Happy Anniversary, Honey

By Erica Dias <ericaonline@hotmail.com >

Rated: G

Submitted: July 2004.

Summary: He would be late again tonight, but this time for a different reason.

Comments: Ok. First, I'd like to thank SQD (StopQuitDon't) for almost re-writing everything I've done. I'm high maintenance as she and Clark would say. I just hope I'm worth it (sort of quoting Lois on that by the way). LabRat, ChiefPam, thanks for everything! This work is what I call a MLTV (micro-little-tiny vignette). I hope you like it. It will only take a minute of your time. Any feedback on this is more than welcome. Ok, ok… I will stop now because this thanks thingy is longer than the text itself. So, here it is.


He was always trying to get home early, but he could seldom make it. His wife would probably be sleeping by the time he arrived and although she understood his duties, for which he was very thankful, at times it hurt him deeply. Was he ruining the very thing he had been trying to preserve for so many years? He loved her so much, felt there was no way to tell her exactly how much. Yet, he had to try.

He called her to let her know he would be late once again, but this time the reason was very different.

He went to a florist, bought dozens and dozens of red roses, and wrote her a card:

"Loving you forever. Happy Anniversary,

Your husband."

He arrived home to find dinner and his sleeping wife waiting for him. She'd managed to lay her head on her folded arms, right there at the dining table.

He tip-toed forward and caressed her hair to rouse her.

She woke, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, then stared at the flowers before her.

"Oh, honey!"

"Happy anniversary, Alice!"

"Oh, Perry… you shouldn't have…"