The Silence of the Lamb

By Erica Dias <> & Alicia U <>

Rated: G

Submitted: January, 2005

Summary: The perfect scene with the perfect end. A good/evil challenge between good evil friends.

Authors' notes: The other day, we were chatting on IRC, and Alicia was complaining about not being able to write anything happy and WAFFy. Being the supportive, evil friend that Erica is, she suggested that it would be fun if Alicia wrote something really sappy and WAFFy and then Erica ruined it — or saved it, if you look at it from her perspective — by writing an evil ending. And the Good/Evil challenge was born.

Here is the challenge:

1. Alicia must write 1 page, and only 1 page, as a WAFFy beginning to a story. Her part must include an animal.

2. Erica must write 1 page, and only 1 page, ruining the WAFFy beginning and giving the story an evil ending. Her part must include Lex.

Erica — Okay, I confess. I love evil, but Laura loves WAFFy so we match. I hope we can do lots of others like these. Let me thank Laura for BRing my part. And let's not forget our GE, Tricia. Thanks for everything! FDK is welcome, but make sure it is double this time. LOL.

Laura — We had so much fun with the first Good/Evil challenge, we decided to write another one! In my opinion, in this one, Erica showed her true evil side! Muito bom, Evil One! Next time, I am going to make it impossible for evil to win!


"Hmm," Lois muttered. She scrunched her nose in disgust. "Clark," she called in a sing-song voice. When she caught his eyes, she continued, "Does your food taste funny?"

He shrugged, but allowed his lips to turn up into a smile. "No." Then he laughed. "But you always say I don't have any taste buds," he teased. "Do you really trust me?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Of course I trust you." She wrinkled her nose. "Sometimes." Then she shook her head. "Seriously, can you taste this for me? I really think mine tastes funny." Without waiting for a response, she got up and stretched languidly, trying to crack her back.

"Yeah, yeah," he said, just loud enough for her to hear him. "Sometimes." He lifted his glasses and rubbed his nose.

She picked up her plate and fork, and sauntered to her partner's desk. "If it doesn't kill you, it must be okay."

Clark took the fork, and took a bite of her food, not moving his eyes from hers. "Tastes fine to me, honey." He reached behind her and pulled her onto his lap. "It's fine," he breathed into her ear. "I don't taste, see, or smell anything poisonous. The lamb meat is absolutely delicious."

"I know," she said softly. "I was just looking for an excuse to do this." She turned her head and gently kissed his earlobe. "And this." She traced a path of kisses down his face. "In the middle of the newsroom." Then she planted a kiss straight onto his waiting lips.

"Smart," he breathed. "You're brilliant." He wrapped an arm around her back and stopped her from getting up. "One of the many reasons I fell so madly in love with you."

"Oh, I know," Lois murmured. "I am perfect, aren't I?"

"Absolutely." He reached his other hand up to cup the side of her face. "Perfect."


"Thanks, honey." Lois smiled. She grabbed him by the tie and led him to the conference room to talk in private. A second later, she was giving him thousands of passionate kisses. "So, you really liked the food, huh?" She freed herself from his embrace with a grin on her face.

"Oh yeah. I didn't know they sold those herbs you put in the meat sauce here in Metropolis. They are quite rare, you know?"

"Wait a minute." Lois turned around with an eyebrow raised. "I thought you were the one who bought them."

Clark stood up, feeling a cold shiver running down his spine. "I didn't buy them, Lois. I thought you did."

"No, I didn't. How the heck would I buy herbs? I thought that was your area. I thought you bought those yesterday for me to put in the sauce. What kind of trick is this, Clark?" She folded her arms across her chest. "There was a note. I saw it."

Clark turned as white as a sheet of paper, predicting what had happened. "What note, Lois?"

"The note you wrote me, telling me to use the herb for the sauce. That it would give it a special touch." Her voice trailed off, scared, and growing weaker. She started turning pale.



Suddenly, Lois started chocking. She couldn't breathe and was turning blue. Helplessly, Clark shook her, screaming at her, and finally holding her before she passed out. But before she did, she saw a man she could recognize anywhere. He was smiling, definitely enjoying his sweet revenge.

Clark held Lois in his arms and ran to the elevator, but before he could reach it, he saw a man, flicking his fingers and grinning.

"Lex! What have you done?" he asked in despair. He wanted to chase his nemesis, but Lois was his priority, and as soon as he could, he rushed down the stairs. As soon as he hit the roof, he spun into the suit, and flew to the hospital.

But it was too late.

Lois Lane was dead, and the phoenix was flying free.