There Was Me, Then There Was You

By Lyla Katz []

Rated: G

Submitted: November, 2010

Summary: A twist on the story we all know and love.

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Hey, guys. This is my first story. I been a fan of Lois and Clark for almost a year. I know, I was kind of late, but I love Lois and Clark so I hope you guys like my story. Feel free to email me with what you think at Thanks.


Clark moved to Metropolis to start a new life, find a girl, and start a family. Clark went to the Daily Planet and just stood under the globe for a good look. He couldn’t believe he was there.

Clark went inside to Perry White’s office. White said, “Hi, Mr. Kent, it’s nice to meet you.”

Clark said, “Hello, Mr. White, I was really looking for this job.”

Perry said, “Well you came to the right place.”

As Perry was about to finish, Lois Lane came in.

Clark just looked at her and couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Lois just looked at Clark and she knew he was the one for her.

Perry said, “Lois Lane, Clark Kent. Clark Kent, Lois Lane.”

They both looked into each others’ eyes and saw love already.

Perry said, “I am putting you two together as partners.’

Clark said, “That’s good with me.”

Lois said, “I don’t mind.’

They both left the office and Clark said, “Would you like to come to my place for dinner tonight?”

Lois said, “I would love that.”

They left work and Lois said, “Clark, I was wondering if you liked me? I saw you looking at me and I just wanted to know.”

Clark said, “I like you, Lois. I want to say I love you but I am not too sure how you would take it.”

Lois said, “I like you too, Clark.”

Clark said, “Do you mind if I tell you I love you?”

As Lois was putting her arms around his neck she said, “I love you, Clark. I know we just met but I just know we are going to have a life together.”

Clark said, “I love you too, Lois.”

Clark turned his head and kissed her. Lois couldn’t let go. He was a perfect kisser. Who knew a boy from Smallville could kiss?