Close Encounters of the Chocolate Kind

By Michele Garnier (

Summary: A story in which Lois and Clark watch an action movie, eat chocolate ice cream, and battle over a bottle of chocolate syrup.

I wrote this because it was there. <gg>


Lois & Clark were experiencing one of those rare evenings when they were not arguing, in good moods, and alone. They were sitting on the couch in Clark's apartment watching Loaded Weapon 1.

Midway through the movie, tears in her eyes from laughter, Lois got a craving for chocolate ice cream.

"Do you have any ice cream?" She asked Clark out of the blue.

"I … " Clark started to answer when she interrupted.

"Oh, why am I asking you, Junk Food Junkie? Of course you do." Lois got up and went to the kitchen. Clark shrugged his shoulders and gave her a lopsided grin.

She opened the freezer and, sure enough, found chocolate ice cream. Pulling the ice cream out of the freezer, suddenly, unbidden, her conversation with Sarah came to mind. She closed the freezer slowly as the image of Clark and chocolate ice cream swam to the forefront of her thoughts. **Mmmmmm, hot fudge … chopped nuts!** **Whipped cream … ** Lois thought dreamily.

"I don't have any."

Lois nearly jumped out of her skin when she realized she'd spoken aloud and Clark had answered her.

"Oh, you don't? Darn, it would have been good on yo … uh, the ice cream. Yeah, uh, ice cre-do you have any hot fudge?"

"I don't think I have any hot fudge, but I do have some chocolate syrup in the fridge." Clark told her, amused by her sudden babbling state.

"Great! That'll work fine." Lois grabbed the syrup out of the refrigerator and set it atop the ice cream tub she held. She grabbed two bowls and spoons out of the cabinets and propped them on the ice cream as well. Balancing the mini-tower with her chin, she walked back to the couch.

Clark helped her set things down and opened the ice cream. He began to scoop it into the bowls. Lois took the bowl he handed her and picked up a spoon. She took a small bite and "Mmmmm'd" in appreciation.

Great minds thinking alike, they both reached for the chocolate syrup. Clark got to it first and Lois' hand landed on top of his, both pulling in a small, unwitting, tug of war.

"Oh, I … Oops!" Lois collapsed in a fit of laughter when Clark squeezed the bottle a little too hard and was rewarded with a face full of chocolate syrup.

Clark chuckled as he used his finger to wipe some of the chocolate off his cheek. Lois, still giggling, sat beside him and with her finger swiped through the chocolate on his other cheek.

She stuck her finger into her mouth to lick it off. Lois stopped, finger still in mouth, as she realized Clark was staring at her. It seemed as if time stopped, but her heart had only skipped one beat. "Ummm, uh," she took her finger out of her mouth, "You, uh, you have some chocolate on your glasses." She reached to take them off.

Clark reacted instinctively. "No! I … I'll wash them." Clark said starting to stand.

"Oh, Clark!" Lois said in a teasing tone, "You are so possessive about your glasses." She quickly snatched them off his face. Lois looked him in the eyes.

"See? Painless." And turned to go into the kitchen. She walked to the sink and began washing his glasses off.

Clark stared after her, dumbfounded. He sat waiting for the other shoe to fall. The storm to hit. The final nail in the coffin, and any other cliche's that came to mind.

Lois, drying his glasses, turned to see the panicked expression on Clark's face. She giggled uncontrollably.

"You have this hilarious 'deer in the headlights' look on your face, Clark." She walked to him and handed him his glasses. She sat down on the couch next to him and picked up her bowl of ice cream. She looked up, spoon in mouth. Clark was still staring at her.

"What? Do I have chocolate on me, too?" She asked him, wishing he'd say something.

Clark shook himself out of his shock and answered, "You, uh, have a little on your nose."

"I do?" Lois set the spoon in the bowl and wiped at her nose.

Clark caught her hand and said, "Here, let me." He set his glasses on the table next to his bowl of ice cream. He leaned over and planted a small kiss on her nose. Clark moved back slightly, enough to look Lois into the eyes. "There." He said quietly.

Lois leaned in slightly, and as if pulled by an unknown source, they met each other's lips in a kiss that promised no more roadblocks, no more secrets.

And the ice cream melted, completely forgotten.