To a Galaxy Far, Far Away

By Erica Dias < >

Rated: G

Submitted: May, 2005.

Summary: Clark comes to a cliffhanger point in his own life. What will he do?

Author's notes: Thanks to Sara Kraft for BRing this for me and thanks to my Editor, LabRat, for putting up with me.


<We fear for you.> the princess told him.

<I won't hesitate to do it. I swear.> He grabbed her hands and kissed them softly.

<We are counting on you. The future of our planet is in your hands.> The counselor shook his hand firmly.

Princess and counselor slightly bowed and left through different exits. Their ships were ready and their journey would begin. This wasn't a time for failing because the future of their nation would, from now on, be in his own hands.

He had left everything behind him. Everything for the cause. Saving the world, they said. We are counting on you, they said. A big task for a single man, and even though they believed there was something special about him, he couldn't cope with such great responsibility.


He put on his uniform and looked at Lois. He saw her eyes immediately fill with tears.

"Don't, Clark," Lois begged of him.

"Oh, Lois, come on. Don't do this. We've talked this over already. I thought we had agreed that…"

"I know we've talked about it and I thought I had made myself clear."

"You did," he admitted, heartbroken.

Clark sighed. What else could he do? Now things were coming to a point of no return. He had to make a choice, but the choice had already been made. This wasn't a time for coming back.

Taking her hands in his, he tried to calm her down and make her understand that this was important to him. "Lois, I…"

"Clark, it's one thing to agree to watch Star Wars for the thousandth time. It's quite another to see my husband wearing a Darth Vader helmet at the premiere. Take that damn thing off your head right now!"