Hers Today, Mine Tomorrow and Forever

By Lois Lane Wanna Be <music_km2@yahoo.com>

Rated: G

Submitted: November 2006

Summary: In this short scene during Season 2, Lois babbles to the one person who always listens, no matter what.

"POST!!!" When you see that from a friend, you know it's time to start coming back.

Well, I have been around. I have been reading some of your stories and now I am slowly stepping back out with my own stuff. I have had a lot going on and I thank those of you who have kept encouraging me through this difficult time. Thank you.

I know I have another story I am working on long since forgotten that is almost/not done. It's just about ready to finish. Don't fear or just try to remember it. ;)

The monologue below is actually based on feelings I felt when a guy I liked got a girlfriend. Eventually, I moved on but when I dismissed the guy, I dismissed this fanfic as well. When going through old files, I came across this short little scene, did a bit of editing and finally decided to publish my work. Well enough of my babble, here is Lois' babble. Thanks to Rachel for pushing me along and editing. Also to DJ, you can thank her for making me lose a bet and help me come back little by little. I'll get Far Away for you soon enough. :)

I don't own these characters because someone with more money and power than I do does. I do own the story and it's all mine so please don't copy.

Thanks to my GE Darcy (DSDragon) for her feedback and kind words.


I was out for most of the day interviewing a source and decided to go home early. I got home, changed and then being the nice person that I am, called Clark to see how his day was without me. I call him up at home and he tells me that he had also left work early. I asked him if there was something wrong. He said, "No, just tonight I have a dinner date with Mayson."

I don't remember much more of that conversation. I do believe I was yelling and called him a ball of pocket lint that is attracted to fake blondes. I know now it made no sense, but I was angry and I do little things like that when I am angry like come up with quirky sayings or things that make no sense or I babble and ramble on and on and…

Okay, back to what happened…

So, he started getting annoyed at me. Saying stuff that I can't even remember now! Yet I do remember he said something like, "I'll have a great time with MY blonde. Have a great evening, Lois."

MY blonde! I was so shocked. Clark never snaps at me like that! Not even when we first met and I know I was a real jerk to him then! After that line, I just hung up on him before he could get another wise crack in. I think now I am regretting it…

Okay, so if things really did get serious between him and Mayson I guess I would be happy for them. Sort of. The thing that worries me is losing Clark as my best friend. Mayson would never let me within ten feet of the man. She will probably send a police officer every hour to the Planet to make sure I am not talking to him. If I do, I might be handcuffed to my desk.

I know that's crazy talk but we are talking about Mayson Drake here. She is a fake, psycho, blonde who would go at any lengths to keep me away from Clark. Also, the fact that she dislikes me doesn't make the situation any better.

If that really happened, I would miss Clark…a lot.

Well it's not because I like Clark in the way that Mayson does. I think it's more that he has always been there for me no matter what. Sure, I should show him a little more respect every now and then, but I'm afraid that he could take my new behavior towards him the wrong way. He would probably run away, as usual, and I won't ever be able to tell him this or anything else. Things like, when he brings me my coffee in the morning, just how I like it, or how he complements me when I really need cheering up and how I really feel about him.

Feel about him? Okay, now I'm starting to get scared. Yet, before I can truly come to grips with any feelings I have towards Clark, I am going to have to get that stupid 'Assistant D.A.' away from him! What do you think?'

Lois looked long and hard at the woman staring back at her. Her hair was slightly rumpled and her checks looked a little flushed. Her eyes were interesting because they were slowly turning from accomplished to annoyed. Stepping back, Lois gave one last look at the person before her.

"Oh! What do you know anyway?!" With that, Lois stormed out of the bathroom leaving her mirror no worse for the wear.