The Unaired Fifth Season

What if Lois & Clark continued beyond the fourth season? Some FoLC decided to find out…

The Unaired Fifth Season of Lois & Clark, otherwise known as TUFS, and sponsored by the L&C Krypton Club, is a fictional "fifth" season of Lois & Clark...the season we as fans of the show never got. From the minds of and written by fellow FoLCs (some of whom are esteemed fanfic writers), TUFS seeks to put out 22 "episodes" during the course of this season, which picks up where fourth season left off. Come and visit to see what could have happened, and relieve your LCWS!

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The Cure For What Ails You
Matt Schiller
72 Kb
Taking up where the episode "Family Hour" left off, Lois and Clark travel to the future where three different groups claim the baby as theirs. (Episode # 1 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

The Trask at Hand
Craig Byrne and Kat Picson
59 Kb
The son of Bureau 39 agent Jason Trask blames his father's death on Superman. At the same time, Lois and Clark are nominated for the same Kerth Award, which will be awarded on the night of their first anniversary. With surprise appearances by Cat Grant and Oprah Winfrey. (Episode # 2 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Life in the Fast Lane
Julie Mack
48 Kb
What starts out as a short break from the hurried pace of life in Metropolis ends up being more than either Lois or Clark could imagine. Red Kryptonite is the "villain" in this story that shows once again what "Being with you is stronger than me alone" is all about. (Episode # 3 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Sheila Harper
Chaos occurs in Metropolis when Mr. Mxyzptlk appears and begins granting people's every wish. And when Mxyzptlk overhears Clark wish he were just "a normal man," Lois Lane suddenly finds herself with two husbands! (Episode # 4 and # 5 (titled "All Mxyed Up") of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Light of Dey
Linda Mooney
60 Kb
Lois and Clark face an almost impossible task of helping to solve a series of grisly murders, and Superman faces an enemy from humanity's darkest nightmares! Episode # 6 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Catch a Falling Star
Beth Washington
A serial killer is murdering women in Metropolis, and not even Superman can catch up with him. Meanwhile, Star is having strange dreams. Can Lois and Clark figure out the truth before anyone else is killed? (Episode # 7 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Matt Combes
Rudy Jones is a janitor at S.T.A.R. Labs until he becomes caught in a freak accident and learns he can suck the personality and power out of anyone he touches. (Episode # 8 of The Unaired Fifth Season ).

The Ex-files
Julie Mack
Someone knows something about Lois Lane that even Lois doesn't know! A villain from her past reappears and Lois receives some information that she can't wait to tell Clark. But, being kidnapped and tied up makes it difficult unless Superman can once again save the day. (Episode # 9 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

A Very Smallville Christmas
Beth Freeman
The Lanes and the Kents gather together in Smallville for the holidays, where Lois and Clark plan to share some very special news. But Intergang has come to Smallville too, and finds something interesting in a treehouse on the Kent Farm. (Episode # 10 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

The Odd Couple
Craig Byrne and Allison Word
In another effort to destroy Utopia, Tempus travels back in time and teams up with Lex Luthor. Before Clark even steps off the bus in Metropolis, Luthor and Tempus begin to manipulate events to keep Lois and Clark from ever meeting. What will Metropolis be like when "Lane and Kent" never team up? (Episode # 11 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Past and Present Danger
Craig Byrne and Allison Word
In this sequel to "The Odd Couple," we see the future Tempus created. In this world, Lois and Clark were never partners, Lex Luthor still runs Metropolis, Superman is hated by all, and everyone seems to want to eliminate Lois. (Episode # 12 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Kat Picson
A surprise family member comes to Metropolis to seek Lois and Clark's help, but is she who she says she is? And can she keep up the charade to fool even Superman? (Episode # 13 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Stranger Things Have Happened
Julie Mack
The villains are still in Metropolis, but Lois and Clark aren't. They're in Southern California, mixing Daily Planet business with some well-deserved R&R. So, guess who gets to take center stage and save the day? Yup, that's right, Perry and Jimmy! Strange, but true. (Episode # 14 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

The Flash
Kyle Harper
Barry Allen (The Flash) and his friend Tina McGee come to Metropolis around the same time that Barry's enemy The Trickster begins stalking the Prankster. Oh yeah, Lois and Clark are in this one too. (Episode # 15 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

World's Finest
Craig Byrne and Matt Combes
Lois and Clark travel to Gotham City to cover the story of a new supercomputer invented by Waynetech that will eliminate the Year 2K problem. Along the way they encounter Intergang -- and a few bats. (Episode # 16 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Yet Each Man Kills
Clemens, Genevieve
When Lois discovers a neighbor is abusing his wife, she gets involved, but will her investigations hit too close to home? This story deals with a problem not even Superman can solve -- spousal abuse. (Episode # 17 ofThe Unaired Fifth Season)

Forever and Ever, Amen
Linda Mooney
Lois is proud when Superman goes to Africa to help fight a deadly epidemic. But when Lois begins receiving strange gifts, she becomes decidely uneasy. Calling on Perry and Jimmy for help, she tries to discover who is stalking her -- before it's too late. (Episode #18 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Paradise Lost
Genevieve Clemens and Peabody
When Clark's parents are faced with the possibility of losing the family farm, Superman is challenged to effect a very different kind of a rescue. Lois and Clark journey back to Smallville and, in their efforts to help the Kents, find themselves embroiled in a twenty-year-old mystery. (Episode # 19 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Then Came You
Jeff Brogden
In the alternate dimension, Clark Kent wants to find his world's Lois Lane. There is a piece of him missing that he feels only she can fill. But as he searches for her, he finds himself in a complex relationship with a new Daily Planet employee and the infamous lost Lois Lane herself. (Episode # 20 and # 21, titled "Two Become One," of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Avenging Angel
Craig Byrne, Matt Combes and Kat Picson
Mindy Church can't trust anyone to carry out her villainous plans, so she herself takes action to keep Metropolis' stool pigeons from talking. As Lois and Clark investigate the deaths of two prominent criminals, will they discover who's behind the crime in Metropolis? (Episode # 22 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Behind Every Woman
Craig Byrne and Kat Picson
There's something suspicious happening on the set of Jimmy Olsen's favorite TV show, and entertainment reporter Cat Grant recruits the Daily Planet's help. Jimmy talks Perry into sending him to California and, with the help of his old friend Sarah Goodwin, proves his merit as an investigative reporter. (Episode # 23 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Full Circle: A New Day
All the TUFS Writers
Lois is in labor -- but an earthquake and fire are keeping Superman busy in California. The Lanes and Kents gather to lend Lois moral support as she waits for Clark to come home. Meanwhile, Jimmy is vacationing in California and finds that in a crisis, even Superman needs help! (Episode # 24 of The Unaired Fifth Season)