What The Honeymoon Should've Been Like

By Sara Diaz <bsdiaz@prodigy.net>

Rated PG-13

Submitted October 1999

Summary: A different ending to the episode "Soul Mates"; how the author felt Lois and Clark's honeymoon should have happened.

I wrote this story a long time after the show went off the air, because I was watching some reruns and started thinking a lot about it, had a few thoughts so here is what I came up with. I wrote this story to kinda contradict the ending of "Soul Mates". Don't get me wrong though, that is my personal all time favorite episode, but I do feel like Lois and Clark should've gone to Hawaii afterwards. Anyways, this is what I think should've happened when they got back from the "old west".


"Wow! This is incredible!" Lois gasped, "You can see the entire beach below!" The view from the house was simply breathtaking. Clark had arranged for them to "housesit" for a friend of theirs instead of staying in a hotel for their honeymoon.

"I'm glad you like it," Clark said as he put their bags down and wrapped his arms around Lois' waist, squeezing her gently. "Julian said that it had a great view…but I'm really not thinking about the view right now," he whispered as his lips brushed the outside of her ear.

"And what exactly are you thinking about right now?" Lois whispered back in a sensuous tone as she turned around to face her husband. "I hope you aren't thinking any *impure* thoughts, Mr. Kent."

"Oh," Clark said pulling her as close to him as possible and whispered in her ear, "they're far beyond *impure* Ms. Lane."

At that moment Lois gave him an innocent kiss and it almost instantly turned into something more passionate. Lois started undoing the buttons on his shirt as Clark, fumbling with the hook on the back of her dress moved on to kissing her neck. Clark finally got the hook undone from the back of her dress and slipped it to the floor.

Clark was feeling so many things at one time. The love he had for Lois, his apprehension for the events that were about to follow, his wanting her touch, his pure need for her.

Lois loved Clark with all of her heart. He was the only man that had ever made her feel this way. She started breathing more heavily as his hand slid slowly from her shoulders to the small of her back. She wanted to take in all of his actions and all of his touches. Lois got done with the last button on his shirt and moved her hands along his washboard stomach over his chest and to his shoulders so she could take the cotton shirt off of him.

They slowly walked over to the bed without ever having their lips part. Lois undid his belt and pants, pulling them toward the floor to reveal a pair of tight black boxers as Clark slowly pulled off her panties. Their hands began to search each other's bodies feeling and caressing every inch. Lois ran her fingers through his hair and she sighed with pleasure while Clark ran his hand up from the back of her knee, along her leg, over her hips and waist and along the side of her stomach brushing the side of her breast before moving on to her check and hair. This was surely going to be a night that they wouldn't ever forget.


Lois awoke that morning feeling the gentle embrace of her husband's strong arms encircling her. That night was incredible. She had been with other men before but none of them had been like this.

"Mmmm…you awake?" Clark asked almost on cue.

"Barely," Lois responded smiling slightly.

"I was just thinking about last night. That was incredible," Clark said, putting his hands over her waist. "You know, I could just stay like this all day…"

"Oh really? I don't think that I'd be able to," Lois said as she turned to face him. "You just look *too* good right now. In fact, you look *so* good right now it makes it *really* hard for me to get up, but I'm hungry!" Lois got up and walked over to her suitcase to get her robe. Clark just groaned and threw his face into the pillow.


"Clark, do you want anything?" Lois called from the kitchen.

"Yeah, all I want is you!" Clark replied as he came in from the bedroom tying his robe.

"Well," Lois said with a sensual tone in her voice as she made her hot chocolate, "You'll just have to come over here and get me." Just as Clark began walking over to her, she licked the chocolate off her finger, tempting Clark even more.

"When you put it that way, I think I will." Clark put his arms around Lois' waist and kissed her feverishly. "Mmmmm, you taste good! A little toothpastey and chocolatey at the same time! Maybe you should make hot chocolate every morning."

"I don't know, if it has this effect on you then I wouldn't be able to actually drink the hot chocolate," Lois said as she dipped her finger in the chocolate once more. Clark immediately licked it off before Lois even got it to her mouth.

"Hey, that was mine!" Lois cried half joking. "I think we'll just have to get this bottle and take it over there into the bedroom so you can get your fill…" Lois kissed him as he picked her up and began heading toward the bedroom.

"Wait! Don't forget that!" Lois said as Clark turned around so she could get the bottle of chocolate.


Clark groaned as he got up to answer the phone.

"Who would be calling now? It's like three in the morning!" Clark exclaimed as he got out of bed to answer the phone, but hating it not only because it was early but because he and Lois hadn't finished what they were doing.

"Hello?" Clark answered coldly. "Hello?" But there wasn't a voice on the other end of the line just a click of the opposite end hanging up.

"Hey, babe, who was that?" Lois asked, as she liked a little leftover chocolate off of her wrist.

"Nobody. They just hung up." Clark replied. "I'm gonna disconnect the phone. I don't want to be disturbed any more." He added with a smile.

"You better get back over here before there are any more *distractions*," Lois said sitting up a tiny bit more.

"Right now, you're the only thing that can *distract* me." Clark crawled back on top of her and began kissing some more leftover chocolate off her neck.

"Good. I intend it to stay that way!" Lois said, feeling the incredible kisses on her neck.

They had finished the first bottle of chocolate within twenty minutes. Clark *sped* out three times after to get more. He not only got chocolate, but every other topping you can think of.


Things continued that way throughout their three-week honeymoon there. Making love *at least* four times a day, sometimes even more than that.

They first walked into the Planet with a new glow around them, making little jokes to each other about their honeymoon…and what they would do to continue it once they got home. They discretely tickled each other in sensitive places when nobody was looking or just to get the other's attention. They were *so* loving towards each other, that Perry didn't mind too much when they took a two and a half hour break for lunch.

Jimmy asked them where they had been when they came back in a rush looking *very* disheveled. Lois and Clark both looked at each other and turned red in the face. They covered it up by saying that they were out to lunch *and* following a lead. What Jimmy didn't know was that Perry hadn't given them a new story yet.

"Hey CK! Did you get hurt or somethin'?" Jimmy asked as they began walking away.

"Why do you ask that, Jimmy?" Clark paused looking confused.

"Well, you've got a little blood on your ear. It looks like you got cut." Jimmy replied. Lois turned Clark's head towards her to look at it. Clark reached up to his ear to find a sticky substance then immediately knew what it was.

"Uh…yeah…I…I guess so, Jimmy. I um… must've… hit my head or…something," Clark said.

Lois glanced back at her husband slyly, also knowing what it was. Jimmy just looked at him oddly and walked away.

Lois looked at Clark and and then around the room to see if anyone was looking, then sucked the sticky substance from Clark's ear as she whispered, "I guess I'll have to clean off all of the strawberry topping next time I want a *sundae* for lunch."

Clark just looked at her and smiled.

As they were walking each other back to their desks, an idea came to Clark, "Hey, babe, I've been thinking and I know that we just got back but…why don't we bail early today?" Clark suggested as he softly tickled her side, "It's been slow today and Perry can't even find a story for us to do, so…"

"How fast can we get there?" Lois asked still feeling the firey, tingling sensation of Clark's fingers on her side.

"Faster than you can talk Perry into giving us the afternoon off," Clark whispered back to her.

"Like you, Perry will be putty in my hands," Lois replied giggling.

"Ooooh, is that an offer?" Clark said as he led Lois to Perry's office, putting his hand slightly lower than the small of her back.

"You bet it is, mister!" Lois said as she gently pinched his side under his jacket.

"You'll think of something. You always do!" Clark replied. "Don't be too long, I don't think that I can wait any longer."


H.G. Wells was absolutely right…they truly were "soul mates".


For now…

If this story seems like a first attempt, well, it is. I would GREATLY appreciate all of your comments and suggestions. Until then, Peace, Love, and Superman,

Sara Diaz bsdiaz@prodigy.net