Halloween in Smallville – Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1C - B

By KenJ <ken.janney@kjanney.com>

Rated: PG-13

Submitted: October, 2102

Summary: This story takes place in the Matchmaker Chronicles canon universe. Lois and Clark have been married for approximately 16 years. They live in Metropolis with their eight children. Jonathan, their eldest, started middle school this year. Jon and his siblings are being rewarded for good grades by going to a Corn Festival type party celebrating Halloween in Smallville.

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Disclaimers: The characters in this story are property of DC, December 3rd productions and Warner Bros., except those I created. No copyright infringement is intended. I have just borrowed the characters for a short time.

/ denotes telepathic communications./


October 11, 2013 AD

Jon Kent was feeling a little apprehensive. He was sitting in study hall next to Hattie Kaplin and they were going over World History. They were studying the period of the crusades. This wasn’t the cause of Jon’s discomfort. Jon was worried because today was report card day. He was pretty sure he had done well. Teaming up with Hattie as study partners had been a good move on his part. She was really smart and a good student. He had learned a lot on how to improve his study techniques from her. Today would tell the tale. Jon excelled in math and science, while Hattie excelled in the languages and social sciences so they balanced each other out. She helped him with French, English and history while he helped her with algebra and physics.

Jon really wanted to do well so that he could win a scholarship to Met U. He wasn’t sure just yet which branch of science he was most interested in, but the friendship his parents had with Dr. Bernie Klein brought Dr. Klein to the house occasionally and Jon really enjoyed talking with him. Dr. Klein was able to explain what he was working on in terms Jon was able to understand, at least most of the time, and this had really piqued his interest and determination. He was determined that one day he would work at S.T.A.R. labs.

Hattie nudged him and said, “What has you so distracted? I’ve asked you two questions and you didn’t even acknowledge either one.”

“Sorry Hattie, I was thinking about the report cards we are getting at the end of the day. I hope I got good grades.”

Hattie started to chuckle, “You can’t miss! We’ve been studying together, haven’t we? I guarantee you did well.”

“I wish I was as confident as you are.”

“Just wait, I’m betting we both did well. You’ve really helped me with Algebra. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know how I would have even passed. You’re a good tutor.”

“I just hope you’re right. I really want to win a scholarship and I need good grades to do it.”

Hattie replied, “As long as we stick together we can’t miss. What about a sports scholarship? You could always play football or baseball or something. I want to win a scholarship too, you know. I plan to work on my tennis, just in case I can’t get in on an academic scholarship.”

“My mom plays tennis, or at least she used to. She was captain of her girl’s team in High School. Maybe she could give you some pointers.”

Hattie got that look of hero worship in her eyes again. It happened every time she thought about Lois Lane. In an awed tone she asked, “Do you really think she would?”

“Sure, she taught all of us how to play. I’m sure she’d be willing to help you.”

“Wow, that would be awesome!”

“I’ll try to remember to mention it to her tonight.”

“Thanks, Jon! You’re a real pal.”

“Hey, what are friends for anyhow?”


When Jon got home he had some time before Lara and the twins arrived. The four of them no longer went to the DP day care center. Since Jon was in middle school now, he had been given the responsibility for making sure that they all worked on their homework until their parents got home with the rest of the family. Since he had a few minutes he prepared a snack for himself and his siblings.

When they arrived they would all have report cards to show their parents. How well they all did would reflect on him and his ability to supervise his sisters and brother and how well he oversaw their homework. Jon hoped they all had done well.

The other three were all in the same school building and rode the same bus so when they got home they arrived in a bunch.

Since today was report card day they hadn’t been given any homework so they were able to eat their snack and watch a movie. Today they were watching “Kung Fu Panda” while they waited for the rest of the family to arrive. All four of them were taking karate classes and really liked this movie because it was so ridiculous.


When the rest of the family arrived the first one in the door was Lois carrying Sam in his car seat next came Jessie and Jimmy followed closely by Clark who had Lucy by the hand.

Sean and Celeste both shouted, “Mommy!” and ran over to give Lois hugs. Lois knelt down, placing the car seat on the floor and wrapping her arms around the twins accepting the hugs. As soon as Clark released Lucy’s hand she took off and headed for the sofa since she saw that the TV was on.

After giving Sean and Celeste each a kiss on the cheek Lois called Jon and Lara over. Each of them giving and receiving kisses in turn. Lois stood up and in a mock chiding tone asked, “Well! TV and not homework? Okay, what’s the story?”

Jon replied, “It’s report card day. We didn’t get any homework.”

Acting like she hadn’t known that the report cards were coming in that day, Lois said, “Report cards, huh? Do I need to prepare a dog house for each of you?”

Lara said, “Awwww Mom, they can’t be that bad. Jon’s been a real slave driver, making sure we all do our homework.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it. Okay, where are they?”

While the kids went to retrieve the report cards Lois took Sam out of his car seat and placed him belly down on the floor where he started to crawl around.

They all presented the cards to Lois. She looked at the envelopes. The kids didn’t realize that she was using her x-ray vision to actually see the cards. Keeping a poker face she turned to Clark and said, “Why don’t we take these where we can look them over without little eyes looking over our shoulders. That way, in private we can discuss the consequences, if these aren’t as good as they should be.” Silently she sent, /I took a quick peek and these are outstanding. Let’s have some fun with the kids./

Clark sent back, /You’re just being cruel to them./

/Let them think there’s a problem, then when they get a reward, it’ll be that much better./

/Okay, but if they are as good as that, it will need to be something really special./

Lois said, “We’re going upstairs to look these over. We’ll let you know when we come back downstairs what will happen.” Looking at Lara she said, “Please keep an eye on Sam.”

As Lara picked Sam up she replied, “Okay Mommy. I’ll watch him.”

Lois and Clark headed upstairs. When they had entered their room and closed the door Lois opened the envelopes one at a time. Jon had one ‘B+’, in French, but he had an ‘A+’ in Physics and the rest were ‘A’s. Lara had straight ‘A’s as did the twins. She showed them to Clark and thought, /Well, what do you think? I think we ought to reward this kind of performance./

Replying in the same fashion Clark said, /I agree, one hundred percent. What can we do?/

/Let’s call Martha and see if she has any suggestions./

/Good idea! Mom always knows what to use as a reward. So the kids don’t overhear, why don’t you stay here with them and I’ll fly to Smallville and talk it over with her./

Lois leaned in, gave him a kiss and sent, /See you in a little bit./

Clark spun into the Suit and flew out the bedroom window faster than the eye could follow. Lois went back downstairs and started getting Sam’s dinner together. After breastfeeding him she would be giving him some strained carrots which were his favorite. After she had his highchair ready, Lois retrieved Sam from Lara and took him upstairs to breastfeed him.

Jon, Lara and the twins were all apprehensive because of this delay, so, when Lois had come downstairs and didn’t say anything about the report cards, they became even more nervous. What was going on? Were they happy or mad? They couldn’t tell because it was like Mom was wearing a mask, hiding her emotions. When she took Sam up to breastfeed him all they could do was worry the more. The longer the delay the more concerned they became.

Lois had finished breastfeeding Sam and had brought him downstairs to feed him his strained carrots. About the time she finished and had cleaned Sam up Clark came in through the back door and putting his arm around Lois’ waist and still carrying Sam led her back upstairs.

He sent, /Mom had a terrific idea. Halloween falls on a Thursday this year so Smallville is having a giant Halloween party on Saturday night. She has offered to make costumes for the kids if we bring them Friday night. It’s going to be a lot like the Corn Festival. There will be games and music and other entertainment. There will also be a costume contest. The best costume will win a prize./

/Sounds like a plan. Let’s go tell the kids./

They moved downstairs. The movie had finished so some of the kids had moved into the play room. Clark called all the kids into the living room.

Lois, in a very serious tone said, “Okay, we’ve looked over your report cards. We just don’t know what to say.” Lois paused for a long time.

Jon and Lara had surprised expressions. They didn’t think that their grades were that bad. What was it with the serious tone?

Slowly, Lois started to smile as she continued, “We are just so proud of all of you, we don’t know what to say. These report cards are outstanding! We took so long before talking to you because we wanted to come up with a proper reward.”

Jon and Lara both jumped up and shouted, “Yeah!,” and then they all started babbling asking what the reward was going to be.

Clark was laughing at their antics as he tried to get their attention, “I spoke with Grandma and Grandpa Kent. Halloween is in a couple of weeks and Smallville is going to host a big Halloween party the Saturday after. Grandma has offered to make costumes for all of you. At the end of the party there will be a costume judging and the best costume will win a prize. Start thinking about what kind of costume you each want. I’ll let her know in advance so that if there is anything we need to bring, she can let us know.”

Wishing she was a couple of years older so that she could have a computer and an e-mail account, Lara dashed upstairs and wrote a quick note to Mike letting him know about the Smallville Halloween party and letting him know that they would be there. Her note went out with the morning mail the next day.


On Tuesday, Mike received Lara’s note and immediately asked his parents if he could visit Great Uncle Wayne in Smallville so that he could attend the party.

Since he had also had an outstanding report card his parents were amenable to the request and after checking with Uncle Wayne, made the flight arrangements.

Mike sent Lara a note saying that he’d be seeing her there and letting her know what costume he planned to wear. He asked her to coordinate her costume with his.


Friday, November 1, 2013

The Kent family had changed the way they traveled to Smallville. They packed the van and then once the younger children were in their pajamas they were all loaded into the van. They started to drive and before long the younger children were all asleep. Once they were outside of Metropolis they stopped and Lois moved into the driver’s seat. Clark got out and spinning into his Suit picked up the van and started flying. Once they were near Smallville he landed the van and changing back into his regular clothes got back in and Lois drove the rest of the way to the farm.

The younger kids were still asleep as they were moved into their Smallville beds and all of them were in high spirits when they woke up in Smallville on Saturday morning.

The day was spent in costume preparation. Sam was going to wear a costume Martha had made many years ago for Clark. He was going to be a little lamb.

At Martha’s request, Lois had brought one of Lucy’s dresses and Martha modified it slightly, an apron that Martha had made for one of the girls went on over it, a straw hat went on her head and with a shepherd’s crook she would be Little Bo Peep to Sam’s lamb.

Jimmy wanted to be Batman so Clark went out and purchased that costume for him.

Also at Martha’s request, Lois had brought one of Jessie’s dresses. It was a fancy party dress. Martha modified it slightly, put some petticoats under it, ballerina shoes on her feet and a blond wig and a tiara on her head. With a long wand in her hand she became Glenda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz.

The twins were going to be a little more difficult. Sean had brought one of his karate GIs which Martha started off by dying each part a different color. Clark flew off and found a store that had fake katana swords and purchased one Next he flew to Japan and purchased a small cotton kimono (1) with an obi (2), two pairs of geta (3) as well as a Japanese paper parasol. When he got back Martha fitted the kimono. After applying some makeup and highlighting their slightly almond shaped eyes that they had inherited from their father a long black wig for Celeste and some black angel hair for a mustache and Fu Manchu style beard for Sean completed their costumes. When they finished there was a samurai, with a sword in his belt, and his geisha standing there. There was a lot of clop, clop, clopping sounds as they practiced walking in the geta. Celeste had to practice taking small, mincing steps while Sean had to take broad arrogant strides.

Jon and Lara asked if they could have some time alone with grandma. After they had spoken with her Martha called Lois and Clark aside and said, “The kids have made a special request. Now, it’s supposed to be a surprise, so, no peeking!” Martha, Jon and Lara moved into the room where the sewing machine and fabrics were located.

After a few minutes Martha called for Lois. She gave Lois a list and asked her to fly to Wichita to find what she needed in a fabric store there. Lois looked at the list and immediately a number of questions jumped to the forefront of her mind, but, wishing to allow the kids their special reward; she flew off and a little later returned with the requested materials. The problem was, her curiosity was getting the best of her and when she got back she asked, “Martha, what is all this material for?”

Martha had a sly look on her face as she replied, “Let’s let that be the kids secret for the time being, okay?”

“Okay, but, those colors. I seem to remember something about them. I don’t know.”

Martha patted her on the arm and said, “Don’t worry about it. Just give us some time. You’ll see.”


After a while, Martha called Lois and Clark upstairs. They came into the room to find Martha by herself.

With a Mona Lisa smile, Martha asked, “Ready for the unveiling?”

Lois and Clark both nodded. Martha raised her voice and asked, “Who’s first?”

The other door opened and in stepped a pint sized copy of Superman, however the main color of the Suit was black instead of blue and unlike Superman he wore a mask.

Lois snapped her fingers and said, “Now I remember! Jon told us he wanted a black Suit. Okay, that accounts for the black spandex. The rest was the same colors as my Suit.”

Martha raised her voice and said, “Lara?”

In stepped a pint sized version of Ultra Woman, but, the colors of the uniform were reversed; the body being teal blue with hot pink accents and a pink cape.

Lois and Clark were both blown away. Lois said, “My baby, my babies are growing up! Are you sure you are ready for this?” Just how grown up was plainly evident in the new suits. They had both entered puberty and Lara was starting to fill out. She was already displaying a feminine figure which promised to rival her mom’s while Jon was showing a musculature which would rival a body builder.

Jon replied, “Well, we both are superfast now and really strong. We have our super hearing and our invulnerability is kicking in so we can’t be hurt. We don’t have our super vision and we can’t fly but that’s only a few years away.”

“You’re both still growing and Lara just had a growth spurt. In the last few months she’s almost outgrown a lot of her clothes.” Turning to Lara and closely examining her Suit, Lois said, “That’s going to start getting tight across your chest.”

Lara started to blush and Martha saved her, “I cut it a little big to give her room to grow.”

“Okay, I trust you Martha. Well, kiddos, when do you plan to make your debut?”

Jon replied, “Not for a while yet. We still have a lot to learn.”

“Are you planning to wear those costumes to the party?”

“Nah, if we did that, we wouldn’t be able to use them in the future. Once we unmasked it would be all over.”

“Okay then, what are you wearing to the party?”

Lara piped up and said, “Mike is going as Robin Hood so I thought I’d be Maid Marion!”

Jon said, “I was going to be Will Scarlet.”

Lois sent to Clark, /Oh boy, should we tell then the true story? About the Fox and Lady Loisette./

Clark sent back, /Maybe someday./

Out loud Lois said, “Mike’s going to be here? How did he find out about the party?”

Looking down at the floor in embarrassment, Lara scuffed a toe as she said, “I sent him a note. He got straight ‘A’s so his folks sent him as a reward.”


Jon’s costume was fairly easy, red tights and a red tunic. On his head was a red Robin Hood hat with a red feather a wide belt with a pouch hanging from it in lieu of pockets, a bow and arrows.

Lara, by the time Lois finished directing the construction of the Lady Loisette costume was the spitting image of her and the first time Clark saw her all he could do was whistle. In an amused tone he said, “You look just like your mom did.”

Mystified, Lara asked, “Huh? Like Mom?”

With a little smile, Lois said, “We’ll tell you the story sometime.”


Chapter 2 At the Halloween Party

As they all piled out of the van Mike came running up. He stopped when he saw Lara and said, in an awed tone, “Wow! You look … amazing!”

Lara did a courtesy and when she stood up again she gave him a close appraisal and said, “You look pretty good yourself, Sir Robin.”

Mike laughed and said, “We’re bound to win the prize. Robin Hood, Maid Marion and Will Scarlet; I just hope they don’t ask me to actually shoot any arrows. I’m not too good.”

Lara laughed and said, “Neither is Jon, but, he’s carrying a bow too.”

Lois and Clark had gotten into the swing of things along with the kids and were dressed up as King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Lois carried the car seat with Sam and Clark had Lucy by one hand.

Mike said, “Hi Mr. and Mrs. Kent, I’m sure glad you were able to come.”

Lois responded, “We are too, Mike and we’re glad to see that your parents let you come. It’s good to see you again.”

Mike responded, “When I got Lara’s note all I did was ask my folks. My grades were so good they let me come as a reward.”

Lois said, “Okay, well, I guess you kids can run along and enjoy yourselves. Jon, here’s some money. Put it in your pouch so that you can pay for some games and treats.”

Mike said, “I’d like to treat Lara, if that’s okay with you.”

Lois looked at Clark with a raised eyebrow and then turned back and said, “I guess that would be okay. Go have some fun.”

Mike crooked his arm and Lara put hers through it and the three of them walked away.

Lois sent, /I think our little girl has a boyfriend. They’ve been corresponding ever since summer camp./

/I think she’s made a good choice. He’s a good boy and a good student. Besides, he’s Wayne Irig’s grand nephew. We know the family./

Out loud and with a chuckle, Clark asked, “Shall King Arthur win another teddy bear for Queen Guinevere?”

Laughing, Lois replied, “This time, if they have a Superman doll, I want that.”

Looking down Clark said, “Maybe I should try for two and we should give them to Little Bo Peep and her lamb.”

Chuckling, Lois said, “You might be right about that. Let’s go see how strong you are.” The twins, Jessie and Jimmy followed their parents as they went over to the Test of Strength and cheered when their dad won a couple of times. Clark made sure to not make it look too easy and also used a number of tickets so that the attendant wouldn’t lose too much on the prizes.

They took the kids over to a bouncy house and let them play in there for a while. After that they gave the twins some tickets and allowed them to wander off. They didn’t worry because Lois and Clark could both keep tabs on them by listening for their heartbeats. There was something about the rate and rhythm that differentiated them from non-Kryptonian heartbeats. They took Jessie and Jimmy around to other games and everyone had fun.



At around 8 o’clock Jon, Mike and Lara decided to get a snack and stopped by Maisie’s Diner’s booth. They placed their orders and Maisie was in the process of filling their orders when she discovered she was out of some condiments. She said, “Well, Robin, Maid Marion and Will Scarlet, you guys will have to wait a few minutes. I need to go back to the diner and get the condiments. I’ll be right back.” Maisie headed across the park to the diner. They watched as she pulled out her key and opened up the door and disappeared inside.

They were talking, discussing what activity they wanted to go to when they had finished eating. They were drinking the sodas that Maisie had given them to tide them over until the rest of their order was ready when Jon noticed that Maisie had been gone an unusually long time. He pulled Lara aside and whispered so low that anyone without super hearing couldn’t hear, “Miss Maisie has been gone too long. There might be a problem. I think we need to check. You need to use the rest room.”

Jon turned to Mike and said, “Lara and I are going to go to the rest rooms. Hold our places, okay?”

Mike said, “Sure, hurry back.”

Jon and Lara jogged off. Once they were out of sight of Mike they changed direction and headed for an alley between two stores. They both had their new super Suits on under their costumes so they both tried what they had seen their parents do and super speed spun into their new Suits.

Jon looked out to the park again and said, “She still hasn’t come out. Let’s check through the back so that we won’t be seen.”

They both ran at super speed down the alley and behind the various shops until they came to the back of Maisie’s Diner. As soon as they got there Jon saw that the door was ajar. He whispered, “I don’t think that Miss Maisie would leave the door open like that. We need to go in and see what’s happening.”

Lara replied, “We need to be careful.”

Jon nodded as he opened the door. They both slipped in silently. They found themselves in the kitchen.

They both crouched down so that they wouldn’t be seen through the serving window and crept forward. They could hear a gruff voice and a voice that they recognized as Maisie’s”

Maisie was saying, “You’ll never get away with this.”

The intruder replied, “You think not. I’ve already cleaned out the tills of five other businesses. With everyone out in the park at the party there hasn’t been anyone to see me, until you showed up.”

“I’ve never seen you before. You’re new around here, aren’t you?”

“Never been here before and never will be again.”

“They’ll catch you, you know.”

“How will they catch me?”

“As soon as they find me they’ll start searching. Sheriff Broadhurst will come after you.”

“Not if they don’t know where to look and what I look like. I plan to just mingle with the crowd out there until the party breaks up and leave with everyone else. The only problem is … you. You could identify me. I can’t risk that.”

Jon risked peeking around the corner. He could see that the intruder had Maisie tied to one of her chairs and he was standing in front of her, his left side was toward Jon and he was brandishing a knife. Since he wasn’t looking directly at Jon, he slowly stood up.

Jon crossed his arms over his chest the same way he had seen his father do on many occasions and in an authoritative voice Jon said, “I’d put that knife down if I were you.”

The intruder whirled on him and said, “Who do you think you are kid? You’re sticking in your nose where it doesn’t belong. Get over here and join her.”

Jon replied, “I don’t think so.”

Lara stepped around Jon and stood next to him with her hands fisted and placed on her hips.

The intruder exclaimed, “What’s goin’ on? Is the entire costume party comin’ in here?”

Lara replied, “We aren’t here for the party. We’re here to stop you.”

“Just who do you think you are Superman and Ultra Woman? I got news for you kids; your costumes are the wrong colors. Get over here and sit in a couple of these chairs before I put you over my knee and spank you. If you don’t move fast enough she might get hurt.” He brandished the knife close to Maisie.

Jon picked up a plate that was on the counter next to him at super speed and hurled it like a Frisbee. It was moving so fast that the intruder couldn’t move out of the way and the plate impacted the knife in his hand knocking it across the room. Jon super sped over and pushed him into a chair grabbing his arms and pulling them around behind.

While he was doing this Lara super sped over to Maisie and removed her ropes. Quicker than it could be told she had the roped around the intruder and Jon said to her, “Go for the Sheriff.”

Lara super sped out the front door and sped around until she found Sheriff Broadhurst. When she found him she ran up to him and stopped in front of him.

The Sheriff was startled by the sudden appearance of this diminutive copy of Ultra Woman in front of him.

Lara said, “Sheriff, you’re needed in Maisie’s Diner. We have captured a crook that has robbed several businesses and was holding Miss Maisie captive.”

The Sheriff said, “Sure thing. Nice costume little girl, it might even win a prize. Did you just get here? I don’t remember seeing you around.” He leaned down so that he wasn’t so much looking down on her and said, “Look little lady, just because you’re dressed up like a superhero doesn’t mean that you have make me think you’ve stopped a robbery. Go play superhero somewhere else.”

Lara was exasperated and said, “Sheriff, I’m not kidding.”

The sheriff said, “Look, why don’t you just run along and have some fun.”

Lara decided it was time to test and see just how strong she actually was. She said, “Sheriff, I’m really not kidding. I guess I’ll just have to show you. Hold on to your hat Sheriff! Here we go!” Lara moved in closer and picked the sheriff up and super sped him to Maisie’s Diner. He had not heeded her warning and lost his hat in route. Once in the door she placed the now hatless sheriff back on his feet.

The sheriff looked around and saw just where he was and then at her with a dumbfounded expression. He asked, “How???”

Jon zipped over and said, “Sheriff, this man,” he pointed to the intruder, “broke in here and several other businesses to rob them. We found Miss Maisie tied up and he was threatening her with a knife.”

Maisie was still in the process of getting herself together after her ordeal and she said, “What they have told you is the truth sheriff, every word of it. They saved me and subdued him. They tied him to that chair with the rope he had used on me.”

The sheriff reached up and started scratching his head. When he did this he realized that his hat was missing. He looked back and forth between Jon and Lara and asked, “How were you able to move so fast and, and carry me? Who are you supposed to be? You look like Superman and Ultra Woman but the costume colors are wrong and you’re too young to be them.”

Jon hadn’t given much thought to what name to use when in costume but Lara came to the rescue and gave him time to think. Lara answered by saying, “I’m Ultra Woman too.”

Maisie asked, “Ultra Woman two, as in the second Ultra Woman?”

Lara replied, “I meant too as in also, but, I guess you could say it that way.”

The sheriff looked at Jon and asked, “Are you Superman two, or junior or something?”

Jon replied, “My name is Kam-El.”

The sheriff asked, “Camel, like the animal?”

Jon looked exasperated as he said, “No Kam,” pause, “El.”

“Well, Ultra Woman two and Kam … El, I’m going to need statements from each of you.”

Jon replied, “Sheriff, I’m really sorry, but, we have to be going. Miss Maisie’s statement will have to be enough.” Jon turned to Lara and said, “Let’s go UW.”

Lara nodded and they both seemed to disappear as they moved into super speed and ran out the back door. They ran back to the alleyway and spin changed back into their Halloween costumes, went back to Maisie’s booth and rejoined Mike.

Mike said, “You guys were sure gone a long time, but you still got back before Miss Maisie. I wonder what happened to her.”

Jon looked at Lara and said, “Yeah, I wonder.” They looked over in the direction of Maisie’s Diner just in time to see the sheriff exiting with the intruder in cuffs and Maisie following looking very flustered.

Mike saw what was happening and asked, “Who is that? I’ve never seen him around Smallville before.”

Lara said, “Neither have we. It looks like Maisie caught him in her diner.”

Maisie came back over to her booth and said, “I’m sorry! I got held up.”

Mike said, “That’s okay, we didn’t mind the wait.”

Maisie said, “No, I mean, I got held up. There was a robber in the diner. He had me tied to a chair but, a couple of kids saved me. The boy called himself Kam - El and the girl called herself Ultra Woman two. You kids haven’t seen anyone in costumes like Superman’s and Ultra Woman’s have you?”

Jon said, “Our little brother is dressed up like Batman and we’ve seen several Superman and Ultra Woman costumes.”

Maisie said, “Yeah, I’ve seen them too, but, these costumes were different colors. The Superman costume rather than blue was black and the Ultra Woman costume was colored the opposite of hers.”

Mike spoke up, “Sorry Miss Maisie, we haven’t seen any costumes like that.”

Maisie’s expression was full of wonder as she said, “They could do some of the things that Superman and Ultra Woman can do. I wonder if they are their children. If they are their children, what were they doing here?”

Jon said, “If they are Superman and Ultra Woman’s children maybe like them they show up when and where they are needed.”

Maisie said, “I’m sure glad they showed up when they did. I was afraid that crook was going to kill me so that I couldn’t identify him. Anyhow, here’s your order. Keep your money. It’s on the house. You had to wait too long.”

They chorused, “Thanks, Miss Maisie.”


Around 9:30 they had the costume judging contest. The costume judging started as a parade of all of the contestants. There was one very interested observer; Maisie. She was looking for her rescuers. There were a number of Supermen and Ultra Women but none like the costumes she had seen. Seeing these she realized that what she had seen was no store bought costume. The way it had been make, the materials, these had to have been the real thing.

At the conclusion of the parade the judges made their announcement as to the winners. It was a virtual sweep for the Kent clan. Second runner up was Little Bo Peep and her lamb. First runner up was Robin Hood, Maid Marion and Will Scarlet. First prize was awarded to a samurai and his geisha.

At the end, before everyone could disperse the sheriff, now with his hat back on, took the stage in the gazebo and made an announcement.

“While everyone was here at the party we had a series of robberies.” A gasp went up from those gathered. He continued, “The crook was caught in Maisie’s Diner by a couple of kids in costume.” Everyone started looking at the kids. He continued, “If they are here I’d like them to come forward and be recognized. This community owes them a debt of gratitude. They were dressed up like Superman and Ultra Woman and called themselves Kam … El and Ultra Woman two. If there’s anyone who knows who they are, please come forward.” Everyone started really looking closely at all of the superhero costumes.

No one made a move to go forward.

Disappointment in his voice, the sheriff said, “I’m sure we’ll be hearing about them again. They showed at least some of the powers that Superman and Ultra Woman have so they are probably their children. If they are I’m glad that they have the same motivation to help, as their parents. I’ll say this, wherever they are, thanks. Smallville thanks you.”

Maisie moved up beside the sheriff and added, “I want to add a special thanks. I’m sure that they saved my life tonight. If not for them …well, I don’t want to think about it. Thanks.”

The party broke up and families started moving to their vehicles. Mike walked with Jon and Lara as they headed for the van. Mike was beside himself. He said, “Wow! Another Superman and Ultra Woman! The sheriff called them kids. I wonder how old they are. I wish I’d seen her. I wonder what she looks like. I wonder how much like the real Ultra Woman she is. I wonder if she has a boyfriend.”

Lara was dying inside. Here she was and Mike was going bonkers over her secret identity. She wanted to hit him over the head with something, but, that would probably have given everything away.

Jon said, “I guess, sooner or later we’ll be hearing more about them. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Mike was flying out the next day so they said their goodbyes at the van and he and Lara promised each other to write and then he headed for his uncle’s truck.


Later – Back at the Kent farm

Lois and Clark saw to it that the younger children were in bed and then called Jon and Lara into their bedroom.

Lois gave both of them hugs and Clark ruffled up Jon’s hair and gave Lara a kiss on the top of the head.

Clark was the first to speak, “You kids did really well on your first outing. How did you know something was happening?”

Jon told the story while his parents listened in amazement. When he finished, Clark looked at Lois and said, “Two chips of the old block. Well, what are we going to do to recognize this achievement? We should do something.” Turning to Jon and Lara Clark asked, “Do you want to make a formal announcement? You two could take over for Mom and me.” Looking at Lois he winked and said, “Wouldn’t you like to take a break and let the younger generation take up the task?”

Lois caught his wink and played along, “Yeah, it would give me the time to catch up on ‘The Ivory Tower’.”

With an air of offence at his teasing, Lara said, “Mooooommmmm, Daaaaaddddd, no I don’t want to make a formal announcement! I’m not ready for that! I need time to do my school work. Besides, Jon and I can’t fly yet.”

Clark said, “Well, I guess you have a good point there squirt. You and Jon can’t fly, yet, but, it won’t be long. Lois do you think you can wait?”

With a sigh of resignation Lois replied, “I guess I’ll have to. Oh well, I’ll just have to keep recording it. Maybe someday I’ll get a chance to catch up.”

Clark dropped the teasing tone and said, “All teasing aside, you kids did really, really good. I think that the best thing we can do is make more trips to Smallville so that you can practice here at the farm so that when the time comes, you’ll be ready.”

Lara gave her dad a hug while Jon hugged his mom and they both said, “Thanks! You guys are the best mom and dad in the world.”

From that point on, every holiday and a lot of weekends in between were spent at the farm.

Every holiday, at least, Mike just happened to be there spending time with his Uncle Wayne.