Cry Hard

By Katie Sizer <>

Rated: G

Submitted May 2002

Summary: What if Lois had waited just a few moments too long to get into that ambulance with Lex in the episode "Fly Hard" and stayed with Clark instead? This 30 Minute Episode Extension Challenge Story gives us the chance to find out.

A 30 Minute Episode Extension Challenge Story: Fly Hard

This one is set at the end of Fly Hard. What if Lois didn't get into the ambulance with Lex Luthor? And thank you to my GE, LabRat, for doing this one so quickly!







Be careful with Luthor. You don't know him like I do.

(start here)

"I do, Clark. I know him very well, despite what you think. I know him even better than you. Why do you always have to insist that he's such a bad person?" she asked, feeling slightly irritated that he was holding her up.

"Lois, there are some things I can't tell you, but trust me, he is a bad person. Why won't you trust me on that?" he asked.

"Because I honestly don't see what he could have done that makes you dislike him so much! We'll have this discussion later, Clark, I need to go to the hospital with Lex right now."

"Is that all I'm worth now, Lois?" he asked sadly, trying not to believe that she felt Luthor to be more important with him.

"Excuse me?" she said, raising her eyebrows at him.

"I thought we were friends, Lois. And yet you don't trust me at all when I try to protect you from what Luthor really is! And now, you're going with him, instead of finishing this conversation with me."

"Clark…" she sighed, beginning to lose her temper. "I have to go with him! I can't leave Lex to go to the hospital on his own? I don't see why you're being so awkward about this!"

"I'm only trying to save you from getting hurt, Lois," he said, dejectedly. "But I won't stop you any longer, much as I think you're putting yourself in jeopardy, I don't want to stop you from doing something you want to do."

Lois's slight anger eased, and she appreciated that Clark was going to stop talking about it and let her go before Lex gave up on her. "Thank you, Clark. Take care," she told him, before turning away from him.

Clark felt a twinge of sadness that she was leaving him. More than a twinge. He felt as if his heart was being torn in two, and the pieces stolen by Luthor. He could have lost her tonight. Despite how fast, how strong he was, there was no reason why all of them couldn't have been blown up — and it would have been his fault for not being able to save them. He'd hoped to spend at least a bit more time with Lois after they'd escaped, if only to remind himself that she was still very much alive.

Just talking with her didn't seem to be enough. He could talk to her any time. He'd hoped to spend the rest of the evening with her, so they could help each other get over what had happened to them. He thought she might have felt the same, too. They'd become close friends over the time they'd known each other, especially during the last few weeks. He'd truly believed that she felt he was important to her, and if she had to choose, she'd chose him over Luthor any time.

But it seemed he was wrong. She didn't care as much for him as he thought she did. He felt a lump rise in his throat, and he tried not to discard all the hopes he'd had of her one day falling in love with him, as he'd done with her. She'd chosen Luthor after all. That was the end. He couldn't stay if she'd decided that she was in love with Luthor. He was sure his already aching heart wouldn't be able to take the sight of her being in love with Luthor, and watching her be so happy, while he was left behind.

He realised that he was looking down at the floor, and looked up again, expecting to see his Lois drive away in the ambulance with that monster. Fading into the distance, driving away from him when he needed her most. He jumped back when the first thing he saw was her standing in front of him, with a very disgruntled expression on her face. The ambulance was nowhere to be seen. Why wasn't she on it?

His heart jumped as he thought she might have changed her mind, and decided she'd prefer his company to Luthor's. He tried to calm himself down, and told himself that was too much to hope for at the moment.

"Er… Lois? I thought you were going with Luthor to the hospital?" he asked, puzzled as to why she was still there, still reminding himself not to hope.

"Why do you think, Clark!" she said, her voice slightly raised. "You distracted me with that remark you made about Lex, and while I was talking to you, the ambulance drove off! Do you realise that Lex has to go to the hospital on his own now, because of you and your jealousy?"

"Lois, I'm sorry," he started, before he completely processed what she'd said. "My what? Lois, I am not jealous of Luthor. I was just telling you to be careful, and you know it."

"You still made me miss the ambulance! Don't tell me that you're not proud of yourself," she said, glaring at him from under her eyelashes.

"I wouldn't say that I'm proud of myself, no." He hesitated for a moment, and then continued, "But I do think you'll be much safer away from him, Lois."

He despaired, as he saw how angry she was with him for making her miss the ambulance. He had been right. She hadn't come back because she'd decided she wanted to be near him tonight at all. The lump in his throat grew larger, and it was all he could do not to drop his head into his hands and cry out her name.

"Clark, why are you being so overprotective about me tonight?" she asked, her voice rising in pitch.

Clark sighed, disbelieving that she would even ask that. "How can you say that, Lois? I care about you! I… I almost lost you tonight, Lois! And you wonder why I care?"

Lois stood silent, thinking about what he had said. He was right. She could have died tonight, and so could he. He could have died without ever really knowing how much she cared for him. Oh, she knew that he knew she was friends with him, but he didn't realise that she couldn't bear it if something happened to him. It would just be too much.

And suddenly, she heard what she was saying to him in her head, and despised herself. How could she have been so angry with him about trying to protect her! He was upset over what had happened, and she had been about to leave him on his own, to go with Lex, who didn't seem affected at all by them being held hostage.

"Lois?" Clark asked tentatively, wondering if he'd upset her with what he'd said. "I'm sorry, Lois… I guess I'm still in shock from what happened."

"Oh Clark, I'm so sorry!" she said, tears squeezing out of the corner of her eyes, and running freely down her face. She didn't bother to wipe them away. Clark was looking deep into her eyes, as if he was trying to read into her soul, and she found it impossible to move. She saw such care in his eyes, so much warmth, that all her anger with him about missing the ambulance disappeared.

"For what, Lois?" he asked, still looking into her eyes, and found himself surprised that she looked right back into his. She was the type of person he expected to move away after a while, not continue to look back at him. He found it sweet, and just wanted to hold onto her, and soothe all her tears away.

"For getting annoyed with you for holding me up. I don't think what danger we were in has really sunk in for me, yet. But I know that I could have lost you tonight, and if I had, I don't know what I would have done!" she exclaimed, more tears falling. "It was so awful of me to leave you and go with Lex! I'm so sorry, Clark," she finished, sobbing.

"Oh, Lois…" he sighed, wondering what she'd say if he moved to hold her. It just seemed like the thing to do, and he wanted to comfort Lois, and reassure her that he was still there — and also reassure himself.

As if she read his mind, she moved closer to him, and unable to resist any longer, put his arms around her and drew her close to him. He felt her head instinctively rest against his chest, and he tightened his hold on her, whispering her name. He knew they both needed this, after the night they'd had. It had been extremely emotional and traumatic, and what with the slight argument they had only minutes after they'd escaped from the kidnappers, emotions were running even higher.

"Thank you, Clark," she said quietly, and he wondered if he'd picked that up with his superhearing, or whether it was just audible enough to be heard by an ordinary person.

"Thank you, Lois. I can't tell you how much I needed this," he told her quietly.

Thoughts spun through Lois's head, and she wondered if she should tell him that she thought they should be more than friends. She didn't even know if she thought that herself… unless she asked herself honestly, and didn't try to give a different answer to what her heart said. Yes, she did feel more for Clark than friendship. She wanted him to hold her like this all the time, not just when she was feeling upset or emotional.

But what would he say if she told him that? What if he rejected it, and told her she completely mistook his friendly gesture as something more? It would be terrible. He'd never try anything like hugging her again, and sometimes she really needed to be held by him like this.

Clark continued to comfort Lois with his hug, and wondered what she'd do if he tried to kiss her. Would she run from him, and refuse to speak to him again? Or would she accept his kiss, and kiss him back, letting time slip away from them, and only care about each other. It seemed ridiculous to hope for it, but just maybe she wanted it too.

He decided to give it a chance. He needed her right now, and within, he somehow sensed that even if she didn't want it, she wouldn't be angry with him.

Slowly, he raised his head, and prepared to move her away from him slightly, just enough to give him room to kiss her. But as he lifted his head, he heard her say his name, so quietly.

"Yes, Lois?" he asked, forgetting that they were still on the street. It seemed that they were only aware of each other's presence, nothing more.

"I want to tell you something, Clark. I think… I think that I want more from you than friendship, Clark. This feels so good. I want to stay like this with you," she said, looking down at the ground, giving a small, nervous smile.

He felt unable to say anything, but relieved she'd told him this. At least he had no doubts, now.

He moved his head down towards her, and gently brushed his lips against his, feeling her part them. He heard her sigh quietly, and felt her body melt into his, as she gave herself up to the kiss. He'd never felt anything like it before. She seemed desperate in her kiss, and he tried to pull her ever closer to him, responding to her movements against his mouth.

Totally oblivious to the people around them, they continued to kiss, finally realising they were meant for each other.