By Daniel S Chen <dschen@cs.Buffalo.EDU>

Summary: A take-off on celebrity AT&T commercials with Ma and Pa Kent — two people who know how to give telephones a real workout.

This story is from some ideas that I had about those new AT&T commercials which involve characters from television shows. I've seen ones with Ross from _Friends_, Martin from _My Favorite Martian_, George's parents from _Seinfeld_ and Daphne from _Frasier_. I thought that these people barely spend any time on the phone in their shows and that there is a better candidate for a commercial. So I slapped this together. I don't know how to format it so I don't mind if it gets edited a whole bunch. Or if I'm told to edit it.


OPERATOR AT&T, <insert name> speaking.

MA KENT Hi, <insert name>. Could you tell me about AT&T <promotion>.

OPERATOR <Promotion details>

MA KENT Thank you so much. Our long distance bill has just taken off since our son flew off to Metropolis to work.

PA KENT [off screen] Martha? Is it Clark again? When will he be coming home for dinner?

MA KENT Clark already called and said he was leaving, he should have left Metropolis just a few minutes ago. [red-blue flash seen through a window with a familiar swoosh] And there he is now.

[dumbfounded look on OPERATOR's face]