Honey, I Spun the Baby

By Mr. D8a <mr_d8a@yahoo.com> and Nan Smith <hachiban@earthlink.net>

Rated: G

Submitted: August 2001

Summary: Lois to the rescue, again.

Author's Note: Mr_d8A

This, like most of the other strange things I have written, was born out of boredom. It is also based on the theory that Clark actually keeps his clothes in a pocket dimension.

I thought it might make for a better challenge than Make a Wish.

Author's Note: Nan

I thought about the premise and I could only figure out one logical reason that Clark couldn't get the baby back—Junior had to have moved. After that, it only made sense that someone would have to go after him. I'm told I have a distressingly practical mind. <g>



It had to happen. It was inevitable. Clark was in a tight spot with no way out. He did the only thing he could do, and hoped for the best, but I'm getting ahead of my story. Let's start from the beginning.

{Imagine the screen going wavy and the soft tinkle of a music chime.}

It was a typical Saturday in the lives of Lois, Clark and eight- month-old Junior. Lois was at her weekly DOTJOD Anonymous meeting and Clark and Junior were taking a walk in the park when it happened. Superman was needed and Clark didn't have the time to drop Junior off anywhere. There was no time. So he hugged Junior tight, ducked behind a try and spun into the Suit. When he came out from behind the tree, he was alone.'

He quickly flew into action and saved the flock of geese that were about to meet their doom over the Metropolis Airport. When he spun back into his civilian clothes, Junior was gone. He spun several times, but no Junior. Finally, he decided to get Lois.


Even with his super-memory, he couldn't remember where her group was meeting this time. It would have helped if they always met in the same place, but usually it wouldn't take long for something to happen to one of the meeting places that would force them to leave. The last place that they'd met had been burned down by an unscrupulous landlord.

Clark paged Lois and tracked her down that way. Before entering the building he made sure to come in as Superman. Most of the members were long-time recipients of his services and it seemed wiser for them to not meet him in his true identity. Even so, most were concerned when he did show up, mainly because they thought that they were in mortal danger. They were much relieved to hear that he was there to talk to Lois only.

Wisely, Clark led Lois out of the building before telling her his reason for being there. All the same, several pigeons were disturbed by her whispered outburst.

"Clark, I can't believe you'd be so careless!" Lois said for the fifth—or was it the sixth?—time.

Clark had long ago given up trying to explain, and merely shrugged.

"I goofed," he said. "You really don't have to tell me that. Right now, though, maybe we should concentrate on getting him back."

"And *how* exactly are we supposed to do that?" Lois demanded. "You spun; you unspun and he was gone. How do you usually retrieve your clothes when you change back?"

"Um…well, they're in a pocket universe; at least I think so. They never seem to be hurt, and I've left them there a lot of times. Once I even had an apple in the pocket of my jacket, and it was still fine forty-eight hours later when I retrieved it.""How did you get the apple back?" she demanded.

"It was in the pocket of my jacket," he repeated.

"In other words, it couldn't go anywhere."


"Clark, did it ever occur to you that babies are mobile?"

"You mean—you think he moved away?"

"Well, it's possible, isn't it?"

Clark considered. "Maybe. But how are we going to find him, in that case?"

"It's simple," Lois said, as if she were talking to that same baby. "You're going to send me after him."


The answer had been so simple, Clark thought later. That was why Lois was part of the Superman persona. It was a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. He sighed and tapped lightly on the bedroom door.

"Honey, may I come in now? I'm really sorry. I promise I'll never do it again."

"You still have your punishment, buster," Lois's voice said.

"Lois, I washed all Junior's diapers, cleaned his nursery and painted the walls. What else do you want?"

"You'll think of something."

He walked away, shaking his head. Then an idea hit him. With a whoosh, he was on his way.

Fifteen minutes later, he knocked softly on the door again. "Lois?"

"What do you want, Clark?"

"I just happened to drop by a little pastry shop in France and found some freshly made chocolate eclairs. I wondered if you'd like one…"


For all of you still wondering, DOTJOD=Dangling Over the Jaws of Death.