Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

By JelloG

Summary: As Lois nears a point where she thinks she can confess her feelings for Clark, she finds that he has asked Mayson Drake to the Planet's Christmas party. This is my very first story, so opinions are gladly accepted. Forgive me for not using Martha, Jonathan, Perry, and Jimmy as much as they should've been used.


Yes, Christmas was definitely in the air. Metropolis was aglow with lights, beautiful decorations, and Santas and elves poking out of every corner. Even Lois, who had a history of finding it hard to enjoy this special holiday, was in the Christmas spirit. Humming away carols and wishing everyone she knew a Merry Christmas, it seemed as if she had let all her troubles go away. She seemed to be enjoying each day, more and more, instead of worrying all the time about her work. Even Lois noticed this change in herself, as she strolled her way into the Planet. "Good morning, everyone! Hi, Clark!!"

Instead of going to her and hugging her as usual, Clark didn't even budge. He was deep in thought. This past week, he had been very busy…thinking. And thinking some more. About Lois. And him. Together. This would be his 2nd Christmas in Metropolis…if he stayed. He had had his heart on flying up to Smallville, to be with his parents. But he also wanted to stay here—with Lois. Last year's Christmas had been great, being actually able to spend it with Lois, *alone*. He wanted to do it again because…it was time. Or, well, at least he felt it was. It was nearly two years since they had first met. And in those two years, they had grown considerably…closer. No, he thought to himself. I can't keep these feelings in anymore. I have to tell her, he decided, even if it means losing our friendship. And even losing her…to Superman. Clark sighed. He knew Lois was, is, and would always be in love with Superman. That he couldn't change. But he could change the way she felt for him—the Clark part of him. He promised himself that he would make this a very special Christmas for Lois—on that she'd always remember.

"Hello? Earth to Clark?" Lois could see that something was bothering her best friend.

"Huh? What? Oh, sorry. Hello, Lois. How are you today?" Clark shook his head, and got back to his work.

"I'm doing fine. Ahh, I haven't felt this, oh what's the word .. 'free' on a long time. It's really great. No pressure, tension, nervous breakdowns…but it's not the same for you, is it?"

Why would you say something like that?"

"I don't know. It's just that, this past week, you've, well, changed, or at least you've grown a whole lot quieter lately."

"Oh really?!" Clark grinned. "Well, if I remember right, the Lois I'm talking to now can't possibly the same Lois that actually compared Christmas to Arbor Day!!"

Lois grinned back. "Okay, okay, you've made your point. I admit I've changed, too. But, hey, I guess that the holidays does that to everyone, right?"

Clark nodded. "Yeah, you're right. It's just that I have alot of things on my mind, especially with Christmas coming along…" Just then, the phone rang.

While Clark was busy chatting away, Lois attempted to get back to her work. But, she too, was distracted. Her conversation had caused a *spark* in her, and brought a whole load of wonderful memories. Her mind drifted back to last year's Christmas…Mmm, she though, that was a great Christmas. Indeed, it had been. She had cooked a large and lovely dinner, in hopes that Perry, Jimmy, Clark, and *Superman* would be there. But, it turned out each had plans of their own, and no one could come. Deep down in her heart though, she hoped Superman was only kidding, and that he'd show up. Instead, it was Clark who came. She was surprised at how overjoyed she was to see him, and how much he cared, that he sacrificed going back to Smallville to be with her. They had held hands, and watched the carolers by the window. She was also surprised to discover that under Clark bold, strong, sturdy 'shell' was a kind, gentle, and soft part of him. I just can't understand it, she thought. This is the kind of guy I've been looking for. Is it possible… can it be…do I..L…LLL…LLO…no. No, she thought again. Me? L…LLO…have feelings for my partner? That's *impossible*. But deep down, Lois knew *nothing* was impossible.


The click of Clark's phone brought her back to the present. Lois glanced his way, and to her concern, Clark looked more confused than before. "Hey, what's wrong, *big guy*?" She expected to see at least a grin. Instead, Clark just looked at her. With a strange, black expression on his face. In fact, Lois uncomfortably felt he was staring straight *through* her. "Clark? Hello?!"

"I just received a phone call…*really* unexpected."

"Who? What?"

Clark hesitated to answer. "Um, it was Mayson Drake."

Mayson. Drake. Put those two words together, you get…*trouble*. At least for Lois. Those two words just utterly, completely stunned her. She had hoped to have never heard those words again. No, she though, it can't be. "M..m..Mayson Drake? W..what did she have to say?"

He was now afraid to *even* look at her. "She, uh, asked me if I was going to do anything for Christmas Eve, and that she'd, uh, like to spend time with me to , uh, catch up on things." Clark *hated* doing this to Lois.

"Uhm yeah, well, uh, that's your business, and I wouldn't want to intrude—"

"No, wait! Lois—"


Damn, thought Clark, I can't let Lois be like this. I *have* to straighten things out with her.

Perry smiled. "Okay, kids, glad I got you attention. I just wanted to remind all of you about tonight's 'sure to be a blast' party here at our very own Daily Planet building. Don' worry, we'll have this place looking so different, you won't even recognize it. Okay, now, get back to work!"

The party, Lois thought. I can't believe I forgot all about it. Yes, it had been a week ago when Perry first mentioned it to all of them. Half of Lois wanted to ask Superman, half of her expected Clark to ask her. Well, after 6 days, *no* luck at all. When Clark had mentioned Mayson, she had lost all hope—for her and Clark. She knew Mayson would somehow pull Clark into her trap, and spark a flame or two. Lois felt tears coming to her eyes, but she willed them to go away. She was silent, and so was Clark.

But Clark broke the silence. "So, uh, Lois, about the party.."


"Do you know if we can bring dates?" He was trying to drop subtle hints to try and get Lois to—maybe—ask him.

No, no, thought Lois. Oh Clark, why? Why Mayson, and why not…"Yes, we can. In fact, I'm taking someone already."

"Really?" Clark tried his best to disguise the hurt and pain in his voice. "Who?"

Uh-oh, thought Lois. Why do I get myself into these things? She said the first thing that came to mind. "Superman". "Yeah, mom, that's exactly what she told me. What was I supposed to do? What *am* I supposed to do?" After his conversation with Lois, nothing could could have happened worse. They couldn't even talk to each other without one of them acting up. When had had arrived home, he turned to his mom for help. Calling her up, he explained the whole story.

"Well, hun, this is something *you* have to decide. You know how much she loves Superman, and you also know her feelings for you, so—"

"Wait, mom, I'm not so sure about that," Clark jumped in. "I mean, yes, last Christmas was special—*very* special—for both of us. The way she touched, it just seems too good to be true. I don't know, I guess it's just wishful thinking." Clark sighed. "Oh, if she only knew…"

"What I feel for him," said Lois. In light of her disturbing conversation with Clark, she needed someone to talk to. And that someone was Perry. She admired his great father-like figure, and he showed much sympathy to her. He couldn't help smiling though. Wow, Perry thought, my two best reporters. In love with each other. That's a whole great story in itself, he chuckled. "Well, Lois, how do you feel for him?"

"Well,.." She hesitated for awhile. "I don't even know. He's always been there for me, no matter how much of a pain I was to him, or how much I hurt him. Every time I needed someone to talk to, or a shoulder to lean on, he's been there. He's just so much like…"

"Superman. I'm afraid that the more I go to her as Superman, the more she'll forget me—the Clark part of me. But you know that Superman's on top of her list. He's practically a god to her. How can I possibly compete with that kind of image? I have to tell her, and I have to tell her *soon*."

"Well," Martha replied, "as much as we're going to miss you, I think you should stay in Metropolis. We'll get along okay here if you don't come. Go ahead and follow your heart, I'm sure you'll be well rewarded."

"It's a good thing you're not disappointed I won't be home for the holidays," he said. "Because you won't believe who called me…"

"Mayson Drake." Lois was close to tears. "Mayson Drake!! Can you believe her? After all this time, and finally decides now to weasel her way back into Clark's life!" She sniffled. "Oh, Perry, I thought long and hard about this. Really thought about it. There could have been something between us…until Mayson came back. But, now…"

"Lois won't even talk to me, and now you know why, mom. She thinks I'm taking Mayson to the party, and now she's acting up. I guess I should feel better, considering it's a sign of how she feels. But I really had to see her suffer like this."

Martha tried to think of the perfect thing to say. "Well, hun, don't give up. Hmm, you know…maybe you *should* take Mayson to the party.."

"What??!" Clark was stunned his mom would say anything like that. "But—why??!"

"Well, because … hmm…I think Lois needs that extra bit of, oh, um, jealousy, or pain, to make her realize her feelings. Remember, son, you don't realize how precious something is until it's taken away from you."

"Oh, okay, mom. I understand now. I hate to do this to Lois, but I guess I have no choice. Thanks, mom, as always. Have a Merry Christmas, and say hi to dad for me."

"Okay, I will. Oh, Clark?"


Martha smiled. "Believe me, you and Lois will make a.."

"Great couple." Perry grinned as he said this.

Lois managed a smile. "You think so?"

Perry stopped. "Hmm, no I don't *think* so. Then he smiled. "I *know* so."

"But that's just it, Perry. *You* may know, but I don't. I can't even say the 'L' word to or about Clark, and mean it romantically. If I can't *think* it or even *say* it, how do I know what I really feel for Clark?"

"Simple," was Perry's reply. "You *feel* it."


The night of the party. Christmas Eve. The Planet was decorated from top to bottom with all Christmasy decorations…even the Grinch would be in the holiday sprits. The building was packed with workers, all cheery and excited with this wonderful holiday approaching. When Perry arrived, the first words out of his mouth were, "Great shades of Elvis!!"

Lois walked in. She was wearing a dress much similar to the one she wore last year, except it was a red dress. A lady in red. Indeed, she looked absolutely stunning. She was greeted by all the guests, and though she tried to be happy, she just couldn't. Why, she thought, why am I being like this. One word. Clark.

In he walked. Looking as handsome as ever, he was dressed in black pants, a black blazer and a white blouse. A simple outfit, and yet he looked so good. Very good. Following him, in walked Mayson Drake. Lois's heart almost stopped. She watched Clark greet the other workers, and then lead Mayson to the punch bowl. She was suddenly swept with all these emotions. Anger—how could Mayon just show up, after who knew how long, and Clark just suddenly accept her back? Jealousy—why Clark with Mayson, and not with her? Fear—of … losing Clark.

Wait, thought Lois. Losing Clark? He was never mine to begin with. We're just friends, perhaps just as close as best friends can get. So why do I think I'm going to lose Clark in any way? She now knew the answer. Once, she *thought* she was in love with him. Now, she *knew* she was.


"I've missed you so much, Clark." Mayson stared into those deep, brown eyes of his.

"Um, Mayson, I think we have to talk."

"Yes, I think we have alot to talk about. Especially me…and the way I feel for you."


Lois hurried her way to find Clark. She now knew her true feelings, and she was determined to let him know before the night was through. She couldn't risk losing him…to *her*. Mayson. That's all Lois could think about now. She wondered what stunts Mayson would pull to get what she wanted. And she knew Mayson wouldn't stop until she got it.

"I've never for got about you, Clark, not since the first time I saw you. We could have been something together…and we still can. Give me the second chance I'm asking you for."

Clark hesitated. She was beautiful—how could he resist? "Mayson, I'm sorry to say, but no. *I'm* not in love with you. I don't think I ever was. Things wouldn't work out between us."


"Because I'm in love with someone else."

He was about to say "Lois", until Mayson quickly pulled him close. And kissed. Long, steamy and passionate. It was her last resort to change his mind.

A shriek.

They both let go of each other. He was suddenly very afraid to turn around. But he did. He regretted that. Lois, with a shocked expression on her face. One that cut right through his heart. Her mouth was in the shape of a "Why?"


"No, never mind. Uh, I see your, uh, busy, so I'll let you go." She jet out of the room.

Clark lowered hi heart. All those years, he thought, of trying to win her heart. Gone. All gone. He walked back to Mayson.

Don't tell me—you're in love with her, right?"

Clark slowly nodded. He could see the fire in her eyes.

She could think of a million things to say and tell him off, but she thought better. "I figured as much."


"Well, uh, I guess I better get going. I've always loved you, Clark. I think I always will. Don't ever forget that, please?"

He managed to smile and nodded.

"Oh, don't worry. Someone, out there, is about to become a very lucky lady." She winked, kissed him on the cheek, and left.

"Bye," he whispered.


Lois had run straight outside. It wasn't even that cold, she noticed. But still, she hurried back into the lobby. Why, she thought, why me? She could feel the tears rush on. They were kissing. That's it. There is no more hope…for me and Clark.


She turned around. "Superman," she whispered.

"What's wrong, Lois? You can tell me."

She totally poured her heart out to Supes. Not leaving out a single detail, she told him the whole story. "And I just ran out, knowing what we had, what we could've had, was all lost. Well, at least I still have you." She smiled.

Clark tried to stay calm. "Lois." He pulled out an envelope. "Open this. You might be surprised at what you find inside."

Lois carefully opened the envelope. Inside, there was a piece of paper. Unfolding it, she prepared herself for what she was about to read.

"All I've Ever Wanted"

If you only knew What I feel for you If you only lived for me The way I lived for you I'd be heaven My dreams would come true

'Cause all I've ever wanted Is you And you alone And I love you so More than you could ever know All I've ever wanted Is you

Lois stopped. Could it be, she thought. Was this a way of Superman telling me…he loved me?

If you were my own To caress and hold I would shower you with love And drown within your soul Because I live and breathe for you And I really need you to know

That all I've ever wanted Is you And you alone And I love you so More than you could ever know All I've ever wanted Is you

She felt her heart stopped. Oh Superman, she thought again. How long I've waited to hear these words…

Everything I do is for you You are every part of me And I don't want to face Another day Alone Without your love

'Cause all I've ever wanted Is you And you alone And I love you so More than you could ever know All I've ever wanted is you

She was close to tears again. She opened her mouth to say, "I love you, too, Superman" but…her eyes caught something below. There were two more lines.

Love, Clark

About a million thoughts raced through her mind. Who? What? Why? Innumerable questions, so many emotions. She lifted her face, only to see…Clark's face staring intensely into hers. Silence. The looks said it all for themselves. She was absolutely speechless.

"Hi. Uh, Superman thought that it would be best if I came to see if anything was wrong, but…hey, what are you reading??"

She handed him the paper.

"Ohhh." Surprisingly, he grew a little nervous. "Yeah, I wrote it. It was going to be my Christmas present to you…it was a song. It described everything I wanted to tell you in person, but I just couldn't…"

Lois placed her finger on his lips. "No, this time, let me talk."

He reluctantly nodded.

"When I saw you with Mayson, I was surprised at what I felt. The jealousy, the hurt, the fear. I mean, you were my best friends, so why was I feeling these things? Then, I thought about it. I couldn't stand to lose you to someone else, much less lose you at all. Uh, I talked to Perry about it, because I thought he could understand it… understand me. There was one question that kept running over and over in my mind. If I couldn't think how I felt for you, and I couldn't say it, how would I know it was true? His answer was—you feel it. You know what?"


She smiled. "He was right. I couldn't ignore these feelings anymore. Besides feelings all these painful things, I felt something else."

He hope she would say what he wanted her to say. "What?"


Clark could hardly contain himself. He wanted to tell her first, though. "What, Lois, let me—"

"No, Clark, I ruined it last time by letting you talk, and I'm not going to make that same mistake again." She paused, trying to find the courage to say the words she couldn't say, or think, before. "I love you, Clark. I think I have for a long time, even thought it's taken me this long to realize it."

Clark smiled. Really smiled. He was truly happy. "I love you too, Lois. I'm sorry I lied to you the first time. I just wasn't sure if you felt the same way. I was afraid to lose our friendship…and you."

It came unexpectedly. They looked up. Mistletoe. Lois pulled him close…and kissed him. Gently and softly, it seemed to last for eternity. The best part about it, was that they both really *meant*, as opposed to just kissing for the sake of kissing. Lois suddenly remembered the song he had written her, and felt bad she didn't have anything for him.

But for Clark, Lois was the greatest gift of all.


I hoped you liked it. It's my first story…opinions are gladly accepted.



P.S. That song's by Mariah Carey. Pretty, isn't it? Couldn't resist, just had to put in the story!