Just Her

By David <ckdavid85@gmail.com>

Rated: PG13

Submitted: May 2006

Summary: He couldn't have done anything but take her hand and return her smile and love her in tune with the skipping beat of his heart.

I blame Sara.

This started out as WAFF for Nicole, and… it evolved, and… I blame Sara. :) (Also, massive thanks for BRing. :))

Sorry Nicole, I'll make it up to you… I promise. <g>

Also note, there is a major WHAM warning. Major. The ending is pretty open to interpretation, but… Major WHAM warning. Trask gets off his shot in GGGOH.

And thank you to LabRat, my SuperGE, for editing the story in a single bound!


The way the light had bounced off her hair had made his heart speed up. The way she'd smiled when she'd looked at him. The way the brown of her dress had made her eyes deeper. Brighter. The way she'd twirled around him, so comfortable and relaxed in what his heart would always know as his home…

And, while Lois Lane had always caught his attention, when she'd let her hair down… when she'd been 'Just Lois' to his 'Just Clark', she'd simply taken his breath away.

When it'd been just her, her hand stretched out towards him, a smile on her face, laughter in her voice… Just her… Just Lois… he couldn't have resisted. Couldn't have done anything but take her hand and return her smile and love her in tune with the skipping beat of his heart.

Could do nothing but love her. Even though she'd told him not to, all those months earlier, even though she'd warned him away, he couldn't resist her pull. Couldn't resist her. Had never been able to. Not from the very start.

And, even now, when she looked at him, her deep eyes darkened with worry, her mouth turned down in a frown, even at the end, he couldn't resist her.

"Don't leave me," she pleaded, and he tried, because he couldn't resist her, couldn't deny her.

He tried, in spite of the weight that'd settled in his chest. Heavy. And cold. The weight, spreading slowly through his body. The burning fire that was spreading through his chest. Stealing his breath. He tried, but not even the feel of her arms around him, of her hands brushing wet strands of hair from his forehead, could banish the trembling from his limbs. Not even her pleas could take away the bullet lodged inside him.

He tried, but the world was shrinking. Fading. Until it was just her and the feel of her hand on his cheek.

"I love you," he said, because it might be his last chance. His only chance. "I think I've always lo-"

"Don't you dare," she hissed, cutting him off. "Don't you dare say goodbye. Don't you dare die!"

And it was just her. Just her and her eyes and her voice and her… and it was fading, sliding further away, but he held on. Because it was just her, and he couldn't resist her. Couldn't deny her.

Couldn't do anything but take her hand and smile at her and love her in tune with every fading beat of his heart.