Happily Ever After

By Saskia <saskiakooistra333@hotmail.com>

Rated: PG

Submitted: June 2005

Summary: A story told from Lex Luthor's point of view. The sequel to "The Lover After Me."

Author's Note: This story is written for Sara (Sorcha) for her birthday. I hope you had a great one, my friend!

Now, you might be aware of her likings in fic… as in she loves Lex and evil things. So I'd say that you could expect that in this story. Don't say you're not warned. ;) This story is the sequel, or actually, the accompany piece, to The Lover After Me. There is no real need to read that one first, but I would advice it.

A big thank you goes to Sara Kraft, who kindly acted as my Beta Reader. And also to my wonderful GE, Tricia.


As he stood in front of the altar, waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle, the groom looked around the room. Everybody he thought to be of any importance was present, plus many others he might consider to be close to him.

Any minute now, the music would start playing and he would see her. His bride. He wondered what she would look like. No doubt she'd be gorgeous, as she always looked to him. But would she have taken his advice and went for that one dress with accompanying hairstyle? He hoped so, nothing but the best for the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with.

They'd gone a long way together before they'd reached this point. Between men fighting for her attention, her putting herself in constant danger and him having to come to her rescue, two very busy careers and a high public profile, it was quite amazing they were finally going to tie the knot.

Soon, Lois Lane would be his till death do them part.

Of course there was still much to do, much for her to learn and him to teach her, but she'd co me around to his point of view. She simply had no choice.

He had gone to extreme limits to conquer her; he would not tolerate any signs of disloyalty.

He'd bought the Daily Planet for her so they could be together more often. Admittedly, he was also responsible for the building's destruction, but he'd had an ulterior motive there. Make her run to him as the only anchor she had left in her life. Of course he had succeeded.

He wasn't Lex Luthor for nothing.

No problem proved unsolvable for him, especially with his lack of integrity - even if some would call murder differently.

And he was too smart to get caught, he thought smugly.

His latest stunt proved that for sure. No more Superman… Clark Kent out of the picture. That action had clearly killed two birds with one stone.

What made that entire event even more interesting was that he, Lex Luthor, was the only one who knew what had really happened. He was the one with all the answers, but no one asked him for them. He wasn't even a suspect. He was just too clever for that.

Just think about it… who was it that had found out Superman's secret identity? Who had used that knowledge to its full advantage and humiliated the former hero? Who had found out his one and only weakness and also found a way to use that against him? Who had thought of the ideal way to get rid of the evidence and the body? Who had covered up the entire business while burning down the house? Not to mention the fact that he'd taken care of all other witnesses as well. For as far as there were any, that was, of course.

Exactly. The answer was him. Lex Luthor, multi millionaire and extreme villain. He liked the sound of that.

What was more, while he was the mastermind behind it all; he had his trustworthy henchmen to do the dirty work for him. Another way he had himself covered.

Yes, there was absolutely no way to stop him.

And within minutes now, he would achieve the second highlight of the year. He would marry Lois Lane after effectively having got rid of Superman and Clark Kent.

The future certainly looked very bright for him.

He still had some business regarding Superman to take care of, but that would be a piece of cake. It was Lois he was more worried about.

She was such an independent woman; he had to find a way to make her obedient. He had to take it slowly, otherwise it would backfire tremendously with her. All he could use her for was an ornament hanging on his arm at public events, just so he would look good. A man of his style and social status just had to have a woman on his side. And he had one of the very best; as long as she did what he told her to do.

There was one more thing she could help him with. An heir. A son.

That was one thing he could not do without her. He wasn't quite concerned on how it happened, but the sooner the better. He wasn't getting any younger, and he wanted to teach his son all the important things in life and how to rule his empire. Only a son would do, so Lois had better help him with that part. What use was a woman after all?

His thought process was suddenly interrupted at that point as the music started playing and the doors opened to reveal Lois. She looked beautiful as she smiled at him. He noticed right away it wasn't the dress of his choice… but it suited her anyway. He made a mental note to make sure to tell her later not to make that mistake again.

But for now, he concentrated on the wedding.