That Peanuts Gang of Mine, A Crossover Vignette

By Jude <>

Rated G

Submitted February 2000

Summary: A cute crossover with everyone's favorite comic strip!

This story is a response to Tara Smith's implied challenge after I compared Teri's Lois with Peanuts' Lucy and jokingly asked if there was the possibility of a crossover.

This is my first fanfic. What's here is not up to fluff. It's not even up to pocket lint in the pockets of.but I digress. Any and all comments would be helpful and appreciated at the above ad-dress.

The usual disclaimers apply to Warner Bros., D.C. Comics and to Charles Schultz, his family and whoever owns the Peanuts char-acters.

To be read as a comic strip. ** indicates a separate panel. <> enclose a character's thoughts. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please visualize.


**Schroeder is sitting cross-legged on the floor watching television.

**Lucy appears behind him demanding loudly: "What are you doing?"

**Schroeder: "Watching Superman."

**Lucy bending over peering at the screen: "That's not Superman. That's a woman."

**Schroeder: "This is a tape my Dad made of all his favorite parts from Lois and Clark. That's Lois." ** Lucy: Sitting on the floor next to Schroeder, "Why is she wearing those feathers?"

**Schroeder: "It's complicated."

**Lucy: "She's good. I like the way she treats the guy wearing glasses."

**Schroeder: (Sigh!)

**Lucy: "Where's Superman?"

**Snoopy: Standing on top of the piano, paws on haunches, wearing glasses, a swirling cape and a big red S on his stomach, <It is I, S-Man. Here I am my sweet.> Big toothy grin. <Don't you recognize me?>

** Lucy: "Why is she wearing those flimsy handkerchiefs?"

**Schroeder: "It's complicated."

**Lucy: Stands, pointing at the TV screen, "HELP! She's falling."

**Snoopy: Swooping down from the piano, <I'll save you. Be brave, My Little Tornado.>

**Lucy: "Oh, good. He caught her."

**Snoopy seizes Lucy, <You're safe now Honey.>

**Snoopy bends Lucy backward and plants a big wet kiss. (SMACK!)

**Lucy: "B L E E C C H !" and sends Snoopy tumbling head over paws.

**Snoopy: Still spinning, <Aarrgh!>

**Schroeder: "Good Grief!"

**Charlie Brown: Standing in the doorway, "My Mom says the chocolate brownies are done."

**Lucy and Schroeder stampede through the doorway, trampling Charlie Brown, leaving behind a small cloud of dust.

**Charlie Brown: Lying flat on the floor, (Sigh.)

**Charlie Brown follows a trailing aroma of chocolate out the door.

**Snoopy: Glasses askew, lies horizontally on his stomach, nose toward the TV, cape draped over his back, (Sigh), <It's not easy being S-Man.>