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Jocelyn Brant

Chipped Armor
This tag-on to the episode "The Rival" follows the events of Clark returning to the Planet, and addresses some issues between our favorite duo which were mentioned in the author's first story, "Fractured Ego."

Fractured Ego
I always thought Lois handled Clark's resignation and departure from her life a little too easily in the episode "The Rival," despite some dialogue to the contrary *after* the fact.

Stay Away From Amber Waves of Grain
Another trip to Smallville, because Lois just didn't get the full "country" experience the last time. We're sure she'll like the country.

Bren Ren

  Nominated Best New Author 2010

Seeing Clearly at Last - 11Kb
This is the author's story of what happened after Superman thawed Lois in the episode "And The Answer Is..."

That Ol' Revelation of Mine - 24Kb
In this TOGOM ("That Old Gang of Mine") rewrite, someone points out the obvious to Lois after Clark is shot, and it doesn't take her brilliant mind long to come to a super conclusion.

Margaret Brignell

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Clark ... Who?
Lois Lane is not happy. Not only does her boss ignore her hunches about sabotage in the space program -- he says he can't afford to give her a raise. But somehow he finds it in the budget to hire some new guy, a hack from Nowheresville. Things aren't looking up at home, either, with her sister always harping on Lois' lack of a love life. This is a story that relates the events of the pilot episode ... completely from Lois' perspective.

The Day Superman Died ...
Soon after Clark gives her the "flying signal" and darts out of the newsroom, Lois hears that Superman has been shot in the heart with a kryptonite bullet at Hobb's Bay. A complex story involving mob bosses, Mindy Church and star-crossed lovers.

If the Earth Opened Up ...
A few missing scenes from the episode "And the Answer Is" in which Lois speculates that Clark and Superman are one and the same but tries to prove herself wrong.

The Long Road
Clark gains perspective on life, relationships and himself as he makes his way around the globe, writing travel pieces for the Smallville Post. Clark meets interesting people and manages to stumble into adventure -- but always at the back of his mind is that puzzling break-up with Lana Lang.

The One
Clark travels the globe, going from one newspaper to the next, always looking for a place where he can fit it in ... and the one who'll make him want to stay -- if she even exists. An exploration of what Clark's life was like before he came to Metropolis.

Only You: If Only
From the author who has brought us several excellent fanfics about Clark's pre-Metropolis days comes a companion story -- the story of the Alternate Universe's Clark's childhood.

Only You: Promise
What was the Alternate Universe Clark's life like before joining the Daily Planet? The second part in the author's "Only You" series, and a continuation of part one, "Only You: If Only."

Only You: Recall
The Clark Kent of the Alternate Universe starts work at the Daily Planet. Will life in Metropolis with Lana be enough for him? Or will a visitor show him what he's been missing? This is the third part in the author's "Only You" series, and a continuation of Part 2, "Only You: Promise."

Only You: Reality
Part 4 of the author's wonderful ongoing Only You series. While Lois is attempting to regain her life (and her memory) due to her time in the Congo, a vengeful Lana Lang slanders Superman and his "relationship" with Lois. But can a relationship between the two actually begin??

Only You: Fantasy
The final installment in the "Only You" series. Lois and Clark struggle to find themselves and each other. But will Metropolis allow them?

The Rules
When Clark is wearing his glasses, he can't walk his *Special* Walk or hammer nails with his fist. He has to confine himself to the things other children can do, so *they* -- the people his daddy said want to dissect him like a frog -- won't come and take him away.

SwapMeet: Metropolis
Lois and Clark find themselves in an alternate universe where they are characters on a television show, played by Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain. Meanwhile, Cain and Hatcher are sent to Metropolis in Lane and Kent's place. Can the foursome solve the mystery of their switch and get back home where they belong? Winner of the 1998 Fanfic Kerth for "Best Crossover," this amazing story is now available on the Fanfic Archive! This story should be read along with its mirror story, "SwapMeet: Burbank."

Rhen Brink

Lois and son wait for Daddy to come home. Surprise!

Eight Oh Three
Clark can't believe he actually gave Lois the go-ahead to date Dan Scardino. What was he thinking? But more important is what Lois is thinking as Scardino takes her out on the town.

A First Date by Any Other Name
Lois' cousin is getting married, and Lois needs a date for the wedding. Clark is available, but is he willing to act like Lois' boyfriend to further her game of one-upmanship with her catty relative?

The Forgiven
Clark plans the perfect date to make things up to Lois. But the best laid plans of men and Supermen often go asunder.

I Can't Anymore, Clark
Lois' bags are packed and waiting at the front door -- as she makes a declaration to her husband, Clark.

If Only (Metallo Revised Ending)
An alternate ending to the episode "Metallo" -- the phone conversation that should have taken place.

Revelation (After Churches ... )
Lois jumps to conclusions when she sees a not-completely-dressed Mayson Drake leaving Clark's apartment early in the morning.

Run for Your Life, Superman
Lois' predatory behavior scares Superman out of his wits. :-)

Eboni Briscoe

Operation: Magical Place
Perry and Sam make plans to give Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Lucy a romantic get-away.


Until Death Us Do Part
Lois promises Lucy to have lunch with her on her next day off. However, that simple date ends in tragedy.

Azriel Roman Brock

Clark discovers that his birth father Jor-El is alive. What effect will this have on his and Lois's life?

Jeff Brogden

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace | 2002 update

A story that builds on the episode "That Old Gang of Mine." Dr. Emil Hamilton's clones start degenerating, which leads Dr. Hamilton to fear for Clark Kent, who was supposed to have received "the treatment" from Superman. Bobby Bigmouth tips off Lois about Clark's supposed condition.

A Kansas Fourth
Clark talks Lois into joining him in Smallville for a 4th of July mini-vacation, where he and his parents show Lois the sights -- and even get in a bit of water skiing. Lois and Clark have "sort of" a date.

Lost and Found
In this Elseworlds story, Lois gets stranded in a blizzard near Smallville, Kansas, and is rescued by a handsome young stranger who, little does she know, is about to change her life forever.

Oh, Give Me A Home
It's Christmas time, but not all is 'calm and bright' in Smallville. The Kents have a new neighbor, and there are many more changes in store for the family. Episode 11 of S5.

Then Came You
In the alternate dimension, Clark Kent wants to find his world's Lois Lane. There is a piece of him missing that he feels only she can fill. But as he searches for her, he finds himself in a complex relationship with a new Daily Planet employee and the infamous lost Lois Lane herself. (Episode # 20 and # 21 (titled Two Become One) of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Unknown Emotions
Lois discovers she's pregnant, but there are complications. Clark despairs of them ever having children, and he starts to feel the weight of a world resting on his shoulders.

Kathy Brown

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace | 2002 update

Camping With Clark
Lois isn't thrilled, at first, to go camping with Clark's college friends, but she soon relaxes and enjoys watching Clark get teased about old campus pranks.

Cold and Blood
Written for the "Cold and Blood" opening line challenge.

Definitely the Black
This "Fluff Challenge" response tells the story of a certain piece of black lace and how it came to be worn by Lois on her wedding night. ;)

Fatal Attraction
Lois and Clark begin to expose Lex Luthor's secrets. But has Clark been hiding another one of his own? Episode 7 of S6.

A Flickering Flame
Pregnant women are disappearing. A scientist wants to control Metropolis. And Lois hates Clark. When it rains, it pours. Episode 13 of S5. This story was written by Kathy Brown, Bella and Trish.

The House of Kent
At the end of the episode "House of Luthor," Clark insists on taking back his declaration of love. But Lois still has a little more to say on the subject, leaving Clark just as stunned by her words as she is by his. An "Episode Extension Challenge" vignette.

In Vitro Veritas
Lois and Clark go undercover in an infertility clinic. But will they find out more about their story or themselves? Episode 5 of S5. This episode of S5 was written by Betsy, with Kathy Brown and Pam Jernigan.

Into Each Life ...
Clark fears the worst when Lois begins acting distant two months into their new-found relationship, but nothing can prepare him for the shock of her explanation.

When Lois needs help after being laid up with the flu, it's Clark Kent to the rescue!

Momentum: A Winter Holiday Tale
On the Christmas morning after the episode "Season's Greedings," Clark wonders if Lois might finally be starting to see him as more than just a friend. Deciding to strike while the iron is hot, he begins a week-long campaign to show her that he could rank pretty high on the boyfriend scale.

Momentum 2: The Revelation
In this sequel to the author's "Momentum," our favorite couple has been dating for a few weeks and Clark is ready to tell Lois his secret. Will an out-of-town ski weekend provide the perfect opportunity?

Movers and Shakers - 157Kb
It's been a year since the alternate Clark found his Lois. But when disaster strikes, he needs a little extra Super help to get to "happily ever after." Episode 11 of S6. A multiauthored story by Kathy Brown and Nancy Merckle.

Now, Hold on a Minute Here!
When the people of Metropolis find Lois guilty of murder in the episode "The People vs. Lois Lane," Clark is stunned and outraged -- but he's not about to go down without a fight! An "Episode Extension Challenge" comedy vignette.

The One That Got Away
Clark takes it hard when he receives bad news about an old friend, which convinces Lois that this woman must have been "the one that got away." A Charity Fanzine story.

The Prodigal Son
Clark receives a mysterious package from "Jack". But which Jack sent it? When two Jacks from Lois and Clark's past show up, who's to tell? Episode 7 of S5. This episode of S5 was written by Cindy, with Kathy Brown.

Pronounce Away!: An Episode Plot Un-Twist for "I Now Pronounce You ...
Lois and Clark have just entered the church when the deacon indicates Lois needs to come with him to sign the wedding license. An episode "plot un-twist" challenge response for "I Now Pronounce You ..."

Tea Totaled
When Lois meets Lucy at a bar to celebrate her little sister's birthday, the alcohol starts to flow. And when she invites Clark to join them, so do the hormones. A multiauthored story by Kathy Brown and AnnieM.

Through The Looking Glass
"Last year, Mr. Wells implied he would help the other Clark find his Lois. Do you think he ever did?" An alternate universe story. Episode 18 of S5.

A True Partnership
Returning home in the middle of the night after a rescue, Clark reflects on what a true partnership means in his relationship with Lois. A vignette set several weeks after Lois and Clark's engagement.

When Friends Become Lovers
Lois and Clark's relationship changes forever after an emotional night spent together. Following directly from the second season episode, "That Old Gang of Mine," this story follows the couple through breathtaking highs and devastating lows as they deal with the highly-charged issues only their romance could produce. A multiauthored story by Kathy Brown and Demi.

When Lovers Become More
In this sequel to "When Friends Become Lovers" and rewrite of the second season episode, "The Phoenix," Lois and Clark work through their insecurities as they struggle with the question of where their relationship is headed. Finding the answer together becomes difficult, however, when Lex Luthor returns from the dead with plans to kill Superman and take back Lois Lane.

Wine, Wine, Wine
After rescuing Clark -- for the second time in a week -- from Kryptonite carrying villains, Lois really needs a drink to unwind. And there's no one that she'd rather drink with than her best friend and partner.

Winter Wonderland
"There's over a foot of snow outside, Lois. It's gorgeous! Currier and Ives, right outside my window!" Will a few days snowed-in in Smallville nudge Lois and Clark's relationship from "maybe" to "yes"? A continuation of the 2nd season episode, "Season's Greedings."

Linda Brown

Meant to Be
Lois and Clark help each other recover from the disappointment of being told that they can't have children. But, a few months later, Lois has some very special news for her husband. Perhaps destiny doesn't agree with Dr. Klein's findings...

Sharon Brown

An Ode to Toy Story
The episode "Toy Story" as seen through the eyes of an enraptured viewer.

Catherine Bruce

TOGOM Fun. In Which Lois is Mad At Superman, and Clark is Dead.

Betrayal of Justice
This is an alternate (and WHAM worthy) ending to season four's "Dead Lois Walking." I was bad and didn't put my toys back where I found them when I finished.

Black Chiffon
"I bet you'd look real cute in black chiffon." Clearly, like his fiancée, Clark isn't one to back down from a challenge.

Getting Nowhere
It was love at first sight!

Gone the Rainbow
There are things you live for and then there are things you die for. And then there are things you would do both for.

The Great Blankie Caper
An amusing story in which there is an unusual revelation done by Superman and not Clark, capes are really blankies in disguise, a green chiffon costume is contemplated, pieces of the Suit disappear, and evil geniuses run amok. A multi-authored story by DocJill and Catherine Bruce.

Home for the Holidays
It's the night of the Kents' annual Infamous Christmas Gala in Smallville, but Clark can think of nothing but Metropolis -- and the feisty reporter he left there for the holidays. What's a love-sick Kryptonian to do?

Lois' Secret Recipe
There's nothing worse than standing around in the middle of winter in tights when you have no superpowers....

Monster Night Fright
Leaving the Sci-Fi Channel on can be hazardous to your dreams.

My Side, Your Side
Finding the right side of the bed to sleep on can be exhausting.

No Harm
Seventy years ago, curiosity almost killed the librarian. Now, it just might kill the reporter, as well.

A girl wakes up in a vat of goo with hardly any memories of who she is.

Requiem for a Father
"And how are you dealing with the loss of your father?" Dr. Friskin asked, peering at Lois through her thick glasses.

Roadkill Reconcilliations
The cat that broke the camel's back.

Sequel to TOGOM
A bad dream after the events in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine" shows how many tubs of ice cream Lois will eat and how many cats she'll get if Clark ever *dies* dies.

Slippery Snake!
Even the most mild-mannered of reporters can seek mild forms of vengeance -- especially for the sake of a friend he or she may or may not have a slight crush on.

Until the End
Alt-Clark comes to assist Lois in the episode "Lois and Clarks." Is that all he has planned?

Vaulted Emotions
Confined spaces + Clark + Kryptonite = Fun. (A Ficathon Story)

What He Gave Up
A possible future based on the aging issue in "Brutal Youth."

What Not to Wear to a Pop-Tart Bonfire
Lois discovers that some pastries are best left unattended.

Jenny Buckland

Let Downs and Love
Lois and Clark have started dating, but they each have something to say before the relationship can progress. Lois needs to get rid of Dan ... and Clark has a confession to make.

Jennifer Bullock

Angel of the Morning
A few hours after their anniversary dinner, Lois goes into labor and faces complications.

Sammi Burleigh

The Greatest Lesson
What if Lois hadn't known Clark's secret when Tempus kidnapped her to the alternate universe? Would she have been able to figure out the secret on her own, or would she have wound up stranded in the alternate universe without the aid of a Superman? This rewrite of the episode "Tempus, Anyone" gives us a glimpse of what might have happened.

Green, Green, Glow of Revelation
What would have happened if everyone had been tied up with Clark in GGGoH? Everyone would have found out his secret, that's what . . . Find out more in this fun story.

I Am Superman
A short revelation story set during the episode "The Foundling" at a time when Clark has a special reason for Lois to know the truth.

I Will Remember You
What if a different song had been playing in the Planet newsroom when Herkimer Johnson's Vibro-Whammy was switched on? Find out in this rewrite of the final scenes of the episode "Oedipus Wrecks"!

New Resolve: A Toast to Time and Innocence
A chance meeting in the grocery store restores hope to a despondent Clark and an unhappy Lois months after their separate lives have been shattered.

Luthor's plans don't turn out entirely as he expected in this rewrite of the episode "I Now Pronounce You."

Scarlett Burns

  Nominated Best New Author 2010

The Three Rules
The moment you find out the name of the man who once saved your life can only be eclipsed by finding out that he may also moonlight in tights.

Leanna Bush

The Air That We Breathe
What is Clark Kent to do? His pregnant wife is missing, and Lex Luthor is on the loose.

Craig Byrne

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

Avenging Angel
Mindy Church can't trust anyone to carry out her villainous plans, so she herself takes action to keep Metropolis' stool pigeons from talking. As Lois and Clark investigate the deaths of two prominent criminals, will they discover who's behind the crime in Metropolis? (Episode # 22 of The Unaired Fifth Season) A multiauthored story by Craig Byrne, Matt Combes, and Kat Picson.

Behind Every Woman
There's something suspicious happening on the set of Jimmy Olsen's favorite TV show, and entertainment reporter Cat Grant recruits the Daily Planet's help. Jimmy talks Perry into sending him to California and, with the help of his old friend Sarah Goodwin, proves his merit as an investigative reporter. (Episode # 23 of The Unaired Fifth Season) A multiauthored story by Craig Byrne and Kat Picson.

The Odd Couple
In another effort to destroy Utopia, Tempus travels back in time and teams up with Lex Luthor. Before Clark even steps off the bus in Metropolis, Luthor and Tempus begin to manipulate events to keep Lois and Clark from ever meeting. What will Metropolis be like when "Lane and Kent" never team up? (Episode # 11 of The Unaired Fifth Season) A multiauthored story by Craig Byrne and Allison Word.

Past and Present Danger
In this sequel to "The Odd Couple," we see the future Tempus created. In this world, Lois and Clark were never partners, Lex Luthor still runs Metropolis, Superman is hated by all, and everyone seems to want to eliminate Lois. (Episode # 12 of The Unaired Fifth Season) A multiauthored story by Craig Byrne and Allison Word.

The Power of Shazam
A concept based on the comic book graphic novel "The Power of Shazam," by Jerry Ordway, but which asks the question, "What if the orphan who became Captain Marvel also happened to be Jack's brother?"

The Trask at Hand
The son of Bureau 39 agent Jason Trask blames his father's death on Superman. At the same time, Lois and Clark are nominated for the same Kerth Award, which will be awarded on the night of their first anniversary. With surprise appearances by Cat Grant and Oprah Winfrey. (Episode # 2 of The Unaired Fifth Season) A multiauthored story by Craig Byrne and Kat Picson.

World's Finest
Lois and Clark travel to Gotham City to cover the story of a new supercomputer invented by Waynetech that will eliminate the Year 2K problem. Along the way they encounter Intergang -- and a few bats. (Episode # 16 of The Unaired Fifth Season) A multiauthored story by Craig Byrne and Matt Combes.