By Dresa <>

Rated PG

Submitted January 2000

Summary: What will it take for Lois and Clark to work out their differences and end up together?

Note: No copyright infringement is intended, yada yada. Lois and Clark Aren't mine, though I sure wish they (especially Clarkie) were.


Lois shakily inserted her key into the lock, opening it finally after several tries. She stumbled into her apartment and fell on the couch, unable to summon the energy to make to her bed. Her head between her hands, she simply sat, unaware of the length of time that had passed. Eventually, she stirred, rising to go into the kitchen. Grabbing a spoon on her way to the fridge, she opened the freezer compartment and took out a carton of chocolate fudge delight. Settling back into her previous position on the couch, she dug in to the carton.

Several bites later, she realized something quite disturbing. For once, chocolate was not helping to ease her pain. Perhaps because, in her heart of hearts, she knew that she was entirely to blame for her heartache.

Sighing heavily, she replaced the carton back into the freezer. Unable to sit in silence any longer, she turned on the radio to a local station. Not paying much attention, too consumed by her own misery, it took a moment for the words of the song to reach her.

*Do you always have to tell him everything

On your mind

You know that too much honesty

can be

so unkind

And every time you throw him to the floor

Why are you surprised

to see

He's breakable*

*You always try to find what's holding him

away from you

But do you ever see your anger standing there

Right between you

And every time you throw him to the wall

Why are you surprised to see

He's breakable*

*Oh tell the world

that he's breaking your heart

go tell the world nothing's ever your fault

go tell them all*

*And every time you throw him to the floor

why are you surprised to see

He's breakable*

*And every time you push him to the wall

Why are you surprised to see

He's breakable



Lois felt the words in her mind, her heart, let them pour into her soul. For once, stripped bare of all her walls and defenses, her stubbornness, her pride. She looked inside herself, and knew what she had to do.

Clark wiped his eyes, and slowly rose in the air into a standing position.

His apartment looked like a disaster area, the remnants of his favorite Ming Dynasty vase strewn about the floor. His china, in tiny shattered pieces, littered the rug he had been standing on when he had told Lois the truth. When he had bared his heart and soul to the one woman he wanted, his only need. He sighed, knowing that the destroyed pieces were ironically symbolic of the current status of his relationship with her. The shards so completely broken it would be impossible to repair the damage done to them. He was about to clean up the mess at super speed when he heard a timid knock at the door. Using his vision, he saw the object of his turmoil standing uncertainly beyond the door.

"She looks about as worse as I feel," he thought to himself wryly. For a moment, he debated not answering the door. He wasn't sure he was up to anymore emotional battery. For a man of steel, he was feeling incredibly hurt. But of course, he knew what he would do in the end, what he would always do, time after time. No matter how much she hurt him, how much she wrenched his heart from his chest, threw it on the floor and did the Macarena on it, he would take it. Because it was Lois. And God help him, he knew it would always be Lois.

The locks on the door clicked, alerting Lois. She frantically tried to gather her thoughts into the speech she had prepared on the way over.

'Clark, I apologize. It was wrong of me to say such hurtful things. I am here to talk about this calmly and rationally. We'll discuss this, and decide were we go from this point.'

But then the door opened, and he stood there. Valiantly attempting to mask the pain, the aching vulnerability he felt. But of course she saw it. And her heart hurt with him. All the rational, logical words in her head dissolved, replaced with a blinding love and sorrow. She melded into his arms, and he instinctively wrapped his around her. "Oh Clark, I'm so sorry. I love you so much, I …need you. I was wrong, I shouldn't have been so judgmental and angry. I never want to lose you."

He responded by hugging her closer to him, then drawing back to look into her eyes.

What he saw there erased all the pain and heartache of the previous few hours. They melted away in the blaze of love he felt for her. He smiled, and kissed her softly, then more passionately. As he and Lois fell together on the couch, his last thought was to thank his mother for her call to the radio station.


Hope you enjoyed it!

This was my first fanfic, after feeling so grateful at being able to read so many cool stories, I decided it would only be fair to write up some of my own. Feedback is my only reason for living (well, feedback, L&C reruns and Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Send me a "great job", "needs work" or even a "I didn't know it was possible to tarnish the entire English language until I read your story." By way, the song that inspired the story is "Breakable" by an almost well known group from California called Fisher. I encourage everyone to go to and get the song. I dare you to listen to it, then try to tell me it doesn't fit our favorite couple perfectly. Hopefully I will see you soon with something less angsty and more juicy!