Honey Mooners

By Zohar Gilboa (rami_gil@netvision.net.il)

Summary: Lois and Clark honeymoon in Paris.


As they landed on the ground after their "Superman Express" flight, Lois opened her eyes…

"It's wonderful!" she said.

"I never thought Paris could be so beautiful at night… I was always here on business."

As she got used to the darkness she could see a very detailed picture…

"It is beautiful," said Clark, cutting her line of thought.

"What? Oh yeah…"

"Let's go to the hotel. You should go to sleep, we're 8 hours ahead of Metropolis time…"

"I think there's something much more INTERESTING for us to do at our room…" Lois giggled…


"Bonjour et welcome to hotel Hilton de Paris."

"Hello, we have a reservation for two, the name is Kent," said Clark in English since he didn't want to get it wrong in French…

"Oui, yes, go to the 12th floor. It's a great view."

They took the keys and went for the elevator.

"Oh, I'm sorry, the elevator is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs. The elevator will be fixed tomorrow".

And so they climbed the stairs (with a little help from Superman…).


"Wait! I'll carry you over the threshold."

"Full service I guess… Would it cost me more?"

"Not at all…" Clark smiled.

As he opened the door, a beautiful room was discovered…

"Tadah!" Clark said while putting Lois down.

"Look, Clark! A heart-shaped bath! And a water bed and a bar!"

Lois looked surprised by the size of their room. Meanwhile Clark took off his glasses.

"Lois, Come here! Look! The Eiffel tower!"

"Who cares about that, when you have Superman in your room…"

"Lois, I think we should wait a little." He giggled, "I mean, what's the rush? Let's eat something first."

"OK, but first I want to check at the office." Lois was getting to their phone.

"Lois! Stop! This is our honeymoon! No work here! There will be enough time for that when we come back…"

"Oh all right."

They started unpacking and got dressed for dinner.

"Do you prefer room service?" asked Clark.

"No, but I don't know if we should go out or eat in the restaurants of the hotel…"

"Let's eat here tonight, shorter way to our room…"


As they went to the lobby, they saw how well decorated is this hotel. They walked down the stairs and went to the hotel restaurants.

"Italian, Chinese or French?" Lois asked.

"Since we're in Paris, we'll have enough time to eat French food so let's go on to the Chinese restaurant."

"Then Chinese it is."

They entered the restaurant and waited for a waiter.

"I can't believe I'm here with the man of my dreams…"

"And I can't believe I'm with the woman of my dreams…"

The waiter arrived.

"Welcome to 'The French Pagoda'"

"'The French Pagoda'?" They both thought, thinking of French chefs cooking egg rolls…

"So, what would you take, Lois?"

"I don't know, Clark. Waiter, how are your soups?"

"Well, we have a very good home-made Chinese soup, it's with noodles and vegetables. We also have the soup of the day which is the Won-Ton soup."

"I'll take the home-made soup please. I want also two egg rolls and a bowl of rice for the both of us. How about you, honey?"

"I'll take Chinese noodles, and… That's it." Replied Clark.

"We also want a bottle of white wine." He continued.

"WE?" Lois asked.

"Well, what do you want?"

"Waiter, give me Chinese tea please."

"Very well," said the waiter, "it will arrive in about 10 minutes."

"Thanks," they both said.

After the waiter was gone Clark asked Lois:

"Chinese tea?"

"I heard it's good for your mental and meta-physical body."



After they finished eating they went back to their room and…


Morning. Everything is quite in a height of 12 floors…

Lois got up.

She went out of bed, put her robe on and went to the phone…

"I said no work, Lois!" Clark said with his eyes closed, looking like a guardian of some kind…

"But, Clark!"

"No buts! It's not the time to work! You are going to stay here and relax!"

"OK… I'm just going to take a shower."


Lois got into the shower and Clark was soon to come too…

"Where do you want to go today, sweetheart?"

"God… We already sound like a married couple…"

"Well… We are… By the way, is that good or bad?"

"I don't know, honey, we'll just have to wait and see."

"I have all the time you need… So, where DO you want to go today?"

"I think we will go to the lobby, have a good breakfast and check out what tours does the hotel offer."

"All right."


After breakfast they went to the lobby which advised to take a tour to the painters quarters. So they went. They got Lois and Clark's images drawn by artists and they went to the big church there.


And so they had five more days of fun in Paris.

"Lois, it's time to go…"

"We're going home?" She sounded a bit disappointed…

"Yes… But don't worry… As long as we're together everything seems like a honeymoon to me…"

"Oh, Clark! That's so sweet!"

And so they flew back to Metropolis and to their new home…