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Celeste Inwood
IRC Round Robin
IRC Teen Round Robin


Delenda est Carthago
An old letter was declassified from Bureau 39 archives. We learn about the driving force and motivations behind the notorious government agent, Jason Trask.

Lois and Clark Haiku
Exactly what the title implies. Haiku inspired by the show and fanfiction -- some serious and some less so.

Gender Bender
When dealing with alien species, some of the most obvious assumptions might be dead wrong.

Rest in Peace
After the destruction of the Daily Planet, the retired editor-in-chief is trying to make sense of what happened.


Santa Clark
"Top-Investigative Reporter Lois Lane has to cover the traditional Christmas celebrations of the orphanage. Nothing she is very enthusiastic about. But who hides behind the disguise of Santa Claus? When Lois tries to find out, she experiences an unexpected surprise." A Stories in Other Languages story.

Santa Clark
As Christmas approaches, one of the top citizens of Metropolis is asked to play Santa Claus for the children. But when Superman is chosen, will things run smoothly, or will problems arise? (English version)

Celeste Inwood

This explains the close bond Lois and Clark have through love and their unborn child.


  Nominated Best New Author 2010

Chocolate Lab
Clark is going to tell Lois his secret tonight. He is. He's finally going to tell her. But Lois has to take care of her neighbor's dog first.

Get The Story!
Lois has just met the astounding Superman. And she's going to get the story on him, oh yes! Even her little sister Lucy coming into town won't stop her from getting the story, right?

Pie Isn't All That Easy
Lois and Clark investigate the murder of one of Jimmy's motorcycle buddies. But why does the corpse change positions? And why is a restaurateur from a Metropolis pie shop hanging around the morgue along with a private eye and a mysterious woman? A "Lois and Clark" and "Pushing Daisies" crossover fic.

Taking the Shortcut
After the events of the episode "The Green, Green Glow of Home," Lois and Clark leave Smallville and head to the airport to fly back to Metropolis. But Lois takes a shortcut....

IRC Round Robin

After "Glow"
Lois and Clark's first visit to Smallville together gave us our first glimpse of what might be, and left us wanting more. What happened after Clark found himself in Lois's arms following his near-death experience? Here's a taste of what we hoped for in season one: a look into Clark's heart and Lois's mind as the seeds for their future start to grow. By Zoomway, ChrisM^, DorDor, Eraygun, Mackteach and ChiefPam.

All I Want for Christmas
It's Christmastime in Metropolis, and as Lois and Clark contemplate the possibility that their family will be expanding, they along with everyone else are preparing to celebrate the holidays. Of course since this is Metropolis we're talking about, we all

All in a Day's Work
When Perry goes out of town, it's Clark that fills the Editor-in-Chief's shoes. With a little help from Lois, he takes on Ralph, The Daily Planet, Beverly the Caterer and just about every other job for Superman. Written by Anne, ChrisM, Doris, Eileen, Lansbury and Zoomway.

Auld Acquaintance
Lois and Clark have decided to ring in 1999 by attending a party aboard Franklin Stern's yacht along with the usual suspects from the Planet and a sizable chunk of Metropolis's rich and famous. But things are hardly smooth sailing when hijackers threaten not only to harm the passengers, but to destroy Superman as well.

Blast From the Past
Metropolis must contend with a mini invasion of sorts when Lord Trey returns with some of his young students to visit the legendary *Lord Kal-El* and his *concubine*. ;) Later, Lois and Clark learn that sometimes you need to beware of Kryptonians bearing gifts. ;)

Blonde Ambition
Another story in the IRC Round Robin Group's "Unintentional Season." Angelique, Dr. Klein's new colleague at Star Labs, is beautiful, brainy, and apparently interested in him, much to the consternation of Dr. Ruth Friskin. But is her interest in Bernie real or just a front to uncover information about Superman?

Chief Suspect
The mysterious death of a close friend brings out the newshound in Perry again. Meanwhile, Jimmy, teamed with a new partner, and Lois and Clark try to solve the mystery and help out the Chief. Written by Anne, ChrisM, Doris, Eileen, Nekanuq and Zoomway.

Edge of Darkness
Lois and Clark are under siege at work when Perry goes on an extended vacation and Morgan Edge, the Planet's L.A.Bureau chief, takes charge of the newsroom. Are his bad decisions the product of incompetence or is something more sinister involved?

Edge of Discovery
Another story in the group's Unintentional Season. Morgan Edge decides to delve into Superman's past in hopes of finding a way to destroy him once and for all. Meanwhile Lois and Clark receive some startling news about Lois' pregnancy.

Edge of Metropolis
Another of the group's "Unintentional Season" stories. (To read the others in order, visit either Pam Jernigan's or Anne Ciotola's terrific sites.) Morgan Edge, the renegade editor with Intergang connections who made Lois and Clark miserable a few stories ago, is back. This time he's in charge of a rival news operation that seems bent on undermining Superman any way it can. Meanwhile on the homefront Ellen Lane decides that Lois and Clark can use her *special touch* in setting up the nursery.

Emotional Corners
Another story in the Unintentional Season. Amid preparations for the upcoming Merriwether Awards, Lois comes down with a bad cold and has to stay at home and rest. Clark gets a *super* workout as he tries to preserve his secret as well as Lois's sanity when Ellen Lane decides to give her "baby girl" a little TLC.

Extra-Ordinary People (or We *Really* Have a Lot to Talk About)
Lois and Clark discuss what's *really* hampering their relationship in this vignette which takes place just after Ordinary People. Written by Doris, Fystydub, Georgia, Eraygun and zoomway.

Fully Functional
After the Thanksgiving holiday, Lois and Clark are hoping to settle into their "normal" routine when they receive some startling news. Meanwhile, Dr. Friskin decides to write a paper about the dysfunctional Lane family and enlists Dr. Klein for her research.

Happy Anniversary?
"Happy Anniversary?" is a look at our favorite couple's attempts to have a romantic and *private* celebration of their wedding anniversary and the *little* things that keep getting in their way.

Hickory Mxyery Dock
Lois and Clark find their world has been turned upside-down when Mr. Mxyzptlk, fifth-dimensional master of magic, snappy dresser, and all-around pain in the posterior, returns.

I Now Announce You ...
Set right after the episode "Ultra Woman," Lois and Clark travel to Smallville to tell his parents of the engagment.

I Only Have Oz For You
This story is a flashback to the second season episode "The Phoenix," and the night of Lois's and Clark's almost first date. In it, we explore what happens in Lois's subconscious when that really rotten Chinese dinner from Ralph's Pagoda mixes with her anxieties about her changing relationship with Clark and her concerns about the reappearance of Lex. The result is story that is funny and *way psychological*, to quote Jimmy Olsen. ;)

Immaculate Preconceptions
A visitor from the future knows how important it is that Lois and Clark get some time alone today... but no matter how hard he tries to help, things keep going wrong. A Charity Fanzine story.

It's Us
Lois and Clark move house and discover some surprising new things about each other.

Jury Duty
Lois tries to fulfill her civic duty ... but it may be more of a trial for Lois than those she is set to judge.

Just Another Manic Sunday
Lois and Clark's business trip to colorful New Orleans takes a dangerous detour into the realm of the supernatural when Baron Sunday returns with a new plan.

Labor Day
The season finale of the Unintentional Season. Lois' and Clark's late summer cookout ends up being more exciting than expected thanks to the rare and unwelcome appearance of a tropical storm and the unexpected arrival of their twins.

The Lady Vanishes
Lois is off from work, taking it easy with a sprained ankle but still manages to find a body, upset her mother, get kidnapped, and help Clark take four showers! An IRC Round Robin fanfic.

Life's Little Challenges
Traditional RR with a twist. ;) A note from the editor (in the body of the text) explains how this story was created and what it's about. Surprisingly, the story fits pretty well into the Unintentional Season.

Love Me Tender
Lois and Clark and the usual suspects help Perry and Alice celebrate their remarriage, but an unusual side effect of Lois's pregnancy threatens to reveal just how *super* a guy Clark really is. ;)

Metropolis Blue
Posing as SCU officers, Lois and Clark go undercover to unmask a traitor in the department. An IRC Round Robin fanfic. Written by Doris, CKgroupie, Chrispat, Zoomway and Eileen.

Moonlight on the Potomac
It's flashback time to the second season, before "The Phoenix" but after "Season's Greedings" and "Metallo", when Lois and Clark were best friends and partners, but clearly on the edge of something *more*. This "in between" story speculates on what off-screen events might have triggered Clark to finally ask Lois out on a date, and Lois to accept.

Murder, They Wrote
Lois and Clark put their investigative skills to use when someone decides that a charity masquerade Halloween party at the Daily Planet is the perfect place to get away with murder.

Myxed Signals
"Mxyed Signals" was inspired by a recent story in the Superman comics. In it, Mr. Mxyzptlk returns to bedevil Lois and Clark by interrupting their cozy evening at home with a trip into TV land.

The Next Step
At the end of the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine", Lois and Clark are ready to take the next step in their relationship. It might have gone something like this. Written by Zoomway, ChrisM, CKgroupie, ChrisnDor, Eraygun, PeaceEv, chrispat, Mackteach and CiotolaAM.

The Perils of Clark Kent
A mysterious assassin is in Metropolis, but who is the target? One hint -- it's not Lois for once!

Photographs and Memories
Lois and Clark reminisce about the past and speculate about their future as they clean out the spare room that will become the nursery.

Plenty To Be Thankful For
Lois and Clark host Thanksgiving Dinner at their house.

Shadow and Sun
What should have been a regular journalistic outing for Lois and Clark at a LexCorp lawsuit, leads to them finding out about their former nemesis. In order to get to the bottom of things, the couple travels to a remote island -- with Jimmy and Dr. Klein in tow.

Sins of the Past
"Sins of the Past" focuses on Dr. Klein and his connections to a deadly enemy from Lois's and Clark's past. Can the trio work together to save themselves?

Someone's Watching (Over) Me
Another story in the Unintentional Season. Clark faces a super-dilemma when Lois, Dr. Klein and Dr. Friskin are taken hostage at Star Labs and Superman *cannot* come to their rescue.

Star-Spangled Superman
Lois and Clark travel back in time to the Revolutionary War period to help H.G. Wells discover who or what has altered the course of American history and with it all of time.

SoulMates Chronicles: The Falcon
HG Wells is our guide as we trace the souls of our favorite couple through time. "The Falcon" takes us to Italy during the Renaissance, where a bookish young nobleman and his beautiful wife struggle to triumph over evil in 1507. This is the first story in a continuing series of fanfics called The SoulMates Chronicles.

Soulmate Chronicles: The Lone Rider -- The Beginning
We return to the Old West to see how the Lone Rider came to be ... and how he met the love of his life. Another story in the continuing series, "The SoulMates Chronicles," in which HG Wells traces the souls of our favorite couple through time.

The SoulMates Chronicles: The Sea Hawk
This "enhanced" IRC round robin (the story has been added to and edited off-line) continues the "SoulMates Chronicles." The setting is late 18th century Cuba, where H.G. Wells discovers that the local slave traders have an implacable enemy -- the Sea Hawk!

The SoulMates Chronicles: The Tai
When the souls of Lois and Clark find each other in 17th century Japan, will their newfound love be doomed upon facing the combined forces of this era's incarnations of Tempus and Lex Luthor? Find out in this new spellbinding installment of the SoulMates Chronicles.

Lois and Clark are up against a mysterious foe who is intent upon uncovering Clark's secret identity.

Superman: The Motion Sickness, or Let's Do Lunch
Another story in the RR Group's Unintentional Season. Lois discovers that not all the men in the Kent clan are quiet and mild-mannered when Clark's bombastic "Uncle" J.J. comes to town.

Superman v. The In-laws
Ellen Lane tries to impose some *togetherness* on her unruly family by inviting them all to the beach for a weekend of fun in the sun in this well-written, humorous story.

Three Capes to the Wind
Take one New Year's Eve party for Metropolis's rich and famous, add a well-meaning experiment by Dr. Klein and mix well. Result: Just another day in the life of Lois and Clark. Written by Zoomway, ChrisM, CKgroupie, ChrisnDor, Eraygun, and sharper.

Touched by an Angle
Another story in the RR group's "Unintentional Season." In the midst of adjusting to the fact that Lois is having twins, Lois and Clark have to investigate a strange cult that apparently worships Superman as a god.

We Wish You a Wary Christmas
It's a little over three months since the birth of the twins and Lois and Clark are in full holiday mode preparing for the babies' first Christmas. However, the preparations have to be moved to the back burner when Lois' journal is apparently stolen and they have to recover it before Clark's super secret is revealed to the world.

We're Having a Baby, My Baby and Me
A WAFFy tale that recounts Lois's attempts to break the news of her pregnancy to Clark.

The Werewolves of Metropolis
A hair-raising tale <eg> of a Star Labs experiment gone wrong.

A Whole New World
No A plot at all <g>. Just Lois and Clark on a mini-vacation exploring the world and each other in celebration of the anniversary of Clark's arrival on Earth.

A World Without Superman
Mxyzptlk is back and issues Lois a challenge: after traveling back four years in time to a different reality, she must convince a *non-superpowered* Clark Kent that he really is Superman, or be left, doomed, in Mxy's alternate reality. Will she succeed?

Lois and Clark get ready to celebrate the New Year, when suddenly the appearance of a certain little imp ruins things, setting Clark back a few years, and giving him a new challenge. Can he succeed, or will the evil imp take something very precious away from him?

IRC Teen Round Robin

Cooking With the Kents
Lois in the kitchen? When Lois wants to learn to cook, is Clark "superman" enough for the job?