Among Zor

By Erica Dias <>

Rated G

Submitted Jannuary, 2005.

Summary: A poem that tries to explain the series from A to Z.

Author's notes: This was first posted at the message boards ( as a 'guess who the writer is' poem. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) I succeeded and no one took me for the author of the piece, but it was fun to be mistaken by great authors who I really admire. Here I'd like to thank Sara Kraft who BRed this for me and who was also responsible for my first attempt in poetry. Any feedback is welcome at any time of this century.


Among us all, Buried behind beers, Cries Clark, confused, down, depressed, disheartened.

Elope, escape elsewhere. Faking, fighting, frowning. Grins, goals gone, he hides himself. Ironical it is!

Joke: just jaded. Kryptonite; keeps kicking "Lex!"… lying… "Lois!" Mental mess, music. No narration needed!

"Order!" ordered offices. Perry, Police, Prison. Quick quest. "Quit!" Rapid rough run. Superman saved. Suicide.

Tough times tearing Utopia. Universal useless villains: Vedas, Vixens… Whine, whine, whine X-wives, leX-files, Yuck! Yummy… Zor!