Clark's Idea: A Plot Untwist Challenge Vignette

By Saskia <

Rated: PG

Submitted: April 2003

Summary: Clark and Lois find some better things to do than fight crime in this Plot Untwist Challenge vignette.

A plot un-twist based on the episode "Faster Than a Speeding Vixen."

This is my submission for the Plot Un-Twist challenge that Hazel issued, which was to write a story that 'untwisted' the plot of an episode so as to make it null and void, so that the events in it would never have happened. I couldn't leave it unanswered and this must have been a time when I was in a weird mood. But it was fun to do, so I hope you enjoy it too. Many thanks to my BR, Cyad, and my GE, LabRat. As ever, the characters aren't mine, I just borrowed them to play around with.


"Where did that come from?" Lois asked Clark, content.

"Look at you, Ms. Innocent. You attacked me. That's where that came from."

A giggle escaped Lois's mouth. She remembered that and didn't regret it one bit. Actually, she felt like doing it again.


"Yes, dear?"

"How about we go back to bed and practice some more of this?"

"Hmm, that sounds appealing. But shouldn't we get ready for work?"

"Right. But I feel like playing hooky today. We're having much more fun in the house, together. I'll call Perry and say we're 'working' at home today. I'm sure he won't mind, as long as I promise him a scoop."

"You and I playing hooky, honey? I'm glad I'm here to see that happening. Go ahead and call Perry. And be sure to tell him to be careful of Lex Luthor or other men with the same initials today."

"What's that you're saying?"

"Yeah, there are lots of people watching and following our lives, they've been doing it every day for years now. And if I really concentrate, I can hear them scream. They're warning us about Lex and his son, it seems. So, go call Perry, warn him and I'll see you upstairs in a minute."