Ten Years Later

By Chris Apruzese <chaabreh@snet.net>

Rated: G

Submitted: June 2005

Summary: Jonathan and Martha get a bird's eye view during a rather heavenly moment.


Jonathan and Martha had bird's eye views of the upcoming festivities. Lois and Clark and their two children, JC (Jonathan Clark) and Mar-Ellyn, had arrived at the designated location. Each of them had their own personalized floral bouquet. Lovingly, they started their ceremony, one they had faithfully followed for the last ten years without fail.

Clark brought the proceedings to order. "Mom and Dad… these flowers represent one of the most important gifts that you gave me," he said as he laid down a spray of red, white, and blue carnations, with a pentagon-shaped "S" as the focal point in the center. "You found a way for me to use my abilities to help the world, and yet, in the end, I failed you both. I will always love you."

Lois stepped up next. "You will always be the parents I never had," she began, laying down a purple spray of lavender next to Clark's. "Until I met the two of you, I didn't really know what family was."

JC, seventeen, took his turn. He held a dozen white roses, which he placed down to the left of his Dad's arrangement. "Grandpa and Grandma, I will never forget the heavenly smell of your kitchen, or how excited it used to make me when Dad flew us to Smallville to visit you. Spending my summer vacation at the farm will always be a special memory."

He stepped away, allowing his thirteen year old sister, Mar-Ellyn, to come forward.

"Grandpa…Grandma… I never got to know you all that well because I was too little, but when I think about you, there's a special warmth in my heart. I miss you and I hope you're very happy, wherever you are." She took the bouquet of red roses, held them close to her chest for a moment, then laid them down to the right of her mother's bouquet.

The four wept silently, heads bowed, and then got back in the car and headed for home.

Jonathan looked at Martha. "I miss them so much, honey. As great as our life is now, I wish they could be here with us."

"I know, Jon. But Clark has so much yet to accomplish. And Lois…she has a few more Kerths and Pulitzers to win."

"Aren't the kids beautiful? They both look like you, Martha."

"You're sweet, but I see Clark in Mar-Ellyn, and Lois in JC."

"Do you ever wish we never took that flight to Metropolis that day, honey? We wanted to surprise them for their anniversary but Clark has never forgiven himself for not being in the area when the plane crashed."

"I know, Jon…of course I do, but it was our time. Speaking of time, Gene and Peg are going to be mad — we're missing Bingo in the Lifetime room!"


Dedicated to my father, Eugene, who passed away ten years ago today (May 30, 1995) — and my mother, Margaret, who passed away June 21, 1994.

I love and miss you both!