Hide in Plain Sight

By Gromit (sgilbert@auburn.campus.mci.net )

Disclaimer: I didn't make up any of these characters and they aren't mine so please don't hold me liable for anything.

Summary: An amusing scene in which Clark and Lois play hide-and-seek with their young son. ***

Lois was in the kitchen, putting away the last of the dinner dishes when Clark walked into the room. "Honey? Have you seen CJ lately?"

Lois turned and a smile immediately spread across her face at the sight of her husband, hands on his hips with a silly grin on his face.

"Were you two playing hide and seek again?"

"Yep and it looks like he's won. I can't seem to find him anywhere."

Lois and Clark heard a giggle but continued to talk as Clark pulled a chair out to place his foot on it. "I looked under his bed, behind the couch and in the closet under the stairs. He wasn't any of those places."

"Hmmm. Sounds like you looked in some of his favorite spots. Sometimes he likes to play with his dinosaurs under the breakfast table. We could look there," offered Lois.

They each heard the giggle again and smiled to each other as they walked across the kitchen. Lois bent down to look under the table. "CJ? Nope, he's not under there either. What were you two going to do, once you found him?"

"You mean after I tickled him?" Clark asked and reached for Lois, seeing her as a worthy substitute for his tickling attack.

Lois' laughter was mixed with that of her son as she vainly attempted to fend off Clark's attack. Clark quickly wrapped her into an embrace, holding Lois so that her back was pressed to his chest. She stroked his hands as they held her to him and tilted her head to the left.

Clark began kissing her neck. "Mmmm. And then I thought I'd see if you two would like to walk to the ice cream parlor for some dessert before bed time."

"Well, you could always try `the song' to bring him out. That is how the game goes," and Lois turned to look at her husband as he blushed. The giggles of a little boy could be heard quite clearly.

Clark ducked his head and tried his most charming smile. "I was hoping you'd sing 'the song' for me."

Lois laughed and pulled from Clark's embrace, seeking a better view to enjoy the show. "No way, Buddy. You started the game, you have to finish it. It ain't over `til the big guy sings!" Lois hopped up onto the kitchen counter, arms folder across her chest with a big grin in place, ready to watch her husband.

Clark turned several shades of red and shifted from one foot to the other. He began to mumble in a very low voice.

"You'll have to sing louder if you expect CJ to hear you and come running. You know the rules, Mister."

Clark thought Lois was enjoying this way too much but he decided to throw himself into it. He got down on his left knee, threw his arms open wide and began singing loudly and off key, "Where is CJ? Oh, where is CJ?"

The voice of their 2 year old son started singing, "Here I am! Here I am!"

Clark feigned surprise at discovering his son firmly attached to his left leg and picked him up, holding him to his chest. "There you are! I looked everywhere for you and you were hiding right under my nose. You really fooled me this time. How about some ice cream?"

"Yes!" cried CJ and the family headed out the door.