Help Superman

Louette McInnes (

Summary: Lois and Clark discuss the ARGH (er, the arc of episodes beginning with "I Now Pronounce You"), incredulous at their behavior. I finally felt like some writing this morning. Sorry it's not the usual story. I usually don't like little vignettes, but this one insisted on writing itself out.


Lois, mind finally clear of the fog that had clouded it for weeks, rested her head on Clark's shoulder as tears washed away the last of the mist.

Clark wrapped his arms protectively around her, the strain of the past weeks showing clearly in the new lines in his face and the more drawn and aged look. He desperately wanted to protect Lois from any more harm, but he knew that even a man of steel had limits to his powers.

"Why did this happen?" Lois asked, finally looking up at the man she loved, devastated by what her actions must have done to him over the last month.

"You knew life for us - together - would never be easy."

"But why did they have to do *this* to us? Ruin our wedding, make me seem to deny my love for you - as if I could ever forget you!" Lois said as more tears started to trickle down her cheeks.

Clark ever so gently brushed them away. "How do you think *I* felt, made to look like an idiot when the clone replaced you, then having to let you go with Lex. Lois, you *know* I'd never let you go with him! Not if any super power I possess could prevent it. Not after we've worked so hard, been through so much, to finally get where we were. Last year, with Scardino, I didn't know how you felt, and yes, I backed away. But I would never willingly do that now. You do believe me?"

Lois tried to smile through her tears. "Yes_I believe you. And I knew it would be hard for us to be together. Martha said if we loved each other, we could get through all the rest. I wanted to believe that." Then she looked at him searchingly, fear in her eyes. "We'll make it, won't we? To the altar?"

Clark gently kissed the tears away this time. "Bobby Bigmouth said there were a lot of people who wanted this to work, *us* to work. They helped us last year. I guess sometimes even Superman needs help. Maybe they'll help us again…"