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Summary: Lois insists on keeping the secret of her pregnancy from her coworkers at the Daily Planet so that she can continue working.

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Lois yawned, stretched and felt wonderful… positively lit up. Before she could open her eyes, a tender kiss was planted on her lips, soft and warm.

"Oooh, now that's what I like to wake up to." She opened her eyes to see Clark gazing lovingly at her, Lois returned the gaze. She could stay like this forever.

First Lois became a wife and now she was a mother- to-be, all in the space of two months. She wasn't sure about being pregnant at first, but now she was totally comfortable with it. She never thought she could be. She remembered the time when she and Clark were abandoned on Spencer Spencer's desert island and she remembered confessing her fears about being a mother to Clark. He was so reassuring then, and it was that reassurance that got her through this, and Martha's.

Martha had been a tower of strength, she had been the mother that Lois could only have dreamt of. It was then that Lois began to feel bad for her own mother. Lois had called Martha for help before she had even thought of her own mother, Lois felt guilty for that but she also felt justified. "How could I do that to mom? My own mother." But the bottom line was, Martha understood Lois, Ellen didn't.

Clark could see that Lois was upset about something by the gradual frown that had appeared on her face.

"What is it, Lois?"

Lois, who was deep in thought suddenly snapped out of it and answered, "What? Oh, nothing. It's O.K."

"Come on, Lois, you can't keep doing this to me. You always say nothing and it always ends up being something big. Just look what happened the last time you said it was nothing." He grinned and laid his hand gently on Lois' stomach. Lois smiled too, she could understand Clark's frustration and concern, she was leaving him out of her thoughts and her feelings. If she wasn't careful she would end up shutting him out so much that she might actually lose him.

At that point Lois remembered something that Clark had told her, "Mom always said, communication is key." At that, Lois exclaimed out loud, "See, there I go again!"

Clark was taken aback by this sudden outburst; Lois was difficult to understand sometimes but now she was acting stranger than usual. Maybe it was the pregnancy. He'd have to keep an eye on her. "Lois, what's going on? You're kinda freakin' me out, honey."

Now that was the last thing Lois wanted to do. "Oh, Clark. I'm sorry." She pulled him close, she needed him so close to her right now. It seemed that her pregnancy had heightened all her worst fears, she was becoming neurotic about everything, more than usual. "It's just that I was thinking."

Clark was amused by the understatement of Lois' words. "Yeah, I could see by the frown on your face, the tension in your lips, especially when I kiss you. You do go tense from time to time."

"Clark! Be serious."

Clark *was* being serious, but he knew what a fragile state Lois was in and decided not to push it. "O.K. But all jokes aside. What *is* the matter?"

There was a long pause, Lois was in one of her psyching-herself-up moods that Clark thought it best to give her those extra few seconds to decide how best to say what was really bothering her. It was exciting living with Lois, his little tornado, never a dull moment. God, he loved her.

"I was thinking about what happened when I found out I was pregnant."


"Well, I told you how confused, bewildered I was, didn't I?"

"You did."

"Totally lost, not knowing where I was going or what I was doing."

"Lois, I hate to push but could you get to the point. I'm gonna be late for work."

"Oh yeah, sorry. Well, the first thing I thought to do was call *your* mother."

Clark stared at Lois for a split second, not quite sure what to make of that. He knew Lois well enough to understand what that statement meant, he knew how much Lois loved and respected his mother, then he realized what Lois was talking about." You mean, you felt guilty for not immediately thinking of your own mother first?"

Lois released a huge sigh of relief. She felt happy that Clark understood, but that happiness was short lived. "Clark, why did I do that? If my mom knew then she'd be heartbroken."

"So don't tell her."

"O.K. but what about me?"

Clark laughed, "Well Lois, I think it's going to be a little harder not to tell *you* ."

As frustrated with the situation as Lois was, she had to admit — that was funny. But what did it say about her when she didn't even give her own mother a thought? Was she insensitive? "Clark, I'm serious."

"O.K. Lois, I'm sure that you love your mom very much. Just because you didn't go to her when you found out the baby was coming doesn't mean that you don't love or care about her. I'm sure that you would go to your mom about certain things, and you would go to my mom about others. It doesn't say anything about you or your feelings toward Ellen. O.K.?" Clark always knew the right thing to say, just like his mother. Even though Clark wasn't the Kent's flesh and blood, he was their son, in every way.

Lois and Clark exchanged a passionate kiss; they gazed into each other's eyes and they could feel the passion rise in them both but Clark broke off. "Lois, I've really got to get ready for work." He jumped out of bed but before he rushed off to the shower he kissed Lois on the cheek. "Love you."

Lois lay there stunned. They'd always stayed in bed canoodling or just being with each other, loving the closeness of each other's bodies, that when Clark got up Lois felt a bit lost, "why did Clark just up and run like that?" she thought, "Doesn't he find me attractive any more? This isn't fair, when I feel at my most vulnerable he runs off!"

She lay there, until Clark went to work before she got out of bed. "That's great; now what am I suppose to do? I can't cook; there's nothing to tidy up, and Clark has forbidden me to go to work. Why I'm listening to him I don't know, but I guess he's right. I guess it's for my own good. Ah, this isn't fair!"

Lois went to the fridge and casually took a look inside to see what she might have for breakfast. She saw some things that took her fancy and took them out and sat down to eat. Before she dove in she looked at the food and grimaced, "Why am I about to eat this?" As she looked down she realized that she'd taken out some pickles and a bowl of cream. "I guess this is what it's going to be like being pregnant!" Then she looked down and stroked her stomach, then the rest of her body. "Ah well, good-bye fitness, hello fatness!"


Clark whistled as he entered the Daily Planet's Main Newsroom. Life was perfect. He was married to the woman of his dreams. They were deeply in love and she was having *their* baby. Life couldn't have been any better than it was at that moment. Clark sat at his desk, not really in the mood to get down to work. He just wanted to sit there and think about his beautiful wife and the life that was growing inside her.

"What will the baby be?" he thought, "If it's a boy it'll probably look a bit like me, I bet Lois would say the dimples are a must. If it's a girl it would have Lois' stunning looks. It'll probably be as difficult as she but… it'll also be as precious as anything I've ever known."

And then it hit him. It was going to be *his* baby, *his* own flesh and blood. He didn't want to be taken the wrong way, he loved his parents; he really did, but they weren't his flesh and blood. This baby would be. And the most wonderful thing would be that he was having this baby… with Lois. God, how he loved her.

As Clark sat there day-dreaming about Lois and the baby and the wonderful life they would all have together, and the things that had happened to them over the past three and a half years that almost prevented their happiness, he was oblivious to Perry and Jimmy standing in the doorway of Perry's office, observing Clark.

"See that Chief? He's been sitting there for nearly thirty minutes and hasn't even started working on his story. Lois is sick. CK thought going to Smallville for the weekend would cure Lois but obviously she's gotten worse."

"Lois needs the rest, Jimmy. She did look off-color last week. I think it's best that she takes a few days off. But Clark… he seems a little, well, out of it."

"Yeah, it's like he's in another world, another dimension."

"He's not sick, is he?" They both looked at each other with the exact same thought coming into their minds, and simultaneously they both said, "Or they've had a really big fight!" Perry was sure that was it. Why else would Lois not come into work? Why else would Clark be in cuckoo land?

"Ah, great shades of Elvis. Those two are never gonna be happy together, are they?!" At that Perry waltzed over to Clark, "Kent, what the *hell* has gotten into you? You've been sittin' here for damn near half an hour and you haven't even started on your story. Now I wanna know what's going on between you and Lois and I wanna know, now!"

"There is something that I think I should tell you and Jimmy, Chief." Clark was all geared up to tell the good news and opened his mouth to tell them when the elevator door opened and Lois walked into the Newsroom. Clark let out a sigh of despair, "She never listens." He thought.

"Lois!" Clark ran to her, although he had to admit that it was good to see her, he didn't know how he was going to cope without seeing her at least every two minutes, but he told her to stay at home and put her feet up. But Lois was stubborn and was one of those people who couldn't keep still for longer than a second, and no baby was going to take that habit out of her. "You gotta love her!" He thought.

Perry and Jimmy's face lit up, they were so glad to see her. Lois was like a daughter to Perry, and the sister Jimmy never had. They sure had missed her. Even though she and Clark had only been gone for the weekend, Lois would always be in the Newsroom on a Saturday and sometimes on a Sunday, and for that matter, so would Clark. Boy, they had missed them. "We're family," thought Perry, "talkin' about family…"

"Lois, Clark, I wanna know and I wanna know now. What the hell is going on between you two. Lois? Why are you late? Clark? You are just sitting there, at your desk, doing absolutely *squat*! Have you two had a fight?"

Clark opened his mouth again to tell Perry and Jimmy the news when Lois interrupted him, "Everything's fine, Chief! Really. It's just that, well, Clark worries about me and I haven't been feeling too well lately. I was suppose to stay at home, like Clark said to, but I feel much better now. So here I am. I'm really sorry, Chief."

Perry, who was expecting something a little more complicated and something that would involve him giving Lois and Clark a pep talk, was flabbergasted at the simplicity of the problem. It didn't even require him to open his mouth. "Well alright then. Well, you two had better get on with the story then, hadn't you."

Clark was about to open his mouth again, to tell the truth so that they knew Lois' condition and could force her to go home. But Lois anticipated this and got in there before Clark had a chance to even open his mouth. "Right, Chief, we're on it."

"O.K. then, you two. Get!"

Once alone, Lois knew she was in trouble and Clark was going to give her an earful. She was going to need a good excuse.

"O.K. Lois. I thought we'd agreed that you would stay at home."

"Look, Clark. I know that I'm… P.G…"


"Pregnant. Honestly, Clark, use your head!"

"Oh, sorry."

"Anyway, just because I'm… you know… doesn't mean that I have to sit at home like this little housewife waiting for her husband to get home from work. That's just not me, Clark."

"You know that's not how it is. It's just that I want you to take it easy. You know, stay off your feet, make sure you look after yourself and the baby."

"I know sweetheart, and I appreciate the concern, but I talked to my doctor and he said to carry on as usual. Babies are more resilient than you think. And I know that because this baby is going to be slightly different, because it's.." then she came closer to Clark so that no-one would hear, "half Kryptonian. It doesn't mean that it's any different than a human baby. It's not going to be *that* different. It'll still have arms, and legs, and a heart."

Whilst Lois and Clark were talking, they didn't realize Jimmy walking towards them, "What will?"

Lois didn't expect to hear Jimmy behind her, but when she did she jumped, nearly falling over. Clark caught her and Jimmy watched with a suspicious glare.

"Ah Jimmy, you scared me."

"What were you two talkin' about? What will have arms and legs and a heart?" Clark was grinning and was about to say a baby when Lois, again, interjected, "A monkey!"

Jimmy looked bewildered, but Lois simply grinned back at him, refusing to elaborate on why they would be talking about a monkey.

Lois changed the subject as quickly as she could, "so what have you got?"

Jimmy had almost forgotten why he had approached them, "Oh yeah. Here's the information from Dr Klein. It's the list of things that were stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs. The only things taken were two test tubes of DNA samples. One from a Male and one from a Female. Dr Klein wouldn't say what they were for over the phone; he wanted to speak to you two in person."

Lois felt better already, like things were getting back to normal. It's not that she wasn't looking forward to the baby, it's just she couldn't sit around for nine months doing nothing. "Actually," she thought when she realized how bloated she'd be at nine months, "maybe I'll take time off for the last few weeks, or so. But at least I won't be idle for the whole term." She thanked Jimmy and as soon as he was clear she sat down, ready to get to work.

"Well, I think we should go interview Dr Klein. Don't you think, Clark?"

But Clark wasn't listening to her, he was thinking how stubborn Lois was; how she could easily get hurt. Did she know how much he loved this baby? He hoped that she would do nothing to harm it. She had to look after herself… and the baby.

"Clark? Earth calling Clark!"

You are so stubborn!"

"Excuse me? Clark, what's on your mind, or need I ask?"

Clark took a deep breath and kneeled down next to Lois. "Lois, sweetheart, listen to me. I know that no matter what I say you will not go home but will you promise me one thing?"


"Please don't put yourself in danger and do anything to jeopardize your safety or that of the baby."

Lois looked deep into Clark's eyes. She saw the concern and the fright that was in his eyes if he ever lost her or the baby. She took his face in her hands, "Clark, you know that I love this baby as much as you do. And I know what this baby means to you. It'll be your flesh and blood, part of you. You've never known that and you don't want to lose it. I know that and I understand and I wouldn't do anything to hurt that, ever."

Clark always knew, deep down that Lois understood and that she felt the same way. He felt so ashamed that he had underestimated her, "Lois, I'm sorry. I feel so ashamed that I thought that maybe you wouldn't know. But I wasn't just saying that because of the baby. I meant that about you too."

Lois smiled, and then Clark did.

"I know". They gave each other a tender kiss but still with the same amount of passion as the kiss of that morning. They gazed into each other's eyes, wanting each other, but knowing they couldn't have each other. Not in the newsroom in front of all their colleagues. "But there's something I want to ask you."


"Why did you break off this morning?"

Clark gave Lois a look of bewilderment. He had no idea what she was talking about. "What do you mean?"

"When we were kissing in bed this morning. You *know* you wanted to stay there longer, as much as I did, but you broke off. Why?"

Clark felt like sinking into the ground. He'd sworn to himself that he would never do this, but he did. He did that and then he'd not explained to Lois why. He knew how sensitive she was and what a vulnerable state she was in. His heart hurt. "Oh Lois," he looked down too ashamed to say anything.

Lois became alarmed, not knowing what to expect. Her heart began to thump and she felt herself begin to hyperventilate, "Oh God, I knew it. You don't love me anymore. I knew it." Lois was in over-drive and she wasn't listening to Clark protesting, "Oh god, but why? We're so happy. You've lost interest, haven't you…"

"Lois! Get a grip. Honey, that's not it at all."

"It's not?"

"No! The very notion is laughable."

But that didn't ease Lois, she was still frightened that something had happened. "So.. then… what?"

"I didn't think it was a good idea to do it whilst you were pregnant. You know, I didn't want to risk harming the baby."

Lois relaxed. She didn't realize how tense she was until she relaxed. She had to compose herself. Clark was too considerate for his own good. It would get him into serious trouble one day.

"Clark, sweetheart. Why didn't you tell me? I thought that…"

"I know, and I'm sorry."

"Clark, we've done it before. Whilst I was pregnant."

"I know Lois, but the baby's getting bigger. It could get even more risky."

"Look, I talked to the doctor about this; actually I talked to her about everything and she said that sex wouldn't harm the baby. We just have to be a little less… passionate." With that they both laughed and they felt like they were back on track. "And, Clark, next time can we promise to talk about things before they get out of hand? You remember what your mom said…" And they both chimed in, "Communication is key!" They knew that minute that they would be alright; they would get through this. Lois didn't know how Clark put up with her stubbornness and neurosis, but she knew that she wouldn't lose him over it. Clark didn't know how Lois put up with him trying to make decisions for her without telling her why, even though they were well intentioned and for her own good. But he knew that he wouldn't lose her over it. Because they loved each other. Forever and always.

Perry stepped in on the pair just as they said the last words, "Your damn right 'communication is key' but how the hell are you two gonna write some 'communication' if you're here sitting on your behinds doin' nothin'. Aren't you suppose to be out there interviewin' Dr Klein?"

Lois and Clark got up, a little embarrassed but more ashamed of themselves. "Sorry Chief." Clark said, "we're on our way."

"It won't happen again, Chief."

"It better not." Perry knew what trouble, "but Judas Priest," he thought aloud after they had left the office, "if they weren't the best reporting team in this town then I… aw well… Jimmy!"

"Yeah, Chief?"

"Get me that article on the escape of Bob Fences."


"Ah, Jimmy, pay attention. You know Bob Fences, the computer's expert, mind manipulator guy."

"Oh right, sorry. I'll get it, Chief."

As Jimmy rushed off, Perry stood firmly on the spot thinking about Lois and Clark. What they had been through and how much he felt happy that their lives had finally turned for the better. "God let them stay happy." He looked up to the sky," give 'em good things, please."


As Lois and Clark walked out of the Daily Planet, Lois could see that Clark was thinking.

"You're obsessing again, aren't you, Clark."

Once Clark realized what she was talking about he began to laugh. "No… well, O.K. Yes."

"Come on, out with it!"

"Why wouldn't you let me tell Perry and Jimmy that you were pregnant?"

Lois knew this was coming, and the expression on her face showed it. She knew Clark like the back of her hand, he was so predictable, "Clark, think about it. Compared to those two you are nothing when it comes to the concerns over my health. Just look at the way you were about the baby. You were great about it, sort of." She laughed, "O.K. so you told me to stay at home but once I walked into the newsroom, I knew that you would let me stay. You'd miss me too much."

"You know me well." And he couldn't help stopping them both and giving her a quick but tender kiss.

"How right you are." Then she thought of Perry and Jimmy, and how they would react, "But Perry, he's my boss, and he's like a father, but most of all he's my *boss* and he would probably fire me over this, working-while-your- pregnant thing. And I don't think I could take that. As for Jimmy, well, he's like a brother. I've known Jimmy for years, and he would be constantly looking at me and making sure that I was alright. I mean as sweet as Jimmy is, and as much as I love him, I wouldn't be able to handle it!"

Clark couldn't argue with her on that. Lois definitely had a point. They began walking again, pondering over the different actions that they could take and the consequences of them. It was getting difficult.

"O.K. You *are* right about that. But what about the fact that we *kept* it from them. How do you think they're going to feel about that?"

Lois lost the satisfaction of being right about how Perry and Jimmy would react. Clark was right; they'd be heartbroken. She didn't know which would be worse, the constant scrutinizing and the watching of her every move making sure that she was alright or them not finding out till it became obvious. "I don't know. But let's put that aside for now O.K. Look, here we are. Let's just get to work and interview Dr Klein."


Dr Klein gave new meaning to 'The Nutty Professor'. As soon as Lois and Clark entered S.T.A.R. Labs he was rushing around like Superman saving lives at Super-speed. He would be looking out the window to check that no-one was spying on him, then he'd check on the four remaining test tubes, making sure they were still there and that none had been tampered with, then he'd rush back to the window again.

Lois and Clark watched him do this three times before they could no longer take it. Lois had to stop him, she tried the soft spoken subtle approach, "Dr Klein?" That failed and she resorted to the scream, "DR KLEIN!!"

Dr. Klein froze, and then suddenly realized what he was doing. He was panicking. He was the only one in charge of the test tubes and now that two had been stolen, his position at S.T.A.R. Labs was at risk, at *serious* risk. "Oh, gosh. I'm sorry. It's just that I've become so jumpy since the robbery. It's so baffling how anyone could have gotten in here without the alarm going off. Simply impossible to understand."

"What were you doing the night the tubes were taken?" Lois asked.

"I don't know." Dr Klein began, "I left here, after I had done the usual lock up procedure…"

"That would be what, Dr Klein?" Clark quickly asked, "It might give us a clue to what happened that night."

Lois was impressed. That was good thinking by Clark. She had never thought of that angle.

"Well," began Dr Klein, "the locking up procedure would consist of me locking *all* the triple glazing, shatter- proof windows, then the triple glazing shatter-proof door, the only door, to this lab. Then I would check *every*, *single* triple glazing shatter-proof window and door in the labs. And then I would lock the main doors, there are four, one on the west side of the labs, one on the east, one on the south and the main door at the front which are all triple-triple glazing, double shatter-proof, with…"

"Ah, Dr Klein," Clark interrupted, "we get the idea."

"Oh, yeah right. Well all those four doors are locked with ten locks and are then security locked with an inside alarm and an outside one. And that's about it."

Lois and Clark were numb. They had never been through an explanation like that which was so incredibly… boring — tedious and boring. Lois needed to sit down. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea for Clark ask to Dr Klein how he locked up. They should have known by now what to expect and what to avoid.

"Are you alright, honey?"

"Yeah, Clark. Don't worry."

Dr Klein saw the frustration in Lois' face when she was listening to him but mistakenly took it for being an illness. It had not even crossed Dr Klein's mind that his explanations could be anything but enlightening. "Are you alright, Mrs Kent?"

"Ah, that's Miss Lane, Dr Klein." Lois saw that he didn't understand why Lois hadn't taken up Clark's name. "Oh no, Dr Klein, it's just that I've worked so hard to get a name for myself that it was easier to just keep it." Dr Klein understood.

"So, Dr Klein," asked Clark. He was getting tired and wanted to press on so that he could get Lois back home as quickly as possible so that she could rest. She was looking tired, but deep down he knew that it wasn't the pregnancy… "What did you do *after* you did *all* the locking up?"

"You know that's kinda funny, because my car is usually parked just on the kerb outside the north doors, and after I locked up everything is a blur, because the next thing I remember is me sitting in the car. I was probably *very* tired that night."

Clark wanted to know *exactly* what happened that night. He was sure that it was the key to what really happened, "Dr Klein. You have a security camera, don't you?"

Dr Klein had forgotten all about those, "Of course, the most recent tape. It's still in the recorder. Over here."

Dr Klein, Lois and Clark all went over to the TV and recorder that was kept in a small corner. As he played it, there on the screen was Dr Klein locking the north door but then all of a sudden, the picture scrambled and when the picture came back Dr Klein was sitting in his car that was parked right where he said it was.

Clark knew it. "My guess is, whatever happened concerning the robbery, happened when the picture messed up. I'm sure that was no accident."

Lois agreed. That was too weird but Lois had one more question to ask, "Dr Klein, what were those two test tubes of DNA samples going to be used for?"

It was then that Dr Klein began rushing about again, like he had when Lois and Clark first entered the lab.

"Dr Klein? DR KLEIN!"

And just like before, he stopped. "You have to understand, Miss Lane, Mr Kent, that I was the only person here. I pleaded insanity to my peers, because I couldn't recall what had happened that night."

"Well that's not too hard to understand." muttered Clark, quiet enough so that Dr Klein couldn't hear him, but Lois did and she nudged him, "Clark."

"What was that, Miss Lane?"

"Oh nothing, Dr Klein, carry on."

"Yes well if I tell you then you'll write it in your paper and then my peers will know what happened and then they'll fire me!"

"Dr Klein, we appreciate your concern, but I promise you that we will find some other source that'll tell us the information before we divulge anything that you told us." Clark was now desperate to get out of there, so now wooing Dr Klein into spilling the information seemed the easiest way to get them *out*.

Fortunately, Dr Klein bought it, "O.K. These test tubes were going to be the first genetic, but indestructible, security guards. They would be able to camouflage themselves so that unsuspecting thieves, would be totally unaware that they were being watched. Then as soon as the *bad* people try too break in *boom*, our *good* people, our *unique* good people come out of their camouflage and get 'em."

"What do you mean by 'camouflage', Dr Klein?" Lois asked.

"I mean, that… um… well have you both seen Terminator 2?"

Both Lois and Clark looked at each other, baffled. Of course they'd seen it but what did that have to do with this?

"Well, the bad cop, the one that was made out of Mercury, you know, he could change into anything — provided it was organic. Well, that's what these things can do." He said, pointing to the four remaining test tubes, "Only *these* ones can camouflage themselves into inanimate as well as animate objects. They can do anything!"

It was then that they understood Dr Klein's immense anxiety and it was then that they comprehended the enormity of the disaster that these *things* would have in the wrong hands.

"Oh my god!" thought Lois. Then Lois and Clark thanked Dr Klein, again swearing that they would keep this information confidential until they found another way of explaining it without exposing him as the source, and they left.


The room was dark and musty. There was no light except through the half-drawn blinds. Suddenly, the blinds were opened and a flood of bright light filled the room and awoke the sleeping Bob Fences.

"Shut the damn blinds!" He looked up to see no one there. He then looked at the floor beneath the window and saw the blinds in a heap on the floor. "Oh, the blinds broke." Fences took a long look around his now empty office. This had once been where he controlled the most thriving computer business in all Metropolis, until Lois Lane and Clark Kent wrote their article on him. He created a microwave transmitter that would literally kill a city, then he was sent to prison. Now that he was out, he would get his revenge.

With what was left of his money stored in a German bank and with some loyal associates who had thankfully kept away from the clutches of the thriving Intergang, he had managed to steal two test tubes from S.T.A.R. Labs.

"Now I can make my millions with the genetic engineering already taken care of by Dr Klein. All I need to do now is supply my high-tech thieves with the *computer* engineering. They don't call me the best mind manipulator for nothing. I was the one who made Lois Lane look stupid — I made her think she was abducted by *aliens*!" He then screamed out loud and in entered Pryce, one of Fences' *henchmen*. "So, Pryce, nothing went wrong with the robbery? My scrambler worked on the camera?"

"Yes, sir," replied Pryce, "it gave us enough time to get in and out and still not be seen. But one question, sir…"

Fences glared at Pryce, he did not like questions but he'd allow *one* just this once. "What is it, Pryce?"

"How did you manage to make Dr Klein open the security doors for us? He was *very* compliant. Is he part of us?"

Fences smirked at Pryce's total ignorance. "No, you idiot! Did you not read the infamous article that Lane and Kent wrote about me in the paper about the methods I had used in attempting to use my transmitter to bribe countries?"

Pryce simply shook his head.

"Well, my ignorant friend, I simply sent him a free gift through the mail. A watch which when worn, will send shocks through the body to the brain that will convey the message that I want. Like in Klein's case I simply provided computer generated messages in the watch that when I triggered it off with this device," Fences held up what looked like a detonator switch, "would induce him to, 'do as you say.' Neat huh?"

Pryce had to admit, it was good. He was glad that he had *sided* with Fences rather than opposing him. God knows what could have happened to him.

"Phase one complete!" Now that he had the test tubes, he knew exactly what to do with them. But he was sure that Lane and Kent would figure out how his men had gotten past Klein so easily. They weren't the best for nothing, he knew that. So he had to act quickly, "but rest assured," Fences thought, "Lane and Kent are in for the *shock* of their lives!"


Back at the Planet, Lois and Clark were busy trying to piece together the missing pieces to Dr Klein's story. They knew Dr Klein too well to suspect him of lying so there had to be another explanation.

"My theory is, that Dr Klein was in some kind of trance when the robbers attacked." Clark wondered out loud, "Dr Klein gave me a print out of what times the security lock was accessed, as you see here." He pointed out one entry on the piece of paper.

"I see it," replied Lois but she didn't see the relevance, "but when do I get happy?"

"Well, this is the exact same time that the camera scrambled, and Dr Klein has no recollection of ever pressing the keys made as no-one else knows the access codes means that … "

"He *was* in some kind of trance but how…" at that point Lois looked at Clark. His face to anyone else would seem to be normal, but to Lois she could see that he was hiding something. "O.K. out with it!"

"How did you know?"

"Communication between you and me is not solely verbal, Mr Kent. I thought you of all people would know that by now."

Clark grinned, Lois was teasing him again. He had this sudden urge to touch her and kiss her all over but he knew that this wasn't the time. And Lois knew that too. She enjoyed teasing him.

"Dr Klein said that he did remember looking at his watch before going into the trance."

Lois knew what this meant and why Clark had kept it from her. He had done the same to Lois a little while ago. He didn't want her exerting herself.

"The only person that we know who could do this is Bob Fences," then she remembered the aliens, the trances. "It all fits only … " Fences was in prison, or was he? Then Lois and Clark simultaneously called for Jimmy.

"You hollered?" Jimmy humorously replied.

Lois didn't catch on to the joke, she had more important things to think about, "Yeah, Jimmy, tell us something. You know the computer's expert …"

Clark carried on,

"Bob Fences, is he … "

And Lois finished off, "Out of Prison?"

Jimmy was no longer listening to the words they were saying. He was amazed at the exact same way in which they spoke. They always knew how the other one was thinking. They knew each other's next move. Amazing.

"Jimmy?" Lois asked again, "is he?"

"Oh right! Sorry, you guys. It's just that stereo thing you two do! It gets me every time."

Clark was getting impatient. There was no time to lose. He was sure that Fences was going to come after him and Lois and he didn't want Lois to get hurt. He *needed* to catch this guy before he did anything to Lois … and their baby. "Jimmy, come on."

"Sorry, CK. As a matter of fact, yeah he did. Robertson wrote an article about it today. Just after you left to see Dr Klein actually. How did you two know?"

But Lois and Clark weren't paying attention to him anymore, they had to find Bob Fences and they had to find him now. But where?

Just then they heard someone shout out, "Chief, there's been a robbery at Computer City!"

"Bingo." Thought Clark, he looked at Lois and she knew what he was going to do. She also knew that she had to stay put. No matter what.

"O.K. But Clark .. "


"Can I, like, stand on the other side of the road, just so that I can *see* what's happening? I promise I won't go anywhere *near* danger."

Clark was all ready to say no, but Lois gave him *that* look and he had to say yes. But he would drop her way out of harm's reach.


Little did they know that it was a trap. Fences knew that Lane and Kent would put his escape and Dr Klein's trance together so a robbery using his new toys seemed only fitting to use as a trap. A Lane and Kent trap. He planned to *shock* the life out of them.

He stood on the roof of the Metropolis Bank looking down at the scene that was unfolding. Police cars, crowds of by-standers, reporters. But he was looking out for the very special two reporters that put him away. He became worried when he couldn't see them. They had to be here; he was sure of it. They couldn't miss an opportunity like this, an opportunity to catch *the* Bob Fences.

Fences saw Superman quickly enter the shop, but he knew that Superman would not find the thieves, because they would be hidden. They were agile enough to be away from the crime scene that Superman would not even *know* where to start looking for them. It was perfect. The only thing that would put the icing on the cake would be Lois Lane and Clark Kent tied up ready for torture.

He had abandoned his office. Fences knew that spending more than an hour there would mean definite re- capture. But he was smart. Then there! There was Lane, but no Kent, standing on the other side of the road. A quiet observer, trying to keep away from big bad Bob. If only she knew there was no escape, and Superman wouldn't save her.


Superman finished scanning the store before giving up. He gave the police all the information he could but he couldn't find the culprits. But he knew who they were. The police thanked him and he decided to go back to Lois. They still had work to do. He ran across the street where he left her but she was gone. His heart jumped into his throat, "Oh God, Lois!" He screamed but there was no answer. Where could she be? He needed to find out where she was but how would he find her. The only thing he could do was scan the area. It was all he could do. He knew this would happen. But he didn't blame Lois. He feared for her safety. He hoped he would find her before he had to face the fact that he wouldn't but he tried to push aside the terrible thought of life without her.


As Lois came around, she found herself hanging, twenty feet above the ground. She took a brief look at where she was and she knew her captor was clever. He had put her in a prison type of room, lined with lead. Then the doors opened.

"Hello Lois."

"Fences, it *was* you."

"Of course it was, Lois, I know it and you know it. I hope you like your room. It's a replica of the one that *your* article put me in, so I thought it only fitting that you should die in the same surroundings. I planned this well enough, except the capturing of your partner. I hear that you're married now; congratulations. Anyway, he wasn't with you at the time but we'll get him soon enough. And I wouldn't count on Superman coming because, he won't see you."

"What are you going to do with me?" The fear in Lois' face was evident and Fences was enjoying every ounce of it. But Fences only knew the half of it. Lois had faced death many times before. It wasn't her safety she was fearing for; it was the life of her child. She never felt more than now, the total love for the life inside her .. and the love she had for Clark.

Fences walked closer to her. He was followed by two of his men dragging a large tub of water, too deep to see the bottom of. "Ever heard of Shock Therapy?"

Lois didn't answer. She was reluctant to say anything anymore. All she could think about was Clark.

"Well I guess you haven't. Need I explain?"

Again Lois said nothing.

"I think I will, just to make it clear. You see, this water is no ordinary water. As you can see, it moves! Do you know why that is, Lois?"

Again silence.

"You see there is a steady current going through this water and *you* will be lowered into it. So," Fences looked at his men, "let the ceremony begin!"

As soon a Fences proclaimed this, Lois screamed, but not out loud, in her heart. She screamed for Clark; she cried out for her baby. Her heart began to pound and her emotion ran high. Immediately, her years with Clark flashed before her eyes and she saw something else flash before her eyes, something she had never seen before, her baby — their baby — their baby girl. Then there was an almighty crash, and before Lois could comprehend what was going on, she was being lifted down. She felt like she was floating and when she turned her head, it was Clark.

Lois was astounded, "How did you…" but Clark stopped her. She needed to save her strength.

"Sshh, later."

As she looked over Clark's shoulder she could see Fences and all his men, tied up ready for delivery to the Police, but Fences got free.

"This time you're not going to take me alive!" And he dove for the water; he dove to his death.

Lois stared with horror. That could've been her. That could've been her baby. A million thoughts went through her head. So many, but words could not explain the pain and fear that she felt when she was faced with losing her baby. Their baby. That instant her life changed, her thoughts changed. Every thought now was of her daughter.


Perry and Jimmy rushed to Lois and Clark's place as soon as they had heard what had happened. Clark met them at the door.

"How is she son?"

"She's doin' O.K. Hi, Jimmy."

"Hey, CK. Here's some flowers for Lois."

"Thanks, come in."

Lois could hear the gang in the sitting room. Clark thought she was asleep but the truth was she couldn't sleep. She wanted to tell the world about her baby.

"Clark?" called Lois, "Is Perry and Jimmy here?"

Clark, Jimmy and Perry all filed into the bedroom.

"Hi you guys. How are you?" Good old Lois, always thinking of them.

Perry knew though that Lois was really trying to take the focus off herself but she couldn't.

"Perry, Jimmy. Clark and I have something that we want to tell you."

There was an eager silence, Perry and Jimmy knew that something important was coming but they also knew that what they were going to hear would be good news. Perry was getting impatient. "What is it Lois?"

"I'm pregnant!"

There was congratulations all around and curses, mostly from Perry to Lois, at the irresponsibility of her still working whilst she was pregnant, "You know, Lois, I should fire you! But, I won't but that's only 'cause you are *one* of my best reporters, but Lois, promise that you will take it easy, and no running around. I limit you to desk work for the next eight months. Comprende?"

"Got it, Chief, you don't have to tell me twice."

But he couldn't contain himself, and he rushed to Lois and gave her the biggest hug he could muster. Deep down, Lois was his little girl and he was damn proud of her.


When they were alone Clark cooked, Lois watched. She hugged him close, never wanting to let go. "So, Mr Kent, can I ask you something?"

"Anything, Mrs Kent."

Lois let go of Clark and he stopped cooking, turning to face her. "How did you know where to find me?"

Clark studied her face; he loved the way it curved, the way her mouth moved, the expressions in her eyes. And then he thought of never seeing it again, "When you went missing, all those horrible thoughts of never seeing you again went through my mind. My heart started to beat faster than it had ever done before, and I felt myself dying. Then I *felt* you and I let my heart do the flying until I found myself over a lead lined room. It overwhelmed me, like your beauty does every time I see and think about you. And I don't just mean the beauty on the surface but I mean the beauty that *is* you and that grows *inside* you."

Lois didn't know what to say, she was lost for words, lost in Clark's words. She loved him more than life itself, and he loved her more and more each day. It was that love that united them together, even when he was in New Krypton and it was their love that found her and the baby, that love would never let any of them die. "Clark. I want to tell you something. I was going to keep this to myself, but communication between us has become more and more important." She took his face into her hands and looked deep into his eyes, "I love you more than you'll ever know. It's been your love that has seen me through a lot of things. And whilst I was tied up, I felt myself with you. It was amazing. It was like an out of body experience but it was strong. It wasn't death. It was life that was calling me. I knew you would come. And I saw something else."


"Our baby."

"You .. *saw* … our baby?"

"I have this strong feeling that I know what our baby is going to be."


"A girl."

Clark felt that too. He *knew* it. But in his heart it didn't matter what it was going to be, as long as the baby was healthy, but the fact that he felt it was going to be a girl as much as Lois did made it all the more true, all the more incredible.

Their love for each other was truly incredible, more powerful than Clark alone. Together they would make it. They took each other into their arms and kissed long and hard. The passion mounted until they were lost in one another. Clark picked Lois up and carried her into their bedroom. Who cared if the cooking would burn again. It couldn't get any hotter than Lois and Clark were. Their love would carry on burning, hotter than the hottest flame, for now and for always.