Having my baby

By Xanabee <dailey@planet.nl>

Rated: G

Submitted: June 2002

Summary: A vignette written to celebrate the birth of a new little FoLC.


*Having my baby

What a wonderful way to say how much you love me

Having my baby…*

Lois Lane Kent smiled as she listened to her husband sing under the shower. Enthusiastically and totally off key. The strongest man on earth he might be, but certainly not a singer. Well, that didn't matter one bit. What mattered was that he was the best possible husband a woman could wish for and she knew he was going to be a wonderful father.

Lois glanced at her slightly rounded stomach while she shrugged on her comfy flannel housecoat. "Don't let him down, little one," she whispered, "stay healthy, I don't think your daddy would survive it if we lost you." She took a deep breath, then left the bedroom.

When Clark Kent finally came downstairs he found his wife staring at the screen of her laptop. "Lo-is," he admonished. "It's Sunday; you're not working now, are you?"

"No, not work," Lois answered vaguely, "Just… the internet."

Clark sat down beside her and looked at the display. "Honey, I thought we agreed we wouldn't visit those sites anymore? It's been years since we've browsed through them. I thought they would have closed down by now. That show was cancelled… how many years ago?"

"Four, almost five."

"Those FoLC are a persistent lot, aren't they? Geez! Talk about obsession!"

"Well, Clark, think about it; we were lucky your spaceship landed here unscathed in Kansas. As did the other Clarks in so many alternate Universes. Now take these FoLC, their Superman never made it to their world; all they have are the written stories, a few movies and that television serie."

"Which you repeatedly trashed when you looked at the episodes! And you used to get upset reading all those fanfics, remember? I really had to talk you out of joining them in their debates! That's why we agreed we wouldn't look at those sites again."

"Yeah, well, you must admit, I was getting beat up a lot in those stories while you always came out smelling like roses. And all those revelation stories made me feel so stupid. But that was then, I'm not that insecure anymore. And look, Clark…" Lois gently touched the screen. "A little FoLC has been born, to Nicole and Klaus. They're so happy, isn't that wonderful?"

"Hannah Valentina" Clark read out loud. He wrapped his arms protectively around his wife. "A sweet little baby girl." He sighed. "Oh Lois, I can't wait until we hold our own child in our arms. We've waited so long —"

"And we'll have to wait a little longer, sweetheart, I do have to carry this baby to term first, you know!" Lois smiled teasingly at her husband. "I thought only pregnant women are supposed to get all teary eyed, not the daddies- to-be."

"Lois —"

"I know honey, it's okay; it's your party, and you can cry if you want to." She stroked his hand which rested on her stomach and turned her eyes back to the screen.

"Congratulations, Nicole and Klaus," she said softly. "Take good care of your precious little baby. Help her to become the best person she can be. In your world without a Superman, she might, someday, make a difference."

"Amen to that." Clark reached out one hand and started to sign off. As the LCFanfic List faded out Lois sighed. "I wish we could send them a message."


"I know, I know."