Then There Were Three

By Bhavi Rao

Summary: A year after Lois and Clark are married, they plan to have the whole family over for Christmas. Lois is puzzled by her persistent flu-like symptoms, but Martha is sure she knows what's causing them.


It was Christmas in Metropolis, a year after Lois and Clark had gotten married. They had their ups and downs but there was no one else Lois could love to eternity more than her Clark. She smiled "My Clark." She said with a smile on her face. That sounded right. It was like when he said, "My Lois." It just felt right.

It was Wednesday, two days before Christmas. It was going to be a special Christmas this year. They were going to have the whole family over.

She was all cuddled in their bed. Clark's apartment was always so warm. "And it got warmer after you moved in," Lois remembered Clark telling her after their second week of marriage.

She sat up. Her head felt like it had been thrown for a loop. For the past few weeks she really had not been feeling well. Actually, now that she thought about it, she had not been feeling well for the past month or so.


"Hello," she said, still a bit dizzy.

"Lois, honey, are you feeling all right?" It was her mother-in-law … More like a second mother at times.

"Oh, hi, Martha … No .. Actually, I'm not … I think I have the flu."

"Honey, that's what you said when I last talked to you."

"I know. I've had so many things to do that I haven't had a chance to go to the doctor."

"Lois, what is it? … High fever? … Cough?"

"No, it's more like being dizzy and feeling sick. I can never keep lunch down. Thank God Clark and I haven't had lunch together in a while. He's been so busy. I don't want him to worry."

"Dizziness … nausea. Honey? Promise me you will go to the doctor today … And call me as soon as you come home … Okay? Bye."

Martha turned back to her husband who was eating his breakfast and reading the paper. She ran to him, and gave him a BIG kiss.

"What was that for?" He asked, amused by his wife's behavior.

"I'll tell you when Lois calls back." She said. She had so many things to do.


Lois decided to take Martha's advice. She called her doctor and made an appointment for that afternoon.

After she put the phone down, she walked over to the bedroom and picked up a picture of herself and Clark in one of their playful moods. She remembered that day. It was November 2 at the seaport. Not many people where there, so after a lot of pestering by Lois, Clark walked along the seashore without his glasses.

There was this amateur photographer selling pictures. She and Clark had wanted to get one taken for a long time, and the photographer agreed.

At first, it was going to be a serious shot of the two of them, but at the last moment, Clark grabbed her waist and she reflexively grabbed his arms. He found her ticklish spot and she began to laugh. This, in turn, made Clark laugh. So, here was the shot of the two of them with these goofy smiles.

This picture was the one she cherished the most, even more than their wedding pictures. This was them … uncut - uncensored. She loved him so much, his warmth … his touch.

She knew she better get ready before she started to feel any worse. She put the photo down and was about to walk over to the bathroom when the door opened.

She started, till she heard two very familiar voices.

"Ladies," she said, "I gave you the key in case I FORGOT MINE, not for you to barge in and out of …"

She noticed that they had just hugged her and moved on to the closet without a care.

'Amazing,' she thought, 'but you have to love them, they're family!'

Lois had not done much of the family thing growing up but since she married Clark, things seemed to fall into place more. It was as if, marrying Clark gave Lois her family back and gave her a new one as well.

Clark's cousin, Candy, raided the closet. Lois just smiled. She really didn't mind.

Candy, and Lois' sister, Lucy waited for Lois to say something. When she didn't, they looked at each other and raised their eyebrows.

"What's up? No big speech about us not being allowed to use your wardrobe?"

"Well, normally I would, but some of that stuff is a bit tight - so have fun … By the way, who's your flavor of the month, ladies?"

"Well, I'm still with Jimmy." Lucy declared. It was her longest relationship. Jimmy was special. Lois hoped it would work out for the two of them.

"I met a stunt man." Candy replied.

"So I've heard." She smiled to herself. "Take what you want … put it back after you're done. You'll be here for Christmas, I presume?"

"Yep!!" Echoed behind her as Lois headed for the bathroom.

"I have to …" All of sudden, she felt really light-headed. She grabbed the book shelf and held on for what felt like dear life. In the process of grabbing the shelf, she had knocked over some books.

"Lois!!" They both dropped what they were doing and ran to her. "What's wrong? Are you OK?" They both helped her stand up straight.

"I'm fine-go."

They wouldn't move. "I'm fine … go." She headed for the bathroom once again.

Lucy and Candy headed back to their hunt through Lois' clothes, both a bit thrown by Lois' loss of balance.

"She said her clothes were tight." Candy mentioned as she found Lois' blue dress.

"And she's dizzy." Lucy said as she examined Lois' grey dress.

Just then, they heard her throw up.

Lucy knocked on the door. "Lois, are you sure you're OK?"

"Don't worry. I'm going to the doctor today. It's just the flu."

Lucy went back to the closet and picked out the outfit she wanted to wear as did Candice.

The two knocked and said goodbye to Lois.

Barely out of the door, the two turned to each other as if both were looking for an answer. "We should have just asked." Lucy said. "Do you really think she knows herself?"

Candy raised her brow. "Truthfully? I don't thinks so."

They looked at each other with impish grins and echoed, "Sad!"


A couple of hours later …

Lois walked into the apartment with the biggest smile on her face. She felt like she was walking on air - actually she was! Nothing like Clark's flying ability, but she was floating a couple of inches above the floor. She looked at the answering machine … ten messages? She turned on the machine.

Beep … "Hi Lois! This is Martha … just wanted to know if you were home."

Beep … "Hi Lois … Let me try your mother's. Maybe you called her from the doctor's."

Beep … "Lois, this is your mother. Call me immediately after you get home!"

Beep … "Lois, this is Lucy. Call me or beep me."

Beep … "Lois, this is mom again. Call me Well, maybe your dad would know … I'll call him."

Beep … "Lois, honey, this is your dad. Call!"

She sat in front of the machine, amazed at how the grapevine had become the red sea.

Beep … Candy here ..Lois PAGE ME AS SOON AS YOU COME HOME!"

Beep … "Lois, this is Martha again … Lord, how long do they take?"

In thebackground, she could hear Jonathan. "Why are you pestering the child? She'll call when she comes back!"

Beep … "Lucy again … Maybe Jimmy knows where you are … I'll call him."

Beep … "It's Jimmy, Lois … Call me!"

"Great! This is crazy!" she said as she pressed the erase button. She wanted to tell Clark—not the DAMN machine! "Who should I call first?" Before she could make that decision, the phone rang. "Martha …" She just knew it was Martha.

"Lois, how did you know?" Martha was shocked.

"I guess it's the sixth sense you get when you're pregnant."

"AAAAAHHHHHH! I was right! Jonathan you're going to be a grandfather! Oh, honey, I am so happy! Nana, Nana Martha — oh this is just so great!"

"Martha, can I tell you something? "

"Of course!"

"I'm floating."

"Well, of course you're floating on air … I am, too!"

"No! I really am floating!"


"Wait. I have another call."



"Lois, honey, this is your mother. Martha had called me. Are you..?"

"Having a baby? Yes, mom. I'm going to be a mom," she smiled.

"OOOHHHH, honey, this is great! I really, really love this! I am going to have a grand kid … Honey, I'll call you later. I have to attend this meeting … oh honey! "

"That's my mom," Lois smiled.



"Lois, are you serious about the floating?"

"Well, I walked into the apartment after finding out … and, well, I didn't walk down the stairs. I sort of floated down. I guess that's normal."

"Oh my."

"This whole nine months is going to be an … oh my! if it is nine months!"

"Lois, have you told Clark yet?"

"No, Martha, I want to tell him face to face — in person. I want this to be special."

"I know, honey. Once you tell him, have him call us."

"OK, Martha … I mean Nana."

Martha hung up…

Jonathan turned to her. "So that's why you took Clark's baby clothes down from the attic! How did you know?"

"I just did. Oh, Jonathan, we're going to be grandparents!"

"More importantly, Clark's dreams are being fulfilled. He is finally getting what he left Kansas for— a family. He married Lois, and now he'll be a father."

They both smiled and embraced each other.


Lois looked at the clock. It was nearly four o'clock. 'Oh God, Lois, you only have a couple of hours to get ready to tell him in your own special way.'

She was glad she had taken these few days off. Christmas was a Saturday. She still had to so much shopping to do. Clark promised they would go Thursday, if not Friday. Perry had given her some extra days off because she had looked rather ill. Now that she thought about it, Alice had pulled Perry into his office after they had had lunch and Lois had thrown up .. He must have known! No wonder Perry had that silly grin on his face as he gave her the days off!

She looked around for the first time since she had gotten home. The apartment was clean but she had not cleaned it. Had Clark been home? Shebit her lip. That would have spoiled everything.

She looked at the message magnet on the fridge: "Lois ..we're aunts, aren't we? Lucy and Candice." She smiled. They had cleaned the apartment. They even knew they were aunts.

She was going to be a mother. "I'm going to be a mommy." It was the first time she had said it and felt it. She was three months along and was going to be a mommy. It took her back a bit. She had to sit down. It took her a minute. "I'm going to be a mommy." She looked around. Their lives where going to be changed forever. A little person was going to enter their lives.

A couple of months back they had gone to a party. It was her cousin's annual dinner. Nothing big, but there were a lot of children there. Lois noticed how Clark loved to play with them. On the way home, she had asked him about how big a family he would like.


"In our apartment? Clark, it's just big enough for the two of us, possibly one more. Define big." She was curious.

"Ten or more."

"In your dreams, Clark! Be serious, what do you mean by a big family?"

He had been looking out the window while she drove. "Is three okay?" He looked at her. They had not really discussed children. With all the problems of just getting adjusted to him being Superman, they really overlooked talking about children before they got married.

They came up to a red light. She turned her head and smiled. "That sounds fine by me," she said as she took his hand and squeezed it.

Lois faded back to the present. She was hungry, rather she was craving a jelly donut. "You're definitely Clark's," she said as she walked over the fridge. She began wiping away Lucy and Candy's message as she sampled a donut. "God, these are really good. Bad for you - - but good," she said as she bit into another one.

She heard the door knob.

"Hey, those are mine!" Clark walked through the door with a smug expression. He had caught her eating something she always put him down for, and on top of that - she had jelly all over her mouth. He kissed her. A nice long kiss that lingered. He started to lick her lips. Thejelly tasted even better.

"Behave," she said as she pulled away.

"Wait, you didn't answer my question. What were you doing eating the, and I quote, 'sugar bombs of death'?" He loved it when he could up her one. He pulled her to him. "Well … I was hungry," she replied as she tried to open the fridge again.

"Lois, the fridge is … well … was full," he said, and was shocked to see most of the food had been half eaten or picked at.

She took a second look at the fridge. She was so lonely last night that she couldn't remember how many times she had gone to the fridge.

"Well Clark," she said, changing the subject. "What are you doing home so early?"

"Do you want me to leave?" he smiled playfully and started tofloat away .

"No! ..Clark" She grabbed his shoulder and brought him to the ground.

"WOW … Honey," he said, surprised that she could pull him down so easily.

"Sorry." That was strange. She felt so strong.

"I've heard that after you're married for a long time you start acting like each other, but nothing about growing as strong as each other."

This was not the time.

"Come on, enough fooling around. Go get ready."

"For what, Clark?"

"The annual Christmas party at The Planet.."

"Oh that's tonight … Do we have to go?"

"Well yeah, Lois. Come on, honey - this is what we always do."

"Alright. Fine." She walked into the bedroom a bit disappointed.

"Well, I can help you change." he said as he was about to follow her. Apillow came flying out of the room. "Or not."

Lois just didn't want him to see that she had gained weight. She wished she hadn't gotten so many outfits that fit so well. "Oh, here." She had found a loose fitting baby doll formal black dress 'This should do.'

"Need any help?" He called, hoping she would say yes. He knew that if he went in, he would not be helping her get 'into' her clothes.

"No!" She knew that he would be of no help. He was in his mood.

"Come on … Lois, we're married."

"Oh, OK. Come in, silly."

With a big grin, he walked in … but the grin went away when he saw that she was fully dressed. "Well, that was pointless," he said, and dropped onto the bed.

"No, it wasn't. Get dressed … I'm hungry.

"Lois, you cleaned out the fridge!"

"Hey! You go flying around leaving me at home, what do you expect me to do?" She was really upset … tears come rolling down her face. Funny thing was, she didn't remember being so depressed over this issue.

"I'm sorry." Was all he could say as he picked her up in his arms. Why was she feeling this way?

"Clark, get ready. I want to talk to you."

"OK "..he said as he slowly put her down. He went to shower and change as she dimmed the house light and took out some candles, lit them every where there was space.

"Perfect…" she said to herself … "Now, I wait till he comes out."

Except, Clark seemed to be enjoying his shower too much. When he noticed the time, he went speeding out of the shower and around the apartment for his clothes. By the time he was done, all the candles had been blown out.

"Oh, Clark!"

"Honey, I 'm sorry I took so long in the shower. Let's go, sweetie." He said, and grabbed his coat and hers and dashed to the car.

As they drove, not a word was uttered. She was not going to tell him in thecar. That was for sure!

Clark knew something was wrong. A) she let him drive her Jeep, and B) she was abnormally quiet.

They got to the party a bit late. It was in full swing by the time they got there. Lois was just not in the mood to really socialize.

She sat off to one corner, but Lucy and Candy found her. "Are we right? Aunties?"

That crooked smile came on. "Yeah, but please don't tell Clark."

Perry overheard. "And what are you waiting for, Lois?"

"The right time to tell Clark."

"Why do I have a feeling that…" before he could end his sentence, he was called way by one of his publishers. "Excuse me."

Jimmy had heard Lois' comment about not telling Clark. "No offense, Lois, but hasn't he noticed the weight?"


Lucy tugged his sleeve. "Dance with me one last dance before my sister has you for Lunch."

"Bye," Jimmy smiled nervously.

"Want anything?" Candy said as she sat down.

"Stop babying me … no need for that," she snapped.

"But it is nice, huh?"

Lois knew she was right. "Yeah," she smiled.

"And you better get used to it - the whole family is going to baby you."

"Oh, I don't think so." But she knew the Kent and Lane family might really come together over this. They had started to become a family, but a baby could bring it all together for them.

"Just you watch … Excuse me … The stunt man is signaling to dance."

Lois smiled as she saw her walk up to a man who was way too old and tall for her. 'One of these days you'll find what I found, Candy.' She said to herself

"Dance ,my dear?" It was her husband …

"Clark, we have to talk."

"Dancing and talking can go together."

"OK." She didn't mind. This was a great song… Their song. "Fly Me to the Moon."



"Well, remember some months ago we were discussing …"

She was interrupted by a co-worker. "Can I cut in?" She said.

Throwing an icy look, Lois said, "No!"

"Wow, Lois … that was really uncalled for."

"Clark, I have to tell you something!" She screamed. As she had started the sentence, the music had cut off for a toast. Everyone turned and looked at her. She burst into tears and ran out.

Clark was left standing there-smiling. "I guess she's not feeling well." He said. He went running after her. She was sitting in the car - tears running down her face.

"Oh, God …" He looked at her as he approached the car. Just then he heard a cry for help … 'No, Lois is more important'. The cry got louder.


"Huh, Lois?"

"Go. I'll talk to you at home."

"OK … I promise I will be there as soon as possible."


He leaned in and kissed her forehead and disappeared in a blue blur.

She got home and waited … and waited … and waited … Well, it was a long day for superheros.

She decided to watch an old movie. She dozed off with yet another jelly donut in her hand.

She was fast asleep with the TV blaring in their room as hewalked in. "Lois …" he smiled to himself. Another Jelly donut - he was really beginning to rub off on her. He noticed a jelly spot on her face. He was tempted to lick it off but decided to just wipe it off. He pulled the covers over her and kissed her goodnight. She was really asleep.

The next morning she was gone by the time he woke up. 'This is going to be a long Christmas.' He jumped into the shower and then was off to work.

Lois had decided to wrap up a couple of loose ends on a couple of stories. As she left in one elevator, Clark came up in the other.

He settled into his desk and started to work on the story he had begun the day before.

Perry came over with a big grin. "So, Clark … how's Lois?"

"Well, Perry, fine … Well we really haven't talked since last night here."

"Oh .. ah … oh … you'll work it out." He said as he turned his back and went into his office.

"God, this is way too much like an 'I Love Lucy' episode!" Perry thought. "Hell," Perry laughed. "Most of Lois' life has been like an 'I Love Lucy' episode."

As Clark left for lunch in one elevator with Jimmy, Lois came up the other. She typed up the end of her piece and went into Perry's office to hand it in.

"You haven't told him."

"I haven't had the chance …"

"Soon … Lois … Oh here … This is from me and Alice, since you won't be here tomorrow."

"Thanks, Perry, here … this is for you and Alice."

"Oh, Lois, you shouldn't have … but thank you."

"Well, I better go ..have a lot of shopping to get done."

"OK .. Merry Christmas, Lois."

"You too, Perry."

As she walked out, she thought it best to leave Clark a note saying that she would not be home or be back at the Planet for the rest of the day. 'God, his desk is a mess.' Notes, lists - all mixed up. She decided to clean up. Lois was surprised at how fast she was done! She left a note and was on her way.

When Clark walked in, he looked over at her desk. She was gone for the day 'She must still be so mad,' he thought. Just then he spotted the note:

Shopping -

Come home … soon


Then he noticed his desk was all organized, and smiled to himself … "I'll be there, Lois," he thought.

As Lois shopped, the snow started. She got most everyone ones gifts except Clark's, but she was tired and decided to get it tomorrow when he was at work.

She waited and waited but her boy in blue was not coming home tonight either. She felt alone in the apartment. ois picked up one of his journals from India. She remembered reading in one of them that if you wanted the baby to be … "here it is! … oh, a photo … I'll do that tomorrow." She put down the journal.

She looked around the empty apartment. All of a sudden, she realized she wasn't alone. She rubbed her tummy. "Your home, too, aren't you?" As she said this, she felt her feet lift off the ground. "That's you, isn't it?" She rubbed her tummy as her feet touched the ground.

That was at eight, by eleven she was crying her eyes out. First the Kent's were snowed in, and then her parents were strangely stuck together at an out of town relatives house. Lucy, Candy, Jimmy, and the stunt man had been offered a free ski lodge that was "too good to turn down." That left Clark, who was God knows where and herself and well, she stopped … and then there was the baby - that Clark still did not know about. She cried herself to sleep.

The Christmas season brought out the best and worst in people and Superman was on overtime. By the time Clark walked into the apartment, Lois was asleep and he could tell she had cried herself to sleep. Sometimes he hated being Superman. They had had their problems with it before, but the holidays really got to them. Crimes were bad and he was Superman. On nights like this, coming home tired sometimes she would wait up and make him feel really special, but recently she was not feeling well herself. He knew it, but could not pinpoint why.

He got into bed and propped her head on his shoulder. As he did this - she draped her arms around him, "Lois?"


Noticing she was only semi-awake, "Nothing, goodnight, honey."

The next morning Clark wanted to finish everything off before Christmas. He wanted to spend it with his family, so he left very early.

When Lois got up, she saw his note on the fridge.

Dear Lois,

Had to leave early … sorry

but I want to spent Christmas Eve

with you -

not the world … I promise.

Love, Clark.

She smiled. Well at least he was going to be home for Christmas. She made herself a list of all the things she had to do. It was Christmas Eve. She had to get his gift. "Dinner? Let's see if I can't do a baby theme thing." That meant shopping. She made a list for herself and was on her way.

First she looked for Clark's gift. As she saw it in the window of the jeweler's, Lois knew he would love it.

She then went to the grocery store and picked up all she needed to cook up a really nice dinner for two. She ordered the picture of him she loved and had it enlarged. By the time she was done with all her shopping, the picture was ready to go.

"Martha, I picked up the picture."

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh, I didn't tell you? Last night I was reading Clark's journal from India. In it he said that there was a myth that if a pregnant woman stared at a particular picture that the baby might look and be like that person."

"So you did …?" Martha was still a bit confused.

"Well, I blew up a picture of Clark and put it over the bookshelf."

Martha smiled. Lois did really love Clark, more than her own life

"Oh! The dinner … call you in a bit, dear."


When she got off the phone, it was nearly six and still no Clark. "Well, that's what happens when you marry a superhero," she muttered to herself but she knew in her heart she didn't mind. She knew she was number one in Clark's life and that would never change.

As she walked to the tree, she noticed that she was not walking. "That's you, huh?" she rubbed her tummy. This was so strange. She wasn't alone anymore. Before, she sometimes felt alone when Clark was out for these kinds of long days, but not today. It was like the baby was already part of her life - their lives.

She finished dinner. The whole baby menu - down to baby gingerbread men. Then she cleaned the apartment in record time and still no Clark.



"Honey , how do you feel ?" It was Martha.

"I am still floating."

"Well ,.. oh my."

"Martha, stop scaring the girl. Lois, honey, don't worry. Hey you get to fly on your own for a while. That must be a kick!" As Jonathan felt a kick "ahha!"

"Honey, you haven't told him, have you?"

"I haven't had the chance … ah! … Wow!" she saw her finger go into the end of the cutters of the garbage disposal, but no blood and no pain.

"What's wrong? Lois, are you OK?"

"I just cut myself … but I didn't."

"Lois … he's going to notice these things … Tell him!"

"I will … Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas! Tell that boy to call us when he comes home."

"OK … Good night"

It was 10:30. The food was getting cold but what was new about that? She started to pick at the dinner. She was hungry.

Lois decided that she would have finished her dinner and his if she didn't move away, so she popped in "It's a Wonderful Life" and started to sob. Whether it was the story or her mood swings, she didn't know.

She started to doze off. Lois was awakened by a door knob. She was shocked as to how her hearing had sharpened so much since her pregnancy began. She looked at the clock. It was 11:45.

"Sorry." He said with that silly grin. He looked around. No one was there. "Hey, where is everyone?"

"Well, your parents are snowed in," she started as she got up for a good stretch, her back turned to the dinner table. "My parents are stuck together - long story on that one." She said, as she started to turn around. "And the younger generations of both our families are skiing … CLARK!!!"

He was inhaling his part of dinner.

"Did you notice what you where eating?"

"Well, you see, Lois, I was hungry and well, I … No, I didn't."

"Well take a look at what's left."

"Baby peas ,baby carrots … Oh, honey, you didn't have to go to all this to tell me I'm your baby."

She was lost for words. This overgrown boy was going to be a father? Lois smiled. She knew he would be a good dad even with all his quirks.

"I want you to open your present, Lois."

"No. You go first."

"Lois, for once can we do it my way … OK?"

It was the biggest one in front of the small tree. She had never gotten around to liking a big tree. For some strange reason, he didn't mind.

As she was tearing open the gift, Clark noticed the decoration on the tree. White lights around, and these wonderful little angels all over. She had done a great job with the little tree.

She opened the box up. It was a globe. "Open it," he said.

As she parted the world into two halves, she found a velvet box. It was a pair of pearl drops. "In the whole world, you are the most precious things to me." read the note.

"Thank you" was not in words, but a long sweet kiss.

"Open yours."

It was a small box. "Lois, what is this?"

"What does it look like?"

"A rattle and a sliver spoon. I know I'm your baby, but isn't this taking it …"

She cut him off. "Try again …"

"Huh?" For the first time, he noticed she was glowing. There she was sitting in front of the tree that was decorated in white lights and baby angels, … GLOWING? BABY ANGELS? Baby food?

He looked at her again. Lois was glowing brighter then all the lights on that tree. "Lois … am I a … a …"

"Going to be a daddy? Yes, you are, Clark."

"Daddd, Dadd … oh, my God.." Tears were running down his face.

"What's wrong?" She bit her lip. Was this not something he wanted so soon? She didn't either but it happened and she felt it was like a Christmas miracle. The question was - would he, too?

"You have given me what I have always wanted. A family." He pulled her closer. As the glow of the white light brightened, they kissed into the warmth of the night.