Hunter's Vengeance

By LauraBF <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: January, 2004

Summary: Bent on revenge, LaCroix goes out for one more hunt. A sequel to the author's "Hunting Weather."

Disclaimer: Not mine, not mine, not mine! This moment of madness is brought on by too much Christmas candy, turkey, and stuffing. Hey, DC and WB people—I'll give you my penny collection and my keychain collection for Lois and Clark! And you Forever Knight people, how does a huge chocolate Santa, a Christmas tree pin, and a couple of Toby Keith CDs for Nick, Nat, and LaCroix sound?

Author's note: This is the third and final installment of my Lois and Clark/Forever Knight Hunter crossovers. At least, I'm not planning any more. Yes, is looks like I've gone round the twist with these, but I couldn't resist! This does not, in any way, fit into the continuity of either show, or any of my universes. However, for FK fans, it's important to know that in the Lois and Clark episode, "Ultra Woman", Lois accidentally acquired Clark's powers, and was forced to invent a new superhero—Ultra Woman! Permission given to archive at, both FK archives, FTP site, and Stacy's site. All others, please ask for permission.

Much thanks to my beta reader.


November 26, 2004

Streets of Metropolis

LaCroix smiled as he stalked his intended prey. The wife of that blasted Kryptonian would taste very… sweet. The world knew her as Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, Lois Lane, but it hadn't been hard to figure out who the big blue boy scout really was in light of his still-recent hunting experiences. If he couldn't hunt Clark Kent, also known as Superman, hunting his wife was the next best thing.

There was risk involved, yes, but he was sure that vengeance would be worth the risk. It was possible that a mere mortal could begin the change by making love to a vampire, in the unlikely possibility that they survived the experience. However, he had yet to hear of a creature changing species by making love to an alien.

LaCroix licked the tips of his fangs, then double-checked to make sure that he still had Kryptonite in his pocket — just in case. If she reacted to the mineral he'd just have to dispose of the body; he had no wish to repeat the experience of internal burns.

The woman turned down an alleyway, lugging bags full of what he assumed were Christmas presents. The thought made him sneer in derision. Mortals and their holidays. They usually made for easy pickings among the chronically stupid. While holiday feasting was glorious, the blood of the smarter ones tasted infinitely better—and tonight, he would feast upon the best.

LaCroix swooped down, and his eyes glimmered gold. He caught her heartbeat, focusing in on its steady thump-thump, and ignoring the odd echo that accompanied it. "Submit to me," he said, in his best compelling voice.

Lois's brown eyes glazed over, her head dropped to her chest, and her long, dark brown hair fell forward to cover her face. LaCroix pushed aside her clothing and carefully prepared the vein in her throat. She smelled like roses and new newsprint. Her scent intoxicated him, so he reared back and struck, eager to take her lifeblood into himself.

He savored the sweet essence of the woman in his arms, tasting all that she was and could become. She tasted even better than her husband had and he greedily sucked more blood into his mouth. He began to see her life, especially her other two children and the happy years with her husband. He frowned as best as he could when he felt something begin to tighten around his fangs.

It was as if the woman's body was healing around them! He tried to remove them, but he couldn't. He was stuck! The blood no longer flowed from the wound he had inflicted, and he'd only gotten a few mouthfuls, anyway. It was ridiculous! With a surge of inhuman strength, he yanked himself free, only to let loose a howl of pain—his fangs were broken… again.

LaCroix dropped Lois in the alleyway, then took off, flying as fast as he could in the cloud cover to his son's loft. He rushed through the skylight, and landed when the… other effects of the blood he'd imbibed began to become apparent.

His mouth, throat, and stomach started to burn, and it almost felt worse than the time he'd actually managed to drink Kryptonian blood. "Niclasss," he howled, "Na'lie!" LaCroix ran for the fridge, and yanked out a bottle. Desperately, he uncorked the bottle, and began to gulp down the healing substance, hoping to assuage the pain in his fangs, mouth, throat, and stomach.

Natalie hurried into the kitchen. "Again, LaCroix?" she asked, amused.

LaCroix glared balefully at his daughter-in- law/granddaughter and gulped down more blood. Nat reached into a nearby cupboard and pulled out some tongue depressors. She came over to him, and took the bottle. "Open up," she said.

LaCroix opened his mouth, resisting the urge to bite Natalie's hand. With his broken fangs, it would only hurt, anyway. Natalie examined his fangs, then his mouth, and throat, shining a small flashlight into it.

"You'll heal," she informed him. "How did you manage to break your fangs, *and* get internal burns?"

"I huned Loisss Lane-Kend," he said with a grimace.

Natalie groaned and shook her head as Nick walked into the room.

"Father, haven't you figured it out, yet?" Nick asked, shaking his head.

Nat grinned. "Whenever Lois Lane-Kent gets pregnant, Ultra Woman makes a reappearance."

Nick put his arm around Natalie's waist. "And like Superman, Ultra Woman is… solar powered."


(c) Shadowstar, 2003, DarkNN on chocolate high