Taking Advantage

By GG Cain

Summary: Lois is sick in bed with a bad cold, but her husband is the best medicine.


It was the middle of January and Lois had lost her voice due to a case of laringytis, which had been caused by a nasty cold. Clark, her loving and *very* sympathetic husband, was out scouring the city, trying to find some Double Crunch Bars for Lois. Lois was lounging in bed too exhausted to do *anything* but breathe or sleep. She was wishing Clark a speedy trip home.

She was just getting ready to slowly inch her way to the bathroom when Clark came back from his shopping trip.

"Clark! Ah — ACHOO!!!!! Can you help me get to the bathroom?" she managed to squeak.

"Sure, honey," he said as he carried her there.

A few minutes later, she was back in bed and he was laying next to her, just enjoying her company. He eventually fell asleep, and so the two of them slept for a couple of hours.

At about 5:30 p.m., she woke up and when she saw he was asleep, she instantly took advantage of his unconscious state, by pouncing on him! She started planting kisses all over his face, while she started pushing his t-shirt up to attack his torso. If she thought *that* was fun, it got even more fun when he joined in … you see, he'd woken up right after she had, but he'd decided to keep pretending he was asleep … just to see how far she'd actually go.