The Three Seasons

By Karin Tessin (aka Volley) (

Summary: A poem that examines various stages of Lois and Clark's relationship.

I have a fanfic, but not a story. This is my first chance at writing fanfic, but it's a poem. I'm better at poems than stories. I could really use the comments. Mail them to Thanks.


Lois is tough Clark is super Things have been rough It's been one big blooper

Season one Clark came He had no fun For he was not the same

Lois was different When she saw Superman Then there was Kent He does the best he can

Here's season two Lois has a feeling Just out of the blue To whom is it leading??

Clark had Mayson Lois had Dan Her death became the occasion And he wasn't "THE MAN"

Lois almost died Clark asked her hand She knows he lied But she said "Clark" and…

Then there was the third season One of the best There was a reason For her to know the rest

He loves her so And the same for she But she said no And he can't let it be

It was tough At the beginning It's been rough But they have an extra inning