Happy New Ye—

By Tank Wilson <tankw1@aol.com

Rated: G

Submitted: January 2005

Summary: Strange things are afoot in Metropolis as the New Year Countdown begins…

A 30 Minute Challenge Fic


Lois Lane snuggled back against the broad chest of her husband, Clark Kent. They had left the big New Year's bash at the Daily Planet a short while ago and were now out on their own back patio staring up at the bright stars twinkling in a crystal clear sky. They had decided to spend the change over to the new year alone, in each other's arms.

It was unusually warm for the time of the year and, even though Clark never got cold, all Lois needed was a sweater, and Clark's two strong arms encircling her.

"Wow, Clark, I don't think I've ever seen the stars look quite so bright as they do tonight."

"They certainly are bright, but their light pales when matched against the radiance that is Lois Lane." Clark gave his wife a squeeze.

Lois laughed. "You are such a hopeless case - " She turned in his arms. " - and I love it. Kiss me."

Ever the dutiful husband, Clark was happy to comply with his wife's request. Breaking from the long, tender lip-lock, a breathless Lois turned and settled back into Clark's embrace. She sighed contentedly as the couple unconsciously began to sway in time with the music that could just be heard originating from the festivities all the way downtown.

"Isn't that strange?" Lois pointed to a particular cluster of stars just off to the left of where they had been staring. "I never noticed that before."

"Noticed what?" Clark gave his wife another squeeze.

Lois smiled. "That group of stars right there." She pointed toward them. "They seem to kind of form a computer keyboard, don't you think?"

Clark peeked over Lois' shoulder at her. "Huh? Lois I think you need some time off. You've obviously been working too hard." He laughed.

She swatted his arm. "Funny man." She turned back to her view. "No, really, can't you just see the outline there." She pointed. "And then all those stars almost seem to line up like keys." She heard his snort of disbelief. "Okay, so not all the keys are there, but enough to make it look like a keyboard." Her tone had been a bit petulant but suddenly brightened. "Oh, look, there are some hands. A pair of ghostly hands for the celestial computer." She laughed.

A couple of stray clouds drifted across the sky like dark shadows as they blotted out the stars behind them. They had shapes that were vaguely hand-like, with a few tendrils jutting forward which Lois felt looked like fingers. The noise from the downtown celebration had grown louder and Clark could hear the countdown begin. Lois wasn't paying attention to that, she was still focused on her computer in the sky.


Lois pointed. "See, the fingers are approaching the keyboard."


"Uh huh." Clark just nodded and kissed the top of Lois' head.


"You think I'm crazy don't you?"


"The only crazy around here is that I'm crazy about you."


Lois giggled. "I heartily encourage that sort of behavior."


"See, Clark," Lois' voice sounded almost excited. "The fingers have reached the keyboard.


Clark just shook his head, while Lois stuck her hands out as if she had her own laptop out in front of her. "Let's see if I can figure what those ghostly hands are typing."


Lois suddenly stiffened and her voice became agitated. "Oh my god, Clark, I know what they are trying to type!"


"Huh?" Clark was totally confused by his wife's reactions.


She grabbed his hand and squeezed hard. "It's a computer command, Clark. those ghostly hands have requested…"


Lois' voice suddenly became very soft. "…a reboot."

"Happy New Ye-"