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Dyann Vaccaro
Annemijn van de Kraats
Stephani VanWert
Mary Lovee Varni
Miranda Vis
Virginia R.
Adrienne Vukovic

Dyann Vaccaro

The Supergirl Chronicles I: The Power of the Past
In the first part of the Supergirl Chronicles, the New Kryptonians are back seven years after their first visit, and Lois and Clark are introduced to a young girl who claims to be Clark's cousin.


The Choice
Dr. Klein concludes that it is possible for Superman to impregnate an Earth woman, but it would kill her. Lois decides to take the risk. A multiauthored story by Valerie and Amanda.

Annemijn van de Kraats

Jamaica Moonlight
Lois learns some pertinent information regarding her partner while on an undercover assignment in Jamaica.


A Baby From the Blue
A story that picks up from the series finale episode, "Family Hour," which offers an explanation of how a baby arrived mysteriously in Lois and Clark's house.

But at Least a Long While
After a spat, Lois runs home to mother.

If I Told You That I Love You
During an hours-long stakeout at S.T.A.R. Labs, Lois and Clark begin to admit their feelings for each other. A pre-relationship story that takes place soon after the episode "That Old Gang of Mine."

My Best Friend's Wedding
What if Lois hadn't said 'No' to Lex in 'Fall of the House of Luthor' and Perry, Jimmy and Jack were an hour or so later in arriving with Inspector Henderson?

Nothing Lasts Forever
Tired of making excuses for Clark, tired of waiting for Clark, tired of missing Clark, Lois begins to rethink her marriage to Clark.

Stephani VanWert

All Superman, All the Time
Lois and Clark open their baby presents ... and sense a theme!

Melted Snowmen
It's Christmas in July, and Lois has a special present for Clark.

Strawberries and Wine
A scene in the life of our favorite newlyweds.


100 Ways to Kill Superman
A challenge established last year that had an overwhelming response. People on the boards came up with a list of 100 ways to kill Superman.

The AltClark Letters
When AltClark came to the Fanfic Message Boards looking for help finding his Lois, FoLCs were glad to do their best. The result? A story made up of board posts, which are collected here.

Clark Kent 101 -- A Handbook
A handbook for an alt-Lois to understand her alt-Clark better.

The Drabble Series: Midnight
This theme brings its readers many things: laughter, loss, revelations and quiet regret. Join these fantastic authors as they bring you small snippets from the lives of our favorite characters.

The Drabble Series #2: Weapon
The theme of this Drabble collection is weapons. Join these fantastic authors as they bring you small snippets from the lives of our favorite characters.

The Drabble Series #3: Pandora's Box
This collection of drabbles (100-word vignettes) are related by the Pandora's Box theme. No two alike, they cover characters ranging from Tempus to Jimmy to Clark, Gretchen, Lex, Lois, Mxyzpltk, Martha and Perry. The original Pandora's Box was the vessel from which Pandora accidentally unleashed all the known evils of the world upon mankind. (Zeus was cranky because Prometheus gave men fire ... long story.) But the good news is that she closed the box before the release of Hope. Hope sustains us today. Do we dare hope that our characters will survive the evils of Pandora's Box? Ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one-hundred!

The Exquisite Corpse
Who said that fanfic has to make sense? Authors respond to the Surrealist Challenge.

Shortest Fanfic Challenge Anthology
Responses to the challenge to write the shortest Lois & Clark story ever.

World Tour
On their honeymoon, Lois and Clark make a pinky swear that they will always make time for each other -- and they keep that promise in some of the best places on earth. Written by Gerry Anklewicz, Artemis, Anna Botsakou, Paul Gabriel Wiener, LabRat, Carol Malo, Saskia and ML Thompson.

Mary Lovee Varni

Invisible Me, Invisible You
During season one's celebrity auction, both Lois and Clark find themselves relating just a little too well to Alan "Invisible Man" Morris. Will a night-time conversation help them see the true gift of friendship in each other?

Of Bombs, Falls & Angel Wings
An alternative beginning to Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Peace on Earth
When Superman is invited to address the international Summit of Peace, will he feel up to the job?

That Christmas Night
Lois ponders the meaning of Christmas in her apartment amidst the dinner and decorations we see at the end of the episode "Season's Greedings." Will Lois celebrate the holidays alone this year? Or will some unexpected visitors help her understand the true Christmas spirit?


A Birthday Surprise (Part 3 of 4)
In this third story in the author's "Surprise" series, Lois and Clark's grandson, Chris, receives part of his family's legacy on his 16th birthday.

Conquered Insecurities
Tempus thinks of a cunning plan to ensure that Clark Kent will never get together with Lois Lane: let Lois find out a certain secret very early in their relationship.

Jon's Surprise (Part 2 of 4)
In this continuation of the fanfic "Lois' Surprise," Jon searches for an explanation for his apparent uniqueness. Most of the answers he comes up are either too terrible or impossible. However, there is one person who may hold the solution... Superman.

Lois' Surprise (Part 1 of 4)
Clark prepares a beautiful surprise for Lois, as they look forward to the upcoming birth of their children.

My Darling Lois
A letter from Clark describes his feelings to Lois as he departs for New Krypton.

A Sweet Surprise
This is the sequel to my fanfic "A Birthday Surprise." CJ Kent meets a new friend and shows her what it means to have a real family.

Treasured Memories
In this deathfic, Lois Lane Kent reflects on the past as her life draws to a close.

Virginia R.

2012 Kerth Awards Ceremony Advertisements
These are advertisements submitted to the Kerth Awards Committee to be presented at the 2012 Kerth Awards Ceremony. All stories advertised were eligible for nomination for that year, although they were not necessarily nominees.

2013 Kerth Awards Ceremony Advertisements
These are advertisements presented during the 2013 Kerth Awards ceremony. All stories advertised were eligible for nomination for that year, although they were not necessarily a nominee.

All in a Name
Naming something precious is hard to do.

Another Day
Lois discovers that when making a wish, one might get more than what one was expecting. This little bit of fluff is set shortly after the episode "Green Green Glow of Home."

Another Day, Different View
Sequel to the fanfic "Another Day." The heat bothers Clark, but in a completely different way from Lois. What can happen when one is bold enough to fulfill another person's fantasy?

Between the Pages
Lois and Clark team up to prevent a potential scandal from Lois's past from reaching her fiance's attention.

Blind Date
A man walks into a bar to meet a blind date. What he finds is a woman who keeps him on his toes. A new beginning to the familiar tale.

Burning Down the House
While visiting Smallville for the holidays, things don't go as planned for Lois.

The Cabbie's Tale
The driver of a New Troy yellow cab talks about his most bizarre day.

Conspiracy Theory
A reporter believes she knows the truth about Superman. Her friend thinks she's crazy. Motion-sickness pills recommended.

Fireworks (2012 Summer Ficathon)
Lois and Clark meet by accident while visiting Walt Disney World nine years before Clark's fateful interview at the Daily Planet.

First Kiss
A continuation of Season 2's "Wall of Sound" after the Kerth Ceremony. Romance.

For a High-Flying Time, Call...
An alternative ending to the Season 3 episode "Seconds."

Green-Eyed Monster
Set in another dimension (but not alt-dimension), Lois works retail while Clark is a delivery man. Can they still find true love? What if canon Tempus visited this Lois and told her that she would fall in love with a 'flying, super strong, super fast Superman' before Superman had yet made his first public appearance? What would she do? A romantic comedy.

Jimmy Learns a Secret
Lois gets drunk dialed.

Jolly St. Clark
This story is the missing Christmas episode from Season 1.

Just a Little Note
Lois discovers a note possibly written by Superman. While hunting down confirmation, she re-evaluates her feelings for Clark.

Just a Little Too Far
Clark visits Lois in jail after returning from New Krypton. The story is set after Season 3, replaces the beginning of Season 4. (Titled on the Boards as "Just a Little too Far -- Fantasy Ending". The beginning of this story is the same as "Just a Little Too Much".)

Just a Little Too Much
Clark visits Lois in jail after returning from New Krypton. The story is set after Season 3, replaces the beginning of Season 4. (Titled on the Boards as "Just a Little Too Far -- Grim Reality Ending." The beginning of this story is the same as "Just a Little Too Far.")

Karaoke at the Red K Corral
You thought Superman on red Kryptonite was bad, now Ultra Woman has been exposed to the stuff... Mayhem ensues in this dark, yet romantic, comedy.

Kerth Advertisements 2015
Advertisements for some of the 2015 Kerth-nominated stories.

The Little Things
Clark unintentionally gets Lois to view her life through his eyes, with unforeseen consequences. Missing scenes from "Vatman." A St. Patty's Day vignette.

Lois and Clark Do 100 Crimes Challenge
A challenge was issued to see if Lois and Clark (and a select few within their good guys group) perpetrated at least 100 crimes during their four seasons. This was the result. Contributing Writers: VirginiaR., Lynn S.M., Lonnie, Deadly Chakram, Darth Michael, mrsMxyzptlk, MrsMosley, dcarson, John Lambert and Tzigone.

Lois Rules! -- A Story
What if canon Clark actually wrote a Lois Lane Manual for Alt-Clark?

Missing Lois
Lois and Clark consummate their relationship the night before he departs for New Krypton, leaving Lois pregnant, cursed, and alone. H.G. Wells shows up and suggests an alternate solution for her and baby Kent's survival, which turns her life upside down and changes alt-Clark's destiny.

Clark just accidentally revealed his secret to Lois in the worst way possible. A Christmas comedy.

Nightfall Honeymoon
This is basically an episode rewrite of the episode "All Shook Up." What if the Nightfall asteroid showed up while Lois and Clark were on their honeymoon? A romantic comedy. This is a continuation of the author's *Green-Eyed Monster* story and is set in that alt-alt-universe.

Once Upon a Dream...
Another retelling of Season 2's "Wall of Sound"; this time Clark's a lunkhead and Lois is love-blind. Romantic comedy.

The Superman Effect
Tempus doesn't know the lasting effects of his decisions. The choices he makes have long-lasting impact on generations to come.

Superman What?
What kids mean and what adults hear are often two different things. Set Summer 2001 -- four years after the end of S4.

The Truth About Soul Mates
An alternative explanation to "Soul Mates."

Uninvited Visitor
The great thing about Lois is that she always surprises Clark. Another "Prankster" rewrite.

What a Gentleman Desires
Looking at things from a different angle makes Lois think that Clark isn't the man with whom she fell in love. A romantic comedy with plot supplied by KatherineKent.

While I Slept
Clark learns the truth about what happened when Lois spent the night. Extended scene from the episode "The Prankster." Clark's POV.

While You Sleep...
Lois experiences the weirdest dream. Extended scene from the episode "The Prankster." Lois's POV. Prequel to "While I Slept."

Wrong Trilogy, Book 1: Another Dimension, Another Time, Another Lois
This time Tempus succeeds in destroying Utopia with unrealized consequences. Now, it's up to Lois to save the day before time runs out. Set in an alt-canon-dimension (but not alt-dimension). A Dark Comedy, emphasis on *dark*. Wrong Trilogy, Book 1. Each book in this trilogy is stand-alone and can be read in any order.

A Year Without
A run-in with a con artist changes Lois's outlook on things.

The Yodeler's Song
Perry White thinks about how he figured out Superman's real identity. This story is set at the beginning of Season 3 after "We Have A Lot To Talk About."

Miranda Vis

Thrill Flight
When Lois asks her super boyfriend to take her flying as Clark, she gets more than she bargained for.


Lois and Clark's relationship seems to be falling apart, and things look grim until a kindly late-night cleaning lady decides to play matchmaker for the two reporters who have befriended her.

Epilogue: The Eyes Have It
A continuation of the episode "The Eyes Have It" in which Lois makes Clark come clean on those missing days.

Hair Today: Gone Tomorrow
An intro for the episode "Contact" that shows Lois getting her hair cut, then stressing out over what Clark's reaction will be as she races to meet him at the airport.

If You Can't Stand the Heat
Lois and Clark find some "fun" ways to cool off on a hot summer day.

In the Nick of Time
It's a wonderful life, Clark! A mysterious apparition shows a depressed Clark Kent how Lois' life would have turned out without him.

Just Another New Year's Eve
Lois with the flu and the boy in blue as midnight, December 31, approaches.

Kissing a Fool
To get the goods on Mayson Drake, who is suspected of still having ties to Intergang, Clark starts dating her. One problem -- he "forgot" to tell Lois.

L&C: A Christmas Story
Lois and Clark are at odds at Christmas, each with collapsed Christmas plans.

Menage a Trois
Claude, the louse, returns to Metropolis and wangles a dinner date with a stunned Lois.

Oolong Tea
One emotional night, after she's cried through "An Affair to Remember," Lois receives a visit from Superman. She decides it's finally time to break the news to him about her feelings for Clark.

Pas de Deux
Following the fanfic "Menage a Trois," Lois and Clark go out for a tentative date of dinner and dancing, unaware they are being watched.

Valentine's Day: A L&C Story
Lois and Clark, visibly in love, make a striking couple at a Valentine's Day dance -- and Perry congratulates himself on bringing his two reporters together.

Adrienne Vukovic

The Flight (or Clark in Trouble)
Clark gets in trouble with Lois for possibly endangering their son's life.

It Happened All Weekend
Join Lois and Clark on an anniversary to remember. Episode 12 of S5. This story was written by Dom Melaragni, Lori McElhaney, Adrienne Vukovic and Nancy Merkle.


Martha Knows Best
Tired of seeing Clark moping around, depressed all the time, Martha decides to take matters in her own hands. If only she could slip away from Clark and Jonathan to have a private chat with a certain lady friend of Clark's, she's sure things would work out for the best. A story that takes place sometime during the middle of Season 2, "definitely before 'The Phoenix,'" the author says.