The Day Off


Rated: PG13

Submitted July 1998

Summary: Clark plans a romantic day out for himself and Lois.

A short little fanfic dedicated to the works of Zoomway: The God of all fanfics.

This is my 1st ever fanfic, so be gentle. I've been reading the fanfics for months now, and thought I'd try my hand at it since I'm an amateur author. Comments can be emailed to me at The usual disclaimers apply here. Enjoy!


The day started off so well. The trees were full of green leaves and the smog had lifted from the streets of Metropolis. The sun shone brightly in the sky and there was just the right amount of clouds.

Lois Lane awoke, smiling, to the sounds of birds chirping and singing. The alarm hadn't even gone off yet, but she was quite awake. She sat in bed for a few minutes and just pondered the beautiful day outside. This was going to be her first day off in two months. And she was going to spend it with her most favorite person in the world, Clark Kent. Though only recently dating, they were the perfect couple. They knew it. They belonged together. Despite Clark's disappearing act, he had proclaimed his love for her, and awakened feelings in her that she knew deep down inside of her existed, too.

She had no idea what he had planned for the day. Clark had kept it a secret, even though Lois had tried everything to make him talk. She hated secrets! She cornered him in the conference room, just yesterday, and practically begged to know his plans. She draped herself over him at his desk, and yet that man of steel would not bend.

She knew, of course, that he was Superman. She had known for weeks now. It only took a life-threatening incident, worse than those she usually faced, to see that her best friend really was the Man of Steel. Although it was still disappointing to see him leave all of the time, she knew that he would always return.

For a while there, it was quite questionable whether he would return. Mayson Drake had occupied most of his free time, so Lois began to appreciate the time they spent on stories together. Something stood in Mayson's way to Clark's heart, though. That is, that his heart belonged to Lois. It always did and it always would.

With her heart set on a gorgeous day with the man she loved, Lois rose from the bed and proceeded to take a nice long shower.

Clark Kent had been up for hours. He had showered, shaved, and was currently making himself blueberry pancakes and eggs, sunnyside up. Saving a lot of money on gas bills, he used his heat vision to fry the eggs and cook the pancakes. He squeezed himself some fresh orange juice and sat down at the table to eat.

He took his time as he reveled in the thought of surprising Lois. He had it all planned out. And he wasn't giving in to her little, sexy, devilish ways of taunting him. 'Today is going to be perfect,' he thought to himself as he speared another piece of pancake. No Superman, no rescues, no assignment, nothing to keep us apart. He smiled through his eggs. At the last swig of juice, he put his dishes in the sink and went into the bedroom. He changed into jeans and a comfortable T-shirt. The day was bright and sunny, so he didn't even consider bringing a sweatshirt or jacket.

He was picking Lois up in an hour, so he had time to pack the new clothes that he had secretly bought last week and a beautiful picnic lunch. Wine and dessert were included in the meal, but he hoped, with a private wink, that they wouldn't get to dessert.

He closed and locked his door, making sure he had everything they would need. The picnic lunch, the two sets of extra clothes, and him. "Yep, everything we'll need," he said aloud, and trotted down the steps. He decided a more conventional way of travel was appropriate for today, so he began the short walk to Lois' apartment. Lois was told to bring nothing but herself for this outing, and to dress comfortably. So, she pushed her hair back behind her ears, and threw on a comfortably faded pair of jeans and a nice long sleeved T-shirt. She figured that if she got cold, which wasn't likely on a day like this, she could always borrow Clark's jacket.

She waited for Clark while fixing her hair so that it looked perfect. She scarcely wore any makeup, so she just packed her purse with some mascara, a tube of her favorite lipstick, and a compact. Just as she finished playing with her hair, Clark knocked on the door. She opened it and there stood the man of her dreams.

"Come on in, Clark," she said with a smile.

"Hi Lois," he kissed her softly upon his entrance.

"Can I help you with those?"

"No, I don't think so. I think I've got them."

"Are you afraid I might peek?" she asked innocently.

"Yes, I am. And I know you will," he smiled. "Please just wait a little while. We have the whole day."

"I guess you're right, but aren't you going to give me some clue as to what we're doing today?" she wrapped her arms around his neck, and brought her face close to his.

"Well — No," he kissed her nose, escaped her grasp and put the dress bag in the corner.

"Ohhh, come on! Just a hint?"

"Nope. Come on, we've got a date, Ms. Lane." He swept up the picnic basket again and pulled her out the door. She glanced longingly at the bag in the corner, but she knew Clark would have hated her for ruining his surprise if she saw the contents of that bag.

Clark put the basket into the back seat of Lois' champagne Jeep, and opened the passenger door so that she could hop in. With a polite curtsey, and a sweet smile she entered the Jeep. After he closed the door, he jogged around the front of the car.

He slapped on his seatbelt, looked at Lois, gave her an evil, devilish smile, and turned the key. "You're not going to tell me anything are you? You're just going to lead me around blindly. Is this your idea of excitement, Clark Kent?" She asked, only half kidding.

"No, I'm not going to tell you anything. Not even the color of my socks. But if you're lucky, I'll let you guess. No peeking!!" He said, as she craned her neck to look at the socks. His smile got wider and wider as they traveled out of town. His perfect plan was working perfectly! <G>

They had been driving for only an hour, and they had been talking about random things, the weather, animals along the road, and the scenery. They stopped in a small town on the outskirts of the beach. Lois broke into joyous laughter as soon as she saw the giant Ferris wheel at the end of a long pier. She was instantly reminded of the Smallville Corn-fest and the Metropolis Street fair that he had taken her to.

She ran around the Jeep and jumped into Clark's arms. "You always know how to perk a woman's spirits right up! You're the best!"

"I only know how to perk your spirits?" he said."I hope there's something else I know how to perk up, too!" He kissed her full on the lips. She kissed back with all the love she felt for him in her heart.

They parted and Lois said, "Yes, there certainly is, Clark Kent." She was out of breath, yet still had enough strength left to kiss him once more before they headed off for the county festival. No corn on the cob, no mashed potatoes, no straw bales, but nonetheless, it was just like old times. Except that they were really together, in love, forever.

They rode the Ferris wheel five times, and every time they hit the top, they would embrace passionately. It was mostly because Lois couldn't look down from way up there, but she looked forward to every kiss anyway.

She _even_ won him a goldfish while throwing darts! It didn't take much skill, so she knew she could do it. And it was a major change from him winning her prizes by hitting the bell atop a twenty-foot tower. She began to believe that this would always be the place to come back to. Fairs and carnivals like this one had inspired their love. Chance and risk, certainty and reward; the event was a metaphor for their affections.

"Lois, I truly enjoy these relaxed times that I spend with you. They make my life worth so much more," Clark said while they enjoyed their merry-go-round ride.

"I know, Clark. I feel the same way. Every moment I spend with you is heaven. It really is." The fact that they were going up and down at opposite times made it hard for them to kiss; yet they managed somehow. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stared into his eyes.

The sun began to fade as Lois and Clark made their way back to the car. They held hands and watched the little kids running happily through the crowds. As they climbed into the Jeep, Clark looked at his watch, just making sure they were still on time.

"Are we on a schedule, Mr. Kent?" Lois queried.

"As a matter of fact, we are," he replied.

"So, if I just started kissing your neck," as she did, "and you just happened to enjoy it and kiss me back," which he did, "and we just sat here making out, that would throw off your whole time table — ?" she talked between kisses.

"Well — I suppose it would — But I'm not going to let that happen." He intensified the kiss abruptly, and just as soon broke it off. He turned the key in the ignition and sped off to the next destination in his plan.

The Jeep pulled into a parking lot across from another beach. The golden sand glistened in the setting sun, the waves rippled in time to silent music. Clark went to the back of the car, pulled out a blanket, the picnic basket, and opened Lois' door.

They walked hand in hand to the shore. They had made it just in time. There was about half an hour left before sunset. They had plenty of time to enjoy the meal Clark had prepared. He pulled the champagne out of the basket, looked around to see if anyone was watching, then used his superbreath to chill it.

While they were still setting up, Lois began, "You know, there are a lot of perks to dating Superman. I just never realized it before."

"Oh, yeah — And what might those perks be?" he asked with the sexiest smile on his face.

She stood behind him as he crouched down and she put her arms around his neck. "Ooohhh, I don't know — " She kissed his neck, and she couldn't see from the front, but Clark had an amazingly satisfied look on his face. He couldn't imagine things getting any better than this.

So, he picked her up from the ground, and she grasped tighter around his neck. He ran. He just ran. Her hair went flying in the slight breeze, and she bounced up and down as if she was posting on a horse. It gave Clark such a rush! He stopped and swung her around to face him, but he still held her legs tightly against him. Lois ran her fingers through his hair. She grabbed his face with her petite hands and made him look into her deep brown eyes. Clark couldn't take it anymore. He held Lois' body against his and kissed her hard. It was a passion, which he had never thought he would experience in his life, until he met Lois. He'd watch other kids in high school, couples being together and kissing and touching each other. He dated, of course, but it was nothing like what he and Lois had. Nothing.

Their frantic grasping of each other turned to smooth caresses and gentle sighs of pleasure. Clark knelt down in the sand and burrowed Lois into a small niche. She began to pull at his shirt.

His chest was so smooth and soft. 'How could a man of steel be so soft to the touch?' She asked herself. 'Oh, who cares?! He is who he is and I love him for that.' She thought about that statement: She loved him. 'Yes, that's exactly how to describe my feelings. I love Clark Kent!' It had such a beautiful sound to it.

"Lois?" Clark suddenly broke off his wonderful assault.

"Yes, Clark?" She responded, out of breath and still into the moment. "We're missing the reason I brought you here." He said and looked up at the descending sun.

"Oh! Sure. Well, ok." She stopped her experimental tongue probe of his ear and looked at the sunflower yellow, ruby red and fire orange sunset. After about a minute, she turned back to him and said, "Let it go the rest of the way without us." She pulled his face away from nature's finest miracle, and forced her tongue through his lips.

"Mmmm," he murmured. Her body felt so warm and supple against his. It felt like he belonged there, his body pressing tightly against hers. It was magical…

An hour later, Clark and Lois were still out of breath, but were more occupied staring at the stars above them. They were still breathing hard, but they were breathing hard together, simultaneously. A stray kiss here, a lick there would escape their personal restraints. Clark broke their silence, but with only a whisper.

"Lois, I have more plans for the night. If you're up to them."

"Oh, so you planned this for later, huh? You didn't expect it to get so hot and heavy this early, is that it?" she said with a smile.

"Oh, trust me, I could have had it planned for last week, but you got angry at me, remember?"

"Me?? You were mad at me because Perry split us up on that mayor story!! Don't turn this around on me, Clark Kent!" A smile escaped her lips.

"You are so full of it!!" he said jokingly, propping himself up on his elbow.

"And you love it!!" she retaliated.

"And you're right, Ms. Lane! I do! I love you so much that it hurts!" He realized what he had said, and looked down at the ground, embarrassed.

"Clark?" She lifted his face up to meet hers, "I love you too." She kissed his lips softly; she didn't want to start anything again.

Clark looked her right in the eyes and said, "Let's get going. We've got a change to make." He got up off of the sand, helped Lois up and raced her to the blanket. He won, of course, but he didn't beat her too badly. They gathered their unopened things up and headed back to the car.

At the steps to Lois' apartment, Clark took the basket in one hand and Lois' hand in the other. They entered Lois' bachlorette pad and Clark put the basket down.

"Lois, could you put some of the stuff in the 'fridge while I get the clothes out of the bag?"

"Sure, hon. Wait, did you say clothes?"

"Yeah, just please go put those away, okay?"

"Well, what if I want to see what's in the bag?" She asked teasing him.

"You'll have to wait a few minutes!" he said, trying to block any and all access to the wardrobe bag in the corner.

"But Clark! What's in it?" She mock-whined.

"If you don't go put those groceries in the fridge, I'll be forced to get rough with you!" he warned.

"Oohhh, do you promise?" She asked with a sexy grin on her face.

"Just go!"

"Oh, alright!" she relented

"I can't believe what a day this has been!" Lois exclaimed, half to herself, half to Clark. "It has been so incred-" she broke off when she glanced toward the window. Clark stood like Prince Charming. He was dressed in a stunning suit with a royal blue vest and bow tie. He held in his arms some long flowing fabric that was also royal blue. Lois' jaw dropped to the floor. She had only been turned for a few moments, and yet Clark had transformed. Not into his usual blue suit, this one was darker and more elegant.

Clark held out the garment to Lois and she asked in awe, "Is this for me?"

"Yes, it is the most beautiful thing in the world next to you. I want you to put it on," he said.

"But Clark, I can't accept this. The downside to us being partners is I know how much you make. This is too extravagant, I just couldn't wear it," she replied stepping closer to him.

"But you can. And you deserve it. Please, Lois, just wear the dress — for me?"

"Oh, Clark," she said with tears in her eyes. She took the dress from his arms and walked back to her bedroom.

Clark sat on the couch for nearly ten minutes. He envisioned her gazing longingly at herself in the mirror, fashioning herself as some china doll. Then she walked out. No, glided is a better word.

The dress flowed from every sensuous curve of her body. The thin spaghetti straps accentuated her smooth, feminine shoulders. The plunging neckline showed off her incredible bosom. The satin bodice conformed perfectly to her waist. The rest of the royal blue gown cascaded down in a shining silk skirt, and Clark sat gaping at how gorgeous and perfect Lois looked in the one-of-a-kind dress.

He stood slowly, so as not to knock anything over. She smiled shyly, the only time Clark had ever seen that particular smile on her face. He loved it. She looked up into his eyes and ran to him, eyes brimming with tears.

"Thank you, Clark! I love you so much!!" she cried out to him.

"I have never seen a more perfect woman in my entire life, Lois. Thank you for being you. For giving me something to believe in and make me feel normal. I love you too," he said hugging her.

Clark broke away from the hug, but left his arms around Lois' waist. She looked into his eyes and knew there was something more coming. He picked her up without a word and flew off through the window.

They flew towards the equator; Lois could tell by how much warmer it was. They landed on the shoreline of a deserted island.

Lois' mouth dropped open as she saw the romantic setting before her: a table for two with fine crystal and a royal blue tablecloth; beautiful tropical flowers were placed purposefully around the area; different colored candles and moonlight accentuated the romantic setting. Lois almost started to cry again.

"Clark, this is so beautiful. I can't imagine a more perfect way to end a perfect, romantic day," she said.

"I can," he said under his breath.

Clark guided Lois to the table and sat her down in one of the two chairs. They ate by candlelight, never raising their voices above a soft speaking tone.

When they finished, Clark snapped his fingers twice and from all around them, romantic music floated down. Lois was surprised and amused, and smiled. Clark took that as a good sign and reached around the table to grab her foot. He gently pulled off her high-heeled shoe and kissed the top of her foot. He did the same to the other leg and she smiled down at him, slightly confused, slightly intoxicated and never resistant.

"Clark, why are you taking off my shoes?" she asked.

"Ssshhhh. Just sit there. You'll know," he said, as he leaned back in his chair removing both of his shoes and socks.

He stood up from the table and extended his hand down to Lois, she ceremoniously took his and followed him to a patch of sand nearby. There, they danced to the soft music. Clark held Lois close and swayed to the music, moderately at first, but then, they barely moved.

After Lois had melted into Clark's arms for a long while, he brought his lips up to her neck for a soft kiss. Then his hand moved her chin so that they looked into each other's eyes. Gradually, Clark got down on one knee in the sand.

Lois' eyes started to well up again, so Clark thought he had better do this quickly before her tears swept them out to sea.

He began slowly, "Lois, you are my heart and my soul. You are my best friend, and most recently, my lover. I want to give you everything in the world, especially my love," he paused to take a slow breath and proffered a small box. He opened it slowly and smiled at the gold and diamond ring he held in his palm. "Would you do me the honor of marrying me and loving me as I love you, for the rest of our lives?" He hesitated a moment, not expecting her to speak.

Lois looked long and hard into his eyes, finding the soul that was hers, too. The satin of her dress ruffled as she knelt down in front of Clark. She took both of his hands in her petite ones, staring at the gorgeous ring.

"Clark, you are closer to me than anyone. You truly are my best friend, and for the longest time I fought off your advances," she shook her head smiling. "I should have known we'd end up like this. Yes, Clark Kent, I will marry you," she said tears streaming down her face.

Clark smile became so wide, all he could do was take the ring and slide it onto Lois' finger. Lois glanced at the ring for a moment, and then her hands went straight to pull his face to hers. Their kiss was full of happiness and promise. At that moment, Clark's watch beeped 12:00 A.M. Their day off was officially over, but their life _together_ had just begun.