laughed softly into Clark's mouth.

Clark picked Lois up and carried her down to the hotel.

"You, Clark Kent, have a very evil side." Lois laughed. "But I like it!"

"You should see me at night, it gets scary." Clark set Lois down on the hotel poolside. A bunch of families were in the pool, and couple sat around in lawn chairs sunbathing.

Lois picked up a yellow Holiday Inn towel and wrapped it around her waist, "I'm hungry. You?"

"I could go for a snack. Hmmmm, a bite of…" Clark swiftly took off the towel from Lois's waist, "Lois sounds good!" Clark bear hugged her and jumped into the pool.

"Aghhhhh!" Lois screamed as they hit the water and went under.

Clark laughed underwater and little bubbles floated up above them.

Lois shot up and into the bright tropical sun, "Clark Kent!"

Clark shook his head and all the water sprayed Lois, "Yeeessssss?"

"Agh! You, young man! Are completely! Completely." Lois smiled, "Adorable!" Lois lunged at Clark, catching him off guard, she dunked him under water.

Clark came up with Lois on his shoulder's, "Why thank you, Mrs. Lane!" Clark tipped Lois back under the water and dived under. They kissed under the water where no one could see them.

Lois and Clark came up and smiled at each other. "We'll, I guess we should go eat dinner."

"It's getting late." Clark caressed Lois's cheek with his hands.

Lois hoisted herself out of the water and wrapped the towel around her waist for the second time. "No tricks this time." Lois smiled.

Clark grinned and held up his hands, "Who? Me?" Clark dried his face and hair, and they went inside.

The cool air-conditioning hit them immediately, "Bbbrrrr!" Lois shuddered.

"Let me help you, ma'am." Clark swayed his southern accent, and wrapped his arms around Lois.

"Thank you, sir." Lois looked up and kissed Clark's chin.


Clark fastened Lois's necklace and smiled into the mirror, "You look gorgeous." Clark took in everything about his wife through the reflection. Nothing could make him happier, ever.

"Thank you, Clark. You don't look so bad yourself." Lois turned around to straighten Clark's bow tie.

"Shall we?" Clark opened the hotel room door for Lois.

"Yes, we shall."

Together, Lois and Clark left for dinner and a romantic evening on the Hawaiian stretch.