Heat Vision

By Framework4 <Framework4@gmail.com>

Rated: G

Submitted: March 2017 (written September 2006)

Summary: The value of experience.

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“Superman! You can’t go in there, they have Kryptonite!” shouted an earnest young police officer.

Superman smiled. “They always have Kryptonite, no problem.”

He turned his eyes on the building where Lois Lane was being held.

“Lead-lined, that’s an old trick, you would think people would learn,” he muttered to himself.

Adjusting his laser vision, he cut a small hole in the wall. Now he narrowed his vison until he saw that it was only a tiny sample of Kryptonite. “Good.” He used his laser vision to bore a small hole in the floor under the Kryptonite. Switching to heat vision he heated their guns until they dropped them and began shouting reminders about the Kryptonite. At that Superman focused his heat vision on the Kryptonite.

“Superman, what are you doing?” asked one of the police officers.

“The melting point of Kryptonite is about the same as iron, 2800 degrees Farenheit,” he replied.

“Long before it gets to that point it will be too hot for them to touch and soon after that too hot for them to be in the same room.”

About two minutes later they pushed Lois Lane out in front of them as they exited with their hands up.

A minute or so later the now-liquid Kryptonite poured through the hole in the floor.

Looking around Superman smiled and waved as he lifted off.

As he flew he could hear the police officers talking with Lois.

“Sorry guys, page eight of the Metro if at all, it happens so often that it just not news anymore.”