The Congo Coma

By Amnah Johnson <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: May 2001

Summary: After a year of searching, Alt-Clark finds his Lois. But has he found her in time?

This is the first fanfic I have submitted anywhere ever. Although I have written many for my enjoyment, I have never had the courage to let anyone else read them. I really enjoyed writing this one and I hope you enjoy reading it. Comments are certainly welcome, privately, at, please no negative remarks or flames.


"Thank you," Clark said to himself as he watched the "other dimension" Lois disappear into an alleyway with that strange old man H.G. Wells.

Clark heard Perry say his name. It was his turn to address the citizens of Metropolis and the people of the world. Clark's heart was racing. 'What am I doing here?' Clark asked himself. 'Can I and this costume— this symbol, as Lois put it— make such a difference in this world.' Clark involuntarily looked down onto the gold and red ' S ' on his chest. According to Lois it can make all the difference.

Clark looked out into the audience convened outside the Daily Planet. Everyone was silent, waiting with baited breath for his first words as their hero, Superman. Clark looked over once more to the alleyway: she was gone. Then Clark thought to himself, 'Will I ever find my Lois?'

The feeling of Perry's hand on his shoulder brought Clark— Superman— back to the situation at hand. Clark looked at Perry, who was now the Honorable Mayor White of Metropolis, again thanks to Lois. That Lois was amazing. Clark had to stop thinking about her.

"Son, you okay?" Perry asked, a concerned look on his face.

Clark nodded and looked out into the crowd. Clark took a deep breath and braced his hands and himself onto the podium. Clark was no longer Clark, right now he was Superman, and Superman was about to speak.

"Citizens of Metropolis and people of the world, I am not your enemy, I am a friend. I came to this planet not of my own choice, but as a baby. I have lived among you, not to study you, but to be a part of the only world that I know: *this one*. From this day forward in this uniform, I *am* Superman. I will defend truth, justice, protect the innocent and the weak, and although I may have super powers, they will only be used for good. I hope to still maintain my position at the Daily Planet and the name my parents gave me, Clark Kent." Clark felt he was speaking with an authority and a command he had never known before. He was respected, he saw that in their eyes. More importantly he felt…he felt their love for him, but there was something missing. She was missing not just from his heart but from the world all together. "In conclusion, life in Metropolis under Mayor White and with my help will change, the world will change for the better."

The silent crowd suddenly erupted into cheers and clapping of joy and support. Superman smiled a confident smile, finally breathing a breath of relief. His secret *was* revealed, but he was glad that it was. Lana was wrong, these people wouldn't lock him up and study him. No, it was Lois who was right. This world needed a hero, a symbol of hope. They needed Superman.

'Lois,' Clark thought, 'my first endeavor will be to find Lois.'


That was over a year ago. Lois has been lost for four years now, and feared to be dead. If it weren't for Clark's determination and fervor Perry and the Planet would have given up by now. Being Superman had its advantages.

Clark was feeling tired today. This has been, at least the fiftieth lead he had followed this past week. Everywhere he had been in Congo, someone, somewhere had seen somebody that looked like Lois. Each time, it had come up a dead end. By this time Clark was beginning to feel the hopelessness that everyone else was feeling. Clark flew over a remote part of the Congo jungle he had not been to before. He knew it was new to him, by the heat markings he usually left on the trees to tack his travel and not get lost. These jungles all began to look the same after a while.

Clark thought he was taking a short cut this time when he stumbled across a part of the jungle he had not seen before.It was very deep in the jungle with no penetrating sunlight. Saturated with lush green foliage and vines, the area was seemingly protected by a canopy of green. The trees soared into the sky and if it wasn't for his x-ray vision, he wouldn't have seen past the first level of foliage.

Clark flew in slow concentric circles leaving heat markings in the areas he'd flown by in order to not lose his bearings. Clark noticed something and he wasn't sure of. It looked like a series of huts all lined in a row, but that wasn't the unusual part. This hut formation was just one of hundreds Clark had seen scattered across this jungle. It was the underground cellars that caught his attention. It was the first time he saw those. They were concrete underground cellars, almost like bunkers or fall out shelters, located underneath these huts.

What caught Clark by surprise even more was the movement inside those bunkers, people were moving about underground. It almost looked like a small community. As Clark moved in closer he noticed these were not just everyday people that he had seen day in and day out. These people looked like prisoners, with chains and shackles around their hands and feet. These prisoners were guarded by men carrying semi-automatic weapons; wearing military uniforms. No one must have told these soldiers that the military government of the Congo fell to a rebel coup, and a more democratic government had taken over. Word of these events probably couldn't be relayed this far out in the jungle. It seemed to Clark that these people were only following orders, old orders. Clark scanned for radios or any communication device and saw none. They were cut off from all outside communication. It was no wonder know one knew they were here, it was intentional.

While Clark probed deeper with his x-ray vision he realized that he recognized some of these faces. He saw the former democratic Prime Minister Jaimon Hampsu. The world press reported he was killed during the military take-over a few years ago. Clark also saw the prime minister's right-hand man, Secretary of Defense Adandu Shalili, he was also supposed to be dead. This began to appear as a high profile anti-military government prison. He saw renowned African authors, publicly recognized university professors, and a research chemist who was a Noble Prize contender. Clark saw a variety of journalists he recognized, but one journalist in particular caught his attention.

Clark's heart nearly stopped. He came to a screeching halt in mid-flight. Clark's breathing became ragged and he shook his head in disbelief. After all this time could he be seeing what he though he was seeing?

Clark used his super vision to zoom in on the woman. Her hair was much longer then the other Lois'. She was very thin and extremely pale. He was not so sure. Then Clark looked closer at her face. There was no mistaking those beautiful lips and strong cheek bones. It looked like Lois, no, he couldn't deny it, it *was* Lois.

All Clark could think of at that moment was holding Lois, *his* Lois, and taking her away to safety, to himself. Quickly Clark formulated a plan in his mind and even faster put it into effect. In a flash of red and blue Clark burrowed into the ground beside the huts, broke through the concrete wall, disarmed the guards and tied them up. Breaking the chains on the hands and legs of the prisoners, Clark flew them in seconds to safety at the capitol building. Until he was down to one.

Clark cautiously approached the bed that Lois was laying on. Clark tried to listen for her heart beat and breathing: it seemed so labored and weak. He was almost afraid to go near her. There was no question that this was Lois, that overwhelming connection feeling was coming over him now.

Lois' ankles and hands were cuffed to the bed, and Clark's blood began to boil. He was appalled at the condition Lois was in. A million questions flashed through his mind. 'Who did this to her?' 'How long was she like this?' Those were just a few. Using his super hearing and heightened senses Clark picked up on movement behind him. Instantly Clark had a hold of the person moving behind him and lifted them high in the air.

"No please, hurt me no!" a woman cried.

Clark was taken back by the fact it was a woman, but after seeing Lois' condition, he didn't care who it was.

"I not hurt lady, no," the woman stammered. "I help her, I help!"

Her English was broken, but Clark understood what she was trying to say. Clark put her down, but kept his hold on the woman while he questioned her. She must have been a servant to the soldiers and a cook for the prisoners.

"What is wrong with her?!" Clark demanded.

"She hot, sick," the woman nervously replied putting her hand to her head. "I try to make cold." Holding up a dirty rag dripping with water she put it on her forehead to try to explain her intentions. "She sleep deep for whole night now, not wake up."

"How?" Clark asked confused.

"Bite from night beast. I kill it good kill," the woman explained proud of her accomplishment, "but death been in body too long now." The woman pointed at a large and vicious looking creature on the floor in the corner. It looked to Clark like a cross between a spider and a scorpion.

Clark saw the bite mark on Lois' neck. 'So close to her heart.' Clark thought to himself. It was too late to suck out the poison, her body had already absorbed most of it. He had to get her to a hospital, a hospital back home in Metropolis, close to him.

Clark quickly but carefully had Lois out of bed and over his shoulder. He placed the creature in a sack and with the other arm grabbed the woman and began to lift off. Paralyzed with fear the woman passed out in Clark's arms. Clark smiled to himself and made a mental note to thank this woman appropriately for trying to help Lois and apologize for scaring her.

Clark dropped the woman off at the capitol city's hospital, and at incredible speed brought Lois to Metropolis General. The doctor's began immediate care on Lois and asked Superman/Clark to wait outside. Clark took this opportunity to see Dr. Klein at Star Labs.

He gave the sack to Dr. Klein and asked him to analyze it for an antidote.

"What is that!?" Dr Klein asked startled at the sight of the creature.

"Please, Dr. Klein, it's a long story. I need you to analyze this right away. Lois was bit by this and she is really sick. We need an antidote," Clark explained hurriedly. "Something to counteract the poison."

"Lois Lane, the missing reporter, you found her?" Dr. Klein asked Clark interested in hearing this story.

"This is really urgent, Dr.Klein, I need your help," Clark pleaded. "It can't wait."

Dr. Klein merely nodded, and that was all Clark needed to see, and he disappeared as quickly as he came in.

Over the past year Dr. Klein and *Superman* had developed a unique friendship. Dr. Klein was given the privilege to examine and study Superman's unique abilities and physiological make-up, for science's sake and Superman's. At first it was something Superman was totally opposed to, thinking that maybe Lana was right. Dr. Klein reassured Superman that this was for his own benefit, and that he should consider him his own primary care physician. If at anytime Superman was uncomfortable and began to feel like a test rat, he could leave and never have to undergo anything again. Superman never left, he trusted Dr. Klein implicitly.

After all he was the CEO and primary director of the Star Labs facility, he wasn't a lowly scientist trying to further his personal research.

Immediately Dr. Klein gathered a team and began working on dissecting the creature. Even though he felt very squeamish, he knew from Superman's urgent tone and expression that this was very important, more so Dr. Klein felt that this was very personally important to *him*.

Back at the hospital the doctors managed to stabilize Lois' condition, but it was not easy. Her fever was still high and continued fluctuating and her internal swelling has subsided, but barely. The good news was Lois' body began accepting the necessary fluids and nutrients provided through her IV, and the x-ray had successfully ruled out any internal bleeding and broken bones.

Clark was hopeful at this last bit of news until he heard the doctor take in a deep sigh and continue. "Lois is currently in a comatose state and we have no way of determining when or *if* she will come out of it. Your scientist friend, Dr. Klein, needs to work fast, or else right now we've done everything we can."

An almost desperate tone crawled into Clark's voice. "There must be something I can do to help her."

"Right now the greatest thing you can do for her is talk to her." The doctor replied trying to sound comforting. "People in deep comas can recognize the voices of their loved ones. It almost puts them at ease and takes away that feeling of isolation and being alone. Maybe when she hears your voice it will help ease her back into a conscious state. I must stress though that all this means nothing without the serum." With that last sentence the doctor took his leave of Clark.

The doctor's words echoed in Clark's mind all night. They refused to let him, Perry or her parents stay with her at all the first few nights. Lois needed to be under constant observation with no *interference*. Over and over Clark mulled in his mind what the doctor told him. 'Talk to her,' he said, 'voices of loved ones put them at ease.'

"A lot of good that is going to do her, she doesn't even know I exist. What possible difference could I make?" Clark said aloud to himself hovering over his bed. Clark shook his head and frustration began to set in. "This is not the way it's supposed to be."


The next morning Perry reassured Clark that *he* was supposed to be the one to talk to Lois. "Son, if y'say that there's this connection between you, and that you were destined for each other, well I'd be damned if I let anyone else break me from my coma."

Perry had always been there for Clark, kind of like a surrogate father. Clark told Perry all about the alternate Lois, his feelings for her and the connection she described and he felt. Clark told Perry that she was the one who guided him to being Superman, and that she was the one that made the suit.

"Clark, sometimes the best things that happen to fellas like us are the things we least expect. Then one day bam, there it is as clear as day, we realized that it was good the way it did. Like this one time, Alice and I…" Perry proceeded to tell Clark another Perry and Alice story, and this time Clark didn't mind listening. He needed the distraction. Perry gave Clark the rest of the day off and *ordered* him to go see Lois and talk to her. "Lois needs to know that there are lots of people out there who care for her, even ones she doesn't know just yet. Knowin' our Lois she'll come out of her coma from sheer curiosity, just to see who *you* are. " Perry laughed and smiled that all knowing smile and patted Clark on the shoulder. Clark left the mayor's office feeling less apprehensive then he did going in.


Clark slept a little better that night, but his sleep was littered with some very strange dreams. He dreamt of creature insects, jungles and that woman who helped Lois. Before Clark headed to the hospital, he had a few errands to run. His first stop was back in the Congo. He wanted to keep his promise to apologize to that poor woman he frightened and check on the other prisoners he had freed. After that Clark was taking a trip to Star Labs to see Dr. Klein's progress and finally over to the hospital and see Lois.

Dr. Klein wasn't able to narrow down an antidote just yet. Each of the blood samples he tested his antidote on did either nothing, or 'something too awful to mention,' were Dr. Klein's exact words. Clark didn't want to know. Clark was beginning to get very worried, and for the first time Dr. Klein saw Clark as a man; not Superman. Dr. Klein took for granted Clark's "humanity." Fooled by his super powers and incredible strength, he nearly forgot that Clark had feelings and could hurt inside like any human being can.

"I have every toxicology scientist here at Star Labs working on this *with* me, Clark," Dr. Klein said in his most reassuring voice. Clark noticed that he called him by his name and not Superman, which is all Dr. Klein ever called him. "There are twenty-five men and woman trying to isolate the poison and create an effective antidote for it. In the meantime, this serum should prevent Lois' condition from worsening. The hematologist at the hospital should administer to Lois as per my instructions exactly. This will buy us some more time."

Clark shook Dr. Klein's hand without saying a word. He remembered later that the hand shake was a very reassuring handshake, as if almost to say, 'don't worry, it will all be all right.'


At the hospital, Clark gave the serum to the resident hematologist and the instructions Dr. Klein wrote out. Clark was asked to wait outside until he was finished.

About a half an hour later Clark was allowed in to see Lois. He noticed on the sign-in chart at the desk, that Perry and her parents were already here to see her. There were flowers everywhere in her room. Family, friends, loved ones, fans, and just kind strangers all wanting to wish her well and a speedy recovery. So many people loved her and wanted her to return to them, so many. The front page of the Daily Planet a few days ago was all about Lois' return. Also how Superman not only brought back The Planet's star reporter, but all the Congolian officials back to power, saving lives thought to be dead or missing forever.

Clark slowly walked from floral arrangement to arrangement, smelling the flowers and admiring the magnificent colors. 'She deserved all these beautiful things and more,' Clark said to himself, 'and when she wakes up, I promise I will give it to her.'

Clark looked over at Lois. She looked so weak, yet was more beautiful then he could have possible imagined. Slowly, almost mechanically Clark walked over to Lois and sat in the chair by the bed. He looked at Lois intently and simply sat silent by her bed. He sat there thinking, wondering, what she was thinking; if she was thinking at all. Clark leaned forward closer to Lois and closed his eyes. Slowly Clark tried to calm his racing heart. Gradually everything became silent, the monitors, the traffic outside, the voices in the hall, even his own breathing…all quiet. The only sound he could hear was Lois' heart beat. Slowly, like a tom tom drum, it beat. It sounded so loud in his ears, but for some reason it relaxed him. It was almost as if both their hearts were beating simultaneously. Just Lois and Clark: hearts beating as one. 'Hmmm,' Clark mused to himself, 'Lois and Clark, I like the sound of that.'

"Mr. Kent?" A voice from a distance was calling him. "Mr. Kent?" The voice was getting louder.

Clark was jolted out of his trance and he noticed the nurse was in the room standing next to him.

He didn't respond at first. It took sometime for Clark's body to get back to a normal state after a slowing down like that.

"Mr. Kent." The nurse said his name again for the third time.

This time Clark was able to respond to her. "Yes?"

"I am sorry to disturb your time with Ms. Lane, " the nurse said sounding almost relieved that he was alright, "but visiting hours ended 15 minutes ago. She needs to have her injections and cannot be disturbed."

"Injections?" Clark asked as he stood up from the chair.

"Yes, the stabilizer your friend Dr. Klein created. It helps her. Mr. Kent, are you alright?" The nurse asked, noticing that he seemed pre-occupied.

"Yes, yes I am fine… I am just, just a little distracted," Clark replied.

Smiling a warm smile the nurse said, "I understand your concern for Ms. Lane. You know, Mr. Kent, she is very lucky to have a friend like you."

Clark gave the nurse half a smile, took one last long look at Lois and left. As he was leaving the nurse thought she heard Clark mutter something about, "a friend she doesn't even know exists."

After Clark opened his apartment door and threw himself on the couch, he remembered that he was invited to Perry's for dinner that night. Not feeling up to a social evening, he called Perry and asked for a rain check. As always Perry understood, especially since Clark told him he had just returned from the hospital and hadn't said a word to Lois *yet*. "I couldn't do it. I *didn't* do it is more like it. I just sat there in silence. As many times as I tried to open my mouth and say something, no words were coming out."

Perry recognized that he was getting frustrated and tried to sooth him, "These things take time, you know. You're nervous, worried and you don't know the words to say."

"*Exactly*," Clark replied emphatically.

"If I were in your position, " Perry continued, "I would be feeling the same way. It's normal, besides, Clark, this is a unique situation to say the least."

Clark took a deep breath thanked Perry and hung up, promising that he wouldn't turn down the next invite. Perry reassured him that it was no big deal and that anything he needed or anytime he needed to talk, he would always be there. Clark stepped into his closet and stepped out a second later wearing the suit, in an instant he was out of his window and into the night sky.

Clark seriously needed time to think. He needed time to organize his thoughts and sort everything out. Ever since he found Lois things had been happening so fast. He hadn't had a moment to figure out what he wanted to say and what he wanted Lois to hear. He was so confused. Sometimes Clark wished he had never met the *other* Lois. This was all *her* fault. *She* introduced herself to him and set his life spinning. It was her that inadvertently taught him about that special connection two people can have. She showed him that he doesn't have to be alone, but now that was all he felt. Clark was caught in this fog, a feeling he had never felt before. He always knew, or thought he knew what he wanted for himself. It was just getting there that was a little sticky. Now he couldn't tell if it was coming or going.

Clark flew harder and faster, until he reached the boundless regions of outer space. Floating soundlessly Clark just let himself float, indulging in the silence that surrounded him. He regretted what he said about Lois and took it all back. The greatest thing that ever happened to him was finding *his* Lois, and he had the other Lois to thank for it. If it wasn't for her, he would have probably married Lana, and regretted it years later. He wouldn't be helping people, or saving lives. He wouldn't be doing something that made him feel good. Superman made him feel good and he liked that feeling.

He thought about Lois, *his* Lois. Lois was his true love and he knew it. He just wished that when she woke up, she would feel the same way. Clark was certain about many things in his life. He knew how strong he was. He knew exactly what his powers were, what they could do and when to and when not use them. Clark knew his favorite foods, best suit and tie combination and exactly how he liked his coffee and where to get it. He knew his favorite season, where in the sky flying was the easiest and what part of outer space was the clearest of debris. As for love and Lois Lane, he knew nothing. Clark didn't have the luxury of having parents that could advise him and try to guide him. They died a long time ago, when he was so young. He's had to figure out so much on his own. Stumbling, falling and picking himself up were normal, but how do you pick yourself up and find your way around in a black hole. That was exactly what real love was to him.

Clark didn't realize how much time he had spent up there, but it was definitely time to go home. By the end of his float and flight, Clark Kent knew what he had to do: take a chance. If the alternate Lois had not taken a chance on him, his life would be very different, and he liked his life right now. He was going to talk to Lois and he had to do it sooner before later. Even if she had no clue who he is, he had to try. At least in her peaceful moments of unconsciousness, she was his and he was hers.

As Clark neared the earth's atmosphere, he began to feel something strange gnawing at him inside. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he knew it wasn't good. The city was quiet and there was no one calling for help. Still something was wrong, he felt it in his gut. Suddenly Clark knew what it was, it wasn't his gut that was feeling it it was his heart, it was Lois. Lois was in trouble, wordlessly she was crying out for help.

Before his next breath, Clark was standing in the doorway of her room. There were doctors and nurses everywhere. Machines were beeping loudly and everyone was barking stats or orders simultaneously. It was after midnight, but the room was buzzing like a mid-day Metropolis traffic jam. Clark grabbed one of the nurses as she was heading out of the room.

"What's happening?" Clark asked looking beyond the nurse, eyes fixated on Lois and everyone surrounding her.

"You're Superman, right?" The nurse absentmindedly asked Clark. " 'Cause if you're not, I'd have to ask you to leave."

Clark gave her a look. Realizing that her timing was totally off, she began explaining the situation to Clark. "She's gone into cardiac arrest. He BP bottomed out and her heart began beating very, very irregularly. We were afraid that it would stop completely, so the doctor had to shock the heart back to a normal rhythm. The doctor is charting now, but you can talk to him in a bit." The nurse tried to smile at Clark, but he was unresponsive.

Clark stayed in the doorway of her room, afraid to go any further. He was worried that the slightest move he made would send Lois back into arrest. The few minutes the doctor spent charting and directing the nurses seemed like hours for Clark. Finally, the doctor turned to the door. The doctor was startled and angered by the presence of a non-hospital personal in the room at such a critical time.

"Who's this?!" The doctor angrily questioned the nurses. Not waiting for their reply, the doctor turned to Clark. "Who are you and what are you doing here?!"

"I'm…" Clark was about to say his name, but seeing the look on the doctor's face he replied, " I'm Superman. I felt *something* was wrong with Lois and I had to come right over."

Clark's last statement disarmed the doctor's anger, partially because he didn't expect it and partially because he sounded so sincere. The doctor's expression softened slightly. "Oh." The doctor started leaving the room.

"Doctor wait!" Clark called out. The doctor turned around to see Clark's desperate expression and for some reason it struck a sympathetic chord with the doctor.

The doctor thought to himself, 'With all that strength he possesses he still manages to feel exactly what any other human would feel in a moment like this.'

"Come with me, Superman," The doctor said as he motioned to one of the waiting rooms.

Clark desperately wanted to hear what the doctor had to say, but he was so afraid of leaving Lois again. All the nurses had left except for one who was tucking Lois in and straightening her blanket. When she left Lois would be all alone again, and anything could happen. Clark looked into the room one more time and when he turned back to the hall, the doctor was right beside him.

"It's okay, Superman, we can talk in here," the doctor said as he walked into Lois' room.

Relieved Clark replied, "Please, doctor, call me Clark."

"Very well then, Clark, " the doctor extended his hand, "you want to know about Lois' condition."

Clark shook the doctor's hand and nodded, "Please."

The doctor explained seriously to Clark Lois' condition. "It seems her condition is becoming more and more serious with every day that goes by. The stabilizer has done what it could, but it is beginning to break down more rapidly. The potency level is diminishing, which means whatever poison is in her system is beginning to become stronger."

Clark's eyes were burning with unshed tears. "What can I do?"

"Right now, nothing. We need that antidote. It is the only thing that can counteract the effects of this poison." The doctor tried to comfort Clark with some good news. "Look, Clark, I have known Dr. Klein for a number of years. He is very highly respected among the medical community. If he cannot find this antidote, no one can."

Clark wanted to scream at the top of his lungs. 'And what if he can't, Lois just dies!' Instead he replied, "I know, doctor, I know he will."

As the doctor was leaving he patted Clark on the shoulder. Before he left he turned to Clark and said, "I will inform the nurses and security that you have unlimited visitations with Ms. Lane."

Clark didn't even answer the doctor, he just kept thinking to himself, 'This can't be happening. Not now, not after all this time.' Clark looked over at Lois lying silently unaware of her possible fate, or was she. Lois was so pale, her arms lined with tubes (IV and the like), and a breathing tub in her nose. An overwhelming feeling of determination washed over Clark. He wanted her to be okay. He wanted to look into her eyes and confess his love to her. He would do anything within his powers to make her well and bring her back. Anything. He knew that he couldn't bother Dr. Klein anymore. He trusted him and any more pressure from him could fracture that trust and add undo pressure on an already tense situation. Clark was going to do what he could, he was going to talk to Lois. About anything or everything it didn't matter, he was going to be there for her to the very end.

Gently Clark reached over and took Lois' hand. Looking right at her Clark said her name, "Lois?" It barely came out in a whisper. Clark took a deep breath, swallowed hard and said her name again. "Lois." This time he heard his own voice. It sounded nice saying her name aloud.

Clark began, "Lois, my name is Clark…Clark Kent. Even though you don't know me, I know you or of you. We have met once before, well I met your alternate you. I know this all sounds very strange, and it was, *believe me*, but I think you will understand it better when I explain it all to you."

Clark felt all the words flow from him like a raging river breaking down a weak dam. Clark relayed the story of the other Lois, Tempus, Superman, and his search for her. He told Lois about the woman that helped her, after she was bitten, and how Dr. Klein was searching for an antidote for the poison. Clark began to describe how everyone reacted to her return. Especially how happy Perry was and is to have her back. Clark began to tell her about himself, his childhood, his late parents, the orphanages, and his coming to the Daily Planet. All the while never letting go of Lois' hand. Clark even went as far as to brush from her forehead a stubborn strand of hair that the nurses managed to let loose from the rest of her hair.

Undisturbed Clark kept talking to Lois for days, stopping only to shower (at the hospital) and eat something (only because the head nurse *insisted*), until he himself became tired. Finally Clark put his head down and rested it in Lois' open palm. The touch of her hand on his face calmed him. Even the nurses tried their hardest not to disturb his rest. They managed to complete their nursing duties around Clark. Of course Clark's super hearing told him they were there, he just chose to let them feel like they were doing him a favor.

Seated at the chair next to Lois' bed Clark was reading, slowly. He had decided he needed time to go by slowly, so he wasn't going to speed read any of the books Perry had given him. At around 1:00am on Clark's third consecutive day at the hospital he heard some sort of commotion at the nurses station. Clark looked at his watch, "It's one o'clock in the morning, what going on?"

"Excuse me, sir, first of all how did you get past security, second of all it is one o'clock in the morning, and thirdly there are no visitors allowed!" The nurse said angrily, starting to escort the man to the elevator.

"But I am a doctor and a scientist," the man pleaded with the nurse.

"Not at this hospital you're not, now please, before I have security come up and throw you out." The nurse continue to escort this man to the elevator.

"Wait!" Clark called out to the nurse, knowing he recognized that voice. "Dr. Klein?"

"Oh thank God, Clark, thank God you were here. This *woman* was about to call security on me." The agitation in Dr. Klein's voice was rising and Clark new he had to calm him down before it got worse.

"Is everything alright at Star Labs?" Clark asked changing the subject.

"Alright, it's fantastic!" Dr. Klein yelled out.

"Shh!!" The annoyed nurse said to Dr. Klein putting her finger on her lips.

Ignoring the nurse, but lowering his voice Dr. Klein announced to Clark, " I have created an antidote."

Clark's heart leapt into his throat when her heard the word antidote and saw the two vials of light blue liquid Dr. Klein pulled out of the inside pocket of his blazer. Clark was almost frozen in place, he couldn't believe it.

Clark turned to the nurse, "Page the doctor now."

The nurse immediately ran behind the station and picked up the phone. Meanwhile Clark had literally carried Dr. Klein into Lois' room. Minutes later the doctor came running in. "The nurse paged me status urgent, you have the antidote."

Clark and Dr. Klein edged closer to the bed watching the doctor set up both syringes. They watched the doctor prepare to inject them into Lois' arm.

"No!" Dr. Klein exclaimed startling both men. "It must be inject directly into her blood stream, or it won't have the desired effect."

Nodding at Dr. Klein, Lois' doctor injected the first syringe, followed by the second into her IV, until they were both empty.

"It's not an immediate effect or a guaranteed one for that matter. It will take up to a few hours or a few days, I only hope that it works and we are not too late," Dr. Klein explained.

Clark sat in the chair and took Lois' hand, "It will work, Dr. Klein, I know it will."

Twenty-four hours had gone by since the injections took place and Lois began to exhibit some change. Her life signs were getting a little stronger and the doctor said that since her breathing was beginning to regulate, she would not need the breathing tube anymore. All this sounded really good to Clark, but a part of him wasn't sure. Lois was still in a coma, he didn't know if she would get this far and then just, stop. Clark scolded himself for having such negative and selfish thoughts, but he felt like he was losing hope.

"Please, " Clark said looking up pleading with the heavens. "I have been alone for so long now, I don't want to be alone anymore."

Tears began to stream down Clark's face . Tired and ashamed of his unusual burst of emotion, Clark leaned over to Lois and kissed her cheek, whispering, "I am sorry, Lois, I love you." Clark held Lois' hand, laid his head down on the bed closed his eyes and tried very hard not to think of the worst.

Clark's head shot up looking at Lois' hand. "Was I dreaming?" Clark said aloud to himself. "I must have been." Clark could have sworn he felt Lois' hand closing ever so slightly on his. Then he felt it again and saw it with his own eyes. Lois' hands were moving. The petite fragile hand of the woman he loved was moving. Seeing and feeling that was like a force that moved him, unlike any other in this world, except for the next thing that happened.

Clark heard something, something that sounded like a muffled version of his name. Clark looked away from Lois' hand to her mouth. Lois' lips were parted and she moving them.

"Clark," Lois said in a faint whisper. Clark leaned in closer to Lois and he heard it again.

"Clark," Lois repeated, this time a sliver of her voice came through.

"I am here, Lois, I am right here," Clark replied, his voice failing towards the end.

Lois' eyes fluttered open and then closed again. Lois kept trying to open her eyes until she was able to keep them open a little longer each time. Finally Lois was able to look upon Clark, and a faint smile creeped across her face.

"Thank you…Clark." Lois' smile widening a little more.

Clark beamed with joy and without hesitation leaned over and kissed Lois slightly on the lips. Clark held onto Lois' hand tightly and never planned on letting go…ever.