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Rachel M.

The Almost-Forgotten Planet and Person
Lois and Clark deal with an overabundance of parents and villains.

Didn't Take You Long
A rewrite of the events following Lois's refusal of Clark's proposal in the episode "We Have a Lot to Talk About."

Ever Heard The Whole Story?
Ever wondered about some of the experiences Lois had growing up? Lois tells all in "Ever Heard The Whole Story?"

The Man of Steal
While Lois and Clark investigate murders in Metropolis, Kryptonite disappears from Star Labs and Lana Lang is back in town with a new man.

The Return of the Morning Stubble
Cuddling in bed is all very well, but how do you deal with steel-hard stubble scratching your face? If you're Lois, you play dirty ....

Stuck With the Truth
Unexpected events plague a late-night stakeout while Lois and Clark hunt down a pack of drug dealers. Will Clark be forced to sacrifice his secret for Lois's safety when the two are held at gunpoint? And will the night's events change their relationship forever ... if they survive?

Sounds of War
What impact would World War II have had on Lois, Clark and the gang if they had lived during that time? A fun story with a new perspective.

Rachel T.

Cloud on My Tongue
The player: Lana Lang. The battlefield: Metropolis, New Troy. The prize: Clark Kent. The competition: Lois Lane, his fiance. The rules: None.


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Burden of Conscience
In a single moment, a hero is destroyed, a friendship is torn apart, and a partnership is broken. Clark has to struggle with the burdens that defeated a Superman and Lois learns that there's no way to save someone unless they want to be saved.

Can't Live (If Living Is Without You)
Tempus escapes and decides that the alternate world is a better target for his plans. When the alternate Clark is struck down by red Kryptonite, he loses the will to live. Only our Lois can keep him alive long enough for Clark and H.G. Wells to find the one thing that will make his life worth living.

Lifeflight - An Elseworld Story - Part I
In this enchanting Elseworlds story, Lois and Clark have chosen a different profession other than investigative journalism: medicine. But fate still leads them to each other, and continues to confuse their lives as they fight to right the wrongs around them. Part one of the author's story.

Lifeflight - An Elseworld Story - Part II
In this second part of the author's enchanting Elseworlds story, we're plunged head first into Lois and Clark's developing relationship as they struggle to find common ground. But will the city's most notorious villains, who are conspiring to get rid of Metropolis' new Superhero, spoil their newfound love for each other?

Lifeflight - An Elseworld Story - Part III
In this third and final installment of the author's wonderful Elseworld story, Lois and Clark work to put one of Superman's arch enemies away, but yet another lurks in the wings. Will love conquer all, or are there just too many obstacles in the path of their love?

The Longest Road: Belief and Sacrifice
When he's asked to give up everything he loves in order to save a world he doesn't know, Clark realizes that the measure of a person isn't just what they believe, it's what they're willing to sacrifice.

The Longest Road: The Long Road Home
Separated for years and having faced life's most difficult challenges, Lois and Clark have to figure out how to move forward when they can't go back to the way things were. The final part in "The Longest Road" trilogy.

The Longest Road: The Roads They Walked Alone
When faced with the most difficult challenges of their lives, both Lois and Clark learn that the longest roads in life are the ones you must walk alone.

A Question of Trust
Months after Lois's disastrous almost-marriage to Luthor, her friendship with Clark is still in jeopardy. Can she learn to trust him again? They're forced to confront each other and their problems when they have to go undercover to protect Superman from an infamous rogue government agency.

Single Petal of a Rose
A determined assassin has it in for Lois Lane, but it's her relationship with Clark that is threatening her peace of mind. A story inspired by the music of Duke Ellington.

What You're Asking of Me
When friends start to drift apart, someone's got to step up and say the scary words.

Rain Elizabeth Day

The After Effects of the Horizontal Lambada
After two years of marriage, Lois is pregnant. While Clark is bursting to tell the news, Lois holds back, saying she's afraid Perry will give her only *safe* assignments. Her reticence to discuss the pregnancy goes even deeper, though, which troubles Clark.

Lois and Clark are both vying for spots on an important military press conference -- but a drug test is required. Clark's in a jam unless Lois can come through with her offer to donate a sample. Shouldn't be any harm in that, right?


Jimmy Figures It Out
While Lois is away on a story, Jimmy and Clark get together to watch a football game -- and then Jimmy starts pumping Clark for information on his hero, Superman.


Dirty Business
A lazy Saturday afternoon that starts with laundry ends at a miniature golf course, where Lois and Clark play for high stakes.

The Dreaded Hiccups
Perry's dismissal of her story dredges up a painful memory for Lois -- and also summons a bad case of the hiccups.

A supernatural figure haunts Lois and Clark in both their waking and sleeping hours.

A Lois & Clark Fourth of July
A WAFFy pre-relationship story that has Lois and Clark covering the annual 4th of July celebration at Metropolis Park -- Perry's orders.

A New Friend
Lois wants to say yes to Clark's proposal, but she knows she needs to figure out what he's hiding from her first. Meanwhile, a woman calling herself "Supergirl" requests Superman's help in the Underworld, a city below the streets of Metropolis. A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is ..." that also includes some DC Comics' post-Crisis elements.

The Scariest Thing of All ...
Lois and Clark hand out candy on Halloween night. But as Clark discovers, Lois can cook up surprises scarier than any goblin or Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger.

Top Banana
Lois and Clark are ordered to shoot a promotional commercial for the Daily Planet, much to Lois' consternation.

Breakfast cereal and early-morning cartoons result in an epiphany for Lois. A cute story the author confesses was written as a joke.

Bhavani Rao

Clark, a playboy crooner?

Well-meaning relatives try to blackmail Lois and Clark into revealing their feelings for each other.

Cold Pasta
A sequel to the fanfic "Sweet Wine." Lois reflects on her previous evening with Clark.

Lois, Clark, Lucy and Jimmy venture through the jungles of their respective relationships. And Lois and Clark go grocery shopping and cook Italian together.

Sweet Wine
Alone on New Year's Eve, Lois goes over to Clark's apartment to surprise him with dinner.

Then There Were Three
A year after Lois and Clark are married, they plan to have the whole family over for Christmas. Lois is puzzled by her persistent flu-like symptoms, but Martha is sure she knows what's causing them.

Cindy Ray

Date-Ja Vu
On a date with Dan Scardino, Lois can't get Clark out of her mind.

Larry Raymond

A Baptism of Fire
The first story in a series exploring Lois Lane's pre-Clark Kent/Superman days as a new investigative reporter at the Daily Planet.

Tracy Reager

It Never Fails
Lois and Clark have an unexpected encounter with a very unfriendly Zara and Ching.

Passing the Test
Zara and Ching come to Earth in search of Kal El but, as they carry out their misssion, they find that their personal relationship begins to change.

Audrey Rempel

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Clark and Lois: The Alternate Adventures
The Clark Kent of the alternate Earth is feeling pretty low. Not only has the secret of his alien origins become public, but he's lost his fiancee, Lana Lang. Even worse, he's lost Lois Lane to her rightful dimension. In this extrapolation of the episode "Tempus, Anyone?" the alternate Clark makes it his mission to find out what happened to the Lois Lane of his world.

The New Bed
Clark can't sleep; there's this bed spring that keeps poking him in the back. Unfortunately, since Lois mostly sleeps on *him*, she isn't very sympathetic to his problem.

Carrie Rene

500 Miles
697 words (4Kb)
A little story with no real storyline, just Clark getting caught.

Caught in the Act
427 words (2Kb)
A little story with no real storyline, just Lois getting caught doing something fun.

Get It Right
404 words (2Kb)
It's Lois and Clark's wedding day and someone close to them has a lot of thoughts on the subject.

Head Games
1,781 words (10Kb)
Lois tries to comfort Clark after Mayson's death in the second season episode "Lucky Leon." Will he let Lois in on his secret? Or will he push her away even more?

Holiday Baking
1,112 words (6Kb)
Lois' attempt at baking during the episode "Season's Greedings." Ever wonder how Lois was going to make everything for dinner? With one little oven, how did she get everything done in time?

I Ain't Worried
1,316 words (7Kb)
Clark takes Lois on a date in late Season 2. She sees it as a competition, like usual, but he sees it as having a little fun. The title comes from OneRepublic's song "I Ain't Worried."

New Year's Eve Season 1
1,294 words (7Kb)
Summary: What would things have been like during New Year’s Eve in Season 1 between our favorite couple before they were a couple?

New Year's Eve Season 2
731 words (4Kb)
How will Lois and Clark celebrate New Year's Eve after their first Christmas spent together?

New Year's Eve Season 3
1,678 words (9Kb)
How do Lois and Clark spend New Year’s Eve in Season 3?

New Year's Eve Season 4
809 words (4Kb)
Lois and Clark try to spend their first New Year as a married couple together.

New Year's Season 5
922 words (5Kb)
How would Lois and Clark have celebrated New Year's Eve if there had been a fifth season?

M. Anthony Reynolds

Total Eclipse of the Superman
Lois, Clark and Jimmy cover a wrestling event and interview a wrestler whose prowess may be due to super powers -- powers that may be even too much for Superman to handle.

Ray Reynolds

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It Might Have Been
Lois marries Lex and the Planet doesn't get rebuilt. Can Clark find a job? Can he find love? An Elseworlds tale.

Love Found a Way
3,006 words (16Kb)
This story follows the characters and premise of my story "Love Will Find a Way," a look 15 years into the future.

Love Realized
111,980 words (607Kb)
An Elseworlds tale, sequel to the author's "Too Soon for Love," that tracks Lara's journey to find love.

Love Realized, the Next Day
5,581 words (31Kb)
The adventures of our heroes after the honeymoon.

Love Realized -- The Second Wedding
8,168 words (44Kb)
The marriage of Lois and Clark.

Love Will Find a Way
48,253 words (259Kb)
Clark has lost the love of his life. Can he find and destroy the evil organization who took her from him and can he find a new life partner? An alternate universe story.

Too Soon for Love?
In the aftermath of the Wedding Fiasco, Lois is beleaguered by the press, the authorities, and her colleagues. How does she handle the pressure? What does she do when she turns up pregnant?


Clark Kent vs. Superman
Lois, Clark, and Superman make for an interesting love triangle, but what if there was another Superman? Could she be in love with one of them? Two of them? Maybe when the dust settles she finds her heart belonging to a certain mild-mannered reporter? (Not an Alt-Clark story)

Secret Agent
Lois discovers Clark's secret, but is it really Clark's secret? Does the man of steel really have a bladder of paper? Could Clark be moonlighting as a secret agent? Are doughnuts really high in cholesterol? Does Perry really care? All these questions and more will be answered in this story.


Goodnight Lois, Goodnight Clark
A poem in which the author says "goodnight" to all things "Lois & Clark" (because "goodbye" is too hard).

Melinda Rich

Explaining the Recant
A story written to justify Clark's reasons for taking back his vow of love for Lois at the end of the episode "The House of Luthor."

Mobile Richard

Date With a Stranger
After spending a passion-filled night with Superman, Lois discovers that her feelings for Clark run deeper than she'd ever realized. How will she cope with her growing feelings for her partner in light of her blossoming romance with Superman? This heart-wrenching romantic comedy delves into the minds of our favourite couple as they desperately try to sort out one of the most peculiar love triangles of all time.

Famous Last Words
What if Clark Kent had arrived in Metropolis before Lois Lane came back from the Congo? A clever story showing what might have been.

The Fugitive
Just who is the fugitive living in the cave... and why? A gripping elseworld story.

The Fugitive, Part 2
The long-awaited sequel to the author's earlier story, "The Fugitive." Can Lois and Clark find each other again and overcome the charges hanging over Clark?

Legal Weapon
Lois and Clark explore a politician's shady past -- both separately and then together.

Life in a Different World
An alternate universe story in which Clark finds himself in a mirror image world.

Life in a Different World, Part 2: The Reluctant Superman
The second part of this series sees the alternate Clark back in his own world and finding he has to live up to the reputation which the other Clark has left behind. It's hard-hitting, heartwrenching, and a darned good story.

Life in a Different World - Part 3
The conclusion to the author's popular series; can Clark regain the trust of his parents and Lois and establish Superman as a respected figure in Metropolis?

Life in a Different World, Part 4
Part Four in the "Life in a Different World" series.

Lois Finds Out
After a year of marriage, Lois begins to realise her husband is keeping a huge secret.

Queen Lois
Set after the author's "Life in a Different World," Clark is thrown into a new alternate universe. Perry is retired, the Daily Planet building has moved, Clark Kent has been missing for two years. And Lois is ...???

To Wake From a Dream
What if Lois were to find out that her favorite superhero was just a man, with needs and imperfections like any other man? Find out in this story as it explores a first-season Lois & Clark relationship.

Vatman Forever
When Lois and Clark break up after a fight, Superman starts to date Lois. Except this is news to Clark!

Wendy Richards

  Voted Best New Author 1999

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24 Hours
Lois Lane has been poisoned and she and Clark are running out of time to find the antidote. Will Lois live long enough to write her own obituary? The author has cranked up the angst-o-meter to 11 for our intrepid reporters.

After the Thaw
If you've always wondered what happened in the episode "And the Answer Is," between the time Superman revived Lois and the proposal in Centennial Park, read on ...

Looks like Lois is not the only one after *the* superman exclusive! A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

At Wit's End in the East End
Lois and Clark find themselves in Albert Square and meet the characters from the British soap opera "EastEnders," courtesy of a mysterious "Doctor" and his amazing (and temperamental) machine called a TARDIS...

Best Intentions
When wondering why Lois and Clark can't see that they're made for each other, Jack and Jimmy come up with a cunning plan... A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

The Best Year Ever
Clark reflects on all the reasons why the past year has been the best ever. Then he considers the new year. Will it be even better?

In this sequel to the author's "Summer Dreaming," Clark hears some devastating news. Has Lois's summer idyll turned into a nightmare? (Part 2 of the Eternity trilogy)

Better to Have Loved and... Lost?
"PLANET REPORTER KILLED IN TERRORIST ATTACK" Lois wakes up to find her husband dead, and there to comfort her is... Superman? Is this a nightmare, or is something sinister going on? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Bidding for Attention
It's finally Lois's chance to get to know Superman better -- but who knew about the cave and the... LEOPARDSKIN???

Big Boys Do Fly
Television stars Laura Lindsay and Conor Kane believed they were merely actors playing a role in a television show. The actors are awe-struck, however, when they discover that they have more in common with their characters than they could have ever imagined. Find out the duo's secret in this alternate take of our favorite timeless love story.

Big Boys Do Fly II - Close Encounter
Alt-dimension TV stars Conor Kane and Laura Lindsay begin to learn how to deal with Conor's newly found secret. Fortunately, they have some "super" help. (Part 2 of 3)

Big Boys Do Fly III: Torn Between Two Worlds
When Tempus switches alt-dimension TV star Conor Kane with Clark, can the four separated soulmates find each other again before it's too late?? (Part 3 of 3)

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
When Lois and Clark break up, she decides to prove to Clark she can take care of herself...even if it puts her in more danger than usual.

Brief Encounter
The Nightfall Asteroid leads Lois Lane to a find a very disoriented and an extremely naked Clark in the middle of a crater. Or is it Superman she's found? A multi-authored story by: Wendy Richards and YC.

Captive Audience
When Lois needs to hear a few home truths about her relationship with Lex Luthor, what better way to get her to listen but to wait until it's impossible for her to escape that painful conversation? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

Carbon Copy
Clark's at home minding his own business when a *very* strange visitor lands on his balcony! An adaptation of the episode "Top Copy."

A vignette set at the end of the episode "Resurrection."

The Confession
Lois is in mourning after she watched Clark killed in "That Old Gang Of Mine" ... but a knock on her door gives her the surprise of her life.

A Conscious Choice
A close call brings Lois and Clark (as Superman) into close quarters, and into an even stickier, steamier situation. Clark makes a choice, and things are soon spiraling out of his control. Will he be able to remedy the situation before it destroys his relationship with Lois?

A Conscious Choice: The Morning After
In this sequel to the author's "A Conscious Choice," Lois and Clark continue their relationship, but struggle over how go public with the news.

What if, one night, Superman really was too late to help Lois? NB: This is a T&W Challenge Fic, so things *may* not be as bad as they sound! A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Consolation Prize
After Lois has to watch Clark collect his Kerth award, she decides that she needs a little treat...

The Dark Side of Christmas
It's Christmas, and Lois faces spending the holiday without Clark. But a mysterious stranger's encouragement to take a walk on the dark side leads to a very unexpected outcome.

Date by Arrangement
When Martha Kent decides to take a hand in her son's love life, Lois finds herself offering to give her partner a makeover. But does she really want to put in all that effort for the benefit of another woman?

Dear Lois ... Love, Superman
In the original script of the episode "Man of Steel Bars," when Clark resigns from the Planet, he leaves a letter for Lois, not Perry. This story, written mainly from Lois's POV, considers what might have been in that letter.

Desperate Measures
Devastated by Lois's rejection of his human self in the episode "Barbarians at the Planet," Clark decides to put his feelings at risk and give Lois the one and only thing that can still prevent her from marrying Lex Luthor... A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

Desperate Reporter - A Wendy and Tank Challenge Fic
After several attempts on her life, Lois is forced into witness protection. A Wendy and Tank challenge fic. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

The Devil's Bargain
Just what will Clark do to save the woman he loves? In this Faustian tale, a devilish enemy tests the Man of Steel's ethics against his love for Lois.

Don't Be a Stranger
Lois and Clark are best friends and she's in on the Secret. So what's making both of them think that they can never be more than friends? And what happens when Lex Luthor moves in on Lois? A sequel to Tank and Wendy's Strange Visitor: An Evil Vignette.

Don't Say You Love Me
After her phone conversation with Clark in the episode "House of Luthor," Lois decides that she can't just let their friendship end like that.

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Hurt
Fourth in a series of "challenges" between these two authors, this story presents Lois and Clark with every parent's nightmare. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

The Enemy Within - A Tank and Wendy Challenge
Kryptonite rears its ugly head again ... But this time its effects may be more than Lois and Clark can handle. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Escape From the Prankster
When Lois goes to Clark's apartment during the episode "The Prankster," they share an emotional, romantic moment. But is Lois prepared for what she learns after their steamy encounter?

Expecting The Worst: A T&W Challenge Fic
In this Wendy and Tank challenge, Lois gets the opportunity to go first at the end of the episode "The House Of Luthor." Their relationship is developing nicely until.... A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

After the family dinner at the end of the episode "Chi of Steel," Clark has a nagging question that he needs to ask Lois. Is he a sexist?

Faux Pas
Clark offers his new colleague Lois Lane a bed for the night after she's mugged. It was supposed to be all above board, but one thing leads to another.... What *will* she think of him in the morning?

Feels Like Falling in Love
An evening spent watching a romantic movie together causes Lois to ask Clark if he's ever wondered what if feels like to fall in love. But is she prepared to hear his answer? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tracey.

Feels Like You're Mine: A Christmas Story
It's Lois and Clark's first Christmas together as partners and neither one knows quite what to make of the growing attraction between them. Fortunately, a night-time flight (compliments of Superman), a Kansas dinner (compliments of Martha), and a sprig of mistletoe help make it a very merry Christmas for them both!

Finding Christmas Spirit
Why can't someone -- anyone -- write one *happy* Christmas song for someone who's single? Someone who's spending Christmas alone and happy about it?

Finding Freedom
In this final part of the Eternity trilogy, can Lois escape Lex Luthor and find freedom and happiness with Clark? (Part 3 of the Eternity trilogy)

For the Greater Good
What if Clark had to choose between saving one life and saving the lives of millions? What if that one life was his own?

Friends and Lovers
Lois and Clark are the very best of friends. Yet is it only one of them who longs for something more?

Getting Even
Clark Kent's worst nightmare is sitting outside his front door, waiting to be read. Bending to pick up his morning paper, he realizes Lois Lane just wrote the scoop of the century -- and he's the subject. A T&W challenge. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

The Ghost of Christmas Past
It's Christmas, but not for Lois Lane. How can she possibly contemplate celebrating when she's still grieving for the man she loves? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and David.

Goodbye to Yesterday
Another friend of Clark's reacts to his "death." Story 4 in the Yesterday Series.

Got A Way
An alternative take on the ending of the episode "Target: Jimmy Olsen," which assumes that the original script for that episode was actually filmed, and Lois dumped Clark for Dan Scardino. Is all at an end for our favourite couple?

Green Card
Superman has just told Lois Lane that he's from another planet. Unfortunately for Clark, there is a government agency which is quite interested in that information... the INS!

A Guest from the Blue
With Lois away on an assignment, Clark is surprised when Lucy shows up on their doorstep. Sensing something is wrong, he invites her to stay, and in the process all three of them learn more about each other -- and themselves.

Happy New Tears
After a disastrous New Year's Eve party, Lois needs to ask her very best friend a special favour... an intimate favour...

The Healing Time
After her almost-wedding and the death of Luthor, Lois has a hard time finding her equilibrium. This wonderfully written story will take you more realistically through the first few season two episodes.

The High Cost of Having a Life
Lois gives Clark one last chance. If he runs out during this date, their relationship is over. A Tank and Wendy challenge fic. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Home for Christmas
Clark invites Lois home to Smallville for Christmas in this 2nd season story. Could the timing finally be right for something more than friendship?

The Homecoming
After ten years on New Krypton, Clark is finally returning home to Lois. But what will he find? A Wendy and Tank Challenge story. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

The House of ... Lane
"Under the circumstances I don't see how I can ..." Superman, blaming himself for driving Lois into Lex's arms, decides to ensure that she finds out the truth about Luthor's criminal activities; an alternative sequel to "Barbarians at the Planet."

Identity Crisis
One interruption too many makes Clark decide it's finally time for Lois to know the truth, but does the truth reveal one lie too many?

If I'd Lost You...
Superman has saved Lois's life many times. But this one was the closest call of all...

If Living Is Without You
Clark is living through his worst nightmare, but is the harsh reality he needs to face the complete truth? Or are tricky circumstances playing unashamedly with his feelings? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

In His Eyes
Some board games and true confessions, not to mention a pair of soulful eyes, lead to a surprising discovery for Lois.

In the Bleak Mid-Winter
In another universe, Clark Kent lives a solitary, lonely life. Sometimes it's not only Lois Lane who hates Christmas...

Invisible or Fly?
When Lois and Clark discuss Lois's childhood game, Lois is amazed by Clark's response.

It Happened One (Super) Night
What if Superman hadn't crashed in Suicide Slum in the episode "All Shook Up"? What if he managed to reach Lois's apartment instead? This seemingly minor change in continuity results in some very major changes in Lois and Clark's lives.

It Only Hurts When I Breathe
Lois is devastated when she thinks she's lost Clark to Mayson. Can Superman help set her straight?

It's a Super Life
In this sequel to the author's "It Happened One (Super) Night," Lois and Clark get used to living together, and look forward to their wedding and to becoming parents.

It's as Plain as the Nose ...
A short vignette set around mid-second season, but definitely before "The Phoenix"; Lois is shocked to realise that Superman is showing distinct signs of ... surely not of being short-sighted?

Just a Little Experiment
Lois wants Clark to do her a tiny favour...

Just Another Revelation Story
They're dating, he thinks they're in love, so Clark decides it's finally the perfect time to tell Lois the truth about himself. Unfortunately, this is Lois he's dealing with, and events take a turn he could never have imagined.... A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Just Another Undercover Assignment
Lois's mother thinks her daughters need a helping hand to find suitable boyfriends. Where can Lois find someone willing to help her evade Ellen Lane's scheming?

Just Good Friends
Clark needs a date for a Smallville wedding, so who better to ask than his very good friend, Lois Lane? And then the games begin.

Keeping Up Appearances
Lucy makes Lois stop and think about her relationship with Clark.

A Kiss Goodbye
Yet another rewrite of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine" ... Although Lois sees Clark shot right in front of her, does she have reason to believe that he might not be dead?

A Labour of Love: A Christmas Present to Feedback-Givers
Sometimes writers just need to say thank you...

Lex Wins! Oh No, He Doesn't! - An evil Tank and Wendy Halloween Story
A really evil Tank and Wendy Halloween story in which Lex wins, or so it least until Wendy makes a few fixes. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Like a Brother
It's Christmas Eve and, alone and depressed, Lois finds herself thinking about Clark.

Like a Red Rock to a Superman
A very new Superhero finds a piece of pretty red rock and decides to keep it. Then he shows it to Lois and becomes just a little indiscreet... A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards, Pam Jernigan and Sara Kraft.

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale: Cinder(Lois)Ellen and the Prince
Another story written in response to the Fairy-tale Challenge on the Message Boards. In this, CinderEllen, also known as Lois, wants to go to the ball, but will her fairy godfather -- or temporal pilgrim -- arrive in time to help her?

Lois Gets Fired
In this Tank and Wendy challenge, Lois and Clark go undercover to investigate a white slavery ring operating from Metropolis. What could possibly go wrong? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Lonely this Christmas?
Christmas is a time for families, for friends and loved ones. But Lois is worried that Superman has nowhere to belong.

The Long and the Short of it Is...
As Lois and Clark's relationship develops, Lois decides that she'd like a haircut. A response to Tank's haircut challenge.

A Love So Long in the Making
Referred to by the author as a possible sequel to her fanfic "A Ring on his Finger," this story deals with the inevitability of aging as we are taken twenty years into the future of the lives of Lois and Clark and their children, and to their daughter's engagement to ... (you'll never guess who!)

Marry in Haste
After Lois' wedding to Lex Luthor is interrupted by her true love, their first Christmas together ends in an unlikely tragedy. Can destiny help soul mates find their way back together? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards, Tank Wilson and RL.

Missed Opportunity, or Too Late to Love
Clark arrives to start a new career at the Daily Planet, and falls in love with a certain raven-haired reporter at first sight. But she's already seriously involved with someone called Claude... A Tank and Wendy Challenge. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Mori a Amor
Despite the title, this is *not* a deathfic! This third joint effort from the keyboards of Tank and Wendy takes a humorous look at how the curse in SoulMates might have come true. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Mxy and Match
Mxyzptlk plays a particularly cruel trick on Lois and Clark: can our favourite partnership put things right again? Another "challenge" team-up from these two popular authors. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

My Friend
Lois wasn't the only one who lost someone dear to her in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine."

My Friend 3
This is the third and last in the series of short vignettes based on the episode "That Old Gang of Mine." Jimmy has some unfinished business with Superman.

The Needs of the Many
When Lois leaves Metropolis to make Superman's job easier for him, her separation from Clark Kent leads her to question which of the two men she misses more. When a bombing at the Planet leaves her former partner presumed dead, Lois rushes to the scene. A Tank and Wendy challenge. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Nightmare on Clinton Street
A tragic accident at 344 Clinton Street during the darkest hour forces Lois into an introspection of losing before loving, to find hope rise again on the third day.

On My Dreams
Clark's teasing words to Lois in the episode "The Prankster" that if she was married she'd be less likely to be troubled by stalkers come back to him with a vengeance...

Only Superman
After Clark saves her life in Al Capone's gambling den, Lois has to come to terms with a shocking discovery.

Only When I Sleep
Lois realises that she'll lose her best friend if she marries Lex.

Only Yesterday
Lois writes a painful letter to Clark. Story 1 in the Yesterday Series.

Oops, Did I Forget to Mention...?
Lois and Clark are married, and are thinking about having a family. Unfortunately, Clark's Kryptonian physiology causes a slight hiccup in this process, one which Zara and Ching completely forgot to warn him about... The seventh in a series of collaborations by these two writers. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

An Ordinary Man
When Lois and Superman are taken hostage by Nigel St. John and then left to die, they soon discover more about each other -- and themselves -- than they ever expected.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
An old enemy of Lois and Clark's plots a devastating means of bringing about the return of yet another enemy. Can Lois survive? (Another in the series of Tank and Wendy challenge fic) A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

The Penfriend
Since high school, Lois has been corresponding with a pen-pal. Is his identity really a mystery to her, though? This wonderful story adds some personal insights into Season 1, but with a much better ending!

The Penfriend: The History
In this companion story to the author's earlier "The Penfriend," we get to see some of Tornado and Scribe's early correspondence with each other.

The Perfect Match?
When a new Metropolis dating agency boasts a 75% success rate, Perry decides to send Lois and Clark to pose as potential clients -- but without either of them knowing that their conniving editor has them both on the case. Will they become part of the agency's success rate?

PML Oh Boy...!
In the episode "Pheromone, My Lovely," Clark was not affected by the pheromone compound. But what if he had been? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Pocket Lint
Clark Kent is pocket lint. Want to know why? Well, let Lois tell you all about it...

The day after unknowingly drinking a Kryptonite-laced glass of wine, a feverish Clark staggers into the Daily Planet. A disgruntled Lois takes him back to his apartment and ends up taking care of him...

The Prisoner
A few hours before her wedding to Lex, Lois is trying to ease some of the tension preceding the big event by wandering around the corridors of her future home. But what she finds in a forgotten cellar might compromise her decision to marry her fiance... A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

Puppy-Dog Eyes
After another disastrous date, Lois turns to Clark for support. Will she admit her true feelings and doubts about a relationship with him?

Rapture in Metropolis
Being a reporter involves an ability to act quickly when one's cover needs to be protected. As Lois and Clark are parading as newlyweds in the Honeymoon Suite of the Lexor Hotel, a little performance for the benefit of a maid stirs a longing for each other that they didn't suspect. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

Reader, I Married Him
It's Lois and Clark's wedding day, at last. Everything is just perfect; nothing can go wrong... or can it? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

A Ring on his Finger
Superman seen wearing a wedding ring?? It can't be! But there it is ... all over the tabloids. How can our favorite couple get out of this one?

RIP Lois Lane
In this latest of the Tank and Wendy challenges, Tank calls this rewrite of TOGOM ("This Old Gang of Mine") "another slight twist to the most rewritten episode ever." A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Rival Derailed
Linda King's flirting with Clark bothers Lois so much that she snaps and... stakes a territorial claim on Clark.

The Samson Complex
Something's draining away Clark's powers, and it's not Kryptonite. What could it possibly be? A Wendy and Tank challenge fic. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Say Nothing at All
Clark reflects on his love for Lois as he returns from a rescue.

Saying Goodbye
Dan writes a letter to his deceased partner, Jenna, in an attempt to let her go.

Seasons' Greedings to One and All
A romantic continuation of the episode "Seasons' Greedings," picking up where the show left off.

Season's Regrets
What happened after the carollers left in the episode "Season's Greedings"? A 30-Minute Episode Extension Challenge.

Second Thoughts
What might have happened if Lois actually considered what Lex Luthor was really like before accepting his marriage proposal? In typical Wendy fashion, this story is filled with angst and smoochies.

Secrets, Lies and Friendship
Lois *really* wants to know why Clark quit his job during the heatwave. Will he tell her the truth?

Sex, Lies and Photographs
In this short continuation of the episode "Sex, Lies and Videotape," Jimmy finds the answer to several questions which have been nagging him for some time.

Shattered Illusions
Distraught and guilt-stricken over her best friend's death, Lois rushes to Smallville to see Clark's parents. She arrives to discover that Martha and Jonathan Kent aren't the only ones she must confront.

Silence in the Heart
When friendship unexpectedly slips into love, will Lois and Clark listen to their hearts? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

So Strong a Foundation
In this sequel to the author's "A Love so Long in the Making," it's Lois and Clark's son Jon's turn to fall in love. But when did the path of true love ever run smoothly for a Kent?

Sometimes It's Just Alt Too Easy
Somewhere, in some far-away universe, there's a Lois and a Clark who feel that they've missed out on something.

Clark Kent arrives at the Daily Planet fresh off a visit to an alternate universe, and therefore armed with the knowledge that Lois Lane is his soul mate. Imagine his surprise when he is finally introduced to his new partner ... Luc Lane. Just how far does the whole soul mates idea go? A Wendy and Tank Challenge. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Strange Visitor From the Congo
In an alternate-alternate universe, Lois Lane, newly returned from the Congo, meets Clark Kent, top reporter at the Daily Planet. They are soon partners and on the cusp of something more, but two minor problems stand in their way -- Lois can't stand Superman, and someone wants Lois dead.

Strange Visitor Revisited
In this adaptation of several first season episodes, Lois knows and Clark knows she knows. This awareness brings a different perspective to the events which follow, as both Lois and Clark begin a process of reassessment, not just about their changing relationship but also about themselves. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Irene Dutch.

Strange Visitor: the EVIL Vignette
In this rewrite of Trask's entrance in the episode "Strange Visitor," something very unexpected happens, and Clark is exposed to the greatest threat he's ever faced. A Tank and Wendy (sort of) Challenge Vignette. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Summer Dreaming
The ink on her marriage certificate is barely dry, but Lois is already having doubts about her wedding to the third-richest man in the world. And then she meets a handsome stranger on a beach... (Part 1 of the Eternity trilogy)

Super... Who?
This amazing flying man was someone she knew. Someone she worked with. And she was pretty sure that she knew who he was." But is Lois's guess right? A multiauthored story by Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards.

Tell Clark ... That I Love Him ...
In the episode "And the Answer Is ..." Lois volunteers to be frozen in order to help Superman rescue Clark's parents. But is this an easy decision for her? What goes through her mind as she waits for the freezing breath that will render her unconscious?

That Old Obsession of Mine
Another rewrite of TOGOM (the episode "That Old Gang of Mine") by the TOGOM rewrite master <g>. What more is there to say?

That Super Man of Mine
What if, after Clark was shot in TOGOM, instead of flying to Smallville, he sought help a little closer to Metropolis?

A Time to Rebuild
Picking up soon after the episode "Oedipus Wrecks," Lois and Clark work through their painful memories and finally set things right.

To See the Future
As the Nightfall Asteroid falls to Earth, Lois needs to make a decision on an offer from Lex Luthor. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards, Kaethel and YC.

A Twist of Fates
Lois can't stand by and let Clark be shot. So she intervenes to save his life -- and gets hit herself by the bullet. Now he's mourning the only woman he will ever love, and she's... watching? Can an alien and a ghost find a way to be together?

A Valentine's Rendezvous
This Valentine's Day, Lois has a secret admirer ... and he wants to meet her! The clues suggest her admirer is either Lex Luthor or Superman, but what if it's neither? What if it's another maniac bent on revenge? The eventual meeting proves to be a revelation for all involved -- particularly the reader!

The Way That We Belong
In this adaptation of the episode "The House Of Luthor," Lois realises that she never meant to marry Luthor. She turns to the one person she always thinks of, whenever she needs a friend.

What Friends Are For
A late-night heart-to-heart brings Lois to a greater understanding of Clark, in this early Season 1 vignette.

What The Lex Is Going On?
A Season 1 Lois and Clark vignette with a difference, written in response to a challenge on the old Lois and Clark Fanfic email list.

What's Another Year?
Yet another Tank and Wendy Challenge, this time with a surprise guest author. Clark applies for a job at the Daily Planet a year later than he should have... wonder what changes might have occurred in that time? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

When Larry Met Charlie
While undercover, Lois meets car thief, Charlie King. But is he more than what meets the eye??

When Lightning Strikes Twice
Clark finally feels ready to ask Lois for a date. But before he can, an old adversary returns and, in a stunning display of audacity, turns himself into Superman's greatest threat yet: SuperLex!

When Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow
What happened when Lois opened her window? Story 6 in the Yesterday Series. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

When You Say You Love Me
The events of "Fly Hard" cause Lois to do some serious thinking about Lex -- and about Clark.

Whisper From the Dying
What would have happened if Clark had declared his love to Lois before dying in TOGOM (the episode "That Old Gang of Mine")? A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

Who Says It's Never Too Late?
Lois's reaction to Clark's planned departure in the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine" has unexpected consequences. A second collaboration from these two writers. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

A Year Ago Today
A few weeks after Lois's almost-wedding to Lex, Clark decides it's time to pick up the pieces of their relationship... and maybe build something new. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

Yellow for Friendship
Remember when Lois threw Clark's flowers away at the end of the episode "The Prankster"? This vignette considers what could have happened next...

Yesterday Once More
Clark has found Lois's letter to him. How will he respond? Story 2 in the Yesterday Series.

Yesterday's Mistakes
Clark tries to explain to Mayson. Story 5 in the "Yesterday" series. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

Yesterday's Secrets
It's Lois's turn again -- will she forgive Clark? Story 3 in the Yesterday Series. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards and Kaethel.

You Don't Know Me
Lois swears to Superman that she knows him. He decides to show her that she doesn't. "A Barbarians at the Planet" adaptation.

Michael Ring

The Long Road to Utopia
Lois knows the secret, and Clark has proposed, but she doesn't have time to sit back and enjoy the turn of events. That very night a plot hatched by Lex Luthor is set in motion. His loyal underling, Asabi, kidnaps Superman using kryptonite: the ransom is the release of Luthor from prison. A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is..."


In this "Challenging Challenges" fic, a romantic Valentine's Day night at home takes a bizarre turn for Lois and Clark. A multiauthored story by Rivka and Alicia U.

Tears of Joy
Clark plans a romantic evening at home.


A divorced, fighting Lois and Clark!? What will it take to create a "happily ever after" for our favorite couple?

Love Survives
In this sequel to the author's "Smallville Style," Lois and Clark explore what it means to be a couple, and they find more than just a few bumps on the road to happily ever after.

Smallville Style
Do the events of your childhood change who you are? How would Lois change if she got to live life Smallville style during her high school years? What if the Smallville boy of her daydreams grew up to become the man every woman dreams of? That would be perfect, right? Except that Clark Kent is busy chasing dreams of his own.


  Nominated Best New Author 2004

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

College Tempus
When Tempus goes back in time to destroy Utopia, an unexpected event changes his perspective.

Double Misdirection
When Clark confronts Lex Luthor and Wanda Detroit, he finds that a careful choice of words can make all the difference. A plot untwist based on the episode "Double Jeopardy."

Every Day's a Holiday When I'm With You
Following "Individual Responsibility," Lois follows her heart and makes her choice while Clark plans a special surprise.

Lost Innocence
Clark takes news of Lois' engagement to Lex very hard. Can he ever forgive Lois? Will he even have a chance? Will Lois find out who she really loves before it's too late?

Marry in Haste
After Lois' wedding to Lex Luthor is interrupted by her true love, their first Christmas together ends in an unlikely tragedy. Can destiny help soul mates find their way back together? A multiauthored story by RL, Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson.

Elle Roberts

  Nominated Best New Author 2004

Fast Enough
In this prequel to the episode "Tempus, Anyone?", alt-Clark's life history, and what has shaped him into the man Lois meets, are examined.

Five Steps Down
Reunited, Alt-Lois and Alt-Clark work to unravel a story four years in the making. A sequel to the author's "When the West Wind Moves."

Swear to God, This Time It's Realistic
In this rewrite of the episode "Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding," Lois and Clark encounter problems of a non-Wedding Destroyer sort in the two weeks leading up to their wedding.

When the West Wind Moves
A year after the episode "Tempus Anyone?" and four years after Lois Lane's disappearance, alt-Clark continues to work as a Daily Planet reporter and moonlight as the man in tights. The discovery of a photograph while attending to an accident, though, could be the answer to all of his dreams. A sequel of sorts to the author's first story, "Fast Enough."

DJ Robin

Just One More Word
The events in the episode "And the Answer Is ..." summarized in rhyme.


All I Need
"The perfect wedding and now the perfect reception. What surprises does Lois have for Clark to top off a perfect day?".


The Best Christmas Gift
What do you get for the man who has everything he wants?

The Best Valentine's Day Gift
Lois has a surprise gift for Clark on Valentine's Day.

Cold Feet
Lois gets cold feet the eve of her wedding and turns to her best friend.

Just Say... ???
Jimmy gets a surprise call from Lois.

When the only luck they have seems to be bad, Clark and Lois wonder if their expanding family can beat the odds.

Paint Fight
Lois and Clark's plan to paint the bedroom turns into something frisky.

SOLD! To the Highest Bidder
Superman gets an unexpected surprise when he doesn't read the small print.

The True Meaning Of Halloween
An unexpected burden might spoil Lois and Clark's planned romantic Halloween night...but sometimes things turn out better than you expected them to.

Ron Rogers

  Nominated Best New Author 2013

When Butterflies Gather
A visitor from the future travels back in time to an important date in history.

When Clouds Gather
On a mission to save the entire solar system from a destructive space cloud, our heroes are also targeted by a terrorist group controlled by an alien determined to kill them, no matter what the cost. Part 3 of the "When ..." Series.

When Changes Gather
Lois and Clark have to deal with an assassination attempt, and make a discovery that Dr. Klein isn't always right. Their favorite time traveler, H. G. Wells, also show up for a chat. Part 2 of the "When ..." Series.

When Friends Gather
Clark enjoyed his life as editor of the Daily Planet, husband to Lois Lane, and father of two of the greatest daughters on the globe. But two strange visitors threaten to upset that life, and make him question everything he believed about himself.

Rona V.

  Nominated Best New Author 2009

For altClark, one day is pretty much like another. Unlike the rest of the world, Mondays hold no special significance for him. ... Or do they?

In this counter-piece to the author's vignette "Monday," Alt-Clark finally gets to learn where Lois has been all these years.


AOL: A Revelation Story of the Alternate Kind
What screen name will Lois choose in AOL? The answer explains a *lot*. ;)

If Only
A brief addition to the final scene of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine."

A Lie of the Mind
Clark's violent nightmares are haunting him during the day, and when Jimmy also begins behaving strangely, a bewildered Lois must struggle to calm Clark's fears and discover who or what could be behind them.

That Lois Lane of Mine
What if ... when Dillinger fired his gun in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Lois had been shot instead of Clark?

Fauna Rose

Peril at Sea
The happily married Lois still manages to find trouble wherever she goes. Her life is at risk when she discovers some crooked business dealings on Hobbs Bay.

Allison Roth

For You, For Me, Forevermore
A post-"Big Girls Don't Fly" piece inspired by the "How should Clark return?" thread on the listserv.

Round Robin

AOL's Round Robin - Ups and Downs
Lois and Clark's date at a carnival begins with adventure on the ferris wheel. A multiauthored story by Lynn Baldwin, Jennilyn Lazo, Katie Higgins, Leigh Raglan and Lynda (Rxiris).

The Clark Letters
A series of dialogues between FoLCs and our esteemed hero Clark Kent -- together with a few interruptions from his wife, Lois Lane. Amalgamated from a conversation on Zoomway's message boards.

Falling Into You (aka Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...Thud!)
Finally, the most beautiful day of her life has arrived, for she is to marry the man of her dreams. But is her husband-to-be really suited for her? After all, Lex Luthor might not take rejection so kindly.

Full Circle : A New Day
Lois is in labor -- but an earthquake and fire are keeping Superman busy in California. The Lanes and Kents gather to lend Lois moral support as she waits for Clark to come home. Meanwhile, Jimmy is vacationing in California and finds that in a crisis, even Superman needs help! (Episode # 24 of The Unaired Fifth Season) Written by all the TUFS writers.

Gang of Four - Africa Screams
The mysterious Nigerian princess from Clark's past shows up in Metropolis, making Lois more than a little jealous.

Group 1 - Parts 1 Through 3
Perry orders his star reporters to drum up a story, but nothing seems to be happening in Metropolis, in this round robin called "Hubris and Nemesis." Part 1 is by Ruth Ellison, Part 2 by Michael Reynolds, Part 3 by Rene Gobeyn.

Group 3 - Parts 1 Through 5
A multiauthored tale of the day after the Big Revelation. Part 1 is by Caroline Baker, Part 2 by Diane Elliott, Part 3 by Rhen Brink, Part 4 by Diane Levitan, Part 5 by Cindy Cheung.

I Got You Babe
Tempus escapes from jail with another time-traveling plan to destroy Lois and Clark. A round-robin story composed in the IRC undernet #fanfic channel by Twinkles, Tee, Bullsrule and Fishstic.

The Lex Letters
A collection of letters between Lex Luthor, the denizens of Metropolis, and some FoLCs, amalgamated from a conversation on Zoomway's message boards.

Lois Lane 101 -- A Handbook
A handbook for Clark Kent on the care, feeding, and loving of a soulmate. These rules are for Clark Kent about Lois Lane.

Prodigy's Round Robin - Te Adoro Lois
Clark anticipates a dinner date with Lois that turns out to be a real date. A multiauthored tale written by Renee Charles, Jennifer Secrest, Jennilyn Lazo, Julia Sen, K. Gutknecht, Cassie Zistl and Stacie Taylor.

Season's Wishes
What if the episode "Season's Greedings" had continued another few minutes? This waffy round robin fanfic explores the possibilities.

Seeing Too Much of You
Lois Lane finally decides to face her growing feelings for her partner and marches to his apartment in the middle of the find a surprise awaiting her there...

To See the Future
As the Nightfall Asteroid falls to Earth, Lois needs to make a decision on an offer from Lex Luthor.

Round Robin - German L&C Fanfiction Team

See "German L&C Fanfiction Team"

Round Robin - From the IRC

See "IRC Round Robin"

Marnie Rowe

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

The Fashion Dictates of a Super-Man
Young Clark Kent is finding keeping up with the regular teen fashion trends a bit more difficult than his peers, in a mortifying way.

Nothing in life is easy for our favorite superhero, especially when he's young and in love. But is telling the woman in his life about himself the right thing to do? Or will it be a federal disaster?

The Grass is Always Greener...On This Side?
Lois Lane is dissatisfied with elements in her life, fed up and tired. She falls into a restless slumber and, as she sleeps, has some illuminating dreams.

The Gripe Sheet
Airports, VIPs, bureaucracy, humanity, serious lack of sleep = hilarity?

HiM for Missy
HiM (the first-season "Honeymoon in Metropolis") is a favorite episode of many folcs and like many out there has been rewritten many different ways. Thankfully the writers of the series gave us many episodes that we can exploit to our own ends.

The Interview
A different way for Clark to spill the beans. This time without the angst, without the doubt, and without the anger.

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale: The Three Bears
Yet another of the silly flights of fancy that a fan has put some of our favorite characters through. It's the age-old fable of "The Three Bears" with a touch of a twist.

Misadventures in Crimefighting
What fun when our own awesome duo comes in contact with two other champions of truth and justice. Read to find out what can happen if protective safeguards are let down.

Misadventures Again ...
Spiders mate for life, and Spiderman a.k.a. Peter Parker is about to take that step. A wedding is never a simple matter and when Lois Lane, her partner, Clark Kent, and multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne are on the guest list, it's a sure bet that they are going to fall into Misadventures Again... A sequel to the author's "Misadventures."

Out From Under the Blue
A rusty nail, a strong gust of wind, a subconsciously significant purchase; these, combined with a pool with high board, all conspire to reveal more than Clark intends....

Pranks at the Planet
On a deserted night at the Planet, Lois decides to play a game with Clark. Does she have a hidden motive? Does it have the desired effect?

Superman has had a really, really bad week. Now it just has gotten worse. What is he going to do?

The Settlers
Lois and Clark must track down a strange new enemy who possesses Kryptonite. Things become doubly urgent when Zara and Ching show up on the scene.

Twenty Questions
Lois and Clark play a game of Twenty Questions. What will they ask each other about?

Marcus L. Rowland

After Lex Luthor dies, Lois begins to receive a LOT of email. 250-word Drabble.

A wanderer headed for the 21st century runs into some history in Kansas. Pre-series, Dr. Who / Torchwood crossover.

California Cousin
While Lois and Clark are vacationing in Smallville, the Sheriff asks them to help her cousin. Unfortunately there's a lot more to him, and his problem, than meets the eye. Set several years after season 4, crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Five Crossovers That Never Happened to Lois and Clark
Five 100-word Drabbles crossing Lois and Clark with Men in Black, The Night Stalker, Dead Like Me, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Warning, one of these crossovers involves character death.

The Intern
The Daily Planet has a new intern named Veronica Mars with a hidden agenda... This is a Veronica Mars crossover set about ten years after the last episode of Lois and Clark and a few weeks after the last episode of Veronica Mars. No real spoilers for either show.

Nine Lives
When Lois and Clark investigate a series of decapitation murders, they find evidence of a strange conspiracy that seems to involve a mysterious crime fighter from Gotham City. Crossover with the Highlander TV show and Batman (film and comic versions).

Owls Over Metropolis
On his eleventh birthday Lois Lane's son is expecting a very important message... An 100-word Harry Potter / Lois & Clark crossover drabble, no spoilers for Harry Potter or Lois and Clark.

Owls Over Metropolis 2: Frog Day Afternoon
When Clark notices Lois eating frogs, he jumps to all the wrong conclusions. Sequel to "Owls Over Metropolis."

The Washington Beat
Lois is assigned to the Planet's Washington bureau just as a strangely familiar face escapes from prison. Crossover with "The West Wing."

Amy Rupp

Puzzle Pieces
A Superman costume and a clue involving Double Fudge Crunch Bars lead Lois to discover a new side of Clark.