Teaser Start

By Tara O'Shea

Summary: Lois wakes Clark up too soon.

This teaser start comes from our very own Tara O'Shea:


The phone was ringing. He had to restrain himself from throwing it, simply because it would either send it crashing into the wall and breaking it into a gajillion pieces, or it would go through the wall, and he would have a new window while Northeastern Metropolis would notice it was raining phones this morning.


"Clark! Why aren't you awake yet?"

"Oh, I don't know, Lois. Maybe because it's 6am, and I'm not due at work until 9am? If you would have just waited nine minutes…" Lois always had a knack for calling exactly nine minutes before his alarm was set to go off.

He could hardly explain to her that he usually only needed about three hours of sleep, but those last nine minutes were always the most important.

Besides, he'd been having a really good dream.

"For heaven's sake, Clark, you have no sense of priorities. Today is *the* day."

"It's too early to play guessing games, Lois."

"The day *I* get the exclusive on Superman."

"He's not coming in until two! And besides, you already had an exclusive on Superman. Several. In a row."

"Yes, but he agreed to a full blown interview for the Sunday magazine, pictures and all."

"I know I did… *he* did… whatever. Was it worth waking me up?"

"Do you want the byline?"


"You're lying to me." He could hear the sheer disbelief in her voice. "The hottest exclusive interview since Oprah and Michael Jackson, and you're turning down a *byline*? For *nine* minutes of sleep?"

"Yes. I am." He hung up the phone gingerly, carefully, and buried his head under the pillow.

It was too late. He was awake.


Anyway, I don't have a real plot yet, this is just me, funnin' with ya…

LJC — tara@hydra.unm.edu