The Letter

By Laura Davies AKA BrightFeather <> <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: June 2002

Summary: Have you ever wondered exactly what was in the letter that Clark gave to Lois in the episode "Man of Steel Bars"? What if Lois was determined to find out?

A 30-Minute Episode Extension Challenge Story: Man of Steel Bars

All the usual disclaimers apply. <vbg> Lois McMaster Bujold's "A Civil Campaign" helped idea-wise. This story is in response to Wendy's 30-minute Episode Extension challenge. It's a continuation of "Man of Steel Bars."


Clark had just taken the unread goodbye note off Lois' desk and put it in his pocket…

"Hey, wait a minute! I didn't even get a chance to read it. What did it say?" Lois asked.

"I guess you'll never know," Clark stated quietly.

Lois pondered this missed opportunity for a moment and decided it wasn't fair. After all, he'd given her the letter once and it was *hers*. She deserved to read what he had intended to say when he was still planning on leaving her life for good. <How can I get that note?> she wondered.

A mischievous smile stole slowly over her face as she turned to face her partner. If she could manage to distract him sufficiently, it would be easy to steal the letter out of his pocket. Once she had it in her possession, reading it wouldn't take very long. She pondered her idea for a moment and reflected that it was a *really* good thing that she knew how to pick pockets.

She sauntered over to Clark and touched his arm lightly. "Clark," she said seductively, "I'm sooo glad you decided to stay; I would have missed you terribly." She favored him with a sudden up-glance guaranteed to turn his knees to jelly.

Clark looked at Lois in shock. Her attitude had completely changed in a manner of minutes. If he didn't know better, he'd think that she was trying to seduce him. He saw her face come closer to his, and knew that something he'd dreamed of for so long was about to happen. Lois was going to kiss him—and he had no intention of resisting.

Lois smiled slowly, seductively, before pulling his head down to kiss him. She put as much passion as she dared into the kiss and felt him begin to respond. As Clark began to kiss her back, Lois ran one hand around to his pocket and removed the letter. She held it behind her back and let him kiss her a few moments longer before breaking the kiss and walking back over to her desk.

She waited there for a few minutes before heading to the restroom with the letter clutched tightly in her hand. There she could be alone to read the all-important note. She walked into a stall and latched it behind her. She would not be interrupted now. She opened the letter and began to read.

*Dear Lois,

I'm sorry, but I have to leave Metropolis. What I told you before about going to Smallville isn't true; I really don't know where I'm going. Please believe me when I say that I don't want to leave you.

Lois, before I leave, I want you to know that I love you. I have loved you from the moment I saw you in Perry's office. I know that you probably want to know the real reason that I have to leave. Here's my answer: I am Superman. If I stay, I put the entire city in danger. More importantly, I put *you* in danger. I can't stand the thought of somehow hurting you. So I'm leaving. I love you, Lois.

Yours Forever,

Clark Kent *

Lois looked at the letter in shock. She had known that he was attracted to her, but this! She pondered the contents of the note again. He had borne his soul to her—this letter was more than honest; it was brutal. She now held in her hands the means to destroy his life and the lives of his parents. <What should I do?> she wondered to herself.

She began to think of the 'distraction' she had used to get the letter from Clark. She smiled, walked out of the bathroom and over to her partner, best friend, and possibly even more. "Clark," she said quietly, laying her hand on his arm, "We have to talk…"

Clark turned to face Lois. "About what?" he asked softly.

<What can I say to him?> she thought frantically. After all, he *had* taken the letter back and she wasn't suppose to have read it. She smiled suddenly. She had it! "About this," Lois said huskily, leaning over to kiss him again.

Clark put his arms carefully around her, his skin tingling from the contact with hers. This was something that he didn't expect; Lois was the love of his life, but he was sure that she didn't feel the same way about him. <Maybe I'm wrong,> she thought, <maybe she does love me.>

Lois molded her body against his, knowing that soon enough she would have to tell him that she had read his letter and of her feelings toward him. She brushed her tongue against his closed lips, requesting entrance as she ran her free hand up his neck and into his hair. Clark opened his mouth, granting her access and began to tentatively explore her mouth in turn.

As they came up for air, Lois looked at Clark and said, "Clark, I have a confession to make." She looked up at him shyly. Lois was not sure she really wanted to tell him the truth, but she knew that it was the right thing to do. "I—took your letter, Clark," she said quietly. "I read it, and I want you to know that, well, I think I love you too."

Clark looked at her in shock. <So, that's what the first kiss was about!> he thought. Lois thought she loved him. Him! Clark Kent. For a moment, he didn't know what to make of this development; then he decided not to care. "Would you like to go to dinner Friday night?" he asked softly.

Lois looked up at Clark and gave him a dazzling smile. "Yes," she said simply and laced her fingers through his.