Cold Pasta

By Bhavani Rao

Summary: A sequel to the fanfic "Sweet Wine." Lois reflects on her previous evening with Clark.

This is to follow Sweet Wine also by Bhavi


New Year's morning, the apartment.

Without even opening her eyes, she knew were she was. She could smell his cologne, feel his strong arms around her and hear his heart beat. As she opened her eyes, there he was, in all his morning glory. Lois loved the way he made her feel. And she also loved the fact that when they were crossing the intimacy threshold, he could not hear the world. All he could hear was her, her needs, her wants and his own for her. He was still fast asleep when she finally managed to pull herself way from his arms.

Lois got up, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and headed into the kitchen. She was hungry. The wine glass was still on the table and the pasta was still on the stove. She smiled. They had never even gotten to the pasta last night. She sat down with the glass of wine and remembered what they had talked about late last night.

Lois was snuggled in his arms as she looked up and asked him. "Clark, I know that sometimes I fight with you about silly things."

"UH huh," as he smiled.

"Clark, you have to understand this is new for me."

"Lois, this is new for me too," he said as he rubbed her arms.

"But, well, yeah, THIS is new for me…but what I meant was trusting someone so much." She turned to land on top of him looking into his eyes, "I know that you know this, but I…Clark, you are the first person in a very long time I have come to trust…not only trust, but love in a way that I never have before. Clark, do you know why I didn't marry Lex?"

The name itself put Clark ill at ease. "Yeah, because of Superman…well, me, I guess. You were in love with that part of me."

"No," she answered looking deeply into his eyes.

"What?"He knew she wasn't lying. He realized she got a little frazzled when she lied. She was too dead calm.

"Clark, as I walked down the aisle, the only face I saw was yours- Clark Jerome Kent. The conversations we had, the first time you kissed me, the way your hair smelled and fell on your forehead. The way you made me laugh. The way you put up with me…the way you loved me and the way I trusted you and at that moment…I realized …" Lois stopped and sat up. She placed her back up against the wall. Lois was re-living that moment, and the emotions had taken over. She started to cry.

He sat up, but before he could do anything, she continued,"I realized I loved you, that I wanted to be Mrs. Lois Lane-Kent but I had lost you, because, because I was stupid and blind."

He pulled her to him and put his arms around her. "But you didn't, did you?" He tilted her head to give her a kiss. He slowly lowered her back onto the bed to prove it.

The wine glass was now officially empty and she was really hungry. The pasta was cold, but she could care less. She tossed it in a bowl and set it on the table.

"You know, I'm hungry too," a voice from behind her said.

"I was just getting another bowl for you," she answered, "wash up and join me." She put out another bowl for him and waited, with this huge smile on her face.

"Lucy, what have you done now?" He sat across from her. He loved watching her eat.

"Nothing, Ricky," She smiled. He had finally explained why he said HOLA that one night.

"Cold pasta, Lois?"

"Well, you can re heat it."

"Lazy lazy lazy," reheating the pasta with his heat vision.

"That's not what you said…" as she started to eat the pasta.

He watched her stuff down the pasta. There were days he didn't know if he was faster or if she was faster at eating food. He dug into his bowl as well.

"Want some more?" she said as she got up.

He pulled her into his lap and whispered, "Always, Lois … Always and forever "

The pasta just kept getting colder.