Tell Me

By Katie Sizer <>

Rated: G

Submitted May 2002

Summary: In this 30-minute challenge story set at the end of the episode "The Ides of Metropolis," Lois demands to know what Clark's biggest secret really is.

A 30 Minute Episode Extension Challenge Story: Ides of Metropolis

Another response to Wendy's 30-minute challenge. This one is set at the end of Ides of Metropolis, where Lois tells Clark that she didn't think he told her his biggest secret, and Clark says "Just to put your little mind at ease, Lois… I didn't." I just think it shouldn't have gone off there! <g> And special thanks to my GE, Erin Klingler, for her kindness and for being so great to work with!

Katie :)


"I knew it!" Lois declared, feeling triumphant, and also quietly confident she'd get his biggest secret out of him in a minute or so, though she wasn't sure why. "So… what is it?"

"Now Lois, I'm not just going to tell you what it is! There's a reason I didn't tell you when you asked, you know. What makes you think I changed my mind?" He grinned at her, enjoying the playful glare she gave him in response.

"Why did you tell me, then?" she demanded, giving him a playful punch on his arm.

"Tell you what?" he asked, putting on an innocent face.

"Clark Kent, you know very well what I mean! You said that you didn't tell me your biggest secret; therefore, you gave me an open invitation to ask for it! Am I right?" she said, failing to keep a grin from appearing on her face, ruining her attempt at faking anger.

"Actually, you wheedled it out of me, Lois. You suggested that I didn't tell you my biggest secret — and I agreed, so you wouldn't have to worry about it," he told her, the smile still firmly on his lips.

"Aww, how thoughtful," she said, now finding it impossible not to grin. "But go on… I'll make telling me worth your while!"

"What could you possibly do, Lois, to make telling you my biggest secret worth my while?" he asked, amusement evident in his voice.

Lois laughed and turned her head away from him, half in play, half in disgust at herself. What was she thinking? What if he agreed? She had nothing to make it worth his while, she'd just said it to prolong the play fight between them, because it was fun, and knowing her rather poor skill at keeping these things going, she'd said it out of desperation. Rather that than suddenly have an awkward silence on her hands.

She told herself that she would make an even bigger fool of herself by just standing and saying nothing, so it was best just to play along. Maybe he'd just leave it alone? She knew how kind and sweet he was, so there was every chance he'd sense some new discomfort in her, and just change the subject.

"Lois?" he asked, his voice more tentative then amused when he realised she was turned away from him for longer than just a few seconds.

"Well, Clark…" she continued, trying to act like she had meant to do that. "What do you think you deserve in return?"

"I'm not going to tell you, Lois!" he exclaimed, the smile returning to his face. "No matter what you offer me!"

Lois felt relived that he hadn't given her an answer, but also still found herself very curious as to what he wasn't telling her. Despite her brief embarrassment, she didn't just stop wondering what Clark's secret was!

"Give me a moment to think, Clark… I swear I'm going to figure this out!" she told him, determined. She mocked an offended look at his grin and simple nod of the head he replied to her with.

Maybe if she guessed it, he'd tell her? But there were so many possible things it could be! Too many to even begin to make a guess. Maybe it was just better to let things rest. He certainly didn't expect her to do that! She tried to picture the shocked look on his face if she just told him that she didn't really care what his secret was. And he certainly would be shocked.

She grinned, maybe a little obviously, but didn't care. "You know Clark, I don't need to know. You're my friend, and I respect your privacy."

"Wow, Lois! That's… nice of you," he said, the shocked look she'd been expecting appearing on his face, ten times better than she could have ever imagined.

She was tempted to laugh, but then decided it was may be better she didn't know after all. She found herself pleased that she hadn't dragged something out of Clark that he didn't want to tell her, and that was new to her. Their friendship had been growing a lot recently, but she still never thought herself capable of just being able to let something drop like that.

"Well," she started, "you're my friend, Clark."

"I'm impressed, Lois." He smiled. "Now, how about I walk you home?"

Lois smiled up at him, still surprised, and also pleased that he was impressed with her. Gently, she took his arm, and they left the building together, each lost in their own thoughts.