They Really Are In Love!!!

By Candace Tackett (

Summary: Clark and Lois have an argument over Dan Scardino.


Lois walked into the Daily Planet not noticing what time it was. The truth was, she was three hours late for work. She picked up a magazine at the stand and just stood there reading it.

Clark, on the other hand, was in Perry's office. "Where is that girl?" Perry asked.

"I don't really know, Chief."

"Well, Clark, you're her partner. Go find her!" Then Perry sat down and started to make a phone call.

Clark hopped into the elevator and thought - She was out with Dan last night. I bet you $20. -

Right as Clark was about to get out, Lois walked in. "Lois, where have you been?"

"Lighten up, Clark. I slept in. You're so uptight this morning. Loosen up!"

"Loosen up? Is that something you picked up from Inspector Gadget?" Clark replied.

"Excuse me? My personal life is none of your business whatsoever. Thank you very much. You must be…" They stepped out of the elevator.

"Lois! Where in Elvis' name have you been?" Perry was so upset.

"What is with everyone this morning? Why is everyone getting so upset?"

"Lois is picking this up from Agent Scardino. Maybe it's just a phase." Clark said to Perry. They both started off to his office.

"You're just jealous that he has me and you lost me." Lois said hoping to get Clark back.

He stopped dead in his tracks. He took a deep breath and turned around to look at Lois, only to see that she looked impressed with herself. "Believe me, Lois. You will pay for that one!" Clark said. She just rolled her eyes.

"Come on, Clark." Perry said.

"You go in. I'll be there in a minute."

Lois back was turned, so Clark snuck up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around, Clark suddenly kissed her. She felt the passion that she remembered from long ago. She knew she should stop and step away, but her body wouldn't let her.

"Am I interrupting something?" It was none other than Dan Scardino.

"Dan!" Lois said as Clark walked off to Perry's office.

"You know, I've noticed that Kent is such a chicken." Dan said to Lois.

"At least when he's wrong, he admits it." She had thought about the big fight they had about that, but a thought interrupted the memory. - I just stuck up for Clark to Dan? - That sounded familiar but last time it was vice versa.

While that was going on…

"What was that, Son?" Perry asked.

"Well, she said I was jealous that I lost her, but when I do that, I think she's the one that regrets it." Clark said in response.

"Good thinking. I wonder if Elvis had ever thought about that."

"Bye, Chief." Clark said with a light chuckle and left for his desk.

When he got into the newsroom, Dan was still talking to Lois. "I guess I better get back to work." Dan said. "Bye." He looked up. "Bye, Kent."

"Goodbye, Scardino. Have fun on your assignment." Clark said with a hint of sarcasm.

"I will." Scardino said, not picking that up. "Don't let her out of your sight."

"Very funny, Dan." Lois said. Clark just laughed.

Dan had left and Lois all of a sudden became confused. "Wait a minute. Dan called you a chicken. I stuck up for you. You come out of Perry's office, and then you're nice to each other. What did I miss?"

"Nothing, Lois. I don't have to mean to him." - Just sometimes. - "It's not like I'm jealous." Clark said.

Lois remembered that Clark could always get a handle on his feelings, but he always seemed to be running off, and she never asked why.

"Clark, there's something I've wanted to ask you for a long, long, long…"

"Lois, I get the point. What is it?"

"Clark, how come you always leave at the important times? Why do you always make up lame excuses? And, I know they're excuses because I'm the one who invented the word."

"I can't tell you here." Clark replied.

"Why? What are you going to tell me? That you're Superman?" Lois asked.

Clark closed his eyes and sat back in his chair. he couldn't believe she said that. He gave a sigh."

Looking at him doing this, somehow it finally hit her. "What? You don't mean…What are you…Oh my god. Wait, that isn't what you said. This is all a dream. Wake up, Lois. Get out of this nightmare. Clark, are you…"

"Yes, Lois. Please, you're over…"

"Over what? Overreacting? I'm not suppose to overreact? Lois, I'm super…Superman. Oh, god! You mean every time Superman came, I was talking to you about…well…you? Damn it, Clark!"

"Lois, this isn't the time or the place to be talking about this." Clark said.

"You're right. This isn't the time or the place and neither is anywhere else. Clark Kent, I don't want to ever speak to you again!" She sat down at her desk and picked up the phone.

Clark sat there with his mouth wide open, and his eyes fixed on her. She happened to occasionally glance up at him while she was talking. He looked so upset, so downbeat. He said to himself - I wasn't ready for that, for her to respond that way.

Lois couldn't help looking at him. He looked so…sad. Oh - she thought - why am I acting like this. I hate myself. I'm always being selfish (of course she wouldn't admit that to him). She thought she'd talk to him a little.

"Um, Clark…"Lois said.

"Sorry to bother you again, honey, but…" Lois turned around and saw Dan.

"But, what?" she interrupted. "Why are you always coming back? Can't I ever be alone with Clark for two minutes?"

Clark looked at Lois, shocked that she said that.

"Excuse me?" Dan said as Lois thought - What am I doing here?

"Dan, I don't love you. I never did. I'm not sure why I led you on. I guess I was trying to get back at Clark." Lois said realizing she still loved Clark and that she always had.

Dan was confused and shocked all at once. He had never realized.

Lois sat in her chair and put her head down as Dan walked away. Clark just sat there and watched her cry. He didn't know what he could do or say. She fell asleep, unknowingly.

A few hours later, she woke up. She and Clark were the only people there. He was working on her part of the story and listening to the radio.

"Clark? What are you doing?" she asked. "Where is my part of the story?"

"Right here on my computer…finished." he said.

"I guess I was asleep too long. I'm sorry." she told him.

"Don't worry. You had a rough day."

Just then, the radio played, "If I Never Knew You". "Lois, would you like to dance?"

I suppose." she replied.

As they were dancing, Lois finally realized they were floating. "Clark, put me down! You know, I'm still mad at you."

"Oh come on, Lois. What was I suppose to tell you? Anyway, you look so beautiful in the air."

"Don't you do that. Don't you try to get on my good side. I just wish you…Do I really look good up in the air?…No! I mean, I wish you would have told me. I love you. You're so wonderful to me…"

"Lois, you can stop running the brook. Especially down different ways." Clark said. She laughed. "I love you, too. I always have."

Then, Lois started to sing. "If I never knew you. I'd be safe but half as real. Never knowing I could feel, a love so strong and true. I'm so grateful to you. I'd have filled my whole life through. Lost forever, if I never knew you."

He pulled her closer and gave her an unbelievably, passionate kiss that overwhelmed her. When they finished, she looked at him.

"What?" he said.

"I was thinking that maybe I could forgive you for not telling me sooner. You're the greatest, Clark."

"You're not so bad yourself." he said.

They finished dancing and went home.