Season 5 and Season 6

What if Lois & Clark continued beyond the fourth season? Several FoLC decided to find out…

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A group of 24 writers and editors from LOISCLA and the nfic mailing lists created 22 PG-rated episodes for a fifth season of Lois & Clark. Organized by Leanne Shawler.

Back to The Future
Utopia has been disrupted, but by whom? Picking up where "Family Hour" left off, we join Lois and Clark as they learn the secret of the baby's origin. A secret that may put their lives -- and the lives of their descendants -- at grave risk. Part 1 of 2. Episode 1 of S5.

Time After Time
Peace Everett
Lois and Clark race through time to defeat Tempus and save their future family. But with one Clark Kent already dead 82 years in the future, will they be in time? Or run out of it? Part 2 of 2. Episode 2 of S5.

Leanne Shawler
To help the police, Lois agrees to play the victim in a crime reconstruction. With Clark backing her up, what could go wrong? Plenty. Episode 3 of S5. This story is not available through the archive.

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
Sheila Harper
Space Station Prometheus is in danger. Saving it, however, may cost Clark something more precious than his own life. Episode 4 of S5.

In Vitro Veritas
Betsy Rogers, with Kathy Brown and Pam Jernigan
Lois and Clark go undercover in an infertility clinic. But will they find out more about their story or themselves? Episode 5 of S5.

From the Ashes
Leanne Shawler
Like the Phoenix, Lex Luthor once again rises from the ashes ... and this time, he brought his bride. Episode 6 of S5.

The Prodigal Son
Cindy, with Kathy Brown
Clark receives a mysterious package from "Jack". But which Jack sent it? When two Jacks from Lois and Clark's past show up, who's to tell? Episode 7 of S5.

The Cat In The Hat Comes Back
Nancy Merckle
Cat Grant is back in town. Unfortunately, so is a cat burglar who steals ... cats? Episode 8 of S5.

Whisky Galore
Dominique Melaragni
Lois and Clark head to Scotland to solve the mystery of the poisoned whisky. While they're there, they manage to sample Scotland's finest malts, play golf at St. Andrews, indulge in chocolate Flake bars ... and perhaps even satisfy a certain kilt fantasy. :-)

Eine Klein Nachtmusik
Nancy Lemieux
A dangerous Superman hate-group rears its head in Metropolis. But that's not what's sending Lois and Clark scrambling to find a drugstore. Episode 10 of S5.

Oh, Give Me A Home
Jeff Brogden
It's Christmas time, but not all is 'calm and bright' in Smallville. The Kents have a new neighbor, and there are many more changes in store for the family. Episode 11 of S5.

It Happened All Weekend
Dom Melaragni, Lori McElhaney, Adrienne Vukovic and Nancy Merkle
Join Lois and Clark on an anniversary to remember. Episode 12 of S5.

A Flickering Flame
Kathy Brown, Bella and Trish
Pregnant women are disappearing. A scientist wants to control Metropolis. And Lois hates Clark. When it rains, it pours. Episode 13 of S5.

It's a Wonderful Lifetime
Cindy and an anonymous co-writer
What if you went for a walk to blow off some steam and never came back? Lois and Clark are about to find out. Part 1 of 2. Episode 14 of S5.

Second Time Around
Cindy and an anonymous co-writer
Clark and Superman are back as mysteriously as they disappeared. But is anyone willing to listen to their explanation? Could Tempus be involved? Part 2 of 2. Episode 15 of S5.

Nightmare Over Metropolis
Lori McElhaney
What if the one person who could do the most good for the city ... suddenly became its worst nightmare? Episode 16 of S5.

A Matter of Trust
Leanne Shawler
Beth Luthor has a secret and the race is on ... but who will discover it first? Lex? Intergang? Or Lois and Clark? Episode 17 of S5.

Through The Looking Glass
Kathy Brown
Last year, Mr. Wells implied he would help the other Clark find his Lois. Do you think he ever did? An alternate universe story. Episode 18 of S5.

Charity Begins At Home
Sandy McDermin
The Superman Foundation has a new CEO. But is this old friend of Clark's all that she appears? Meanwhile, Lois has a baby shower few will ever forget. Episode 19 of S5. This story is not available through the archive. Write the author for a copy.

Betsy R.
Not everyone appreciates the revitalization of the Kingston neighborhood, but what will Jimmy risk to investigate it? It's Luthor versus Church -- winner take all. Episode 20 of S5.

Dr. Goose
Double L
Lois is wrapping up her last week at work before her maternity leave. Relaxing? Not when you have a mad-man targeting you and Superman for revenge. Episode 21 of S5.

It's Time
Pam Jernigan
Superman's recent absences on Monday nights have intrigued a pair of criminals. Too bad they don't know better than to get in Lois's way! Episode 22 of S5 (season finale).


Spurred by the huge success of S5, a group of 10 writers, 3 editors and 1 dedicated webmaster have teamed up once again to create several more PG-rated episodes for sixth season of Lois & Clark! Coordinated by Kathy Brown & Pam Jernigan.

Strained Relations
Jernigan, Pam and Barbara
A new baby, demanding jobs, and a part-time role as super-hero are keeping the Lane and Kent household busy. Could this be Jimmy's time to shine? Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is plotting. Part 1 of 2. Episode 1 of S6.

For the Good of the Child
Chris Mulder
Thanks to Lex Luthor's scheming, Lois and Clark have to prove that they are fit parents or risk losing Laura to Social Services. Part 2 of 2. Episode 2 of S6.

Bedtime Stories
Phil Atcliffe, Carol Malo and Erin Klingler
Laura gets to know the rest of the Daily Planet family during her first newsroom Christmas party. Episode 3 of S6.

The Last Time I Saw Elvis
CC Malo
A face from Martha's past leads to surprising revelations about her youth. Episode 4 of S6.

Crystal Wimmer
Mxyzptlk is back and baby Laura is all part of the plan. Now Lois and Clark get to find out much sooner than they'd imagined how it feels to be the parents of a teenager! Episode 5 of S6.

The Hand of Fate
Phil Atcliffe
A mysterious visitor needs Lois and Clark to go back in time to help some familiar faces. Can they right the wrongs of the past, and save their true soulmates? Episode 6 of S6.

Fatal Attraction
Kathy Brown
Lois and Clark begin to expose Lex Luthor's secrets. But has Clark been hiding another one of his own? Episode 7 of S6.

Turn Around
Sheila Harper
An old threat resurfaces in a new form, and Lex Luthor intends to use it to destroy Superman -- if it doesn't shatter Lois and Clark's relationship first. (Part 1 of 3.) Episode 8 of S6.

Walk in My Shoes
Sheila Harper
Clark and Lois thought they already knew each other intimately, but walking in each other's shoes is a different -- and uncomfortable -- matter entirely! (Part 2 of 3.) Episode 9 of S6.

Mirror, Mirror
Sheila Harper
Their souls are still stuck in each other's body, and Superman's powers are starting to fade. Can Lois and Clark find a way to swap back before it's too late? (Part 3 of 3.) Episode 10 of S6.

Movers and Shakers
Nancy Merckle and Kathy Brown
It's been a year since the alternate Clark found his Lois. But when disaster strikes, he needs a little extra Super help to get to "happily ever after." Episode 11 of S6.

Phil Atcliffe
Lois and Clark have been trying to prove the case against Lex Luthor for over a year now -- do they finally have proof that he was never a clone? Series finale, part 1 of 3. Episode 12 of S6.

Phil Atcliffe
Lane, Kent and the police are getting ever closer, but will someone else destroy the head of LexCorp before the case can be put together? Series finale, part 2 of 3. Episode 13 of S6.

Stronger Than Me Alone
Phil Atcliffe
In this electrifying finale to the S5/6 series, it's showdown time for Lex Luthor and Clark Kent ... and only one of them can survive. Episode 14 of S6.