MDL's Date

By Erica Dias aka Mad Dog Lane <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: February, 2006

Summary: She is going on date, hoping that nothing goes wrong. But in a micro little tiny vignette, one can never be sure.

Author's notes: Please note that *words like this* refer to the character's thoughts, which only become speech in rare moments during the story and are signed by quotes. Thanks to Rachel aka Psychofurball and also aka as wife for helping me with this in super speed.


*He's coming to pick me up for our first date. Oh, gosh what should I wear? Yeah, burgundy is a nice colour, but why be a slave to expectation?

Oh… I can't look at myself in the mirror. What if he finds me fat? Oh, don't be silly, woman! He knows you better than that.

What should I do with my hair — curl it or leave it sleek? I think I will give it a nice brush and hope he likes it.

A quarter to six on my watch. I still have time to shave, take a hot bubble bath to relax and try not to think about this whole thing. What am I doing? It's so silly of me. I knew I shouldn't have said yes. Damn it! I know everything will go wrong and we will never be the same again. Ooooo…

Maybe I should eat something before we leave. I don't want him to think I'm starving when we get to the restaurant.

Okay, now… this black dress looks awful. Let me try this burgundy one. Argh! Why did I have to run to that shop and buy the first dress of this colour I could find?

Because you want to impress him, you stupid — !

Oh, I can't wear this dress, Jimmy wore it!

Right, now that I've decided on the black one, it's time to pick the shoes. Which ones? Why have I ever complained about Lucy taking so much time to get dressed? This is torture for heaven's sake!

What?! It's five to eight? I hope he is late.

Right…now… stop… think… focus…what do you still have to do? What's this? Oooo, I forgot to take the curlers out of my hair.

Oh, my God! He's here.*

'I've still got thirty seconds!'

*Let me just check on my teeth and breath. Right, I'm ready to go. Breathe, Lois, breathe. Okay, I'm ready.*

'Eight o'clock. On the dot.'

*Oh, my God… Clark looks fantastic! I take back what I said — there's nothing that can go wrong now.*


(What? You thought I'd ruin a Valentine's story? Although I really wanted to, I just couldn't. There's still good inside me, but don't tell wife about it or I won't get any gifts today. ;) )