Computer Glitch

By Shannon Berg <> & Lisa Stankiewicz <>

Rated: G

Submitted: June 2003

Summary: Lois and Clark's adopted teenaged daughters meet Jaxon Xavier in the virtual world. Will the computer wizard succeed in exacting revenge on Lois and Clark?


Lois and Clark walked into the Metropolis Mall hand in hand. Clark marveled at the crowd of shoppers and reporters. "Wow, all this for a silly computer game?"

"A silly computer game?" a voice said from behind Clark.

Clark turned around to see his 17-year-old adopted twin daughters Shannon and Lisa laughing.

"Dad! 'Computer Glitch' isn't a game; it's a virtual transporter. It sends you anywhere you want: China, Italy or even the moon! It connects you to the Internet and even has a built in virtual guider," Shannon said.

"And that's why you two HAVE to buy it when they give out the samplers to the reporters." Lisa smiled.

"Over my dead body!" Lois snapped.

"Oh, why not? It's not like you can actually get hurt," Shannon said in defense.

"Ha! You want a bet? When your father and I were engaged, we had to do a story almost like this one, and the kid who made the program tried to kidnap me and keep me and your father in the virtual world," Lois babbled.

Lisa rolled her eyes. "Yeah, well, in today's day and age computers are more enhanced; they have safety switches and stuff in case that happens."

"Well, there is no way you two are getting near that thing. You're lucky you can use a computer in the house," Clark said as they walked into the computer store and sat down in front of a stage that was set up with a large computer screen.


Maxwell eased back in his chair and smiled at his creation that was going to make him millions. Suddenly, Maxwell's office door opened and a skinny elderly man with glasses walked in. "Mr. Longhorn, you can't release this program!"

Maxwell gave the old man a half smile. He was the best scientist Maxwell had on his staff and Maxwell didn't have the heart to get rid of him just yet. "Vinny, what is it this time?"

Vinny pushed his glasses up to align them to his eyes and said, "Mr. Longhorn, we have been doing some tests on the program, and you and I both know that extended exposure to the virtual world would be deadly."

"We did put a warning on it, so, if anyone does get hurt it won't be our problem," Maxwell said as he stood up and got his coat.

Vinny shook his head; he should be controlling the Longhorn Cooperation and not Maxwell. "Maxwell! Will you listen to me!?"

Maxwell looked at Vinny and said, "You have three minutes to give me a better reason why I shouldn't go out there and tell those reporters to buy 'Computer Glitch.'"

"Mr. Longhorn," Vinny said more composed, "my staff has done another test and it shows that 'Computer Glitch' keeps having a power surge at a certain destination."

Maxwell laughed. "This is why you're getting so worried?"

Vinny looked at Maxwell with a fierce look. "Players can't go to Metropolis without getting kicked off the game."

Maxwell smiled. "Vinny, you had too much coffee today."

Vinny sighed. "You don't understand, do you? 'Computer Glitch' was made from the program that the FDA took off the shelves in '95."

Maxwell turned around. "Wait. The one that the kid got stuck in after he tried to take over the world with it?"

Vinny nodded. "We think that his brain waves are still in the database of the program."

"Is there any solid proof that it's him?" Maxwell asked.

Vinny shook his head. "No, it's just a theory for now. But, Mr. Longhorn, if you put this on the shelves everyone is in danger; there is no way of telling what this kid could do."

Maxwell laughed. "Man, Vinny, you've been watching too many sci-fi movies. Now if you excuse me, I have a press conference to attend to."


Clark looked at his watch and sighed. "This better be good. The guy is an hour late."

Lois was going to comment, but suddenly they saw a well-built man in his twenties walk on stage. "I'm sorry for the delay, folks. I am Maxwell Longhorn, the designer of 'Computer Glitch.' So, why don't we start with questions before I release 'Computer Glitch.'"

Clark quickly raised his hand and said, "Mr. Longhorn, what makes your program any different from the one made in '95?"

Maxwell smiled. "Well, Mr. Kent, unlike the one that Lex Jr. made in '95, I'm not trying to take over the world, just the computer industry."

The reporters laughed.

"No, but seriously, 'Computer Glitch' not only lets you experience the virtual world, but it also gives buyers a personal experience when they are in a chat room."

"Care to elaborate on that?" Clark asked.

Maxwell smiled. "Sure, but it would make more sense if I had a volunteer."

Shannon and Lisa quickly raise their hands, ignoring the angry looks from Clark. Maxwell smiled. "Ok, what about you, in the pink top," Maxwell said, referring to Shannon.

"Shannon, if you go up there, you're grounded for a month!" Clark hissed.

Shannon smiled and said slyly, "You wouldn't ground me with all theses people around, would you? I mean, what would the headlines of 'The Star' say? 'Clark Kent, a stiff, grounds daughter for having fun.'" Shannon then walked toward the stage and stood next to Maxwell.

Maxwell smiled. "Hi. What's you name, sweetheart?"

Shannon blushed. "Shannon…Shannon Kent."

"Oh, so you're a Kent? Then I'll take extra care of you," Maxwell said with a wink.

The reporters laughed, but Clark shifted in his chair nervously, fearing something bad would happen.

Maxwell took Shannon by the hand and helped her get hooked up to the helmet and glove. "Now, all a person has to do is set the settings to a place they want to go. Ok, Shannon, where would you like to go?"

Shannon thinks and said, "Australia."

"Australia it is, sweetheart. Now the person would type in Australia and hit the switch. We have set up a special video camera to show what Shannon is seeing."

The reporters were in awe as they watched Shannon walk around Australia.


"Good day, mate!" A man from behind greeted.

"Good day, Sir," Shannon replied with a smile, happy to be walking under the hot sun of Australia.

Just then, Shannon turned and saw three kangaroos running. If that wasn't enough there were also five ostriches quickly running past Shannon. As Shannon ran with the animals, she was screaming, "Brrrrrrr…"


The audience obviously found Shannon to be funny. In fact, three people needed to leave to use the restroom. Lisa just sat there laughing. Even Lois and Clark, who were wishing Shannon had never volunteered, were laughing.

"Mr. And Mrs. Kent? What do you think of this now?" Maxwell asked.

Clark needed to stop laughing first but couldn't as he saw Shannon doing cartwheels and hit into a tree lightly. "It's good," Clark simply said.

Maxwell smiled. Everything was going as planned. What did Vinny know? Maxwell then turned to the computer screen and saw it flicker and go black. "What happened?" Maxwell whispered to his scientists.

"We're not sure."

"Well, find out!" he hissed and turned to the reporters who seemed to be growing more concerned. "No need for alarm. We just lost the connection on the video camera."

Clark and Lois looked at each other in fear, not knowing what to expect. Suddenly the store lights started to flicker violently. "Longhorn! Get her out of there!" Clark yelled.

Maxwell put his hand up. "It's just a small hiccup with the wires." Suddenly, the lights turned off and Shannon went limp in the chair.

"What the hell is going on?!" Maxwell yelled at his employees, but low enough so the reporters couldn't hear. "Can't we unhook her?" Maxwell asked.

"Don't disconnect her; if you do she will become brain dead," a scientist said.

"Well, fix it before it ruins my company!" Maxwell cursed just as the lights turned on and the computer came back online.

Maxwell smiled at the reporters and said, "See, no reason to worry." Maxwell then walked up to the computer and said, "Now if a person would want to come out of the game they would have to simply press the exit button." With that Maxwell hit the exit button.

Shannon took off the helmet. "What a ride!"

The reporters chuckled and some one asked, "Mr. Longhorn, how does your safety systems work on 'Computer Glitch?'"

Maxwell nodded. "That's a very good question. In this case, when a power surge happens the players are basically kicked off the program, and for parents who are worried about who their children talk to in the chartrooms, we have settings that will only allow the children to speak to people their age."

"What happens if the children are playing this program for a long period of time?" Lois asked.

Maxwell nodded, "The Longhorn Corporation doesn't condone children playing 'Computer Glitch' for more than two hours."

"What will happen if they do stay on for a long amount of time?" Lois asked. Lois then saw an elderly man come on stage and whisper something in Maxwell's ear.

Maxwell smiled. "I'm sorry to cut this short folks, but it seems that we have run out of time. So, thank you for your time, and on your way out, we are giving out 'Computer Glitch' for free." With that, Maxwell quickly walked off stage.


Lisa flopped onto her bed and opened her Seventeen Magazine as Shannon painted her toenails while on the floor. "So, what's with Dad and Mom not letting us use 'Computer Glitch?'" Shannon asked.

Lisa smiled as she looked at a picture of Maxwell. "Well, they think it's 'too dangerous and useless' for us, and that power surge didn't help anything either. Did you know that Maxwell was adopted?"

Shannon shook her head. Shannon had been in love with Maxwell since she could remember and said, "Yeah? But let me tell you that man has a nice butt!"

"Shannon!" Lisa laughed and hit Shannon with a pillow.

Shannon laughed. "What? It's true. I guess we shouldn't hold our breath getting the program for Christmas, huh?"

Lisa smiled, "No, but look at this." Lisa then leaned over to her night table and opened the drawer taking out a plastic bag.

"Lisa, you didn't!" Shannon smiled.

"Shhhh. Keep your voice down," Lisa whispered and took 'Computer Glitch' out of the bag.

"Can you hook it up to our computer?" Shannon asked.

Lisa smiled. "Of course."

"Shannon! Lisa! Come down and greet your grandparents!" Lois yelled up from the stairs.

"Coming, Mom!" Shannon yelled as Lisa shoved the computer program back in her drawer.


"Grandma, Grandpa!" Shannon greeted them with a hug.

"Hi, Shannon! It's so nice to see you!" Ellen greeted them obnoxiously, like she always did.

"Hey you, kiddo!" Sam greeted. "Where's Lisa?"

"I'm right here! Hey, everyone." Lisa greeted them with a smile, then a hug.

"Well, let's eat before supper gets cold," Lois suggested.

"Oh, that's a good idea," Sam said, walking towards the kitchen while the others followed.

They sat down at the table, where Shannon and Lisa argued over whose turn it was to pray, but Shannon lost and was forced to say grace. Then, beginning with Clark, they passed the food around.

"I hope it's okay?" Lois said, crossing her fingers.

"Lois, sweetheart, it looks delicious, as always," Clark commented with a wink towards Lois.

Lois smiled and replied, "Thank you, honey."

"This is very good, princess," Sam commented, as he took another bite.

Ellen looked warily at her plate and took a bite of the chicken. "Lois! What have I told you about over- cooking the chicken? Now it's not as tender."

"I think Lois did a wonderful job, Ellen!" Clark exclaimed, disturbed.

"Yeah mom, you did great," Shannon commented.

"Yeah, ditto!" Lisa said agreeing.

"Thank you, girls," Lois replied.

Soon they got done eating. Shannon and Lisa went into the family room to entertain Ellen and Sam, and Lois and Clark stayed in the kitchen to get things cleaned up.

"Lois, I don't think I can take your mom tonight. I'm sorry, I tried, but if she puts you down one more time, I don't know if I can keep calm," Clark said.

"I know, honey, I can't take her either, but will you try, please?"

"I dunno…"

"Please try, sweetheart?"

"All right, I'll try just for you, honey," Clark said, kissing Lois. Clark stared at Lois's new figure that still wasn't too noticeable and said, "So, are we going to tell everyone our little secret that we have been holding?"

Lois smiled and kissed Clark, "Of course, come on." Lois took Clark by the hand and led him in the family room.


Ellen smiled as Shannon and Lisa talked about their day with Lois and Clark.

"Yeah, 'Computer Glitch' is so cool! It let's you go anywhere you want!" Lisa smiled.

"Yes, and its also too dangerous. Your sister almost got killed today because of that stupid program," Clark said as he and Lois sat down.

Ellen smiled. "I don't see the harm in it, Clark. It's a game."

Clark bit his lip. "Ellen, Lois and I almost got killed because of an earlier version of that program, and I'm not having my daughters get hurt because they want to be 'cool.'"

"Well, don't you want your daughters to be popular and not social rejects?" Ellen asked.

Clark raised his hand. "Ellen! Don't go there!"

Lois held Clark's hand and muttered, "Clark, please, don't."

Clark sighed. "I'm going to make the coffee." With that Clark walked into the kitchen.

Lois stared at her parents angrily. "Girls, why don't you help your father with dessert."

Shannon and Lisa knew that the famous Lane family fights were coming and gladly went into the kitchen.

Lois got up and started to pace around a little. "What's wrong with you two?"

"What do you mean, Lois?" Sam asked.

"You know that Clark hates it when you tell us how to raise the girls," Lois spat.

"I would think that he would be happy for help and guidance," Ellen said.

"Mom, please, you two aren't exactly qualified to give us helpful advice," Lois said as she sat down.

"Hey, we raised you and Lucy the best way possible," Ellen commented.

Lois held her hand up. "Mom, please don't start that. Let's just leave it be and wait until Clark comes in with the dessert."

"Are you sure you want dessert? It seems that you've been gaining some weight, princess," Sam said with a laugh.

Tears started to well in Lois's eyes. She didn't know if it was the hormones or that the comment was a serious sucker punch to the heart, but she quickly ran upstairs in tears as Clark entered the family room. "Girls, go upstairs and start your homework," he said calmly.

"But, Dad, we did it already," Lisa said.

Clark turned and gave them an angry glare, one that they never saw on him before; Shannon placed the coffee on the table and quickly followed Lisa up the stairs. Clark waited until he heard the door close. "You got some freak'in nerve saying that to Lois."

Sam and Ellen sat there dumbfounded. "What do you mean? And how dare you take that tone with me!" Sam yelled.

Clark gave a half smile and said, "Know what, Sam? Usually I'm very polite to you and Ellen, but you insulted Lois for the last time."

Sam shook his head, "What are you talking about?"

"Come on, Sam, every time you're here either you or Ellen say something to make Lois miserable from her weight to the way we raise Lisa and Shannon," Clark said in frustration.

"So, you guys can work on it. Lois can go to the gym and keep up her figure and take parenting classes with you," Ellen said.

Clark threw up his hands. "That's it! Get out!"

"What? No, we're her parents for god sakes!" Sam said as he stood up and sized up to Clark.

"Then act like parents or get out!" Clark yelled as he opened the door.

Sam took Ellen by the hand and gave Clark a cold stare. "Come on, Ellen. Obviously we're not wanted here."

"But Sam-" Ellen didn't want to leave with Sam and Clark mad at each other, but they both were acting like bulls butting heads.

"No buts, Ellen! I never knew Clark could be this disrespectable and just hope that he's not this way with Lois," Sam said as he got their coats from the hanger.

"What are you getting at, Sam?" Clark said, giving Sam a colder stare.

"I just hope that you keep your temper down with Lois and don't blow up like you did with us," Sam commented.

Clark held onto the doorknob so hard that his fingerprints bent into it. "Leave now!"

With that Sam and Ellen left in a huff. Clark sighed and sat on the couch for a second trying to calm down, but his super hearing picked up on Lois's soft whimpers.


Lois heard the bedroom door open.

"Did they leave?" Lois asked, curled up in a ball crying on their bed.

"Yeah. I'm sorry, honey. I know you told me to try and stay calm, but I just couldn't stand the fact that they were putting you down like that."

"I know, but it's true."

"What? Sweetheart, what are you talking about?"

"Clark, look at me. I'm fat, and I've never felt so ugly in my life."

"Honey…" Clark went over to sit on the bed beside Lois to comfort her.

"You are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. Any man would be lucky to have you, and any woman would be lucky to be as beautiful as you. And, as far as your weight is concerned, sweetheart, I see what others don't…" Clark continued grinning with a wink. "And you have the sexiest body. I mean you've got the curves…"

"Stop…" Lois said, slapping him playfully.

"Now, I know that you can't have wine because of that little tyke in there…" pointing at her stomach with a smile, "but how about some sparkling water to go with those sparkling eyes?" Clark ended with a kiss on her forehead.

"That sounds good. I'll just wait here," Lois said. Clark flashed her a bright white smile and kissed her again, but this time… this time Lois doesn't let go. She wrapped her arms around Clark and was lost in the magic.

Clark reluctantly pulled away and said, "Hold that thought." And quickly ran down the stairs grabbing a glass of wine, sparkling water and the double, double chunky chocolate brownies. When Clark returned to the bedroom he found Lois had gone into the bathroom to change. Clark placed the glasses down and the brownies on the night table and flipped through Lois's "Motherhood" magazine. Within a couple of minutes Lois returned in her pajamas and climbed back into bed.

"Where were we?" Lois laughed and started to kiss Clark when she spotted the brownies. Quickly ending the kiss, Lois grabbed a brownie. "Mmmm, these are the best thing for a pregnant woman!"

Clark was still stunned and baffled about what just happened and just blinked.

Lois looked over at Clark and laughed, "Oh, Clark, I'm sorry! But it's just that I've been craving chocolate all night!"

Clark smiled as he pulled Lois gently closer to him and kissed Lois's chocolate covered lips.

"So have I," Clark whispered as he nuzzled his nose into Lois's long brown hair.

Lois laughed. "Clark, you're so bad!"


The next morning Clark and Lois walked into the Daily Planet lobby hand in hand.

Lois sniffed the air. "Yuck! What is that?"

Clark smiled. "It's called coffee, Lois. You know the stuff that you have to live without for 9 months."

Lois tried not to get sick and said, "My god, if I knew it smelled that bad I would never have drunk the stuff! It's making me so nauseous."

Clark kissed her head and wrapped one arm around her waist as they approached the elevator. "That's perfectly normal. I was reading in that magazine that when a woman is pregnant she's more sensitive to odors and foods."

Lois smiled. "Yeah, I know it was a pretty interesting article. So where are we-" Lois stopped mid- sentence as they stepped out of the elevator to see Sam sitting at Lois's desk.

Clark's jaw muscle twitched. "I don't want you talking to him."

Lois gave him a fierce look. "He's my father, Clark!"

"Yeah, well, he sure doesn't act like one," Clark said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

Lois said nothing and simply walked away.

Clark tried to grab her hand. "Lois-" but it was no use.


"Are you sure about this, Shannon? I mean if Dad finds out he's going to put his fist through the computer," Lisa said as she put the helmet on Shannon.

"Stop being a baby! Are you coming with me?" Shannon asked.

Lisa thought, "Na, I'm going to stay in the real world, thank you very much."

Shannon rolled her eyes. "Scaredycat!"

"Am not!" Lisa said as she stomped her foot down. "I just have art homework to do."

"Right. Whatever. Well, see you in a couple of hours!" Shannon laughed as she started the program. Within seconds Shannon was transported to a virtual Metropolis. She smiled and walked into a cafe shop and sat down.


Jaxon Xavier took another sip of his coffee as he read the paper. For the last 4 years he had been stuck in this virtual jail all because of Lois Lane and Clark Kent! Jaxon thought as he threw the paper aside. As his mind wandered, he saw a new face among the holograms; she wasn't older than seventeen or eighteen, and she had the eyes of an angel, automatically taking Jaxon's breath away. Jaxon walked over and sat across from the girl and said, "What is a pretty lady like you doing sitting in a virtual caf‚?"

Shannon blushed. "Oh, I just got that new program 'Computer Glitch' and am trying it out."

Jaxon looked around and said, "So, where is your boyfriend?"

Shannon smiled. "Don't have one…"

"Oh, stupid me. I'm Jaxon Xavier, but my friends call me X." Jaxon smiled as he shook Shannon's hand. Jaxon looked into Shannon's bright blue eyes and said, "So, what's your name or should I just call you beautiful?"

Shannon got redder in the cheeks and said, "I'm Shannon Kent."

Jaxon smiled a devilish smile. "Kent? As in Clark Kent's daughter?"

Shannon smiled. "Yeah, know him?"

Jaxon smiled. *I know him better than you think sweetheart.* "No, but I read his articles. Very interesting stuff. But enough about him." Jaxon took Shannon's hand and kissed it. " I want to know more about you."

Shannon smiled. "Well, there's not much to tell other then I'm 17 and have a twin sister Lisa. I'm in my last year of high school and hope to become a famous journalist, just like my mom and dad."

Jaxon's smile got wider. "You write?"

Shannon blushed. "Yeah." She looked deep into Jaxon's brown eyes; there was something there that she couldn't put her finger on. "So, Jaxon, what about you? Where do you come from? What makes you tick?"

Jaxon smiled. "Well, I used to live in Metropolis but moved to England and there I'm a computer programmer."

Suddenly, Shannon's watch went off. She looked down and then back up at Jaxon. "Gee, it's getting late; I should go. It was nice meeting you, Jaxon."

Jaxon shook her hand and said, "Well, I should be here tomorrow so if you like we could meet up again."

Shannon smiled. "Yeah, that sounds good. See you tomorrow around 2, ok?"

"See you then," Jaxon said as she disappeared.


Lois walked to her desk and sat down without acknowledging Sam.

"Princess," Sam whispered a little ashamed. Lois said nothing and logged onto her computer.

"Lois Lane! Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Sam said with more of a fatherly authority.

Lois gave him an angry stare that made him squirm in his chair.

"Listen, about yesterday… I think that Clark owes your mother and me an apology."

Lois blinked blankly at Sam. "Are you kidding me! He owes you an apology?!"

Sam gave her a look. "And why doesn't he? He had no right to kick us out and he surely had no right to speak to me like that!"

"But you have every right to say that stuff about me without an apology?" Lois spat back.

"What did I say that was so horrible?" Sam asked.

Lois threw her hands up and just walked away as Clark started to walk toward them.

"Now what did you do to get her upset?" Clark asked.

"Nothing. I came here to see if you had come to your senses," Sam replied.

Clark looked at Sam like he was nuts. "Do you even know how much you hurt Lois yesterday? She was in tears at the fact that the one person that she looks up to said she was fat. If anyone has to come to their senses it's you, Sam."

The newsroom suddenly got a little quiet as they watched Sam size up to Clark. "Where do you get off talking to me like that? I'm her father!"

Clark laughed. "I know enough that a father doesn't make fun of his daughters like that! And you're out of your mind if you think that I'm going to apologize to you, Sam!"

"How could you possibly know how to be a father? It's not like you actually had a real father!" Sam yelled.

Everyone gasped knowing Clark was a little sensitive about being adopted, but before Clark answered Perry broke in, "Clark! In my office!"

"Get out," Clark barked as he walked toward Perry's office.


"Now what in the Sam's hell was that?" Chief asked.

"I'm sorry, Chief. I got carried away. I should have kept quiet. I just couldn't help it. He upset Lois, and I just can't stand to see Lois upset."

"That's all right. Just try not to have outbursts like that in the newsroom again, okay?"

"That's not a problem, Chief."

"Okay. Well, since you and Lois seem to be so stressed today, I want you two to go home and rest. There aren't any stories I need you to work on. If there are, I will call you."

"Are you sure, Chief?"

"Absolutely! Go home and rest. Even spend some time with your beautiful daughters."

"Well, I'm convinced, but Lois is a different story."

Lois walked in and asked, "Chief, would it be okay if Clark and I take the day off?"

"Huh?" Clark and Perry say in unison, in shock.

"Um, sure, Lois. I was just telling Clark for you to take the day off anyway. I'll see you later."


"That was the coolest thing, Lisa!" Shannon exclaimed.

"Did you meet anyone interesting?"

"Yeah, some dude by the name of Jaxon."

"That's awesome! I wanna try this thing out too!"

Just then Shannon and Lisa heard the garage door open. They looked warily at each other and in unison said, "Oh no!"

"Come on, Shannon, we've got to get this stuff put away!" Lisa said as she quickly unhooked everything and shoved it into her drawer.

"Shannon? Lisa? You two home?!" Lois called out from downstairs.

"Go and stall them!" Lisa whispered.

Shannon ran down the stairs and entered the living room, "Hey, you guys are home early."

Clark sighed. "Yeah, well, let's say it was a slow news day and tempers were flaring."

Shannon nodded. "Oh, I guess grandpa stopped by."

"Of course. The day wouldn't be right without him starting something," Clark vented.

Lois looked at Clark. "Clark."

Clark rubbed his head. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm going to bed and taking a nap."

Shannon looked at Lois. "What's up his cape?"

Lois sighed. "Everything."


Lisa, after hiding 'Computer Glitch,' quickly ran out of the room and closed the door behind her. She ran into Clark on the way down and said, "Oh, hey Dad. You're home early."

"Yeah. What have you been up to all day?"

"Um, ah, well, you know…the usual…painting toe nails, watching T.V. and reading, the whole nine yards."

"Sounds like fun."

"Yep. Bye," Lisa said, running downstairs.

"Hey Lisa, there you are. Do you want a sandwich before I go upstairs and take a nap?"

Lisa smiled. "Na, that's ok. What's up with Dad? He seems aggravated."

Lois shook her head. "It's your grandfather, of course. Well, if you two need us we'll be upstairs."


Lois walked into the bedroom to find Clark's head shoved under the pillows. Lois frowned. He reminded her of a small-frustrated child. Lois climbed into bed and rubbed his back knowing he wasn't asleep. "Clark, what's wrong?"

"I hate your father," he said.

Lois smiled. Now he was acting like a child. "What?" Lois said taking the pillow from his head.

Clark smiled. "I don't like your father at all."

Lois kissed his forehead. "I know, but you have to stay calm." Lois snuggled under his arm.

"I just don't like how he treats you and the girls. It's not right, Lois, and I'm not going to stand for it," Clark said.

Lois played with his fingers. "Clark, he's my father. Yes, he can be thick-headed and mean with what he said, but he doesn't really mean it."

Clark sat up and looked Lois in the eyes. "You're joking, right? You're actually making excuses for him?"

Lois sighed. "I'm not going to argue with you, Clark." Lois then got out of bed and put her shoes on.

"Lois, where are you going? Come back to bed," Clark said.

Lois said nothing and went downstairs; Clark flopped down on the pillow and heard Lois start the car and leave.


Jaxon walked around the virtual Metropolis and smiled to himself. He just met the most powerful girl to get him out of this virtual jail. Jaxon scratched his head; the Kents weren't stupid… No, they were very smart when it came to trusting people…

"Hey, Jaxon!"

Jaxon turned around to see the blond beauty. "Shannon! Hey!" Jaxon waved and walked toward her.

Shannon smiled. "I thought you'd be offline by now."

Jaxon laughed. "Na, I'm just checking the program out to make sure everything works."

Shannon smiled and nodded.

Jaxon knew he had to start to pull the wool over Shannon's eyes fast or his cover would be blown. He gently put his hand on her arm and said, "So, can I interest you in a virtual dinner?"

Shannon gave him a half smile. "Sure. Where should we eat?"

"Oh, I know this small little place in Italy. Come on," Jaxon said holding her hand, and in minutes they were in the heart of Italy. Jaxon looked Shannon over who was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that said 'princess.'

"What?" Shannon asked.

Jaxon laughed. "Nothing, but the restaurant that I have in mind is pretty classy and it has a strict dress code even in the virtual world."

"Oh." Shannon laughed as Jaxon guided her into a small dress shop.


Shannon tried on a pink dress and thought, "Well, Dad always told me never to take gifts from strangers… But Jaxon is different. I mean this is the virtual world and he lives in London and can't possibly find out where I am."

Shannon stared at herself in the mirror and made a face. She then put on a red dress with diamonds that acted as straps. She hit a button and automatically the computer gave her a new hairdo.

Shannon walked out of the dressing room and saw Jaxon leaning against the wall. "What do you think?"

Jaxon looked up in awe as Shannon stood in front of him wearing a gorgeous red dress that came to her knees, and the diamonds enhanced the innocent look in her blue eyes. "You look stunning."

Shannon blushed as she noticed Jaxon had changed into a black suit. "Are we ready?"

"You bet." Jaxon smiled and enlaced his arm into hers.

Jaxon led Shannon to a small restaurant, and they were automatically seated.

Jaxon looked up from his menu to see the candles giving Shannon's face a heavenly glow. "It's amazing."

"What is?" Shannon questioned.

Jaxon smiled. "You. I mean you're like an angel. So gentle but strong in appearance… any man would be lucky enough to have you as girlfriend."

Shannon got red in the face. "Jaxon, I don't know what to say…"

Jaxon grinned as he pushed the candles to the side. "Don't say anything."

Suddenly, Jaxon leaned over the table and kissed her. For a moment Shannon was lost in a pool of emotions… She was so confused. Should she end the kiss? No… she didn't want to do that… but could she have feelings for someone she just met not even 3 hours ago? <BEEP! > Jaxon and Shannon jumped as Shannon's watch went off, "I'm sorry. I got to go."

"Shannon-" Jaxon tried to stop her and say he was sorry… maybe he was falling in love with Shannon… but it was too late to say anything; she was gone.


"Dude, Shannon. What were you doing in there?" Lisa asked.

"Oh, I was just eating with that Jaxon dude."

"I see."

"When are you going to try this out?"

"Right now," Lisa replied, grabbing the device from Shannon's hand.

"All right. Be careful. It's a dangerous world in there."

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. That's what they all say. I'll handle this. You just keep a look out for Mom and Dad."

"No problem, Lisa."


Later that evening around six o'clock, Lois came home. Lisa, Shannon, and Clark were downstairs in the family room watching "Boy Meets World."

"Hey, girls. What have you been up to?" Lois asked.

"Um…Computer Gl…" Lisa started but was interrupted by Shannon's smack.

Shannon began, "Um, what she means is Computer, um…computer ah…Computer Glider… yeah, that's what it's called."

"Never heard of it," Lois said.

"Oh, it's just a computer game Lisa and I downloaded online."

"I see…" Lois replied suspiciously.

"Where've you been, Lois?" Clark asked.

"Oh, I just went to the mall and to the store to pick up a few things," Lois replied.

Clark nodded, but suddenly his eyes started to wander somewhere Lois couldn't follow.

"What is it Clark?" Lois asked.

Clark leaped to his feet. "It's a fire downtown. I have to go."

"Wait! I'm coming with you!" Lois said like an excited child as Clark spun into his superman suit.

Clark nodded as he scooped Lois into his arms. "I'm only doing this because I know you're going to follow me anyway. But don't make it a habit."

Lois looked at Lisa and Shannon. "Girls, there's money on the table; go order some pizza and lock all the doors. I don't know when we'll be back."

Shannon waved them away. "Yeah, yeah we'll be fine. Now go!"

With that Clark was out the window with Lois in his arms.

Almost as if they were reading each other's minds Shannon and Lisa said in unison, "You order the pizza, while I play the game!"

Lisa put her hands on her hips. "Hey, no fair. You got to play it like 5 times and make kissy, kissy with your boyfriend Jaxon!"

Shannon playfully pushed Lisa onto the couch. "He's not my boyfriend! And I'm the oldest so I should play it first!"

Lisa made a face. "Yeah, ok, like by one minute."

"What about this—whoever gets to the room first," Shannon said and with that the twins made a mad dash upstairs.


"HA! I'm here first, I get to play it first!" Shannon gasped.

"No fair. You tripped me on the stairs, Shannon!" Lisa whined.

"Oh, stop being a baby and order the pizza," Shannon said, laughing.

Lisa stuck her tongue out. "Fine, you computer hog!" Lisa then went downstairs to call for the pizza while Shannon entered the virtual world.


Jaxon watched Shannon walk around Metropolis like the beauty she was, but once he saw her talking to another guy he quickly made his move. "Shannon! Hey!"

A cold shiver ran up Shannon's body that made her a little uneasy. "Jaxon, hey."

"What's up?" Shannon asked.

Jaxon took her hand and said as they walked down the street, "Shannon, I want to say something about before."

Shannon nodded. "Yeah, so do I."

"Well, ladies first." Jaxon smiled.

Shannon gave a half smile. "Jaxon, you're a great guy and I like you a lot, but you're not the kind of guy that I'm really looking for in a relationship."

"Oh, I see," Jaxon said and lowered his head and grabbed tighter onto her hand. "You're like every other girl, aren't you? Well, I'll show you and your stupid parents!"

"Hey! Jaxon! Let go!" Shannon yelled as she tried to get free from his grip.


Soon the pizza arrived and Lois and Clark hadn't come back yet. Shannon was still in the Virtual World, so Lisa paid the deliveryman.

"Shannon! The pizza's here!" Lisa screamed. There was just a pause of silence.

Lisa ran upstairs to get Shannon off the computer.

"Shannon! You have to get off the computer now; the pizza's here. And Mom and Dad are going to be home soon," Lisa said.

There was still no answer. Lisa turned the computer's monitor on where she saw Shannon in a struggle against Jaxon.

"Oh my god!" Lisa screamed. "What do I do now?"


"Well, Lois, sweetheart, you ready to go back?" Clark asked her as they stepped into an empty ally.

"Yeah. I think we need to clean the air out a little when we get back. You know?" Lois replied.

"Yeah," Clark said, flying off towards their house.


Clark gently put Lois on the windowsill and helped her step down from the Window. "Lisa? Shannon?! You guys home?" Lois called out with no answer.

Clark spun into his civilian clothes and opened the pizza box. "Wow, the pizza is still here; something must be wrong." Clark laughed, only half jokingly.

Suddenly, Clark and Lois heard Lisa run down the stairs. "Hey, I thought you guys would be home later."

Clark picked off the extra cheese from his slice of pizza and said, "It wasn't anything that big, just a house fire. Where's your sister?"

"Oh, sounds interesting, how did the fire start?" Lisa asked trying to give Shannon more time to try to fight off Jaxon.

Clark swallowed and said, "Faulty wiring. Now call your sister down for dinner."

Lisa nodded. "I did, but she said she had a headache and wanted to sleep it off."

"I should see if she's ok," Lois said as she got up to go to the stairs.

"NO! I mean…no…You know how Shannon gets when she wakes up," Lisa said.

Lois looked closely at Lisa's gestures, how she was running her fingers through her hair, how her eyes didn't meet Lois's… Lisa was hiding something… "Lisa, where is your sister?"

Lisa looked at the carpet. "She's sleeping."

Lois put her hands on her hips and said, "I'm too tired for this," and walked up to the bedroom.

Clark was going to say something, but Lois's yell broke in, "CLARK!"

Clark automatically jumped to his feet. "Lois! What's wrong?!" Quickly running up the stairs.


"Clark, she's gone. Look…"Lois said crying.

"Jaxon! I'll kill him if he hurts her!" Clark said with anger.

"Lisa, where did you get this?" Lois asked, still upset.

"Um…at the mall…when they were giving them away," Lisa shamefully responded.

"Lisa! Do you know what could happen to your sister in here?!?" Clark asked.

"I didn't think anything could happen. I mean…when she said she met this guy Jaxon, I thought that was really cool. He seemed really nice and everything…"Lisa responded.

"Well, that's how he plays his game," Clark said.

"Yep. But, right now we need to concentrate on getting Shannon back," Lois said.

"How are we going to do that?" Lisa asked.

"I'm gonna have to go buy one of those games, hook it to the laptop, and go in there to rescue Shannon," Clark said. "I'll be back," Clark, said just before he spun into Superman and out the window to the store.


Superman stuck one hand in front of him to quicken his speed; even at the speed of light, Clark didn't think he was going fast enough as clouds seemed to run to get out of his way. Superman finally got to the Metropolis computer store and flew in quickly and skimmed the shelves for the program. Superman landed on the ground and tapped a young brown haired girl on the shoulder. "Excuse me, miss."

The girl turned around and jumped as she marveled at The Man Of Tomorrow. "y-yes, can I help you?"

Superman gave a half smile. "Do you still have that program 'Computer Glitch' in stock?"

The girl shook her head. "I'm terribly sorry, Superman, but every store is out of stock."

Superman quickly read the girl's nametag and said, "Thank you, anyway, Susan," and flew away.


Maxwell sat back in his meeting and listened to his employees bring him up to date on how much Longhorn Cooperation was making from "Computer Glitch." Suddenly, Maxwell could hear his secretary say from outside the office, "I'm sorry, he's talking with very important people right now."

"I don't care if that fool is talking to the president!" With that the office doors swung open and everyone gasped and whispered as Superman stood there with only his jaw muscle twitching.

Maxwell smiled. "Superman, what brings you here?"

Superman gave him a narrow look. "Let's just say I need to borrow your program."

Maxwell seemed intrigued by the request. "Oh, really? May I ask what for?"

Superman sighed. "Well, it seems that Shannon *Kent* has been kidnapped by Jaxon Xavier."

Maxwell looked at Superman stunned. "I thought that was just some silly myth that he was still in that program."

Superman put his hands on his hips and said, "Well, obviously not. Now I need that program because if something happens to Shannon I'll make sure the Kents sue you for every last penny your company has!"

"Okay. It's no problem. Here you go, Mr. Superman. Um, let me know if I can be of any further assistance," Maxwell said.

"You've done enough already," Superman said as he flew home to rescue Shannon.


"Thank god, you're back, Clark. Shannon is still okay, but she's crying and looks so scared." Lois said with tears in her eyes.

"Don't worry, honey. I've got the program. I just need to hook it up," Clark explained as he used his super- speed to do so.

"Now, Lisa, how do I work this thing?" Clark asked.

Lisa began, "Well, you need to type in that box there where you want to go. And to find a person, you have to type their screen name in that text box."

"Okay. What's her screen name and where did she go?" Clark asked.

"Um…I think she said she was going to Italy. Her screen name is sprchc007," Lisa said.

Clark quickly typed in those names and said, "I found her! Now what do I do?"

Lisa continued, "Now you put these goggles on and push ENTER on your keyboard. Your escape window is this ring here. You have to put this on. Whenever you need to leave, just press that and you should be okay."

"Okay. Here I go. I've got this funny feeling of dejavu though. I love you guys," Clark said as he pressed ENTER. Suddenly, Clark looked around him and saw that he is on the streets of Italy. "Wow, I'll never get used to that," Clark muttered to himself.

"HEY! LET GO! SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP!" Clark heard Shannon scream.

Clark ran toward Shannon's screams and saw an alleyway with a small door. Clark carefully opened the door. The building was dark and quiet; Clark strained to use his super hearing but whispered in anger, "I forgot I don't have my powers in the virtual world." Suddenly, Clark felt sharp pain in the back of his head; the room started to spin as Clark's ears rang.


"Dad. Wake up!" echoed through Clark's pounding head; everything sounded ten times the volume it should be. He opened his eyes only to try to cover them from the bright lights and discovered that his hands were tied to something.

"Oh, what happened!?" Clark mumbled as he tried to tug on the ropes.

"Jaxon hit you in the back of the head and tied us to this pole." Shannon sniffled.

Clark's heart started to shatter as he heard his daughter cry. He forced his eyes open. "Shannon, are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm-" Shannon stopped mid-sentence as she saw Jaxon enter the room.

"Jaxon! I ought to drive your face into the wall!" Clark yelled as he pulled angrily on the ropes.

Jaxon laughed. "Ha! In that condition, Clarky, I think not." Jaxon waved a black box that was the size of his palm and smiled. "See this? It's a bomb that will delete everything in this stupid program."

Shannon gave him a face. "What's the point of that? I thought you wanted to get out of here?"

Jaxon smiled. "Clark, you got a smart girl here. Yeah, I did, but killing you two with me is more entertaining to me! We have one hour to go!" Jaxon put the bomb on the wall and walked away.

Shannon started to cry, "Great! Just great! We're dead!"

"Don't worry. There has to be a way out of here," Clark reassured her.

"Maybe I can try to slip my hand out of this rope here," Shannon thought out loud.

"I'll do the same. While you're at it, look for any sharp objects that we can use to cut this rope if needed," Clark suggested.

"Okay. I don't see anything. Do you?"



"Dad, this thing's gonna blow in 50 seconds!" Shannon exclaimed, squirming her hands to get them out of the rope.

"It's okay. We'll make it."

"I got my hand out. Here, Dad, you're untied! Let's go!"

Clark grabbed Shannon and ran out with 30 seconds left until it blew. On their way out, they ran into Jaxon.

"How'd you get out?" Jaxon asked.

"Not very bright, are you? It didn't even go off," Shannon said.

Jaxon ran back into the empty warehouse and…BOOM! All Shannon and Clark heard was an explosion. They quickly hit the escape window and were on their way back home.


"What a rush," Shannon said.

"You okay?" Clark asked.

"Yeah. Thanks, Dad. I love you."

"I love you, too, Shannon."

Lois and Lisa come running down the stairs.

"Oh, thank god you're ok!" Lois cried, hugging Shannon.

Shannon laughed. "Yeah, I'm fine, Mom."

"Yeah glad you're ok, Shannon," Lisa said.

Lois released Shannon from her hug and looked up at Clark with her innocent brown eyes. "Clark, I'm sorry for getting mad at you."

Clark smiled as he quickly wiped away her tears. "Lois, I should be sorry. It wasn't right for me to say those things about your father."

"Come on, Shannon, before they get into a gross lip lock," Lisa whispered.

Lisa and Shannon then went to the kitchen to raid the refrigerator.

Lois blinked away her tears as Clark pulled her close to him, their lips inches from each other. "I love you," Clark whispered as his lips brushed against Lois's. Clark was about to kiss Lois when the phone rang. Lois sighed and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Lois? It's your mother. Is everything ok?" Ellen asked.

"Yeah, everything is fine," Lois, said.

"I was thinking that your father and I could drop by so we can finally put this stupid fight behind us," Ellen said.

"Sounds good. When do you want to come?" Lois whispered making sure Clark wouldn't hear.

"I was thinking around 7 tonight?" Ellen asked.

"Sounds good. See you then. Bye." With that Lois hung up the phone.

"Who was that?" Clark asked as he walked up to Lois and wrapped his arms around her.

Lois shrugged. "Wrong number."

Clark nodded and smiled devilishly. "Where were we?"

Lois thought, "Right about here." Lois wrapped her arms around Clark's neck and stood on her tippytoes and kissed Clark. Lois's mind was going wild. She couldn't think of one thing but this kiss… it was so intense… so loving…


Sam looked out the rainy window of the car. "So, where are we going?"

"Oh, you'll see." Ellen smiled as she turned at another block.

"Come on, Ellen. Please tell me." Sam laughed.

"No, it'll give it away." Ellen laughed as they drove into a driveway.

Automatically Sam's smile faded into a frown. "Why are we here?"

Ellen sighed. "Lois had something to tell us. So, come on, Sam."

Ellen knocked on the door and Lois opened the door and led them in. "Lois! Who's at the door?" Clark yelled from the kitchen and walked into the living room and gave Sam a narrow look.

Lois walked up to Clark. "What's he doing here?" Clark asked harshly.

"Just come and sit down," Lois said looking at Sam and Clark.

"I have nothing to say to him!" Sam spat.

"Oh, yeah, that's right, Sam, you owe me nothing. But you owe your daughter an apology for treating her so crappy!" Clark yelled.

"AH! That's it!" Lois yelled. "Now stop acting like children and sit down!" Lois scolded.

Sam, Ellen, and Clark sat down without a word. Clark watched Lois's nose wrinkle up in anger. "Now this has gone on for way too long! Either you two talk this out and say sorry or you can keep on having temper tantrums like two year olds!"

Clark and Sam looked toward the ground like small children being punished.

"I have seven more months to go, and I don't need this senseless stress and I don't want my child see you two fighting like this!" Lois spat.

Sam and Ellen looked up at Lois and said, "What?"

A smile cracked through Lois's anger as she said, "I'm pregnant."

Sam and Ellen got up to hug Lois and Sam said, "Princess, I'm so sorry. I had no clue… I wasn't thinking when I was saying all those awful things to you."

Lois smiled. "It's ok, Daddy."

Sam then looked at Clark. "Clark, I'm sorry. Lois is lucky to have a husband that cares so much about her."

Clark shook his hand and said, "I'm sorry too, Sam."

Ellen smiled. "Well, since we're all happy and making up, we better get started on making a baby shower!"

"Sounds like a good idea." Lois laughed as they all went into the dining room for coffee.

"Hey, Sam, you up for a little one on one?" Clark asked looking for an excuse to get out of planning for the baby shower.

"Let's go," Sam said as they left the room.