Cloudyeyes Meets Superman

By Katie Green

Summary: A poem in which Superman meets up with another flying entity.

A poem by Katie Green

I don't know where this came from, suffice it to say that CloudyEyes rhymed with skies and I took it from there!


CloudyEyes patrols the skies Flying every day and night Stopping just to grab a bite Then once again— off she flies!

Cloudy met up with a man Whose suit of blue, yellow and red Made Cloudy laugh until he said, "Help me please, I'm sure you can."

CloudyEyes filled with surprise "Who are you?" Cloudy asked this guy "And why is it that you can fly?" She could not believe her cloudy eyes.

"I am Superman," he replies "And I am from Metropolis. Here's my problem — it is this." And Superman led CloudyEyes.

They flew all the way to the other side Of the grand US of A Cloudy wondered what to say To this man who was taking her for a ride.

Once they reached Superman's hometown He said, "My parents have been kidnapped. Please rescue them, they are still trapped." Cloudy responded with a frown.

"Whatever for?" Cloudy cried out For Superman seemed mighty strong "Just do it, we can't wait for long." She wondered what this was all about.

He instructed her of where to go And then explained most hastily That if Superman were to be Where his parents were kept, the place would blow.

CloudyEyes rushed to the park And found the tunnel Supes had said aloud She was glad her vision did not cloud For it was getting very dark.

Invisibility was a trait Of CloudyEyes, she was clear as the skies When she found the Kents, tears formed in their eyes She quieted them and warned of the fate

CloudyEyes departed then Carrying the two Kents They crawled all through the vents Until they arrived in the park again

"Thank you!" Superman cried And hugged his parents in relief Then gave Cloudy a hug that was all too brief If not for her, they would have died.

"It's no problem," said CloudyEyes "I'm tired of this silly rhyme I've gotta go, we'll fly sometime." And once again she was off in the skies…