Hit and Run

By JJ (rja055@airmail.net)

Summary: Clark helps Lois recover from a hit-and-run. Lois remembers that it was no accident — the driver looked familiar — but she can't remember who was behind the wheel.


Lois Lane/Kent was one of busiest women Clark knew in Metropolis. She was an ace reporter, a wonderful wife, and two months away from becoming a mother. Clark watched his wife with a smile on his face from his desk. Lois seemed to have sensed him watching her because she looked up at him.

"What are you looking at?" she asked.

Clark walked over to her, and rubbed her shoulders. "Only the most beautiful woman in the world," Clark said kissing her.

"How can you think that I'm beautiful? I look like I've got a bowling ball in my shirt," Lois stated looking down at her swollen stomach.

"You always look beautiful. Especially now that you're carrying my child," Clark told her, rubbing her stomach. All of the sudden he looked up with that really far off look on his face.

"What do you hear?" Lois asked.

"Someone's house has been broken into. I'll be back in a few minutes," Clark said kissing her good-bye.

"Clark! Before you go, when you get back, I probably won't be here, because in thirty minutes I have an interview."

"OK." Clark took off.

Twenty minutes later, Lois headed for her interview. She stepped out into the street, right when she saw a car zooming at her. She saw the driver's determined look on his face. She knew he was aiming for her and with her being pregnant she had no time to move. The car hit her and took off leaving her laying on the ground, unconscious.


A few minutes later, Clark was walking to the Daily Planet when he noticed a crowd had formed on the sidewalk in front of the Daily Planet, Jimmy being included in the crowd. Since he couldn't see what had happened, he asked Jimmy.

"Jimmy, what's going on?" Clark asked.

"C.K., I have some bad news. Lois was heading to her interview and a car hit her. It was a hit and run. She's the one that everyone's crowding around," Jimmy told him. Clark pushed and shoved his way to the front of the crowd.

"Hey! You can't get in front of me!"

"This lady is my wife! Don't tell me not to get in front of you. I have to make sure my wife is ok!" Clark snapped. He knelt down beside Lois. "Honey, can you hear me?" Clark checked her neck for a pulse. He was relieved that he found one.

The paramedics came and took Lois and Clark to the hospital.

Clark waited nervously in the waiting room while the doctors ran tests and x-rays on Lois and her baby. After what seemed like days, the doctors came to talk to Clark. "How is she?"

"She is very lucky," the doctor told her. "There was no damage done to her head, which is very good considering that hit solid concrete. However because of the impact of the car and the sidewalk, she did crack a rib which she will just have to wait the pain off. We're going to give her some pain medication which will help."

"Can I see her?" Clark asked.

"I think that would make her very happy," the doctor said.

Clark rushed into Lois' room.

"Hi, honey," Lois said.

"Hi sweetheart," Clark said sitting on the bed beside Lois. "How do you feel?"

"I'm in so much pain," Lois said. "I never realized how much pain it was to crack a rib." Lois tried to shift positions, but couldn't without it hurting too much. She looked at Clark for help.

He helped turn her over without hurting her to badly.

"The doctor never told me anything about the baby. How is it?" Clark asked.

"It's fine," Lois said. "Luckily, the baby wasn't harmed at all. We're so lucky that it wasn't hurt."

"We sure are," Clark said. "Get some rest sweetie." Clark kissed Lois good-night, and Lois fell asleep.

***Two days Later***

Lois was allowed to go home. She still was in a lot of pain, but was feeling better. She was determined to find who hit her and didn't stop to help her. She was wheeled out to the car, and Clark picked her up and put her in the front seat. She turned slightly to reach for her seatbelt.

"Ow!" she screamed.

"Honey, I'll get your seatbelt for you," Clark said, fastening her seatbelt.

He started driving for home. "Now, I'm taking all week off to stay with you and after that the doctor told me you could go to work if you took it easy."

"Clark, whoever hit me did it on purpose. I saw that car coming at me. It was no accident. I even saw the man's face, I just don't remember who he was."

"Just give it some time. You were put through a lot and you probably pushed it out of your mind because you were afraid. But I won't leave you alone until whoever hit you is put in jail."

They arrived at home and Clark carried Lois inside. When they got inside they were shocked. They're house had been ransacked. Furniture was turned over, trash was everywhere, and worst of all, on the fireplace mantel, was a sign that said, `I'm going to kill you, Lois!'

"Oh my gosh!" Lois cried. She buried her face in Clark's shirt.

"This is bad," Clark said. He laid Lois down on the couch. "Don't worry. As long as I'm here no one will hurt you and I can get this place cleaned up in 30 seconds or less."

"Go for it," Lois said smiling. "I'll time you."

Clark whizzed around the room and put everything back in its place.

"Good time. Exactly 23 seconds."

"Thank you," Clark said.

Lois winced in pain.

"Are you in pain?" Clark asked.

"Yeah," Lois said.

"It's probably about time for you to have your pain medication," Clark said. "I left it in the car, though. Will you be OK if I run out and get it?"

"Yes, honey. I think I will be OK if you're just two seconds away from me," Lois said.

"I'll be right back," Clark said. He ran to the car and grabbed Lois' bottle of pain medication, and ran back inside. He was surprised to see that Lois wasn't on the couch. "Honey?"

Lois walked to the living room. Her face was really pale.

"What's wrong?" Clark rushed to her side.

"I'm in pain, honey." Lois wrapped her arms around Clark. "I can barely handle it and I thought walking around would lessen the pain, but it made it worse."

"OK," Clark said. "I've got your medication." Clark helped Lois back to the couch, and handed her two pills and a glass of water. Lois swallowed them gratefully. "Why don't you try and get some sleep?" Clark suggested.

"Yeah. That pain medication makes me drowsy," Lois said.

Clark carried Lois to their bedroom and laid her down.

"I'll be here if you need anything," Clark said, covering her up and kissing her.


*Two hours later*

Clark walked into their bedroom and shook her gently to wake her up.

She stirred and rolled over and looked at him. "Hi Clark." Lois said.

"Hi, honey. I'm sorry to wake you up, but I just heard a cry for help. Will you be ok alone? If not, I'm sure the police can handle it," Clark said.

"Honey you should go. I'll be fine. Besides, you're only a `Help Superman!' away," Lois told him.

"You're the best," Clark told her, kissing her good- bye and zipping out the window after changing identities.

Twenty minutes later, Clark wasn't back and Lois felt a lot better. She made her way out to the living room. She gasped when she saw Dan Scardeno standing in the kitchen.

"Rise and shine," Dan said sarcastically.

"You! You were the one driving the car! You tried to kill me!" Lois screamed.

"So you remembered," Dan said. "Good. That gives me a reason to kill you." He started walking at her. She saw a shiny glimmer in his hand. He had a knife and was about to stab her.

"Help Superman!" she screamed as loud as she could.

They waited a few seconds.

"I guess this is one time that your little hero isn't around to save you," Dan said raising the knife.

Lois closed her eyes, not wanting to know when she was going to be stabbed with excruciating pain. She heard the window crash open and looked up to see her husband holding Dan Scardeno with one hand around his neck. Lois walked over to Dan. "You were wrong, Dan. I know my hero would never let me down."

"Now if you'll excuse me, Lois, I have a felon to drop off at the downtown prison," Superman said.

"Thanks, Superman," Lois said.

Superman dropped Dan off at jail and flew back home.

"Are you ok?" Superman asked. He spun around and changed to his alter ego.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for coming so fast," Lois said.

"Actually, I was really slow, and I would have been here sooner but-"

Lois put a finger on Clark's lips. "I don't need an excuse," she said. "You came before he hurt me. That's all that matters."

"I love you so much," Clark said.

"I love you too," Lois replied.

*Two Months Later*

Lois and Clark walked into the Daily Planet. Lois was eight months pregnant, and had recently fully recovered from her cracked rib.

"Hey, Lois, how's your rib?" Jimmy asked.

"Oh, it's fully healed," Lois said. She put her hand to her back. "Ooh!"

"What's wrong?" Jimmy asked.

"I don't know. I just had a pain that shot up my back. I'm sure it's- well, there it is again," Lois said.

"You want me to go get C.K.?" Jimmy asked.

"No, I'm fine, really," Lois said.

"Lois, even I know that you acted like you were in labor," Jimmy said. "I think that you are in labor. Let me go get C.K. because I think that you're in labor."

"Jimmy, that's impossible. If I was in labor than I would be in pain- OW!" Lois screamed.

"Kind of like that?" Jimmy asked.

"OK, go get Clark!" Lois said. Jimmy ran off to find Clark.

"Hey, Jimmy, what's up?" Clark asked.

"Lois is in labor," Jimmy told him.

"She's probably just having indigestion. Happens to her all of the time. Besides, she's a month early," Clark said very calmly.

"CLARK!!" Lois screamed. Clark and Jimmy looked her direction and then at each other.

"She's in labor," they said at the same time, running toward her.

Lois grabbed Clark's tie. "I'm in LABOR!" she screamed.

"I kind of guessed that," Clark said.

He rushed her to the hospital. At exactly 3:17 A.M. Lois had delivered a healthy little boy. The nurse handed him to Lois.

"He's beautiful," Lois cooed.

"Just like his mother," Clark told him.

" I couldn't have done this without you here by my side. I love you so much," Lois told Clark.

"I love you too," Clark said.