Those Glasses

By Oxiate <>

Rated: G

Submitted: August 2005

Summary: Glasses can tell a lot about a person. In this case more than you think.

Author's Note: This is my first story I am submitting to the archive. Special thanks to LabRat for editing. I would like feedback please. I also am going to write more stories. I have another one in progress. This story takes place in the 2nd Season. Thanks.


Lois and Clark had been dating for two weeks. Lois didn't know the secret. They were on the couch, making out like two teenagers.

"Clark, take off your glasses," said Lois.

''Why do you want me to take off my glasses?'' asked Clark, confused.

"So I can get a better look at your eyes,'' said Lois.

''My eyes?'' asked Clark, about to laugh.

''Yes, your eyes. Why is that so hard to believe?''

"It's not that, Lois, it's just I recall you telling me my eyes look like mud brown," said Clark.

''No, Clark, your eyes remind me of chocolate,'' said Lois.

''Chocolate?'' asked Clark.

''Yes, chocolate,'' said Lois.

Lois reached out and tried to take off Clark's glasses. Clark caught her hand.

'Um, Lois, I think there is something you should know,'' said Clark.

"Clark, I already know you're Superman," said Lois.

"Wait. How long have you known?''

"Hmmm, about three months," said Lois.

"Three months?" Clark asked in disbelief.

"Yeah. What? Did you think I was stupid? Come on, Clark, a pair of glasses and a change in hairstyle. How long did you expect to fool me?" said Lois.

"Yeah, I guess,'' said Clark.

"So, Clark, will you take off those glasses already or am I going to have to force them off you?'' asked Lois teasingly.

"You're going to have to force them off, Lois,'' said Clark smiling.


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